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My Trip Away

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My Trip Away

My Background

My name is Jenny I am 23 years old and have been married for 1 year now my husbands name is Danny he is also 23 years old, we live in a small town in the Midwest and have been together since we were 16 years old, we went to a small private Christan School where everybody knew each other and talked about everybody you know the kind, we were both virgins until we were 19 years old, We both came from real religious family's, Danny especially he is not into anything other then plain man on top and woman on bottom sex so I am a virgin to everything Else I am 5' 7'' 135 lbs with 36D breasts long dark hair with light skin, I do keep my area down there trimmed nice but not completely I keep a patch about 3 inches wide Danny is 5' 10 about 175 brown hair with a average sized dick maybe 5 or 6 inches when hard, My father owns a small tire distributorship here in town we both have worked for the company since we got out of school, well I guess that gets you up to speed on my life.

The Story

The story begins on a Monday two months ago my dad called me and John our salesman into his office, he said that there was a convention in Las Vegas for all the tire distributors for the United States and the he wanted John And I to go to get different perspectives on the industry, I didn't want to go but my father insisted he said if John left the company I would still have the knowledge from the convention so I agreed, John had only been with the company for about 1 year and he could use the information too, John is 37 years old and not bad looking he is about 6'1'' 200 lbs Blonde hair blue eyes, he is from the west coast somewhere, he is single now he got divorced about six months ago well enough about him let's get on with the story.

