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My best frends first time My wife first 2 on 1

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This happenned 20 years ago and was the start of my wifes sexual adventures.

My wife Sue is a very nice looking Hispanic woman she is 5’-3” tall and has what I consider perfect A/B size breast, an extremely nice ass. Hair to die for very curly and long. She is also very bubbly and always the center of attention.

I am a very athletic 5’-9” tall 180# with a swimmer build.

My best friend Rudy is what my wife calls (OH MY GOD HES FINE) He is a Hispanic male about 5’-9” tall and looks like he works out every day. It does not matter where we go women are very attracted to him. He only has one very big flaw. He turns into a turtle when women talk to him and looks like he wants to run and hide. Over a period of 4 years I never seen him with a date. Every time my wife and I are with him that evening she would become the wildest sex monster.

One day the three of us were drinking tequila shots and beer after a softball game. He started getting a little drunk and told me “I’m a Virgin”

That night while me and my wife were going at it. I told her “Rudy told me that he’s a Virgin and that he wants you to be his first. I think that you should pop his cherry”. What happened next shocked me. She said “I want to fuck him so bad”. This is the first time me and my wife ever spoke about having sex with anyone else. So as we went at it I asked how we can set this up.

She already had it all planned.

I’ll tell you as it happened and this was her plan all along.

It was a Saturday and we had just played in a round robin softball tournament. When we play we drink and we drink a lot. So Sue is the designated driver for Rudy and me. As we are driving home sue pulls into a liquor store and picks up a bottle of tequila, some limes, salt, Margareta mix and a case of beer.

When she comes out of the store she tells us we are gonna all get fucked tonight. She then tells Rudy that she invited a friend over and that her friend is gonna fuck the shit out of him.

He was very quit all the way to our house. He didn’t even say one word.

When we get to the house. We went about our normal routines. Sue poured me and Rudy a shot and gave us a beer. She then takes a good 3 to 4 shoots and tells us “I’ve gotta catch up”

Rudy then goes and jumps into the shower in the guest bathroom while I jumped into the shower in the master bathroom. But this time Sue changed the rules a little. She didn’t put any towels in the guest bathroom.

Her plan is to: wait untill she hears the shower go off in the guest bathroom. She will be right outside with a towel. She’ll open the door right as she hears the shower curtain open just to see him naked.

She burst into the bathroom where I was drying off from my shower. This is what she told me happened In her words:

I opened the door and he was standing there fully naked and dripping wet. He had a hard on and he’s got a big dick. He didn’t even flinch. He just stood there like a deer in the headlights. I walked up to him and said “I forgot your towel”. As I handed him the towel I reached down and grabbed his dick. And said “My friend is going to love this in her pussy. Can I taste it” I then gave him a very quick lick on his dick and then gave him the towel and left.

I can tell she was very horny.

She strips naked and we do a little touching and grabbing. She then jumps into the shower. I get dressed and head to the living room.

Rudy is already in the living room drinking a beer and he looks like he had seen a ghost. He wouldn’t look at me at all. I made a pitcher of margaritas and poured us a shot. He says “I’ve have got to go”. I said “HELL NO, That chick is on her way and your going to get laid, and anyway your too drunk to drive”. He agreed he was too drunk.

Sue comes out from her shower and she is wearing some short shorts that you can see the bottom of her ass in, a white muscle shirt that she cut the bottom off to show off her tight abs. she thinks her boobs are small so she is wearing a black push up bra. No sock or shoes and her hair is drenched and down. (She did put on her light coat of makeup, very red lipstick.)

Rudy is just staring at her as she approaches him and she says very bluntly “what do you want to fuck me or what” he turns away and then she said. ”Damn I need to get laid” It became very quite. He didn’t say anything for about an hour.

I decided to BBQ some Rib Eye Steaks and as I’m outside cooking. I see through the window Sue flirting with Rudy and Rudy actually talking and flirting with Sue. I finish the meat and take it inside. While we are eating Sue continued as if nothing was going on. Rudy just looked down and ate.

After dinner we decided to play some cards. As the game went on and we continued to drink. I decided to ask sue where her friend was? She said “I’ll go call her”.

Sue goes into the other room and you can hear her talking but couldn’t make out what she was saying. She comes back and says “she’s not going to come tonight. Some how we have to make Rudy come” we all laughed even Rudy.

So we get back into playing cards and the sexual tension was sub-siding. After awhile I need to go to the bathroom and excused myself. And said “gonna go dump a load”

As I’m going down the hall I hear Sue moving her chair around. I decide to wait in the hall and see what’s happening. I hear sue tell Rudy “Hell be gone awhile and you still need to come” and Rudy says “lets go to the couch”

They start kissing and grabbing each other while I’m watching from the hall. He reaches around and unclips her bra like a pro with 1 hand (snap) he then takes it off from under her shirt with her help. All the time just French kissing like crazy. I van tell they lost track of time because this went on for at least 20 minutes. He just wouldn’t take it to the next level and needed some help. She also had never been with anyone else but me since we were married and was scared, horny as hell but scared.

So I went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet. Then came out into the living room where he was sitting on the chair and she was on the couch looking like 2 deer in the headlights he definitely had a raging hard on.

