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My first three-sum

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It started when I was thirteen. My sexual experiences were I think pertly much typical for an intercity kid. What I learned about sex was from the rest of the kids on the block and by reading books in the library. I was kind of an average guy. I had girl friends and a steady girl who was Jewish. I got a lot of comments since I was catholic. I just changed schools coming form a parochial school now enrolled in a public school. It was the end of my seventh grade school year and I was helping my Math teacher sorting textbooks and putting them up on the storage area on the fourth floor. Mrs. Joan Katz (not her real name) was dressed in a blue Oxford shirt and blue jeans. I can recall many a time in her class that I would daydream of watching this slender 5 foot 9 or10 inch beauty taking off her clothing. I got ahead of the story . . .

This one-day while in class she was dressed in a plaid pleated skirt and the same Oxford shirt. Her old desk had a writing surface and draws on both sides of the opening for you legs. She was sitting at her desk. I was gazing at her fabulous legs. When I noticed she was shifting in her chair and her skirt inched up her thighs of her legs. I was so intent thinking of how her pussy would look that I did not noticed she was looking at me. I saw her hand appear under the desk and resting on her lap. With her open palm against her lap she moved the tartan material up her thigh. God she must have read my mind. I heard someone clear his or her throat, I looked up and she was staring at me. I was expecting a stern look on her face but instead she smiled at me. I was caught . . . I was embarrassed.

Mrs. Katz spoke as she pushed the chair back and stood up . . . ?Ed will you help me for a minute?? She walked back to the coat closet and I followed tiring to hide my hard on. We walked in to the small room and she closed the door behind me. ?Now Ed?, she said, ?I am surprised at you boldness.? ?What?, I said? She reached out and palmed my dick, which was pressing against my trousers. She reached for my zipper and opened my pants. My dick sprang out of my boxers and she reach and lightly stoked it. Mrs. Katz looked me in the face while she was stroking me off and said, ?I?ll help you Ed if you will help me this week end?. I was dumb founded. ?Well Ed what is your answer?? I nodded yes. She got on her knees and licked my cock head with her tongue around it. Then she moved he head over me and devoured it with quickness. I was going to explode in her mouth if she did not quite I thought, but to late. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed her down on me so her nose hit my pelvis and my cock pumped its seed in her mouth. ?Remember our deal Ed. This weekend I want you to come over to my house. I?ll give you directions later at class change.? We left the room and we went to our seats. The bell for class change rang within a few moments. I went to her desk and she handed me a folded paper. I placed it in my pocket.

While walking to my next class I took the note out and read it. It read . . . 123 Bear Lane, Elkins Park, Cheltenham. EX9-1540 From the Best market go east . . . be there before noon. If you ride your bike put it in the garage the door will be open, close the door the switch is at the house entrance. All I could is imagine what is in store for me that Saturday. I checked with my mom if she had plans for me on that day . . . thank God she didn?t.

It was 10:30 am when I left home in Philly and road my bike to her house. Reading the addresses on the mailboxes, I knew hers was a few houses from were I was. I spotted her home as I rounded the bend in the street. I checked my watch and it was 11:40 am. The house was a single home on a nice landscaped yard. No sidewalk like the row home I lived in. I got off my bike at the driveway and walked my bike in the two-car garage. I parked my bike between the Mercedes-Benz and Joan?s BMW. I walked over to the door that was between the garage and the house; found a button that looked like a doorbell pushed it and the garage door closed.

I knocked on the door, and heard footsteps walking towards it. The door opened and a man greeted me. ?You must be Ed.? He extended his hand, and we shook hands. His grip was firm. ?Come in Joan said you where coming over.? As I entered the home I noticed it was quite nice and open. ?My name is Ben, I?m Joan?s husband. Joan will be out in a few minutes she is in the shower. Joan has told me a little about you.

Ben looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. His back curly hair clean shaving face and stood about six foot tall, thin build. He looked like he just stepped from an advertisement for a clothing store. He wore a white-buttoned collar shirt, light gray slacks and brown penny loafers.

So you are one of her students?? ?Yes? I replayed, wondering what she told him about me. We started talking about the weather, sports and baseball, which his knowledge of the game was overwhelming.

Then he changed the subject about when he and Joan meet in college and dating. How they engaged in pre-marital sex, and one of their fantasies was she selecting one of her students to join them in bed. His description of her deciding on a student sounded familiar. That is when Ben said; ?Joan described you from the first day you entered her classroom. In fact she called me at work she was so hot and bothered. When we made love that night you were the topic of our old fantasy. I must say Ed you put a spark back in our lovemaking. I heard Joan?s voice; ?Ben, did I hear Ed out there with you?? Yes Hun he is here.?

Joan entered the room. She was wearing a yellow summer dress. As she walked over to us in the living room she passed by the front picture window were the sun light was bright enough to show her legs through the cotton fabric. Great legs this woman had. My staring at his wife prompted Ben to say; ?she is a sexy lady wouldn?t agree Ed?? Joan blushed and said; ?I see you both are getting to know each other it seams?? ?Your right again dear,? Said Ben.

?Shall we have lunch? I will start the grill;? said Ben. We walked to the kitchen area. There was a charcoal grill on the deck. Ben disappeared and came back with a bag of charcoal. He fixed the BBQ and lit the fire. Joan asked; ?franks or buggers guys?? We in turn told her what we wanted to eat. Ben invited me to see their house.