Day 1 Tuesday

We landed at the airport on a Tuesday morning about 11:30 am we hired a cab to take us to the Mirage Hotel, this was the first time I have ever been out of our state, John said he had been here before but it was a long time ago he was amazed how the town had changed, I was just amazed, I couldn't believe that there was a world like this out there I was in ah, we checked in and went to our rooms they were on the same floor but he was 3 or 4 rooms away, when I looked out the window I could see down what they called the strip it was so cool there were people everywhere and huge buildings it was great, the convention started at 3pm and it was now 1:00pm John called and asked if I wanted to have some lunch downstairs I said yes lets go, the hotel was big when we went past the casino you could here bells ringing and there were people all over, the restaurant had great food I was so hungry and so full when we left, we took off for the convention right after lunch, I'm not going to bore everyone with the details of the convention, when it was over for the night it was about 7:00pm we went back to the hotel to get some dinner, when we sat down the waitress came over and asked us what we would like to drink, John ordered a Margarita I'm not much of a drinker I have only had a little wine over the years but I ordered a margarita also to try it, when it came it was in a big glass and it was all icy, I have seen them before but not this big and it tasted very good, we both had steak for dinner and the steak was good too, after dinner there was a band playing in one of the bars John asked me if I would like to sit for awhile and listen to them, I said that would be great, the band sounded good and John and I started talking and we had another drink he was telling me about his ex wife and how she cheated on him that's why they got divorced, I was starting to feel the drinks a little, the subject turned to me and my husband John asked what we did in our spare time I told him all we ever did was work and sleep, he asked if we wanted kids I said someday but we didn't try to that much he looked at me and said what do I mean you don't try very much? I told him that Danny wasn't into intercourse that much and that we only had sex maybe two times a month, and that it was me that started it most of the time, John looked puzzled he said that he and his ex wife had sex about 3 times a week, I said 3 times a week wow that was allot, he laughed and said that wasn't allot and with that we ordered another round of drinks, I said I didn't think sex was that interesting to have it 3 times a week, John just looked at me and said then I wasn't doing it right, I said I didn't know what is right or wrong, he just looked at me kinda funny and said what do I mean ? well after 3 of these drinks I felt real comfortable talking with John about things, so I said well we don't really do anything but have regular intercourse, he said no oral sex or anything like that? no I said just regular sex, he said I was missing everything and that I was to cute to go without good sex, I was starting to get a little horny talking about it so I asked him how he and his ex wife used to do it? he ask me if I was serious I said yes I was, he asked if I was telling the truth about never having a guy go down on me, what does the mean I asked, he said that's when a guy licks on my pussy, I said Danny would never do that what does it feel like, he said there was no way to describe it other than it's the best feeling in the world, that got me really going, I asked him how a blow job felt he said just like eating pussy, I was getting so horny talking like that, it sounded so dirty but yet the thought of it was making me tingle down there and I was getting a little wet between my legs, my head was starting to spin so I said let's go back to our rooms and we can talk more there he agreed, so off we went I was having a hard time walking straight so John was helping me, my room came first so John helped me inside it was about 11:30pm we sat for a minute and then I looked out the window the lights were over welming what a sight I couldn't take my eyes off the strip, John asked me if I wanted another drink they had mixers in the ice box, I was ready for anything about now, I said hell yes! John made me something I don't remember what it was but it was good, I asked him to describe going down on me again he came over to me and asked me if I would like to feel it for myself, by now I was getting drunk & horny I didn't care I said sure, he reached out and grabbed me and started kissing me with his tongue, it felt different then my husband this was a long deep lingering kiss, I was getting so wet my underwear was soaked that had never happen to me this way before, then he started grabbing my breasts my nipples started to get hard what was happening to me? I was really enjoying this then after 3 or 4 minutes he slipped his hand down pants and into my pussy, I was out of control at this point he slid his finger in and out of my pussy so many times I was starting to feel a different feeling, I told him to slow down a little this was going to far, he asked if he was doing anything wrong I said hell no It's just I didn't know what to do next, he laid me on the bed and started taking off my pants It was to far along to stop now so I let his have his way and off they came, then he grabbed for the underwear, they were so wet it felt like they were just washed and off they came, he looked at me and said wow what a nice pussy he then lowered his head and started licking my pussy, it felt so so good he said that I tasted sweet and that he could eat me for hours, the way it felt I could let him for eat me for hours, then he started sliding a finger