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My Fantasy

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My Fantasy

The plans had been made and the bags were packed. We are headed on a three day weekend for just the two of us. We flew out early Friday morning to a remote location for adults only.

Upon arrival we were driven to the hotel, where we checked in and went to our room to settle in. Before doing so we notice another young couple checking in. She had a slender frame with a very nice shape and was of medium height. He was tall with what seemed to be a thick chest and muscular arms. We exchanged glances and continue on. Upon entering our room we found that it opened right out onto the beach front. The doors were open and the ocean breeze was flowing into the room.

All the time exchanging looks of amazement at the view; we changed into bathing suits, grabbed our towels and set out for the beach to soak up some much needed sun. After all we were very pale, having had absolutely no time to play outside in the sun at home. We were looking forward to the calming sound of the waves on the beach too.

On the beach we found chairs set up in twos with umbrellas and drink stands. They are strategically placed so each couple had their own privacy and perfect view of the ocean and anything else they wanted to see.

We claimed our seats and a well built shirtless young man happened along to ask what we would like to drink. We ordered (Sweet ice tea no lemon for me and for you, the same for now.) and again settled back and took in the fresh air. As our drinks arrived the same couple that was in the hotel lobby happened by. We again exchanged glances. This time they had more of a flirtatious look on their faces. I smiled back and then closed my eyes as my thoughts drifted off to; how nice the weather has been for our first day of our long awaited weekend and my hopeful anticipation of the coming days and nights alone with my husband.

My daydreaming is suddenly interrupted when Trevor whispers, ?check this out!? I had no idea what was going around us. These people were taking their clothes off! Holly smokes I had no idea that we were on a nudist beach! I don?t remember the travel agent saying anything about a nudist beach.

After sitting and taking it all in for a moment, I thought about the irony of it all. I had just had surgery not long before, and I had to admit I was feeling pretty confident and pretty good about my body, but ?showing everybody I was just getting comfortable with having Trevor see my scars.

Well maybe a little at a time, I thought. I sat up and had Trevor remove the top of my suit; I needed some sun there anyways. He needed absolutely no coaxing what so ever. Trevor untied my suit and then ripped off his own. He put suntan oil on my back as I lye down on my stomach. He apparently didn?t think that was enough because he then removed my bottoms and continued with the oil. I was initially a little bothered by this, but I then realized that we didn?t know anyone here.

Just as I am settling back down and relaxing Trevor taps me again. At this point I am getting a little frustrated. ?What is it? and he replies ?It is that couple again, and they are headed this way.? I immediately grabbed for my towel and rolled over. By the time I got turned around they were already standing there, wearing only shoes and discreetly holding their towels. Oh my gosh are they beautiful! Trevor managed to pull himself together fast enough to make the introductions. Jamie and Steve were vacationing from Vermont.

I just could not get over how great they looked and how they approached us. They were so comfortable with their appearance and free as if it was normal to walk around naked. They each took a seat him on my chair and her on Trevor?s. I was so preoccupied with the fact that these people were here I did not even hear the conversation that was had. Trevor called me by name asking me a question. ?Hmmm? with my eyes on Steve I slowly looked back towards my husband. ?What was that hun? ?I said we should have dinner together tonight. Does that sound okay or did you have other plans? ?No, I don?t?I mean I don?t believe we had any plans. It is just you and me?and we don?t have an agenda to follow?? I said. ?Great! Then it is settled. We will meet in the dining room at 600. ? I still can?t believe how calm and nonchalant he was with this beautiful young lady sitting next to him. A dream come true for him I imagined.

The couple stayed and we talked for a little longer as we got to know each other. Jamie was a former legal secretary turned stay at home mom. Steve was a construction foreman. They are parents of a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. We exchanged stories about our busy lives and how we were so happy to finally have a weekend away from everything that was considered everyday at home. When they left us we exchanged hand shakes and hugs. What I did not realize was that I no longer had my towel on. At least not until after they were gone. Trevor did though, with his eyes big, round and twinkling with pride and mischief.

Later we walked back to our room to clean up. We jumped in the shower and began washing each other off which lead to some of the hottest and steamiest sex we have ever had. He was so gentle and yet totally in command. He bent me over and made me cum like never before which must have made him hot because he came right away. There was hot and sticky cum all over him, so much for that shower.

We had packed fairly lightly so we didn?t have suits or gowns. I put on a nice sundress. One I had been saving for a fun night out. It was made of light material that made me look and feel great. I had packed a nice lightweight pair of slacks and shirt that really looked great on Trevor. We walked down to the dinning room and were immediately seated with Jamie and Steve. They too looked amazing. She was in a white sundress and he was in similar attire to Trevor.

Dinner was good and we all seemed to have had a nice time conversing. I for one had a few mixed drinks and was feeling a little more relaxed and free than usual. Trevor is always ready for fun so he really didn?t need any help even though he had a couple of mixed drinks as well.

The conversation had started to change from life chat to more intimate conversation. We all agreed it was time to walk off the dinner and went out to the moonlit beach. I held Trevor close and he bent down to whisper in my ear, ?I think they want to share.? ?What share Share what? I said a little louder than intended. He pulled me closer and said ?Sh, you know swing?? ?Swing! I don?t remember any swings?? my eyes got big and said a little quieter, ??wait a minute, you mean swing, like share spouses?? I thought about it for a moment, and decided that we should find a hot tub and go from there. He agreed and posed the invitation to Jamie and Steve who gladly accepted.

