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My Little Asian Assistant

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When I moved to Asia from Europe to run our regional office, I had no idea what to expect, but found myself working harder than I ever did when I was at home. This was not the idea of taking the promotion, but I had signed up for a couple of years and had to put up with it.

What did make the time in the office tollerable were the cute little Asia beauties that worked for me. There was a simplicity about them that was very attractive, and I could not help but notice that a couple of them had started to change the way they dressed over my first 2 weeks in charge.

This included my assistant who had taken to wearing every shorter skirts, and sheer white blouses that showed her pert little tits neslted in the cream colored lacy bra. When I first arrived she had been wearing sensible skirts and shoes, with thick black tights, but now the shoes had been replaced with stilletos and the tights had gone revealling light brown, smooth skinned legs. Im sure as she sat opposite me, taking notes, she saw my eyes stray onto her legs and more than once Im sure she deliberately gave me a quick flash of her panties as she crossed her legs.

After the first month I decided to take the team out for a few drinks, to a local bar as a 'getting to know you' sort of session. The girls had decided to get dolled up and told us they would meet us at the bar, and all turned up about an hour after we arrived made up.

My assistant turned up in a tight even shorter skirt and a little cropped top that occassionally rose up revealling the bottom of a lacy little black bra. She had put her hair into pig tails with red ribbons, with lush red lipstick, and got my attention if thats what she was looking for. Most of the guys in the bar also seemed to take note when she walked in and she clealry knew it.

The night went by with afew drinks, and some dancing and after a while people slipped away home. She and I were left at the end of the night and when we got to the cab stop, there was one car there, and I told her to take it. She then told me she lived near me and we could share a cab. My mind was racing, and with a couple of drinks in me, I was sorely tempted. But I told myself that I shouldnt. We both got in the back of the taxi and my eyes kept, once again starying onto those smooth little legs. As she sat in the car her skirt barely covered her panties, and I felt my cock harden a little as I thought about how much I would love to get into that little pussy. As we hit the main road on the way home, the traffic leaving the city for the weekend was building up and normally a 10 minute ride became 30 minutes and we were only half way there.

I felt her move a little closer to me, eventually resting her head on my arm, her hand coming to rest on my thigh. I felt the blood flowing to my cock, as her fingers playfully ran up and down my upper thigh, and Im sure she could not help but notice the bulge in my pants. After a few mnutes I felt her fingers brush against my bulge and looking down saw her little hands tugging my zip down. I looked up at the driver who seemed oblivious, and stretched out a little to aid her. She nimbly undid the button and slid her hand inside, fumbling around a little before taking a strong grip of my now hard cock inside my boxer shorts. She gave it a little squeeze , and then taking her hand pulled the band of my shorts over the head, my cock sprang out. She looked up at me and smiled, letting out a satisfied mmmmm noise, and ran her long finger nail along my shaft gently, before grasping it, pulling my hard down and started to stroke me hard at first with a steady pace, then getting faster. Looking down I could see her looking intently at my now rock hard length as she stroked. Seeing her little hands around my cock, with her red long red finger nails looked so horny. She then bent her head over my lap and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I felt her drag her teeth over the head before taking it as deep as it would go, pulling her head up and down, sucking and licking me hard. The pig tails bobbing around as she devoured me, her hands still gripping me tight. After a very short period of time I felt I was going to cum and I think she sensed this and pulled up, holding me but not moving her hands. She looked up at me her red lipstick smeared and smiled, asking if I enjoyed that. I nodded.

"you are close yes?" she whispered "yes" "I dont want you to cum yet, ok?"

"ok" Sliding back on the seat she put her hands under the short skirt and slid her little balck panties down her brown legs, with me watchig with my cock sticking up like a flag pole. It was at this point I looked up again and saw the driver had now taken notice of what was going on and looked in his mirror adjusting it to get a better view, looking over his shoulder as he reaized she was taking her panties off. He looked over at me and smiled. She then looked up and him, gave a little grin and then slid back so she was leaning up against the door of the taxi facing me, she pulled her skirt up and opened her legs as wide as she could. She ran two finger down her pussy, obscuring it at first and then opened her fingers parting her pussy lips. I could see she was completely shaven and her little pussy lips were very pink, and I could see how wet she was. I immediatley moved my head between her legs, and ran my tongue along her wet hot little slit tasting her for the first time. She jerked slightly as I ran it over her hard little clit and I felt one of hands grip the hair at the back of my head as she pushed me into her.

I licked her furiously and she started to moan very loudly as Sucked and ran my tongue round her cliterous, both her hands now pushing my head harder into her. After only a couple of minutes she jerked hard and I felt her shake and an orgasm ran thru her. At the same time I had pushed my finger into her tight wet hole and felt her muscles spasm hard inside her. She pulled my head away and sat back shaking a little, before recovering to look at me smiling. We then realised the taxi driver had pulled over into a side road and was happily sitting there watching the show. I could see his hand moving steadilup and down, clearly he had been masterbating, and this now seemed to spur her on. She looked out of the window down the dark side street and turning around opened the car door and stepped out, she beckoned me to follow her and went around the the front of the car and hopped up on the hood. I awkwardly got our, trying to stop my pants falling down, with my shirt hanging over my cock. Standing in front of her she spread her legs and lay back resting on her elbows. I needed no further invitation and pulled her toward me byt the legs and dropped my pants to the floor, and opened my shirt, exposing my cock that was achingly hard. I took it in my hand and pushed it toward her hole. I could she her looking down as I started to enter her slowly, and she tensed up, hissing 'yes'yes' over and over. I then gripped her slim waist and drove my length into her and she sank back, with her hips raising up to meet each thrust. I had never felt a pussy so tight before. I slowly and deliberately drove each stroke into her, she shouted at me to fuck her harder, and I gripped her even more tightly and rammed my cock in, harder and faster. I could see the driver get out of the car and stand at the side by a wall a few feet away his cock in his hand masterbating hard as I thrust into that sweet tight little hole. Looking down I could see the shaft covered in her juices as she seemed to cum every few seconds. After another minute I announced I was close to cumming, and pulled my cock out, she slipped down the hood of the car into a crouched position grabbing my cock hard and stroking it in her mouth. I sprayed the inside of her little mouth with my cum and could see her swallowing as I seemed to keep cumming. When I had finished she kept my softening cock in her mouth and looked up at me licking the last drop from me. Looking over as she got up I see the driver had spent his load and was busy tucking himself in and got into the car. We then hit the road, and went home. This would be the first of many times to come....

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