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Mark and Kim

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My wife and met thru a friedn of ours in 1984. She was 18 and I was 21 at the time. Before we got married, we had an awsome time just enjoying each others company. We would go out to dinner, and then dancing. It was our typical Saturday night.

One Saturday night we met Mark and Kim. The place was packed and we asked if we could join them. They said sure. So, we introduced ourselfs. I said my name is James, and this is Kelly my wife. Mark was about 6'-0" tall dark black hair, with green eyes and Kim was a beautiful blonde about 5'-8" tall blue eyes, gorgeous legs and a beautiful smile that lit the room.

My wife Kelly is a brunett about 5'-4" tall beautiful face, gorgeous legs, nice smile and gorgeous breast. I on the other hand am 5'-8" tall black hair, muscular build, very handsome guy.

We sat there for a few minutes then ordered drinks for all of us.

We started to get to know Mark and Kim and after a few drinks we were joking and having a blast. I could not help but noticing Kim and my wife were looking at us and talking. I was woundering what they were thinking.

Kelly told me that Marks b-day was coming up and woundered if I could help her find something intresting for Mark. So, I said that is funny because James b-day is coming up as well. We decided there that we all should meet for dinner next Saturday night and celebrate our b-days. They agreed. We all started having a great time from there, we danced, and drank through out the evening. Kim and Kelly excused themself and went to the lady's room. So, Mark and I were seating there just talking away. I told him that he was a lucky man. I said you have a gorgeous wife.

He said so do you. I said thanks. He told me you know, before I got married to Kim I had sex with every kind of lady, really. Except for a brunett. huh.

I always had and intrest in blondes, Really he said. I love there skin, so soft and wounderful.

We were so drunk that evening.

The lady's returned. So, I asked Mark for permission to dance with Kim, he said of course only if you allow me to dance with your beautiful wife. I said certainly.

The lady's were getting a kick of how we were acting. We went to the dance floor and started to dance. It was exciting to watch Kelly dance with someone else. The music changed and we all started to dirty dance. Wow honey, I have not seen you move that way before. You look hot Mark yelled at Kim. Thanks baby. Mark started to dirty dance with Kelly. He was all over her.

It did not take me long to just go with the flow. Pretty soon Mark and I had the lady's bend over and we had our hands on there butts and fucking them. It was fun the girls did not seem to mind as they were looking at each other laughing and smiling.

The music then changed to a slow song and we grab our partners and started talking with one another. Kim told me that she was so hot and horny after that song, she was ready to go.

I said you and Mark are leaving, No she said we are all leaving. Where are we going.

We got in the car and headed to the house. Mark was driving and Kelly sat on the passengers seat. While I was in the back behind Kelly and Kim was next to me.

Kim leaned over and gave me a kiss and then she fell on my lap acting like she was asleep.

I said Mark, I think Kim is falling asleep on my lap. Kelly looked back and saw Kim was out like a light sorta. I noticed Kelly give Kim the thumbs up low to the base floor of the car.

Then Kim unzipped my pants slowly. They could not hear because the music was loud. She started to suck my cock. I could not belive it. Kelly ask me how was it? I said it is great.

At that point I was so turn on, It did not matter. I was enjoying it very much. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the house. While Mark was driving, Kim was sucking my cock really hard. After 20 minutes I was about to burst. I could not resist and I led out a larg amount of cum go upstream into Kims mouth. She must have swallowed the hole thing. Wow. that was fantastic. This was something that Kelly did not want to do. She would rather have it shoot on her face then swollow it. We arrived home and Kim got up. We headed inside. I followed Kim to the Kitchen to get drinks, while Mark and Kelly went to seat down in the living room. Kim gave me a bottle of wine to open and then leaned over to get some glasseses. I notice she was not wearing any underwear. Wow.

I opened the bottle of wine and started to pour. I told Kim the bj was perfect but how can I return the favore. She jumped on the counter and said here you go. Eat away baby. With that said I fell on my knees and started to eat her right there and then. My tounge was all over and inside of her.

A few minutes later, I lets go and take some wine to Mark and Kelly. She said ok.

As we walked to the lving room, we noticed Mark was kissing and caressing Kellys pussy.

We sat across from them, they did even stop to notice us. We sat the wine on the coffee table and then started to kiss our selfs. I was so hard, turned on, just watching and hearing my wife being pleased by another man. I could not help it. I started to undress Kim and She took my pants off.

She sat me on the sofa and started to suck my cock again.Then I moved her up and she sat on top of me taking my cock all the way in her pussy. She started to moan really loud. Mark and Kelly stopped for a few minutes to look at us. Kelly then turned and said I want some of that.

She dropped Marks pants and out came out a big hug cock. Something Kelly has been telling me for the past few months.

She had being fantaysising about fucking a hug thick cock and Mark had it. It must have been 10 inches long and thick as a corndog. She jumped on it and started to fuck it hard. I could hear her moan with so much pleasure. We were fucking each others wifes. I then turned Kim over and started to fuck her doggie style, so I can get full penitration. She was in extasy. She was screaming that she was about to cum again. Everyone stopped to look at her. And she came just as I was fucking her. She opened her eyes and kissed me and thanked me.

Mark and Kelly got at it again. We switched partners after that and fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, It was our b-days. So they wished us a happy b-day.

Our wifes asked us what we would like for our b-day present, we looked at one another and said How about lets swapp wifes for the rest of the day. The ladys looked at each other and said OK.

More to come

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