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When I was but 8 yrs old I had a nitemare, and went to my mommys bed, they didnt notice me as mom was being eaten by my dad, I crawled up into the bed, laid there and watched mom have a orgasm right next to me. When she noticed me she got angry at dad for allowing me to see them do it. Dad just laughed and said it was ok. She told him that I should not have seen them. Mom told dad no more tonite. Dad was upset but got off her. They slept naked and dad laid down next to me and went to sleep. I sat up and looked at his huge cock, it was wet from moms pussy, and had a drop of something on its huge tip. I reached over and swiped it with my finger, smelled it, and tasted it, it tasted good to me. I then put my hand around it and pumped more out, and licked it off.

I thought my dad was asleep, but he took my head and pushed it onto his cock, he whispered to me to lick his head and suck on it. I wanted to please him so I did. After just a few mins I felt him grow in my mouth and he blew his seed in my mouth, I swallowed all I could and it tasted great. I swiped all the rest off his cock and swallowed it too.

He then put me on his face, and licked my pussy till I started to shiver. He then placed me on my back and got between my legs and licked me till I suirted too. I loved it all.

The next morning he told mom what I did, and she was angry dad told her his balls ached and he needed to cum, and I was there for him. I guess she understood. She kept me home from school to teach me all I needed to know about sex that day. At 9 am she took me into their bedroom, told me to undress, and she laid down on the bed. she told me to lick her pussy so that I would know what a lady tastes like. After a few mins she started to get wet inside her pussy, she kept telling me what to do, where to lick, swallow alot, and how to play with it with my fingers while I licked her. When she grabbed my head I knew she was going to squirt. She held my head and started to scream and started to fill my mouth with her squirting. After a few mins she relaxed, and went to sleep. I did too.

After our nap mom got out some toys for me to use, she used them on my pussy. She placed this long slender toy that vibrated on my pussy and held it there and rubbed it up and down, I got real busy moving my body up and down with it, finally I had a very strong squirt, mom went down just before I squirted, and drank it all. Now mom was pleased with me and we would be playing alot from now on.

My other sisters were younger than me, but I knew one day they would be joining me in play. That afternoon I was playing with my 7 yr old sis, and saw her pussy. I took her to the bed, laid her down, and licked it. she kept laughing at first that I was tickling her, but after a few mins she started to hump like I did. when I felt her button grow in my mouth I knew she was going to squirt. I sucked it fast and she squirted in my mouth a little. She really loved me doing that to her, and we did it alot that first year.

When dad came home mom explained all she did with me, and he was pleased also. He asked me if I wanted to please him again before dinner? I said yesssss. With mom telling me what to do, I pulled out his huge cock, and started to suck him off in his easy chair. Mom got behind me and licked my pussy all the while I was sucking off dad. I came the instant my dad flooded my mouth with his seed.

mom held me in place telling me to squirt all I wanted as she was swallowing my seed, and I was still getting dads seed. when it was over, I had to lay next to dad, and I played with his cock all I could. After a few mins mom asked me to lick her on the couch. I turned over to her and licked her good. she squirted in just a few mins. my 7 yr old sister came in just as mom got up. She took moms place and i licked her too. Dad was asleep, and mom was in the bedroom using her big black thngy up inside her pussy and screaming all the while. I finished with my sister and took her to bed again.

The next mornn I got up, dressed for school, came out to breakfast, and saw mom & dad on the kitchen floor in oppisite directions??? I never saw this before, mom was sucking dad and dad was eating moms pussy. Dad exploded and mom came in gushes!!

I was laughing at it all, and mom & dad dressed. dad left for work, and mom took us to school. I had a nice day at school, and came home. My Mom had visitors. they were black men! Mom explained to me that they were there to make her happy, and to play with her. I was allowed to watch. One laid down on the bed and put his cock into her butt, one climed on mom and put his cock in her pussy, the 3 of them started to hump, then the 3rd man went up to moms face and put his cock in her mouth. Then all of them started to fuck like bunnies. Mom kept telling them to fuck her harder and harder, she told them many times she was cumming, over and over again. after about 20 mins, they exchanged positions, and rammed her again just like before. when mom said enuff, the top man got off, and mom sucked him off till he came, and she swallowed his seed. the bottom mans cock was dirty with moms bottom stuff, but she didnt care, she cleaned him off with her tongue and mouth, then she sucked off the 3rd man till he came fast. All those black men had bigger cocks than dad, and I learned alot that session.One of the men told mom He had a 13 yr old son who would fuck me, but mom said later for her with blacks, she is too small, and that was that. When dad got home, mom told him "The boys" were over, and gave her 7 huge O's. He was pleased to hear it. Dad went to his chair, and called mom over and told her to let him eat her and taste their seed, she crawled over his face and i saw big clumps of seed on her pussy, he licked it all off, and mom came again and again thinkin of how they fucked her good. They both liked sex alot. I asked dad when my sister ellen was going to join us, and that I had already made her squirt. He smiled, and told me when she was 8. That was just 4 months down the road.

We all swam naked in our pool and one day a boy from next door was on the fence watching us. dad called him over, and told him to take off his clothes, he got naked, and jumped in the pool, it was a hot day. Mom swam over to him while he sat on the edge, took his cock into her mouth, and sucked him off till he came. Then mom told him to take me and eat my pussy, it was only fair for me to have some.

He laid me down at pool side and licked me till I came too.

He was a high schooler of age, and he was happy to be a part of our playtime. He told mom he had a big brother who was living at the dorm, and they would love to fuck my mom.

Mom said call them over, bring them all here. The boy left and in a few mins a whole bunch of boys came over the fence to play with mom. I counted 23 in all. Mom told them she will do 3 at a time? or one on one? they all chose one on one. each boy fucked my mommy in her pussy but none of them wanted to fuck her butt. Dad solved that problem, He went into the house and brought out that huge black rubber dick, lubed her butt and pushed it way far up inside her butt, then told the boys to fuck her while he moved the rubber dick in and out of her butt. When they fucked her he would speed up the dick faster and make her gush alot. When all the boys had fucked her they left. the high school boy stayed behind. Dad took out the rubber dick from moms butt, and she licked it off like an icecreom cone. The high school boy asked if He could play again some day. mom told him to eat me again just for funn as she was too sore. He laid me down again and licked and fingered me will I gushed again. My daddy was pleased with me. Dad told mom he needed to come again, so mom sucked him off and made him cummm. AFTER THAT?? IS ANOTHER PART TO THIS STORY!

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