inside me too that feeling was getting stronger, I said I was felling weird he said just lay back and enjoy it so I did and it was heaven, I have never felt like that before the feeling was getting stronger and stronger then he said to go ahead and cum if I want, I didn't know how to make myself cum as he would say, but my body took over and I started to have a orgasm it was unlike any orgasm I had ever had, I think this was the first time I have had a real one it was fantastic, I think I came for about 2 minutes then I said to give me a break so he stood up and started taking his clothes off, when he got his pants off I could see a huge bulge in his underwear when they came off I gasped, his dick was so big and hard it made Danny's dick look like a pencil, it must have been 10 inches long I couldn't take my eyes off of it, he said does this look like your husbands? I said no way he reached over and took off my top then my bra, he told me my tit's were much bigger then his ex wife's that made me feel good, he started sucking my nipples that were hard as a rock by now, I reached out and grabbed his huge cock it felt like a small log I was wondering how it was going to fit in me, but John had other ideas he told me to suck his cock it sounded so nasty but I wanted to please him, so I put my head down there and in it went, what a feeling it was big and warm and tasted a little sweaty but I was liking it allot, at first I could only get about 3 or 4 inches in my mouth I was worried that I wasn't doing it right, he said that he hasn't had sex since he and his wife split up and that it would be good no matter how I did it, that made me feel better and I started sucking harder and harder, his dick was getting all wet from my mouth and it started going in further I could feel it in the back of my throat now and my mouth was stretched open as much it could be, he was moaning real loud, and he started to have some sperm starting to come out the top of that big dick of his, it tasted nasty but good at same time, I had enough alcohol in me anything would have tasted good to me, he kept saying suck it suck it good and I just kept doing what I was doing he was going wild by now, he said that he wanted to fuck me, by now I had to have it I rolled over and laid on the bed, I knew how to do this part I just hoped he could get in me, he lifted my legs over his shoulders and moved his dick towards my waiting pussy, it wasn't working I was pissed and drunk, I had to have it now he got down there and started licking me crazy, I was getting real wet again then he started putting some of his spit on it and then he started again trying to get it in, he got the head going in it started to hurt but I didn't care then he got more in, and it hurt more he was pumping it in and out slowly after about 20 little pumps it started sliding in all the way in, I started thinking I'm in the big leagues now with this huge cock in me, it felt so good and I was so wet he was now slipping and sliding in me, he was pumping me harder and harder I was in ecstasy now he must have been fucking me for 20 minutes, then I started cumming again I have never cum twice in my life but there it was and I could feel myself cumming again and again this was real sex I mean big time sex, I felt like a whore and it felt good the little church girl was gone, I started yelling fuck me fuck me hard and John was up to the task he pounded me harder than I have ever been pounded before, I was getting ready to cum again my head was getting light from the drinks and cumming so much I didn't know this was possible, we rolled over and I was on top now this was new territory for me My husband and I never did it this way before, I was riding him hard letting that long cock all the way up to the top then sitting down hard on it, I was driving him wild he was pushing that cock deep into me with every thrust I was cumming again, so this is what I have been missing all these years? I just needed someone with a little experience, this 37 year old man really knew how to fuck my 23 year old pussy, he said he was getting ready to cum I told him I was not on the pill so he couldn't cum inside me he said OK I could suck it out of him, buy now I was into anything I jumped off and stuck his cock in my mouth again, I could taste my pussy on it, I have never tasted that much of my pussy before it tasted good, I looked up at John and told him I wanted his cum in my virgin mouth I yelled cum cum over and over again, he couldn't hold it longer he said suck it you nasty little girl and with that he was cumming, it squirted in my mouth hard, it tasted bad real bad he said swallow it please swallow it, so I did it was nasty tasting and it just kept cumming out it felt like bucket loads, this part I don't think I liked very much but the thought of all this cum in my mouth was getting me all hot again, in a few minutes he was done cumming, I asked him what was next he just looked at me and said fuck girl let me rest a bit, and with that I smiled and we started drinking again. I looked down at my pussy it all opened up and out of shape, I started worrying that my husband would notice the difference but John said it wold get back it's shape soon, I said I hope so just look at the gaping hole that you left we just laughed, John looked at the clock and said it was 1am I said wow we just had sex for a hour and a half that was longer then I have ever thought of having sex, John asked how long Danny and I have sex I said maybe half an hour at the best he asked if I enjoyed our night? I just looked at him and said what do you think, With that we continued drinking and talking, that last thing I remember is looking at the clock again and it was 3am then I must have passed out,

