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Massage she wanted and massave she got.

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Lyn and I got married at a very young age. We were both 19 and virgins. We have been married for 15 years. Having 2 teenagers and we both work full-time. With our busy schedules we have not been able to dedicate any quality time for each other. We have never had any sexual experience outside our marriage. Since we have been so busy, Lyn has been telling me for sometime now that we should do something just the 2 of us. She suggested some place that we could relax and have good sex since that hasn?t happened in the past year or so. Lyn is very discrete and shy. She has 34 C-cup tits, a perfect round shape ass. She has been attending the gym 3 times a week for the past 2 years. She is in a very good shape.

I decided to plan a weekend at a hotel (Hotel Del Coronado) that she really likes in San Diego CA. The last time we were there was like 5 years ago with the kids. So I surprise her with the reservation a week in advance so that she could ask her employer for Friday off. She gets very excited and she tells me that we are not going to have any sex for that week until we get to hotel. She arranges for babysitter and off we go to the hotel.

During that week, just thinking about sex made both of us very horny, but she just did not wanted to do it. I guess, like other couples we have talked about being with other people while we are having sex. The fist couple of times that I asked her if she has ever fantasize about having sex with some else she got really mad at me and did want to have sex anymore. Well with time I kept asking her and one night (I guess I caught her in a good mood) she said that she has that about what it would be like to be fucked by Travis. Travis is a precious black co-worker of her that she hasn?t seen in the last 2 years. That night she came so much and I notice that after we were done she went to take a very long shower and I could hear some moaning. I think that she was fingering herself in the shower but I did not said anything about it.

Well we get to the hotel at 2:00 pm. I bought her a full body massage at the hotel. So I told her to relax and get her massage. She got very excited and left our room. Before she left, I told her that I would wait for her at the pool. When I got to the pool I notice that there are like 3 couples in it. 2 of those girls are so hot that when I notice, I have a hard-on out there on the lounge. Remember that I haven?t had any sex for week and ½ ago. So I decided to go in the Jacuzzi. There was another guy there already. He introduced himself as Ken. Ken is a black guy, with a kind of a light skin. As I am going into the Jacuzzi he notice my hard-on and said that is the same reason he had to get in to Jacuzzi.

We start talking and he tells me that her is 26 and single. He is in the military and visiting San Diego. He is 6? 2? tall with a nice looking body. During our conversation he asks me if I know where is an adult bookstore because he wanted to buy a Penthouse Letters magazine. So I told him that I did. He asked me that if the city bus goes that way and I did not know. I told him that my wife and I were going out for dinner that night in down town and that we were going to drive by that store. He said that he liked to read that magazine because he like the stories of the guys that like to see their wife being fucked in from of them. I blushed when he said that and he ask me that if him comment were making me uncomfortable. Then I told him that Lyn and I have talk about having some else with us while were having sex but that it was just all talk.

As we were talking Lyn shows up in her 2-peace bathing suit. She was showing half her tits and half of her ass. I was surprise to see her in that bathing suit and she asked me if I liked it. She got it just for the trip. I loved it. I introduce her to Ken. Ken asked her how was her massage. She said that it was OK. But she still had a tense muscle on her shoulder. Ken offer to massage it. He told her that other people said that her give very nice massages. So Lyn doesn?t even think about it. She goes and stands in front of Ken for him to work on her shoulder. Ken lets her that she is too high, to lower her self a little and she just sits next to him. When Ken touches her skin she closes her eyes and I could tell that he is doing a good job. Then after 5 minutes he tell her to sat on his lap with her arms folded in from of her chest because he was going to crack her back. So she get up and sits on his lap like he said. Ken huge Lyn while she is sitting on his lap and squeezes her chest. Lyn releases a soft moan and her eyes open up very wide. I then notice that she is sitting on Ken dick. Lyn stays there for a few minutes and starts getting very nervous. Lyn then tells me that it?s time to go get ready for dinner. I then mentioned to Lyn that Ken needs a ride down town and that we were going to drop him off on our way to the restaurant.

When we going in to our room Lyn apologized and said that she made a full out of herself in the Jacuzzi. And I said that she didn?t. When she took her bathing suit of to take a shower I notice her nipples very hard. And I asked her if she was cold. She blushed and said that she wasn?t that Ken made her very horny. She said that she was able to feel ken?s dick and it felt very big and hard.

On our way to the restaurant Ken is sitting on the back sit of the car and Lyn twists herself talking to him. She asked him where were we taking him and Ken said to the adult bookstore to buy a magazine. Lyn asked what kind of magazine and ken told her the ones that have stories about husband that like to see their wife?s being fuck by some else. When Ken said that, Lyn moved her hand to her crotch and she starting massaging her pussy through her dress. Ken could not see this because he was in the back sit.

Lyn out of the blue asks Ken to have dinner with us. He said that he did not want to get between our date and she insisted without even asking me. Ken agreed. During dinner I kind of wanted to have that time with Lyn because I have been so horny. But Ken was there. And of course that the sex conversation was brought up. Lyn asked Ken if her had a girl friend and her said that he did back in Oregon but she could not make this trip with her. Lyn told him that him girl friend was a very lucky girl. Ken asked her why she said that and Lyn reported ?I have my reasons?. Lyn kept just talking to Ken like if I was not even there. For a minute a got jealous. Lyn asked Ken why he like reading that type of magazine and he said that white wife tell their husband that they do get sex but in reality most to them lied and did not get satisfied by there husbands. I asked Lyn it that was true and she blushed again and said that just sometimes.

After dinner we decided to go for a walk out side of the Hoter. There is a second story bar with a balcony with a view to the pool and the ocean. While we were walking Lyn said that she was very cold. Ken offers her his sport coat and she said no that she had hers in our room. Lyn asked me if I could please go get it for her and I did. When I was walking back towards them I notice that Ken was hugging her from her back and that they have moved to a darker place and they were facing the ocean. Music could be heard where they were from the band that was playing inside of the hotel. I notice that while he was hugging her they were dancing very slow to the music. As I got close to Lyn to give her the coat I could tell that she had a weird look and her face that I seen before and then I remember that look. I called it her ?fuck me look? she would make that look whenever I would fuck her. It took me like a minute to get adjusted to the low light and then I looked down and notice that Ken had pulled Lyn?s dress up and her was very close to her. Lyn grabbed my and hand and said ? honey Ken?s dick is so big and hard? I looked back and Ken had his dick buried in Lyn?s pussy. I did not know what to do. Lyn grabbed my dick through my pant and it has hard. Ken say ?hey Mark, Lyn has never been fucked by a black guy. Has she? I can tell because her pussy is so tight. I feel like if I am fucking her on the ass. Man she is so fucking tight.? We the decided to go to our room where Ken teased Lyn with by sucking her pussy until Lyn begged ken to fuck her hard. Ken sat on the bed and Lyn sat on his dick very slow up and down. When she was down there was still like 4? of dick that she was not able to fit. Ken grabbed Lyn by her waist and pushed Lyn down very slow all the way down and Lyn screamed and tears came out of her eyes.

She loved it. Ken fucked her so many times in every position you can think of.

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