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My Ex-Wife's First 3Some & DP

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I wanted to share my experience that I had with my wife a few years ago. We are no longer married but I will always remember that night and countless other nights we enjoyed while in the lifestyle. This would be our first experience into the lifestyle.

I had always fantasized about my wife having sex with another man. I had countless dreams about it and one day I told my wife about it. She found it intriquing but she just laughed it off. I would tell her every once in a while that I had another dream and she thought I was crazy.

Well, one day I confronted her about it. I told her, you know those dreams I keep having about you and another man? I told her that it would really make me happy if I could watch her fuck another man. I even told her that I had someone in mind and for her to think about it. Well, again, she thought I was crazy but after a couple days of thinking about it, she changed her mind. I couldn't believe it because when I mentioned it, I never would have thought that she would changed her mind. It only took her two days for her to change her mind. I guess thinking about it really got her juices going.

Well, I showed her some pics of the guy that I found and she said yes. I had already talked to him about my wife and he was interested in fucking her.

I wanted her to look very sexy when we met so we went shopping. I bought her this red dress, red is her favorite color. I also bought her some sexy red pumps and hose and panties to match. Once we got home she got dressed and tried it on for me. She looked good enough to eat right then and there. She looked fabulous and I had a ragging hardon just by looking at her. My ex-wife is a very attractive hispanic woman. She has long dark hair, a killer smile, she always wears red lipstick and it suits her, small breasts, a great ass and a nice body. She is also a great fuck in bed, boy can she fuck.

Well, the day came to meet and she got dressed and ready for him. We drove to his hotel and my wife was very nervous but excited at the same time. He met us in the lobby of the hotel that he was staying at. He got a room with a hot tub so we could play in it later that night. When we walked in, she had this great big smile on her face when she saw him and i could hear her as she softly said, oh yessssss. She was very much attracted to him and that made me very happy.

Well, we went to the bar to get aquainted and my wife had a few drinks to relax. She had two margarita's and you could tell that she was feeling really good. So, we all went up to the room. The guy's name was David and he had bought her some lingerie for her to put on. He bought her a red babydoll, panties, a garter and red hose to match. So, she went to the bathroom to change. She was a sight after she put those on. I took some pictures of her and she looked great. I also took pictures and video of that night and every so often look at them to remind me of that marvelous night.

Well, she had a couple more drinks while she sat next to David on the bed. She was drinking some wine coolers and was feeling even better now. They talked and he was getting really freindly with her. He started kissing around her neck and coming back to her mouth. Then he planted a french kiss on her mouth. I got very excited watching my wife kiss another man. It is a feeling that is undescribable. My wife was having a good time and I could tell she was getting excited.

Well, she was still a little nervous so I suggested getting into the hot tub to relax. We all took off our clothes and jumped in. My wife was getting more relaxed now and starting kissing and feeling on David. She started playing with both our cocks and was grabbing and squeezing both of our cocks. They got more comfortable with each other and then we all got out. David dried off my wife with a towel and it was erotic just to watch. He laid her on the bed and then as he finished drying her off, he started kissing her neck again and working his way down to her tits. He kissed, sucked and then fondled them and then started working his way down to her pussy. He then started to eat her pussy and she was enjoying every minute of it. He was really getting into eating her pussy and my wife just grinded her hips into David's mouth. I could tell she was geting close to cumming so I stopped them. I wanted to make sure she was really hot and horny before they fucked.

I then laid on the bed and I started to kiss her and get her even hotter. She was still nervous so I knew that I would have to warm her up before she could let David touch her. She was still nervous but very interested and excited at the same time. Well, I then started to each my wife's pussy and it was still wet. I know what my wife likes and gave her pussy a good lapping. My wife started to get into it and then I was ready to part her legs and start fucking her. I positioned myself on top of her and put the tip of my rock hard cock at the opening of her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and hadn't seen her that way in awhile. I began to insert my cock into her very wet pussy and it slipped right it. She was so hot and horny and we started fucking really hard. She likes it really hard and you could hear our bodies slapping against each other as we fucked. David was just sitting there watching and enjoying the show. I then turned my wife around so she could ride me.