Day 2 Wednesday

When I woke up the next morning John was laying next to me on his back and we were both naked, I thought what have I done? but then I started remembering all the fun we had last night and I knew it was going to be a fantastic 3 days, I got up on my knees and started to put John's cock in my mouth to wake him up, it was like a limp log it had what I called cum crust all over it, John was a very hairy guy and the cum was all matted up in his hair it was nasty but arousing at the same time, so I just started to lick it John started waking up and said I turned out to be a little nymph, I just smiled and popped his cock in my mouth it didn't taste to good but it was getting harder and harder, John said be careful it was a little sore he said it hasn't had that much action in almost a year other then his hand, so I took it easy I was sucking nice and slow the look on his face was the look of calm, he spread his leg's apart and I climbed in between them so I could see his face while I sucked him off, he was getting into it good he just kept saying yes yes yes it feels so good, this went on for about 20 minutes then he shouted I'm cumming suck me hard suck me hard and then he came, it wasn't as much as last night and I was glad, he still tasted bad but I swallowed it all and licked him clean. He said we better get up and get ready that we had a big day today, the convention started at 3pm and it was already 11 o'clock and we still had to get breakfast, so he got dressed and left for his room and I jumped in my shower. While I was getting ready I was dreaming about everything that was happening I was getting hornier and hornier so I Grabbed my hair brush and slid it in my pussy it wasn't as good as John's nice big hairy cock but it worked within 2 or 3 minutes I was cumming, what's happening to me? I would never do this at home but it felt so good I finished up and got ready for the convention, John met me in the hall and we were off for our days education.