I go into the living room straight to sue and sit next to her. I asked “where’s your bra” she gets all nervous and says “Rudy took it” I say “Did he take off your panties too” she says “NNNnnnooo” The asked are you wearing any panties” and she says “NNNnnnoooo.” I give her a good French kiss and whisper in her ear “Did you fuck him already” she whispers back “I want to fuck him so bad.” I whisper back “I’ll leave for a while. While I’m gone. go to the chair and give him a blow job” to my surprise she whispers back “OK but if we start fucking I want you to fuck me too”

I get up and tell Rudy I must have eaten something bad. I’m going back to the bathroom” and excuse myself. As soon as I get to the hall I turn around just in time to see Sue run to Rudy and grab his pants and pull them down. I couldn’t see how big his cock was she had it in her mouth instantly.

I watched as she went wild on it for at least 10 minutes. I noticed she would look at me down the hall to see if I was there or not but from where I was at she couldn’t see me. She finally reached down and pulled his pants all the way off. Then I could tell he was about to blow his wad. He started squirming really bad and twitching and then he started moaning loudly. She must have swallowed every bit of because when she picked her head up there was no cum dripping down her chin. I knew it would take him a few minutes or so to get hard again so I decided to join them again.

I went and flushed again and joined the 2 deer in the living room. I whispered in Sues ear again “So did you fuck him this time” she said “I will” a long pause and then she said “anyone want more drinks” while she is in the kitchen I ask Rudy “Were you hoping that girl would show up?” he said “No I have someone else I want to be my First” I said “Let me guess. You want to fuck Sue. Don’t you” ha said “Uuuuhhhh UUmmm No! Its not Sue. I wou” I interrupt him before he could say anything that would jeopardize the plans Sue made for the evening. “BULLSHIT you want to fuck her and you know it” We laugh and then he says “yea”

Sue comes out with another pitcher of drinks. And they started drinking the whole pitcher like it was water and they hadn’t had water for weeks. I only had 1 drink out of 6. After about 30 minutes or so. The mood started heating up again and Sue whispers in my ear “leave! I’m gonna fuck him this time.”

I get up and excuse myself again and this time Rudy says “Don’t stay too long or I’m gonna Fuck her” I turned and said “WHAT” In 10 years I had never even heard the “F” word come from his mouth. He said “just kidding” as fast as he could. So I left for my hiding place in the hall. Same as the last time she runs over and pulls his pants down and starts going down on him. As before just sucking and feeling. (NO WAY I WON”T LET THIS GO ON ANY MORE) I sneak into the living room and reach around Sues waste. I startled her pretty good. I think she bit him He moaned an Ugh. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. She wasn’t wearing panties. She sort of helped me get them past her knees by lifting one knee up at a time so I can slide them past. She reached up and pulled his shirt off. Not knowing that I was in the room with them. He says “what if he comes back” Sue says “shut up” and continues to suck his cock. He then reaches up and pulls her shirt off. I started eating her pussy out from where I was at on the floor between her legs. She starts moaning and squirming. She is very load when she cum’s. She all of a sudden just stands of and climbs on top of Rudy so that he has a clean shot at sticking his dick in her. Not having a clue what was going on or when I would come back. He says I uh I um. She takes his cock in her hand and guides it to her pussy as fast as she can. This is the first time I get to see it. It is about 9” long and as thick as a softball bat. She slides down the shaft very slowly. Very gently going up and down on this massive cock. Every time she comes down more and more of that huge cock would go into her very wet pussy. At about the halfway point she has a massive orgasm. She is just moaning and groaning like crazy. Extremely loud. Like she wanted me to hear in the bathroom. He starts saying “shhh shhhh” She keeps going trying to get all the way down on that massive cock. After she cum’s all over his cock, she was able to slide all the way down on it and start riding it as hard as she could. I decided I had enough and snuck back to the bathroom to flush again as I get in there I hear her cumming again. So I decide to wait till she’s done. As I am waiting I hear him starting to come also. I guess if He felt that if I didn’t hear her I wouldn’t hear him so he was as loud as Sue as they where cumming together.

I flushed and ran into the living room I was undressed before I got there. Sue was still straddling him and they were both still cumming and Sue was not about to stop. I said “I want to fuck her too” Sue proceeded to climb off Rudy and lay back on the couch for me to take over. I started eating that sweet jucy freshly cummed in pussy. As I start eating her Rudy positioned himself for another blow job. Even soft he filled her mouth up with plenty of extra. I needed to cum so I got on my knees and started fucking her as hard as I could as Sue sucked his cock. Seeing me fucking him must have gotten him excited because his cock grew within minutes.

We fucked her all night. We started fucking her at about 7:30 PM. At 4:30 AM. We stopped and had another pitcher of margaritas. She always had a cock in her pussy. As I finished he was right there and when he finished I was so horny watching him fuck her that I had to fuck her again.. At 5:00 AM he was sitting in the chair and she was mounted on top of him.

Rudy left at about noon on Sunday. No longer a virgin at 22 and ready to fuck the world. He comes around about once a month to fuck his true love. His first fuck. My wife loves it because it was her first of many 2 on 1’s also.

He’s no longer shy he became a Male stripper and gets laid at almost every party he attends or performs at. Especially brides to be. So if your wife had a stripper named Rudy in the last 20 years. She was fully pleased.


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