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My Tropical Getaway to Paradise

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My Tropical Getaway to Paradise My name is Carrie. I am a confessed workaholic. I finally have given into my friends suggestion of getting away to relax and learn to have fun. They tell me I am too attractive to attractive to be wasting away at work. I admit my flaming red hair and seductive green eyes along with full luscious lips gets me my fair share of stares but hasn't gotten that hot passionate love of my life. I finally decided I have had enough of just living for work. I need to some fun in my life. I book a flight to what I hope will be the trip that changes my life.

I have my bags packed. I made sure I had some of my sexiest outfits along with my most skimpiest bikinis. I am on the hunt to snag me a hot guy to have my way with him and if it leads to more than that will be a bonus. I glance up and notice that if I don't hurry up that I am going to be late for my flight. I grab my bag and take a quick look around to make sure I am not leaving something behind. I take a deep sigh and then walk out the door and leaving this life behind temporarily. I get in my Pontiac GTO and race to the airport. There is no way I am going to miss this flight.

I park up front and get my bags out and let the valet park my car. I walking so fast almost to the point of running. I know I must have looked a sight with my big boobs swaying back and forth from my fast paced. I wasn't paying attention. My mind was focused on getting to my flight that I bump into someone. A very solid person at that. I was taken aback when he looked up at me. He had the most piercing Blue eyes that was a stark contrast from his tanned skin and dark hair. He started to tell me to watch where I was going when he looked into my seductive green eyes. I smiled at him and apologized for running into him. His demeanor had changed and he told me that since I was so pretty that I could bump into him anytime. It was him that should apologize for getting into your way. I was flattered that such a handsome man was obviously attracted to me.

He helped me get my bags and walked to me to the gate where my flight was loading. As we got closer, he realized that he was getting on the same flight. What were the odds of that? We were even sitting next to each other on the flight. I actually now starting to get a little nervous and a little excited to know that this man was going to be joining me on this part of my trip. We placed our bags overhead and then sat down and exchanged some small talk. It turns out his name is Trent. He actually only lived about an hour away from the city that I lived in. I stole glances at him when he wasn't looking.

I want to take in all of this man. He is at least 6'4" and I would guess around 230 Lbs of solid muscle. He caught me looking at him and grinned. He asked me if I liked what I was looking at. I felt the blush creeping up my cheeks and gave him a look and said yes that it had been a long time since I had seen a man that was built as well as he is. He said I am glad you like what you see because I definitely am digging your curvy body. As he was telling me that, he leaned in and planted a kiss on my neck and took his finger and pulled my blouse down so he could get a look at my boobs that were about popping out of my black laced bra. That simple move sent shivers all through my body and made my nipples get erect. He took notice and started rubbing them on the outside of my blouse. I could feel my matching black lace panties starting to get damp for those simple gestures was affecting me more than he knew.

He got the blanket down and dr*ped it over us. He then proceeded to get bolder with his moves. I was looking around to see if anyone noticed what was happening. There was one man that smiled and nodded his head. He gave me a wink so he obviously knew. I didn't let Trent know. It kind of excited me to know that someone else was watching and knew that I was getting pleasured here on this flight to paradise.

I started caressing my legs. He started at the ankles and moved to the inside of my legs. With every inch closer to the pussy, the wetter I was getting. I closed my eyes so I could concentrate on the sensations that were coursing through my body. He has awaken my feelings that I have left dormant for so long. He reaches the top of my thighs and plays with the top of my thigh highs that I have on. He grazes the outside lips and it makes me tremble in anticipation of what is to come. I feel I'm slip a finger and he feels how much he has turned me on. I am totally drenched now. He then rubs my clit and I take in a sharp breath. The sensations are almost too much. My nerves are on edge. It isn't going to take much stimulation for this gorgeous man to make me cum. He can sense that he is getting me close but he doesn't want it to happen this quickly so he changes up and just pumps his fingers slowly in and out of my extremely wet pussy. He wants me to beg him to let me cum. He nibbles on my earlobe and kisses my neck. I turn my head and find his lips. I pry his mouth open and force my tongue in. I want to tease this man. I want to continue on this journey of bliss. He starts back rubbing my clit and while we are deep passionately kissing. I cum the hardest I have ever cum in my live. I guess I was way overdue for one.

I break the away from the kiss so I can catch my breath and try to compose myself before other passengers noticed how unsettled I am. I remember that one already knows and I glance his way. His smile is even bigger and I know that he knows what happened. I whisper in Trent's ear to follow me to the restroom. I have a mischievous grin on my face and he lets me out. He wait a few before he gets up and follows me back.

He lightly knocks on the door to let me know he is there. I let him end and I quickly open his pants. I want to see what I had my hands on. It's spings forth from it's confinement. I cant believe how thick it is. It may not be the longest one I have ever seen but it dang sure is the thickest. I start to wonder if I am going to be able to fit that thing in my small mouth. I just know that I got to try. I want to feel that nice cock in my mouth. There is just enough room for me to get down on my knees and I look up to him with lust in my eyes. I take his cock in my hands and I take a second to admire this fine cock that is going to give me such pleasure when we get to the hotel. He lets out a groan and watches as I let my tongue tease his cock. I run my tongue up and down the shaft. I can feel how tense he is that what I am doing is really getting to him. I stop at the head and lavish it with lots of attention. I slowly ease his thick cock in my mouth to give me time to adjust to his size. I have never had my mouth stretched so much. I barely have room to move my tongue around to give him extra pleasure. He reaches down and places his hand on the back of my head to help me set the rhythm. I cant get over how thick it is and how good it feels in my mouth. This is getting my juices flowing again. I am giving this cock all the attention I can and he is really getting into it. He is saying suck that cock. Don't you love having this fat cock in you mouth. I have to take a break. My jaw is hurting from my mouth being stretched so far. I start stroking it . It takes both of my hands to reach around his cock. I put him back in my mouth and keep the tempo up. He is getting ready to cum. I can feel it pulse in my mouth and I get ready. I wasn't prepared for the load that he was about to let loose in my mouth. It was thick just like he is. I started to gag some so I pulled him out a little so I could swallow. He finally finished and I swallowed the last drop. He helped me up and we quickly straightened our clothes and turned the knob and opened the door to find the male passenger standing right outside the door. There is no telling how long he was there and how much he heard. We head back to our seats and end up sleeping for the rest of the flight.

To be continued..................

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