Once again we were done about 7pm on our way out John asked me what I wanted to do for the rest of the evening, I said let's stop and get something good to drink and just spend the night in the room, John smiled and said that was great, we went into the liquor store and got some margarita's that were already made up and he got some condoms, the guy behind the counter looked at me and smiled, I knew what we was thinking this old guy is going to fuck the shit out of this little girl and he was right I just smiled back and we left. We got back in the car and took off for our hotel we decided to get some fast food to take upstairs for later, soon as we walked in to the room John started on the drinks and I pulled out the food so we could eat, afterwords we grabbed a couple of chairs and set them up by the window and just looked at the strip, after a few margaritas it was getting dark the lights were beautiful and I was getting horny again I stood up and slowly started taking my cloths off John did the same he sat down in the chair and I grabbed his dick and started on it, he was hard in seconds and I was slurping away on that big hairy dick, I was getting better I could tell because John was getting very loud with his moaning I asked him if it felt good? he said fuck yes, I was sucking on him for about 10 minutes when he said that we had a audience I looked up and there was a couple across in the other wing of the Hotel about 3 stories higher watching us we forgot to turn off the light so they could see us perfect, they had their TV on so we could see them, John said let's give them a show, I don't know what got into me but I said sure and we positioned the chair so they could get a better view and I went back to sucking his dick, I was going crazy on him he was yelling yes yes yes I could taste his cum again dripping out in little drops with every couple of yeses that came out of his mouth, then he said look at them I turned around and looked and they had all of their lights on and they were naked and he was standing in the window and she was blowing him too, I was getting so turned on watching them I forgot all about John when I looked over at him he had his dick in his hand and was stroking it hard, I got up and turned all of our light on and sat next to John and started playing with myself too while we watched, the girl in the window was sucking his dick fast and hard I could tell I just wish we were closer so I could see his face better, I have never seen other people have sex before, I have never even seen a porno movie before so this was a first for me and I loved it, she sucked him for about 15 minutes then he must have came because she stopped and was wiping off her mouth, by then my chair was soaking wet from me playing with myself, Neither of us had cum yet and the other couple was not in the window anymore, so John got up and fixed us a couple more drinks, John looked at me and said how good I looked naked and that my pussy had gotten it's shape back from last night, I smiled I told him that I was going to take his dick home with me when this trip was over, we were both smiling when the phone rang I told John to be quiet because it was Danny calling so I answered it and there was a voice on the other end that just said hello, it wasn't my husband, I answered back who is this? he said nice show, I didn't know what to say so I just said thanks you guys did good too, I told John it was the couple that was watching us and he came over to the phone and we listened together, the guy said their names were Rick and Debbie and that they were into watching and wanted to know if they could come over and watch us up close? John took the phone and said give us your room number and we will call you right back he said OK, we hung the phone up and just looked at each other, John asked me what I thought about it? I said hell no, John said we just let them watch us through the window and we loved it and I agreed, but this is different, John asked how? I didn't have a answer, I was trembling at the thought that someone knew who we were but at the same time my pussy was tingling and I did enjoy it when they were watching me play with myself, so we agree to let them come over but all they could do was look no touching, John called them back and they agreed to our wishes, it was about 20 minutes later when there was a knock at the door, John got up and let them in, they were a nice looking couple in their 30's she was a bleach blonde about my height and weight with smaller boobs Rick was about 5'10 about 200 lbs with blonde hair too, we talked for awhile they were from Florida, he was in real estate and she worked in a bank, it was akward for awhile because we all knew why they were here but nobody knew how to get it started, then Rick said don't let us stop you from what you were doing just act like we weren't here, with that John took me and started kissing me we haven't done much of that the last couple of days but it felt good he was really into it he put his tongue way in me and started taking off my shorts, we didn't put any underwear on because we knew we would be just taking it all off, so when my shorts came off my pussy was in plain sight Rick said my pussy looked nice with just the right amount of hair on it, I felt weird and turned on at the same time, I reached over and grabbed Johns shorts and slipped them off he was at full attention Debbie said look at that cock Rick it is huge Rick agreed, with that we took off our tops and we were naked John laid me on my back and started eating me I was instantly wet it felt so good, all of a sudden it didn't matter who was watching us, I just spread my legs further apart so they could see better closed my eyes and let John eat me good, and that he did within 5 minutes I was cumming I could here Rick and Debbie saying that I was hot and had a great body, I was getting the bed all wet but I didn't care I just keep saying eat me eat me, these words would have never came out of my mouth last week but now I guess I was in the real world now and it felt good so I just let it go, I started talking real nasty I was saying things like lick my clit and taste my juices it felt good to say things like that, I was feeling no pain and I wanted them to see me I was so turned on watching them watch me I was cumming again, the next time I looked over at Rick & Debbie they were getting naked themselves I didn't care anymore I told John to fuck me and fuck me hard, John got up and ripped open the condoms and slipped one on that huge cock, Debbie said that she wanted to see his cock slide in me so I said she could get closer, the both of them got next to us and John slid it in oh what a feeling it was with them starring at my pussy getting fucked by John, he was ramming me hard Debbie was right next to me on my right she was rubbing her pussy softly with her fingers the sight was more than I could handle I was cumming again he wasn't in me for more then 1 minute it was great, Debbie asked if she could touch me, I said fuck yes do anything to me you want, with that she was playing with my boobs Rick got up to get a better view of what was going on and his cock was close to my face, it looked so nice it was not as big as Johns is but it was still bigger then my husbands and I wanted it, so I reached over and started stroking it a little, now I was in heaven I had a cock in my pussy a cock in my hand and my tits' were being fondled by a hot woman, I had to have Ricks cock in my mouth so I pulled him towards my mouth, his dick was easier to suck then John's, I felt like such a whore but I didn't care I sucked Rick hard for about 10 minutes with John fucking me harder and harder, this time when I came so did Rick he shot this hot sticky load of cum down my throat it tasted much better then Johns cum, so I just keep sucking him to get every drop of it, after a few minuets he said hold off it was getting sore, just then John said he was cumming I yelled give it to me hard the look on his face was great I knew this was better then he has had in years, he just kept pumping it in me and then all of a sudden he stopped and laid on his back to catch his breath and Debbie dove down towards his cock ripped off the condom and started licking off all his cum, her pussy was facing right at me so I reached up and rubbed it a little, she started to moan as she started to suck John, so I slid my fingers inside she was real wet and soft, I only had my fingers in for a few minutes when she came she wasn't as loud as I was, she was soft about it and she only came once I tried to get her to cum again by working my fingers in and out quicker but she said she had to rest for awhile by now it was 12:30pm, they said that they had a great time but they had to take off, I said it was early stay awhile but they had to get up early in the morning their flight took off at 6:00am as they were putting on their clothes I couldn't stop thinking of Debbie's pussy that was the first time I ever thought of touching a woman, it was nice I could smell her pussy on my fingers they smelled so good I put them in my mouth and looked over at Debbie smiled and licked them clean, she tasted very good I know if they would have stayed I would have my first experiance with a woman, I hope there would be another chance in the future for me to be with a woman but for now it's just a thought, they said thanks and went out the door, I looked at John he was done his cock was limp his eyes were half closed so we just relaxed and fell asleep.

