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Moving In with special friends

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My Honey Patrick and I went to help one of his friends John & Sherry unpack boxes in their new place. The guys were in the utility room working on the washer/dryer hook ups and Sherry & I were putting dishes away and organizing the kitchen.

The boys needed something from the hardware store before they moved to the garage and I went into the utility room to run the sheets through the laundry. Just as the boys were about to leave Patrick came up behind me and gave me a gentle squeeze on my bottom and I gave him an over the shoulder kiss since he was leaving with John. The door to the laundry was ajar and I saw Sherry giving a hot kiss to John but then I was a little shocked when I spotted her giving Patrick one too. The three of them laughed and I heard something about ?just like old times?.

I tried as long as I could to hold back saying anything to Sherry but I just had to know what was going on. So I confronted Sherry as to what she and Patrick were up to. She dropped her jaw and said, ?You really don?t know do you??. ?Know What?! I said. Sherry told me to have a seat at the kitchen table and she?d explain everything. Sherry poured a couple of orange juice and vodkas (screwdriver) and sat down to saying that we were ready for a break anyway.

She started telling me about when Patrick and Cyndi were married the four of them used to wife swap. She added that they kept in touch with Patrick but nothing was going on like that since his divorce about five years ago. My heart jumped and I took a big swallow of my drink. I asked her how that got started and how far did they go with it. Sherry beamed as she told me that John and she seduced Cyndi into going along with it and then Cyndi got Patrick to play some strip poker. As far as how far did it go, well Sherry smiled saying that she and Patrick had had every kind of sex there was to have.

I gulped down my drink and Sherry slugged hers then quickly poured another for each of us. I expressed that I couldn?t believe it but that I could believe it but then I was shocked at the whole thing. Sherry laughed and started explaining that it was only recreational sex and that it made she and John hot for each other seeing each other having sex with someone else and then even hotter for a week or so afterward when the were having each other. It all started making sense to me in a strange kind of way. Either that or I was feeling the vodka take effect. She told me she would tell me anything I wanted to know so I started asking questions as we got up from the table and returned to organizing cupboards.

Sherry went into great detail about having sex as a couple with another couple. It started to make me hot listening to her talk so openly about sex, and when I would think that some of that was about Patrick it started to excite me even more. I fell right into her spider?s web when she started talking about John and how he had made some comments to her about me. I was flattered for sure but then my thoughts went to me fantasying about having sex with John. He was a hunk of a guy with a solid chest, good looks and tight jeans.

Sherry told me to thing about what we talked about and let her know if I ever wanted to get more involved in swinging. I politely told her thanks and that I would think about it. Heck I was thinking about it all that day from then on and whenever I saw John I?d undress him in my mind.

We called it a day when the pizza showed up about 5:30 that afternoon and we sat on the floor around the coffee table to eat. John arrived on the floor next to me and brought three beers and two glasses. The guys each popped a top and Sherry and I split one. Patrick commented that it was like when they?d get together on Friday nights in the old days. That was all Sherry needed to open up with ?We were talking all about that while you boys were at the hardware store?. Then she looked at Patrick and said ?All about it?. Patrick blushed and fell speechless. The boys drank the first beers pretty quick John got up to fetch another round. This time Sherry and I each had a full beer. I was getting braver as the beer mixed with the screwdrivers and asked what we were going to do now that I know all. John slid over to me and kissed me on the cheek saying ?What would you like, little girl?? I sat there stunned.

Sherry pulled a deck of card form the end table drawer and started shuffling. ?How about a little strip poker to get things going?? she said. I looked a Patrick and he started smiling when I winked at him and said ?Okay?.

Sherry called the rules and the winner of each hand would call for a gratuity. Like an article of clothing to come off or an act to be performed. The pizza box was relocated to the floor, the cards were dealt and John won the first hand calling for my blouse to come off, and so it did. Next Sherry won and Patrick?s Jeans were on the floor next to him. So on and so on till we were all naked, then the room got real hot when John won and had Sherry give Patrick some oral while he dealt again only very slowly this time. Patrick won the next hand and I was directed to take John into my mouth, which I did gladly. John reached down to pull me off his member because the cards were ready for the next hand. I was lost in the moment with him in my mouth.

Sherry won the next hand and shouted ?OH WHAT THE HELL LET?S ALL FUCK!? John stood up and took my hand leading me to the bedroom, Sherry doing the same with Patrick. Sherry & I were sat naked on the edge of the bed with each other?s man standing in front of us. So naturally Sherry took Patrick into her mouth and I began to suck on John?s cock. Did I mention that they both have about 8 inches soft and they both grow larger with attention?

John claimed that he should eat some pussy before fucking and pushed me back onto my back knelt down on the floor and spread my legs. His tongue went right for the right spot which was already wet and ready for anything he wanted to give me. I opened my eyes to see if Patrick was watching us as he was climbing onto Sherry and entering her with his love muscle. Patrick looked at me and winked, as I was excited to see him with another woman and feeling very taboo in getting pleasure from another man. It felt as if we were not doing anything wrong since we both knew what was going on and everyone was consenting. John came up from my pussy with a string of kisses till he reached my mouth and I tasted my juice on his lips. He sank his tongue into my mouth and at the same time slid himself into my wetness.

I had a flash vision of a double date but when I was in the back seat of a car. It only made me more excited about what was happening and the pleasure John was into me. I went into that state of mind that all the ladies out there know about and the first wave of uncontrollable orgasm came over me. I couldn?t believe how good the sex was and I called for John to ?Cum in me!? ?Cum with me!? ?Fuck Me!? John thrust himself into me with his full length and held it there, a second latter he was shooting his juices into me with one pulsating gush after another till he was empty.

Patrick was pulling out of Sherry as John pullout of me and rolled off to lie beside me on the bed. Sherry sat up and rolled Patrick onto his back, straddled him a lowered herself onto his throbbing cock. ?Give it to me Honey!? She commanded him. They went faster and faster with Patrick plunging into her as deep as he had and Sherry pumping her hips to return each thrust. Patrick arched his back and knew exactly what was going on inside Sherry?s pussy as he let go with his load. They slowed down and Sherry rolled off to lie beside me, taking my hand, squeeze it and smile at me. She then got onto her elbow and placed her face over mine. I somehow knew she was about to kiss me. I had never kissed another woman on the lips but I welcomed her advances as I laid there worn out from the encounter and wrapped my arm around her as her tongue entered my mouth. ?Next time we?ll have even more fun? she said. Then she got up to grab a couple of John?s old dress shirts throwing me one to me. Patrick placed his arm around me and I snuggled as we sat around the bed sharing some time with our new swing partners.

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