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My Wife Merrian and her Friend Julie

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My wife Merrian and a friend of hers stood facing each other in our living room.

Merrian and her friend had been talking recently and discovered they had a common fantasy of being with another woman sexually. Neither had ever even kissed another woman, but were going to in just a few minutes. Her friend Julie was anxious and excited and Merrian was just plain nervous. I was just an observer at the moment. But Merrian had agreed if Julie was willing I could join in at some point. Julie has big boobs and a small butt. I really hoped she was willing. They had both had had this fantasy since high school but until recently hadn’t mentioned anything about their common fantasy.

Merrian said well how do we start? I said well how about a kiss and see what happens.

I asked what do you want to do to Julie anyway? Merrian said don’t really know except I want to get close to her. I asked Julie how about you? Julie said I have wanted to get physical with another woman for sometime. I said go ahead Merrian is willing.

Julie gave Merrian a hug and than a kiss on the lips. Merrian said liked that felt good and kissed Julie. They kissed again and than again and both of their faces became flushed. The heat was rising between them. They hugged and kissed again and Julie’s hands went around Merrian and moved down to her butt. Merrian sucked in her breath and pressed closer to Julie and said nice like that.

Merrian’s hand moved to Julie’s large boobs and Julie kissed Merrian and her tongue licked Merrian’s lips and Merrian sighed and said good and squeezed on Julie’s boobs.

They stood there kissing and playing with butts and boobs for a while. They were into each other. Merrian said I am so hot and I could see the lust in her eyes when she made eye contact with Julie. Julie’s hand than moved under Merrian’s skirt and they were skin to skin. Merrian followed julie’s lead and her had was up Julie’s skirt.

Merrian paused and said to Julie are you sure you want to go any further? Julie yes if you want to. Merrian said oh I want to and her hand moved under Julie’s shirt and she said you are very wet and Julie pushed her hips forward and it was obvious that Merrian was fingering her pussy. Julie said oh yes good and her hand moved and the two ladies stood there fingering each other. I could hear their fingers moving in and out of each other and new they were very wet by the sound they were making. Merrian gasped and climaxed on Julie’s fingers and Julie moaned and said me too and came on Merrian’s fingers. They stood there panting from their cums and continued kissing.

I moved over behind Merrian and kissed her on the neck and said that looked like you two were having fun. My hard cock was pressing against her butt and she laughed and said feels like you are having fun too. I whispered in her ear I want to see her naked and moved away. I looked over to Julie and she looked down at crouch and could see the tent I was making and smiled.

They decided to take a break and have a drink. We all sat there with our drinks and Merrian asked Julie what do you think? Julie smiled at Merrian and said really enjoyed getting physical with you, how about you? Merrian said it was very exciting I had a great time. You have terrific fingers and laughed. About an hour had passed and finally Merrian said want to play some more and Julie said absolutely.

Merrian took Julie’s hand and led her back to our bedroom. I sat in the corner to watch. It was dimly lite but not dark. Again the ladies stood face to face and the kissing began. Merrian’s hands moved to Julie’s top and I heard Merrian say I want to see you naked and Julie said lets do it. Merrian unbuttoned her top and removed it and Julie turned around and Merrian unclasped her bra and it fell to the floor. When Julie turned around we both could see her naked boobs. She was at least 40+ and her nipples were already hard.

Her face had become flushed and her breathing had increased. Merrian said very nice, have wanted to see those and her hands moved up and she was squeezing and rubbing Julie’s boobs. Julie said oh feels good. Julie’s hands moved to Merrian and soon they were both naked to the waist feeling each other up and more passionate kissing. I could see the lust form on Merrian’s flushed face. Julie pulled Merrian’s face to her boob and Merrian took a nipple in her mouth and as she was sucking pulled Down on Julie’s skirt and it fell to the floor and than her skirt joined Julies. They both fell on to the bed laying next to each other naked except for panties. Boobs were pressed against each other and the passionate kissing continued with both sucking on each other’s tongues. Their legs opened and they were pussy to pussy rubbing against each other in a fucking motioned,

Julie remembered something she had seen in a xxx video and pushed Merrian’s legs further a part and got into a scissors position pussy to pussy making full contact. They grabbed each others arms for leverage and began fucking each other banging their clits together.

I had my cock out by this time and was jerking myself watching these two passionate women doing each other. They pulled each other into a hug and rubbing their pussies together kissing and moaning. Both tensed up and their movements became more intense and they climaxed with both grinding into each other’s pussies and grunting and shaking all over. They fell apart panting and satisfied. They began to relax and Merrian looked over to me and could see my cock in had. Merrian whispered in Julie’s ear and with a surprised look on her face nodded yes and Merrian motioned for me to join them on the bed. Merrian said I want to watch you and Julie together and moved to the side and in front of Julie.

I moved to Julie and kissed her my hands moved to those beautiful boobs and than to her butt. She pressed against me and my hand moved to her pussy and she was wet and ready to be fucked. I entered her and we were fucking with my wife watching. I was on top and head to head. Julie put her legs around me and grabbed my butt and pulled me all the way in saying oh yes feels so good. We rocked back and forth and I was so hard and she was taking all my 8 inches. Merrian had reached in and was playing with Julie’s boobs.

Merrian kissed me and whispered in my ear doggie is her favorite, so turned Julie over and entered her from behind and was riding her hard. Merrian was laying in front of Julie with her back against the headboard playing with her pussy watching me fuck Julie.

Julie was really hot and making noises and I pushed down on the back of her head and suddenly knew what I wanted her to do and knew she wanted to do it to and buried her head between Merrian’s legs licking and sucking on her pussy. Merrian got a surprised looked on her face and climaxed instantly. Julie grunted and said oh yes I am going to cum and continued licking Merrian as I banged her hard. I could feel my cock swell and knew I was ready to cum and exploded In Julies pussy and she grunted and climaxed with me feeling my hot cum in her pussy.

We all lay there panting and spent. Merrian said wasn’t expecting that and Julie said me either but it seemed like a good idea at he time. I liked going down on you Merrian it was very erotic. Merrian said I loved it and will have to do you sometime but tonight I am worn out and laughed.

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