Day 3 Thursday

I got up around 9:00am Thursday morning this was the last day of the convention and the last night we would have together, I looked for John and he was gone he must have went back to his room to get ready for the convention as was I, while I was getting ready I was thinking of everything that has happen the last couple of days, it has been a real awakening for me, I didn't know how I was going to feel about my husband when I got home, I knew that I had to change our sex life somehow, I started thinking of how I could do this, then I started thinking what was I going to do about John all three of us worked together, now is a great time to think about that I thought, what was I going to do? John called my room about 10:30 and said lets get some food, that sounded good to me, when I went to the door to let John in there was a envelope on the ground it was a thank you card from Rick & Debbie, the card said thank you for the fantastic evening with us, they have been fantasizing about another couple for a long time and we were their first, they wished they would have had more time to spend with us, the card was touching, she also said she wished she had a chance to be with my husband and his big dick, John and I both laughed we never did tell them that this was our fist time together too, they left us their phone # and said if we ever get to Florida give them a ring, I looked at John and said I hope the next convention is in Florida he agreed, we took off for breakfast and then we went down to the casino for awhile, I played the slot machines and he played black jack, when we left the casino I had won $350.00 dollars and he had won $500.00 and we had a blast doing it but it was time to get to the convention and get our education, after all that is why we were here, the convention went well and once again we got out about 7:00pm I said I wanted to get a really nice dinner and gamble some more so we went to the Hotel and had dinner at a real nice Italian restaurant we had a bottle of wine and talked about our trip, he was getting a little nervous about what was going to happen when we got home, he said that he really needed this job and hoped that I wouldn't say anything to anybody, I was relieved and told him I felt the same way about him keeping his mouth shut about our little sex trip, we both agreed to keep it to ourselves, the bill came we charged it to the room, by now it was 9:30pm we took off for the casino he hit the tables and I went back to the same machine I won on before, we played for about another hour until about 10.30pm I made another $100.00 and John broke even, we went back to our rooms, on the way up I told John I wanted one last good fucking before we left, he said he was thinking that too, so we both went to our rooms to take a shower, John showed up at my room at about 11:15 I answered the door in the Mirage robe with nothing on underneath it, he ripped his shorts and shirt off along with my robe and we jumped in bed, this time it was a little different between us we laid there and kissed passionately for a long time, he told he that I was the best lover he has ever had, and he has had quite a few he said, that made me feel real good we just kept kissing I rolled over on top of him and he slid his stiff cock in me real slowly, he moved it in and out with ease I could feel every vein in his dick it was awesome I had chills running through my body with every push of his manhood into me, I could feel my body starting to quiver, It felt so strong I was getting light headed, he just kept gently pumping it in me for what seemed to be forever, even though it was only about 15 minutes, our lips were locked together in passion, his hands were on my ass squeezing and helping my ass go up and down on his big stiff cock I could feel myself getting ready to cum for the first time tonight, it was building up faster with every pump he gave me, then it was here my body was shaking and I was riding him hard, my ass was going up and down smashing on his cock like a jack hammer the blood was rushing to my head, the feeling that I was having could only be understood if you were a woman it was heaven, I started slowing down after about 3 minutes of riding, John had not had time to put on a condom and I didn't want him to cum inside me, that would be hard to explain to my husband if it was a boy and he popped out with a huge dick on him, so I rolled back over and and slowly moved toward his nice piece of meat I started licking it from bottom to the top getting all of my juices off with my tongue, I looked up at him and said that I tasted great tasted great, then he said give that pussy to me, so I sat my pussy right on his face, this I liked I got the best of both worlds, I had a nice dick in my mouth and my pussy was being licked real good, I have to teach this to my husband when I get home, John had his tongue deep in my pussy saying how good I tasted and was getting a mouth full, I could feel my juices running out of me like I had a faucet on, by now John was thrusting his cock in my mouth out of control it was hard for me to breath for a minute or two, I was getting ready to cum again and he was pounding this massive cock in and out of my mouth, I was loosing control I started cumming wildly just then John was cumming too, the first shot of his cum went right to the back of my throat and I started choking I pulled it out of my mouth and then it was like a fire hose, he was squirting all over my face, I caught my breath back and started sucking and swallowing all I could get, some how it tasted better tonight or I was just getting used to it, he came for about 30 seconds and with every squirt he said yes yes yes, he was still licking me like a mad man I could feel myself get ready to cum for the third time, I started pushing and grinding my pussy hard on his face, he kept pushing my ass up every few seconds to get some air, then I came again this time it felt like water was just gushing out of me there was juices everywhere, the bed was so wet you could not believe it John said he had never seen anyone squirt that much fluid before, he was drenched with me all over him, he said it tasted different then my pussy juice but it was a real turn on, so here we sat me with cum all over my face and in my hair and him with my juices on his face and chest, John grabbed me and started kissing me passionately again it didn't seem to matter to either of us that we were covered with each others fluids, we were locked in the moment for about another 5 minutes when we stopped our kissing I looked at the clock it was 12:35am, John had cum once and I had cum three times not like our other times where I came many many times but these time were different, there was more passion in them, John put on a condom and had me get up on my knees, he slid in me from the rear doggy style and once again started off real slow my pussy was so wet it went in and out real easy, he made love to me softly for another 20 minutes until I was cumming again this time he was going so slow that I just kept cumming and cumming and cumming I must have cum softly for 5 straight minutes then he started cumming sweat was pouring off our faces as he was emptying his cock in the condom we were both cumming at the same time it was awesome, everybody on our floor must have heard us, we made love all night that last night, John must have cum 3 more times between 1am and 4am,and I lost count of mine, the last time I saw the clock it was 4:30am and John and I had the look of pleasure on our faces, we must have fallen a sleep then.

