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My First Girlfriend and I lose Our Virginity Together

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This story is based on a real experience.

We were both away in college but I would come home most weekends to see her. Either she would come home too, to her home near mine or I would drive to her school less than an hour away. We were both nineteen years old and had been dating for almost three years, since we were in high school. Her name was Laura and she was my first real girlfriend as I was her first boyfriend. She and I could talk about almost anything and although I was quite shy, around her I was at ease. She was tall and very thin. I too was tall and thin. We were both still virgins, but my hormones where raging. Laura was a good Catholic girl who had been taught that sex before marriage was wrong. I did not have that same back round and after five plus years of masturbation; I couldn't be more ready to have sex.

It was winter and the weekend was approaching. We were both away at school. We talked on the phone and this time sex was a main topic. She had been talking to a fellow virgin friend of hers and they both were thinking of taking the next step with their man. I think the pressure from me, her friend and her own curiosity were finally starting to break her down. By the end of the conversation we had decided it was time and I knew to come prepared so we could finally, fully consummate the love we felt for each other. I couldn't believe that if all went well, I would finally have sex, finally be a man and finally know what it was like to slide my penis into a vagina.

The rest of the week sex was fully on my mind. At times I found I would walk around for hours with a half a chub in my pants. There was no doubt that I was ready to go. The weekend came and I drove home. On the way, I had to make the awkward stop to buy condoms. As getting pregnant was not an option. That done I had everything I needed. I did not see her that night. The next day, she was studying all day, as she was an excellent student. I went to her house to also do homework. I did homework but couldn't stop thinking about the evening to come.

At last the daylight was ending and the evening was here. We had decided to go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. While we were both skinny, we could both eat. We ordered a family platter meant for four and nearly polished it all of together. As we both ate very slowly, this took a couple hours. We then went back to her house and as we often did, parking in front of the house. We had spent many hours in the past talking in front of her house about just about anything you could imagine, but tonight was different. We both knew that tonight was the night. For the first time, we both wanted the same thing, to make love for the first time.

It didn't take long sitting there alone in the car for us to start making out. It started with normal kissing and then I slid my tongue slightly into her mouth, just inside of her lips touching her front teeth. French kissing is something that she often didn't feel comfortable with. This was my way to test the waters. I waited to see what her response would be. There was none. This was actually good, as it wasn't rejected. I slide my hands gently up and down her back caressing her, each time slowly lowering them towards her waist. We continued to make out and again I slid my tongue into her mouth, this time keeping it in a little longer. This time it was quickly returned with her tongue gently entering my mouth sliding gently on the inside of my upper lip. It felt so good, her responding with something I new she was not normally comfortable doing. I could feel my already hard cock pulse in my pants. I slowly guided her hot body closer and closer to me as our tongues roamed new territory in each others mouth. Soon I had slid her on my lap where my stiff cock was pressing through my pants onto her tight little ass. Our tongues now had begun to touch each other sliding up and around touching anything in reach. It felt so good to be in her mouth exploring a previously off limits territory. Her guard had obviously been lowered down. I slowly and gently started to thrust my cock against her ass. None of them getting either confirmed or denied. This was a big step as it showed she was accepting this unfamiliar part of me. This continued for some time as the windows in the car steamed up. I continued to slowly slide my hands up and down on her back, but now, with each stoke, my hands went lower and lower. First touching just the top of her pants and then fully down to the top of her ass. She slowly started to move with my subtle thrusts and I continued to lower my hands fully onto her tiny little ass. I gently squeeze her ass and she responded with a moan. At this point I knew things were going well. Never before would she have allowed herself to accept such pleasure. My cock was now rubbing on her in a way it had never been allow to before. I wanted to touch more intimate places but I didn't want to press my luck in the car in front of her house. Our making out continued for a while and then seemed to climax with a mild orgasm type tightening or our muscles. I thought I was going to cum in my pants. As it was I could feel my underpants wet with pre-cum. Our kissing stopped and our breathing slowed. She slowly moved off of me, back to her side of the car. Oh that felt so good. It only made me want to experience being inside her more.

