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My Twin Sister- First Time

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My sister and I are twins. Ten years younger than our older siblings. We grew up doing everything together, and being the youngest always given a lot of trust and freedom to do what we wanted by out parents.

I don't remember when I became sexually curious but experimented with masterbation and porn with several male friends. Then one day became more and more interested in my sister's body. I always took chances to try and see her naked and felt different touching her or seeing her scantly clad.

Neither of us had dated, we talked about who had a crush on who among our mutual friends, who was kissing, and what was this sex thing all about. My boyhood friends and I had a treehouse clubhouse built over the small stream near our country house, where we would stash our porn, talk about girls, and masterbate together, and even each other. My friends always wanted to know if I saw my sister naked, and what it was like.

It happened one summer. My sister and I were on our own one day and we went to the stream to swim and hang out. My sister, Toni, was wearing cut off jeans and a bikini top. She had well developed breasts and a thin athletic body that summer, and like me dark red hair. We were climbing around the stream and she caught me lookng down her top and her shorts. I could see her nipples and tuft of red pubic hair.

Toni caught me watching her and said "I know you can see everything....I don't care". I didn't react until she said "I can see you too...and your hard dick". Toni went on to say she knew my dick was hard all the time and she named a fiend of mine and said she knew we would come to the stream and "beat off" looking at pictures of naked women. When I denied it she climbed in the treehouse and pulled out our magazines and a jar a vaseline, and said "do you use this to beat off".

Then Toni suprised, even shocked me and asked if she could watch me "beat off". I reacted pretty quick by saying, "if you are naked and show me everything, I'll show you". There was no hesitation when Toni pulled her top over her head showing me her naked breasts, then dropped her shorts and she was naked. Her response to me was just "do it". And I stripped naked. We were naked together for the first time since we were children.

My cock was rock hard already and Toni coaxed me to "make it sperm". I used some vaseline to stroke myself while I stared at her boobs and pussy, and within minutes I told her I was "going to sperm". She was so close to me our naked bodies were touching when I started to cum. The cum sprayed down thighs and onto hers. Toni calmly touched my cum rubbing it on her skin, then surprised me again by lifting some to her lips and tasting it.

Toni and I were both so turned on we were beside ourselves, and she asked it I would do it again. I said I could when I get hard, and she asked if being naked with her made my dick hard. Of course it did. Toni then asked if I had kissed a girl, I had not, and she said she had kissed with a couple of girlfriends, but not a boy, and wanted to practice kissing me, if it would make my dick hard again. So we kissed for the first time. During that first kiss I touched then fondled her boobs, and she loved it and asked for more. Then I asked to touch her pussy and she leaned back and spread her legs for me.

Toni told me how to rub her pussy to make it feel good and to stick my finger in her. At the same time she asked if she could touch my cock, and naturally started pulling and fondling me. It didn't take long to get hard again, and with Toni's hand masterbating me I knew I would cum for her again. We talked and I asked her if I could put my cock in her pussy. We both knew it was wrong, and both knew enough about sex, that this would be fucking, and she could get pregnant.

Toni told me she has a candle in her room and she puts it in her pussy all the time, but her friends said putting a dick in her would hurt, and she would get pregnant if "sperm" got inside her. I told her I would stick my cock in her until I thought I would "sperm" then pull out and spray my sperm on her body instead.

So then it happened. Toni lay back and spread her legs. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and started to push inside her. I slid in easily, pushed in and out a little, and then slid the entire length of my cock into her until our pubic hairs rubbed together. Toni ws holding her breath and said it felt much bigger than her candle. I was overwhelmed and started to push in and out rapidly, when suddenly Toni started to shake and hold her breath. Toni had an orgasm. This so turned me on I knew I was going to cum and said so to Toni. She said pull it out and show me. I pulled out just in time to shoot my cum all over her belly.

I lay beside Toni as she played with the cum on her body, and she tasted it again, and asked me if I had ever tasted my sperm. Before I could react she rubbed my own cum on my lip, then had me lick some from her body.

We went on to swim naked and clean the cum from ourselves. As we swam we talked about how we couldn't tell anyone, our parents and friends couldn't know, but we agreed we wanted to do it again. Before we left that day, we fucked a second time.

That summer we used every chance we were alone together to get naked and fuck. Within a few days we tracked down a book at the library "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex...etc" that popular at the time. We studied every word and drawing, but never checking out the book. We knew enough about condoms, to get my friend to shoplift them from his Father's pharmacy, then began fucking to climax together. We were young and stupid enough to resuse the condoms so we wouldn't run out.

Our summer was spent learning about sex together, as Toni leaned to suck my cock and swallow my cum, and love it. In turn I could eat her pussy to climax and she could take my cock in her ass.

The next step was getting our friends involved when we tried a MFM threeway, then a mini gangbang of Toni, and the day we met our future spouses.

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