The three of us went to the back yard and walked to the pool house. We talked as we walked around. There was a slight breeze, which was cool. Joan exclaimed; that was chilling as she folded her arms and rubbed her hands over her upper arms to get warmed. The chilly air was enough to give her goose bumps on her arms and her nipples went perky under her dress.

We entered the family room, which was located in the down stairs of the house. The pool was halfway in and out of the house. We walked up stairs through the living room. Ben went to check on the fire. Joan took my hand and led us to the bedroom area. Our conversation turned to the subject of sex. She said; ?Ed you are here on my request. Ben and I have this thing that we have talked about for years. Early in our life together we wanted an extra partner to share our enjoyment of each other?s company. Before we continue I must have your promise to keep this confidential. Agreed?? I nodded yes. She said; ?you must say it to make use believe you.? I repeated the agreement. ?Good,? she said.

As we sat on the bed she began. ?Now let me explain the rules. Ben will from time to time watch us while we are in the act of making love. He may join us as he wishes or when I ask him. You are never to invite him to make to anyone. I may ask you to do some things that you will do without hesitation. Ben will be taking pictures of us, which we will allow you to see but not to have. If this works out today we will have you over a few more times. Understood?? I answered yes.

She than got up from the bed and left for a moment and returned with Ben in tow. She pushed me back on the bed and followed by kissing me deeply. Our lips parted and tongs touched. I dick started to get hard pushing on my shorts. With my free hand I started to unbutton her dress. This exposed her breast. She wore no bra. I took hold of her tit and started to suck on her all ready hard nipple. She let out a gasp from her lips which made me lick down the under side of her breast to her torso. I felt her and to the back of my head guiding me to her other breast. While there she was taking off my shirt, tweaking my nipples and removing my jeans. My rock hard dick found it way out of my shorts and in her hand. She was stroking me and said to her husband. ?See what I was talking about? He has a nice tool ha Ben?? He answered; ?but how does it taste?? She took his lead and licked the head of my cock parted her lips and drove down to my pelvic bone. Slowly she moved her head up to the top fluttered her tongue at the tip of the opening and then down again she went. She sucked on me and bobbed her head, coming up for air her lips popped my cock-head from her mouth she smiled at me and said, ?not bad.? This time she extended her tongue to the under side of my cock and slowly slid my dick in her mouth until I could feel the back of her throat. Her tongue was moving on my scrotum. I grabbed her head to hold her there as I pumped my first load down her throat. She sucked her way back up my shaft. She asked I hope you have more where that came from I wanted you to cum on my face instead of my mouth.

?Lets take a break,? said Ben. Throwing both of us robes, we got up, slipped in the garments and walked to the kitchen. Ben cooked the lunch the coals were just as hot as Joan and I were. After lunch Ben went to get his camera.

While Ben went to the closet in the foyer he said. ?Joan I have a surprise for you. When you asked me if Ed could join us I bought a movie camera to capture our encounter, what do you think?? ?That is great now we can enjoy this time over and over.? Was Joan?s answer.

We got up and went to the bedroom for round two. Ben set up a tripod and attached the eight mm camera, loaded the SLR. While Joan and I started kissing, Ben was filming. My hands removed her robe and felt her breast. While kissing deeply tongues touching lips kissing lips one of my hands roamed around her torso finding the top of her bikini panties stripping them from her body. We rolled over with me on my back she was on top. She moved to a sixty-nine position. She got on her knees allowing me to taste her for the first time. I found her hooded member nibbled and sucked on her till I felt wetness from her on my face. She was slapping the mattress telling me she was cum?n. I fingered her pussy. She was working her magic once again on my cock. I was licking her clitoris and fingering her with two fingers then working up to three. I started to feel that sensation once again. I was about to pump my seed once more and told her I was about to cum. She did not beak suction on my dick so to get her attention I slapped her butt. She came off my cock stroking me so hard saying ?shoot you load baby shoot!? I spotted a wall mirror located over a dresser allowing me view of her stroking my cock and Ben stroking his but much slower. It was hot! Joan told me to tell her when I was going to cum. In less than a minute I told her it was going to happen soon. I heard the SLR clicking off frames. The flash was popping. I shot once again with so much force I saw it hit her face. The second time she aimed it to hit her far head again she stroked my dick and again squirted white liquid on her face. She went down on me sucking out the last of my juices. My toes were tingling it was so intense.

Ben asked if we wanted anything? We took a break and talked a little. Joan told me that they swing with another couple. And that if I could fuck as well as I gave oral sex I would be invited to swing with them. Ben said Jack and Millie was an older couple and Jack could not satisfy Joan?s need to get off more than once.

After the short break in the action and Ben loading both cameras we were at it once more. This time I dove between her legs. Eating her till she was punching the bed once again. Her breaths were deeper, her chest expanded and contracted. ?Oh! God! Oh! ! I?m going to CUMMM! She went stiff, thruster her pelvis to my face I felt her bone hit my nose I sucked even harder. FUCK! ! ! Me I am CUMMING! ! ! She reached down between her clitoris and me and rubbed it till she squirted. My dick hard I moved up and inserted my head at her wet opening and in a few short strokes I was in her pumping her. I moved her legs over my shoulders bending her to get in deeper. Once again she announced for the world to her she was Cumming again. She told me to pull out of her cause we did not have protection and she didn?t want to get pregnant. I climaxed on her chest it hit her face. I was exhausted and roll on to the bed beside her. She got up and cleaned me off with her mouth.

This story leeds to another . . .

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