I signaled to David to cum over and join us. He started feeling on my wife's body. By this time my wife was on top of me and riding me and she was in perfect position so she could play with David. He started rubbing his hands all along her back and started to kiss her while she kept riding me. Well, she had her first orgasm while she was on top of me and kissing David. It was great watching her and at the same time she was having an orgasm and kissing another man very passionately.

Well, David positioned himself behind my wife and I had positioned myself so she could suck on me while David entered her doggy style. My wife turned into a animal at this point. She was so turned on by the fact that another man was entering her pussy and she got really excited. She was sucking on me so good that i came in her mouth and it was the first time she had ever done that. She swallowed every drop of my cum and it was something that she had never done before. I could tell that she was very turned on and excited. Well after several minutes of that, my wife was very relaxed now and I let them two go at it.

David was also an animal in bed. He was hispanic like myself and he was also very passionate in bed. He took his time with my wife and pleaured her for the longest time. He kept fucking her and I didn't get a chance to touch my wife for about an hour. After he had climaxed about 3 times inside my wife, it was my turn. I was so turned on by what I was watching that my wife couldn't believe what I was doing. She was laying there spread eagle on the bed with cum oozing out of her pussy and I just decided to clean her up so I went down on her. I don't know what came over me but I wanted to eat my wife's sloppy pussy and it was good. I never would have imagined myself doing that but and after cleaning her up with my tongue, we then started fucking again and it was like our first time. She made me cum twice in about 30 minutes. She was an animal and she fucked me like she hadn't before. After I was done, David was back for seconds. So again, he had his way with her for another hour or so. This guy was like the energizer bunny, he kept going and going and my wife kept up with him. After that night was done, my wife had several orgasms and it was the most she ever had in one night.

Well, we had planned to do a DP and my wife was ready for it. She was already on top of David and I positioned myseld behind her so I could fuck her up the ass. She was so turned on and so horny and she was begging for it. I put the tip of my cock on her anus after lubricating it with some vaseline. My wife loves anal sex as well but only lets me fuck her in the ass every so often so this was also a treat for me. I also lubricated her ass and she was slippery and wet now. I placed the tip of my cock into her ass and slipped it in a little at a time. I'm average size in length but rather thick. So, i always slip it in a little at a time until she can take it all in. Once I was in all the way she was loving it. She was moaning and yelling so loud that I know they had to hear us next I was pumping her ass and David was pumping her pussy and she was getting off on it. It was an unusual feeling because I could feel David's cock each time I pumped her ass. David kept fucking her pussy and I kept fucking her ass and she couldn't get enough. She kept moaning and yelling and I could tell that she was about to cum. She was riding David so hard and she was so excited that she was digging her nails into David's chest. I was also spanking her ass while I was fucking her ass. She likes to have her ass spanked when we fuck. Her ass had turned a rosy red and she loved it. Well, I could no longer hold back and I started to cum in my wife's ass, pumping every drop of cum into her asshole. Right when I was cumming David then started moaning and he also pumped every drop into my wife's pussy. Then my wife started to moan and she also climaxed and then she fell on top of David. We were all drained from fucking all night long and my wife's pussy and anus were dripping with cum. David's chest was a little sore from the marks that my wife left on his chest but he didn't seem to mine. He said it would be a reminder from the mind blowing sex that we all had.

My wife was a different person that night and I enjoyed watching her fuck another man. It was an experience that I will never forget and she also had a great time. After we got home, we were still so turned on that we went at it again and she had another orgasm and she made me cum again. I was sore the next day and so was she. I came several times that night and it was the most I had ever came in one night.

My wife thanked me for that night and something changed between us after that experience. We grew closer together and our sex life changed as well. It was our first experience of the lifestyle with many more to cum.

That first week after our 3some, we fucked every night after that and it was like we had just met. She also let me fuck her in the ass every night for a week after the 3some. We had been married about 7 yrs at the time and it rekindled our love and our sex life. It was great and I wouldn't have change it for the world. It was an experience that changed our lives and I'm glad that I finally brought my dream to life.

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