Day 4 Friday

The phone rang at 9:00am it was time to get ready to go home, John got up and took off for his room, I jumped in the shower I still had cum in my hair it looked and felt like Cotton candy, I put my head under the shower head for 5 minutes then added shampoo and cream rinse I must have been in the shower for 45 minutes it felt so good. When I got out the phone rang it was John, He said he was running late I laughed and said me too, he asked what time the plane took off I said 1:30pm he was relieved he had a little more time, We met up at 10:30 and went down to get something to eat and check out we were both starved after our night of sex, we ate at the buffet and had everything they offered it was heaven for me, I must have worked off 10lbs in 3 days so I could have fun eating and not worry about my weight. We got to the airport at about 12:30pm we had time to get a drink, and yes I drink now, and relax before we had to board our plane, I could see the look on John's face he knew it was over, we just sat there and looked at each other and smiled he said thanks for the great week and I said no thank you for opening my eye's to sex, I will never forget it with that we headed for the plane, we sat next to each other on the plane but we were both quiet, when were were landing he grabbed my hand and said remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, we both laughed and shook hands on it and got off the plane. My husband has waiting for me and I was scared that he would know something had happened but he didn't he just kissed me hello and off we went, I looked over at John he was leaving alone with nobody to go home to, I was sad but I couldn't show it I just turned and walked with Danny to our car.

Since that week my husband and I have been getting along great, and our sex life has changed too, he asked me what has gotten into me and my new craving for new ways to have sex, I just told him that I was so bored in Vegas that I read a book about sex that was in the room, the funny thing about that is he believed me, he loves all the new things we are doing in bed now, I guess being unfaithful can help in some cases, his dick hasn't gotten any bigger though, but the way he is using it now makes up for it, oh another thing you should have seen the first time I gave him a head job he came so quick he didn't know what to say but he's learning, he also eats pussy now not as good as John but he's new, another good thing is Danny's cum taste's much better then John's did that's a plus, the three of us have gotten closer in the last month, but why not there is only 22 people that work in our small company and I have had sex with these two, I guess that would be normal, I don't know if I will every have sex with John again, but I do think of it all the time, Danny is getting better every time we have sex so who knows maybe I will be a good girl, Lets hope my husband doesn't take any trips without me though I could get bad again.

P.S. If anything does happen again you will be the second to know.

The End

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