We then went into her house where there was much activity with parents and siblings, my condoms in my coat pocket. It was clear I would not be pursuing the next step anytime soon. Her bedroom was on the main floor next to the family room with her parent's room diagonally above hers and other sibling rooms farther away on that floor. We went into her room and watched a movie. It was a love story, just what we needed to get things going. During the movie we held each other and did some light kissing like we normally did. However, this time I spooned her from behind, gently pressing my hard cock against her ass. She for the first time seemed to accept it pressing on her and didn't pull away. After the movie was over it was getting later. We left her room and went out in the rest of the house. Her parents were already in bed, but her siblings were still moving throughout the house. We could not continue until they went to bed as they would sometimes knock on her door while we were in her room. We hung out in her room talking, neither one of us bringing up our sexual feelings, but the subtle physical communications were there. Eventually all was quite in the house. It was late. We went out in the house and no one was awake. We got something to drink and we both brushed our teeth. We then went back to her room and closed and locked the door as quietly as we could.

We went to her bed where we quickly started to make out. My cock was as hard as it could be. I continued to press my cock against her, now with me lying on top of her. Still she would not touch it with her hands. I slowly caressed her moving my hands slowly up her sides, making sure to brush the sides of her breasts and back down to her thighs, my fingers rubbing her ass gently on the way. With each stroke I would touch more and more of her breasts and more of her ass. We rolled on our sides facing each other, her leg starting to wrap over me with my cock press on her pants, closer and closer to her pussy. She didn't reject anything I did, to the contrary, she seeming to except my carefully planned advances on her privates.

"I love you," I told her.

"I love you too," she replied.

This was by far the closest and most intimate I had ever been with her. I then started to caress my hands around the back side of her ass with my fingers gently reaching around ever closer and closer to her pussy.

Suddenly, she jumped slightly, as I apparently touched her pussy lips through her pants.

"It's ok," I told her, "I love you Laura."

"I love you too Hank," she replied.

"I want you so bad." I told her, "Are you ok?" I asked.

"I think so," she replied.

We then continued French kissing. Our tongues roaming each others mouth.

I then slowly started to caress the outside of her breasts. She quivered slightly, but seemed to accept my advances. Her leg was wrapped around me and her hands caressed up and down my back, slowly getting closer to my ass, but she seemed to stop short of touching it.

I said, "Its ok, you can touch it. It's ok."

She slowly proceeded, exploring the new territory.

I continued to caress her breasts, now feeling her hard nipples through her blouse. Her initial quivers seemed to subside.

I too was somewhat apprehensive, but I knew what I wanted and I wasn't going to stop unless I had to.

I slowly started to unbutton her blouse. I could feel her tense up as she realized where I was going. I continued to unbutton her blouse and then I removed it. While she was tense, she didn't seem to be rejecting me. I think at this point she was as interested as I was. Her blouse now removed, I was gently caressing her breasts, slowly sliding my fingers under her bra. Each time I touched her there, she would tense slightly. I continued until I had finally touched her nipples. They were hard, but yet soft at the same time. The more I caressed them the more accepting she seemed to become. I slowly reached back and with some effort, managed to unclasp her bra. She took a deep breath as she felt her bra release. I too could feel my heart pounding, as I had never seen a woman's breasts in front of me.

I slowly moved her bra aside. Her breasts were so fine and perky. I slowly and gently caressed and squeezed her breasts. She seemed quite accepting.

By this point we were both breathing harder than normal and I could feel my heart beating fast. The anticipation of what could finally come next was at the forefront of my thoughts. I began to remove my shirt and she assisted. My shirt removed, I pressed her beautiful breasts against my chest; it felt so good to have her nude body against mine. At this point my virgin cock couldn't have been any harder. It was pressing against my pants with vigor. There was no doubt, she new I was planning on going all the way. I had waited too long to stop now.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"I think so," she replied.

"I love you so much," I told her, "I want to be with you forever."

"Me too," she replied I then continued on, gently caressing her legs and ass. She now seemed comfortable with my touch. So I continued on. I reach for the top button of her pants and released it. I then slowly unzipped her zipper. She then responded, either to slow my progression or in response, to unbutton my button and lower my zipper. I then slid my hands down the back of her pants. I could feel her tense again, this time more than before. I continued firmly squeezing her bare ass. It felt so good. I was rubbing my cock through the open part of our pants, but through our underwear, onto her. She seemed receptive.

