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Movie theater

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One night me and the wife had gone out for a few drinks. After leaving the club, we decided to stop at one of the adult theaters.

We went in and looked around at some of the magazines and movies that they had for sale. There were a few guys looking also. We noticed that they had movie viewing booths in the back. So we paid our admission and went to the back. We went into one of the booths and started watching one of the movies. My wife was wearing a short skirt and I pulled her to me with her back to me and reached around to the front and put my hand up under her dress. She wasn't wearing any panties and my hand found her pussy. I guess the movie was affecting her because she was wet. I rubbed her clit and she was really enjoying it. I saw some movement to my right and looked over and saw that there was a hole in the wall. I leaned down a little and could see that someone was looking through from the other side. I continued rubbing her clit and turned her just a little so that she was facing the hole. Whoever was on the other side was getting a birdseye view of her pussy being rubbed. I reached down with my other hand and unbuttoned my pants and dropped them to my knees. My wife felt my hard cock against her ass and reached back and grabbed it and started stroking it. I turned her around and she dropped down and started licking my rock hard cock. She still hadn't seen the hole in the wall next to us. As she was sucking me I looked at the hole and could see the nose of whomever was watching us. Then the nose moved away. I was enjoying the blowjob that I was getting from my wife as she is very good at it. Then I looked back down and a cock was coming through the hole. Just the head was sticking out. I took one of my wifes hands and held it. Then I slowly moved her hand toward the head of the cock poking through the wall. When her hand touched it, she pulled her hand away quickly. She pulled her mouth from my cock and looked to see the hole to her left where the cock was. She looked up at me and I told her to go ahead. She then put her hand back on the cock and started to rub the head. At this whomever was on the other side pushed his cock all the way through. It was like mine and about average in size. She stroked it for a little and it was as hard as stone. I asked her if she wanted to suck it and she said she wasn't sure. So I let her just stroke it. She then started sucking my cock again as she continued to stroke the cock coming through the wall. Then all of the sudden I heard a low moan and the cock started shooting. A huge stream shot up and landed on my wifes dress. She pumped it fast and milked it until he couldn't stand it and withdrew it from the hole. She looked up at me and smiled as I smiled back. She had large drops of cum on her dress. I stood her up and pulled the dress over her head and laid it on the bench on the back wall. She looked great as she wasn't wearing anything underneath. When we turned back around there was another cock poking through the hole. She gasped as she looked at it. It was very long and quite thick with a big head. She reached down and took it in her hand. it looked really large in her small hand. I stepped back and sat on the bench. She looked at me as if asking if it was ok. I told her that she could suck it if she wanted. She then turned her attention to the monster cock she was holding. She licked the head and all up and down the shaft. Tehn she put her lips on it and started trying to suck it. She could barely get the head into her mouth. Her lips were stretched as far as they would go and all she could get in was most of the head. I took my pants off and got behind her and raised her ass up. I put my cock up between her legs and could feel that her pussy was soaking wet. I pushed my cock into her pussy from behind. It went in easily as she was so wet. I fucked her doggie as I watched her stroke the large cock and suck and lick the bulbuos head. In a short time, I pumped my load into her hot pussy. I pulled out of her and she looked up at me. I asked her if she wanted to try and take the large cock. She nodded without saying anything. I turned her around with her ass facing the wall. She reached behind her and took the huge cock and pushed her ass toward it. I watched intently as she put the large head against her cum soaked pussy lips. She kept working until she had the haed of the large cock inside of her. I could see that her pussy was stretched like it had never been stretched before. She moved very slowly and just worked with the head in her. She motioned for me to move over in front of her. She held on to me and took my now hard again cock into her mouth. I slowly pushed her back against the cock impaling her. She was working back and forth and taking a liitle more each time. After she had about half of it in her, she told me to just let her work it. She was dripping with sweat. She held on to me and went back a little and had maybe half of the mobster cock inside of her dripping pussy. Then she just held it there. The guy on the other side started pulling out and pushing back in. My wife was making moaning noises as he fucked her through the hole. It was good that she could control the depth, as I don't think she could have taken it all. As he fucked her she moved back a little more slowly. I watched as this huge cock was pumpimg in and out of her. She started moaning loudly and was gripping my waist to hold herself up. She couldn't even think about sucking me because of what the cock was doing to her. I felt her tensing and I held her up as she went limp. Her knees were weak and the cock was holding her up. He started fucking her really fast and had probably 7 inches of his fat cock pumping in and out of her. I swear that he had at least 5 fat inches leaft that he wasn't even putting in her. I could tell that she was coming continuosly. She was just moaning and was as weak as a rag. Then I heard a low moaning from the other side and the huge cock was pumping furiously. Then He really started moaning loudly and pumping. He pulleed back a little too far and his cock came out. My wife fell to her knees. She reached up and grabbed the cock and started to stoke it as it was soaking wet from her pussy. Then it started shooting huge gobs of cum. The first steam shot straight at me and hit me right on my stomach. I moved over and watched as she stroked the monster cock. He must have shot 7 or 8 huge streams of cum. The floor was covered in his thick cum. Just what was on my belly was more than I cum in 2 orgasms. Finally he quit coming and my wife licked the head of his cock as he pulled it back through the hole. I got my hankerchief from my pants and cleaned the thick gob of cum running down my stomach. I told her that we should dress. We hurriedly dressed and went out of the door to try and find the owner of the huge cock. When we went out there was nobody in the theater but us. We went back to the lobby to find that we were the only ones there.

We plan on visiting the theater again and hope to find him there again. But next time, we are gonna take him home, so we can have some all night fun nd get some really good pics. I am quite the voyer you know. When and if we find him, we will write about it.

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