We all went back to the hotel to get our suits and towels?so I thought. Turns out we had adjoining rooms. Trevor unlocked the door strictly out of curiosity, so he said. But to his surprise Steve had already done the same and there they were; as gorgeous and naked as they could be; steaming up their room. Steve had Jamie bent over the bed, thrusting his manhood in and out of her visibly went cunt. They were a site. We were drawn in and quietly watched as they continued until we could no longer just watch. Trevor bent down and felt my hot and wet cunt placing his index finger on my clit. I had begun to melt and needed to lie down. He gently laid me down on the floor and continued to rub my clit and occasionally dip his finger into my cunt. He began to suck on my clit when I noticed another set of hands were caressing my body ever so gently. I opened my eyes and there I saw Steve sucking on my nipples with his Jamie drenched cock in my face. Just as I noticed Steve I became aware of the familiar moan from Trevor. He had begun moaning in delight when Jamie began giving him the pleasure of what seemed to be an expert blow job. There was nothing more I could do at this point than to take Steve?s cock into my mouth. That was a surprise for him and my husband apparently. Steve had not been extremely hard to start with because he had just been pumping Jamie, but when he felt my hot mouth wrapped around his manhood, he became quite hard. Trevor on the other hand had stopped licking and started watching, briefly?, at which point he noticed Jamie had stopped and slithered her way under him with her back to him. His response from what I could see was one of surprise at how small she was and two, what she did next. She turned her attentions to my clit and left him to play with hers. I couldn?t believe what I was seeing much less the feeling or doing. Oh my, mmmm was I ever feeling good. I love my husband and would do just about anything for him and had I known that this is what he had wanted?I?d have tried long ago. He was making Jamie so hot and juicy that she was making me hot. My body was riding wave after wave of excitement that it was difficult to concentrate on Steve?s stiff cock. As I tried to concentrate I found myself wanting cock in my cunt so bad. I motioned for Trevor but to no avail. His eyes were on Jamie and her musky wet cunt. Steve on the other hand noticed my want and began to move in to position but that meant Jamie would have to move. I moved instead. I got on all fours though and began kissing Jamie?s wet mouth. She was so soft and tender, not at all what I expected. She kissed me back with passion unlike anything I could have ever imagined. While I was already hot and dripping wet her kiss was pushing the limits. I felt someone from behind taking their very hard, hot cock and sliding every so gently in to me at first very slowly and gradually pumping me harder and harder until I couldn?t hold out anymore. My writhing body began jolting with passion as I came all over the cock from within. I opened my eyes to find my husband watching me in amazement as then realized that the cock was Steve?s and the warm feeling beneath me was Jamie lapping the juices of my pleasure that ran down and were dripping from clit.

Steve was amazing but had not cum yet nor had Trevor or Jamie. I was exhausted with pleasure so the three of them got together and Jamie became the center of attention. I watched as Trevor reached over to Jamie?s supple breasts and sucked on her nipples until they were hard and standing out. He had been on his knees watching us so it was easy for him to go right to her on all fours to begin enjoying her body. He worked his way down her small frame licking and kissing her until he reached her soft wet mound. He licked at her teasingly and then kissed her inner thighs and back to her clit. He cock was hard and ready for some pleasure. I could almost see it in his eyes the desire dripping hot cunt to be wrapped around his cock. He looked at me almost as if to ask for permission. I winked at him and climbed off the bed and kissed him while saying ?yes take her, all of her, make her scream with pleasure like you do me.? Immediately with that he entered her and his eyes went big and round. I could see the pleasure he felt as I knelt over her face and she began to lick my cunt again. I moved away though because this was his turn to enjoy her and I enjoyed nibbling on her beautiful nipples and kissing her soft lips. Meanwhile Steve was watching and began jerking off. He may have enjoyed that for a little while it was not to last long. I motioned to him with my index finger to come to me. As he arrived at my side I motioned to the bed where I told him to sit. I took his cock into my mouth and began licking, everywhere. Licking his shaft and his balls, he must have been a little surprised at first cause they tried to draw up. I looked up at him and smiled and took one in my wet mouth and then the other. His eyes had rolled back in delight as I then took his stiff cock in my mouth. The tip first, just licking it and soaking it and licking it up again. Then to his surprise I went deep on him, sucking him in and out and with little warning he began cumming in my mouth. It was hot sticky and bitter sweet. I let it run down my breasts to my stomach. Since he was still soaked with his cum he stood me up and laid me over the bed and slowly eased his way in my ass. As if I was not already hot?He started slowly and as we continued he began to get hard again. I ran my hand down to my clit and began rubbing it. As he sped up I did and we came again, and sliding down my legs was my wet cunt juices. He eased out of my ass and finished blowing his load all over my back.

Apparently this was just what Trevor needed and he loaded Jamie up with his juices. She too enjoyed, as she came Trevor sprinkled the remainder of his load over flat stomach. She reached down and smoothed it in to her skin and then licked her fingers one by one.

After a little rest we all found our way to a bed and fell asleep until nearly 11am. I woke up with a major appetite and jumped into the shower, leaving Trevor to sleep a little longer. Little did I know that he had been waiting for me to wake up. He jumped into the shower with me and whispered in my ear ?my little sex kitten? and we made passionate love together.

Now Trevor had always wanted something like this to occur and I have always shied away, either because I felt self-conscious about my weight or my figure or my ability to function as a ?sex kitten.? Last night that all seemed to have changed.

I can?t wait to see what happens tonight.

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