I then lowered her pants and with some effort, removed them. I couldn't believe how sexy she looked in her panties. I so badly wanted to put my cock in her and lose my virginity. I removed my restricted pants as she assisted. She seemed quite intimidated by the massive bulge in my pants, as she had never before seen a penis. She was starting to laugh with a nervous giggle, shying away from my hard cock which was leaking through my underwear.

"Its ok," I assured her.

She didn't reply. She just seemed to squirm.

"Its ok," I repeated "I love you."

I then lowered my waistband below my cock. She glanced quickly and then looked away, squirming more. I put my arm around her and kissed her. She was very nervous and beginning to shake a little. I held her in my left arm. I then took her right hand and placed it on my hard cock.

"This is me," I said, "its ok."

At first she didn't know what to do as I held her hand there. Then as she began to feel more comfortable she began to investigate and she turned her head back to see my hard cock. It was the first time she had seen a cock and she soon began to look closer. She giggled as she began to play with it and look at its various parts. She then touched my now tender balls and began to move them around.

After she played for a short time, I decided it was my turn and progressed to the final piece of clothing, her panties. Caressing from her right breast down to her right knee, I ran my hand over her ass on the way down and up her inner thigh on the way up, each time slowly touching more of her pussy. This again made her tense up each time I brushed her virgin pussy. Once she seemed more comfortable with my touch, I again slid my hands down the back of her panties, this time not restricted by her pants. Her ass felt so fine in my hands, but I had my mind set on one thing, her pussy. With my hands in her ass, I gently reached up and grabbed her waistband and slide down her panties. She let out a big gasp.

"It is ok," I reassured her, "I want to marry you one day."

"I know," she replied.

"Are you ok," I asked.

"Yes," she replied, "I think so."

"I love you," I again stated.

"I love you too," she replied.

I then finished lowering her panties, sliding them down her legs and over her feet. As I did, for the first time, I saw her bush in front of me. My heart was pounding as was hers. Again, I slowly began to caress her now fully naked body. The first time I had ever had a lady naked in front of me. Her legs were fully closed as once again she was nervous and tense, knowing what was next. I swept my hands gently from her head to her toes. Again sweeping closer and closer to her pussy, but this time there were no pants or panties inhibiting my progress.

I slid my fingers over the edge of her bush, shortening my stroke and honing in on her pussy. She would quiver ever time I touched her bush. I then slid my right hand down to her left knee and gently inserted it in between her closed knees. She didn't resist.

"I love you Laura," I said.

"I love you Hank," she replied.

I kissed her gently on the lips as I slowly and gently slid her left leg to the side. I then slid my hand up her leg towards per pussy, where it was met by her left hand. She stopped it and held it for a moment as she took a deep breath and exhaled. She then slowly moved her hand aside allowing me to proceed to her pussy. I slowly and gently touch her pussy lips for the first time. I couldn't believe how amazing it was to finally be touching a pussy. I gently caressed her lips with my middle finger. She then reached over and grabbed my cock, gently stoking it up and down. I felt as though I was ready to burst.

I then pulled back for a moment as I got the condoms I had kept close by. I opened the condom, a natural lamb skin and slid it over my rock hard shaft. I then had my turn at exploring her pussy. Her legs still apart, I carefully touched her pussy. I then spread her lips open, she tensed just slightly and then she relaxed and further spread her legs. I could see her hymen. It was beautiful, a pink round circle. I took my middle finger and caressed it gently. Her body twitched at my every touch. I continued until I felt her relax, then I gently pressed my finger into the center of her hymen. She tensed her body as my fingertip entered her tight hole. I then pulled it out and reinserted it once again. She tensed again, this time letting out a little moan as my finger went in farther than the first time. I stroked her hymen a few more times and then removed my finger. She then leaned over herself, exploring her body to see where I was going to go.

"I want you so bad," I told her, "Are you ok?"

"Yes," she replied.

We got up and she quickly laid a dark towel on the bed, while I went to her dresser for the lube I had brought. I opened the lid and lubed my condom, especially the tip. I then put some lube on my finger. When I returned to the bed she was waiting for me, already laying on her back with her legs slightly opened. I took my lubed finger and slid it easily into her pussy. This time she didn't twitch at all. My finger went in all the way to my second knuckle. I pulled my finger out and dried it on the towel. I straddled over her kissing her on the lips, chin and neck and then down her chest. As I got to her chest I gently messaged her breasts with my hands.

I then let my right hand slide down her left side onto her thigh. I continued sliding my fingers to her inner thigh across her pussy and then to her other inner thigh and back again. Her nerves seemed calm as she no longer tensed when I touched her pussy. I then reached for my cock and gently guided it towards her pussy.

I kissed her gently on her lips and said, "I love you. I want to be with you forever."

She replied, "Me too."

My cock was rubbing inside her pussy lips, trying to find her hymen. She was breathing very hard as was I. I put my finger down there once again to help guide the way. I felt her hymen and then took my cock and rubbed it there. She moaned. It wasn't entering so I pressed it harder my hips thrusting with a gentle rhythm. I pressed harder again. This time I felt her finger nails clinching my back so I backed off slightly. Her finger nails remained dug in.

I kissed her more and said, "Its ok honey. It's ok."

She slowly started to relax. I again pressed harder, my rhythm continuing. Her finger nails again digging in as both of us were breathing heavily. This time I didn't back off. I pressed harder and felt her hymen give way. My tip was in; her finger nails still digging into my back. My gentle rhythm continued, as I kissed her on the lips. I felt her finger nails relax. I then gave a firm thrust. My cock entered much deeper as she let out a painful moan, her finger nails digging ever deeper into my back. I then reached my hands around her, grabbing firmly onto her tight little ass. My rhythm continuing as I again, felt her relax. I thrust hard once again, sliding my cock fully into her pussy. She again gasped a painful moan which she attempted to muffle as she new her parent were sleeping on the floor just above us. I too tried to calm my heavy breathing as I didn't want to wake them either.

"Quite" she whispered, "My parents."

I tried to breath through my nose. The pressure in my balls was building as my cock slid vigorously in her wet pussy. I couldn't believe it. After waiting my whole life, I was finally a man. I was finally making love to a woman. I continued my thrusting motion, my cock now sliding in her pussy more freely. I was grabbing her ass in my hands and continuing the rhythmic motion. My breathing was getting faster. Her hands were holding my back firmly.

"Its coming," I gasped, as I felt the pressure peak. I grasped her ass firmly as my cock throbbed several times releasing my load inside of her. My breathing again was heavy and loud, as was hers. I tried to slow my breathing and quite down.

"I love you," I said, looking into her eyes.

"I love you too," she replied looking back at me.

I laid there for a few minutes my hands still on her ass and my body lying somewhat limp on top of her. I could feel my cock finally getting smaller. My balls were in pain from the load they had been holding. I took a deep breath and slowly lifted myself off of her, my now half limp cock pulling out of her. There was blood on my condom, an obvious result of our actions. She immediately leaned over, again exploring her body. Her hymen was now broken and bloody. The once pink circle now had an obvious tear on its lower side, looking more like a slit than a tiny hole. She was worried and didn't like seeing her body this way. I assured her that it would be ok.

It was now quite late as everyone else had been asleep for some time. Luckily our vigorous activity hadn't awakened anyone. At least I hoped not. We both went and cleaned up. We then returned to her room where we both laid together for a while, our first time lying together as non-virgins, our hand now free to roam and touch as they please. She couldn't wait to go back to school and tell her friend that she was no longer a virgin. On the other hand, I was sworn to secrecy. I was not allowed to tell anyone, not even my best friend who would still think I was a virgin. That was ok. I could handle that. I now knew that I had had sex and was no longer a virgin.

I was beginning to fall asleep. She knew that if I fell asleep I wouldn't want to wake up. She told me I should go now, as I couldn't be there in the morning when her parents got up. We walked to the front door and stood on the front step. We kissed on the front step as we often did, but this time it was different. I finally felt complete. I had finally experienced what I had desired for so many years. We kissed goodbye and I drove home. I went right to bed and fell asleep quickly.

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