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I should start out by telling you about us. We are a good looking, middle class white couple. We?ve been married for five years and are in our late twenties. My husband, Ken, and I dated in college and got married right after we graduated from college. During our college years, we both found three ways with another male satisfying and were involved in a few before we were married. Since then, we have been limited by the constraints of life but have still had time to participate in about one per year. It has never been anything we plan that far out ahead. It is usually spur of the moment opportunity that gets the ball rolling. That is how we fell into the situation in this story.

My company throws our Christmas parties in February. It is odd but it makes it easier for reservations as we are not competing with anyone else?s Christmas party by then. It was announced that the party was the middle of February ahead of time so we could make arrangements. In the search for a babysitter, I was chatting with a neighbor of ours and she said that her daughter, Mindy, was going to be home on break that weekend. Mindy had done quite a bit of baby sitting for us when our boys were babies but had gone off to college and we didn?t see much of her anymore. Mindy?s mother called me back a couple of days later and confirmed that Mindy could do it. I was relieved to say the least. It always sets me at ease knowing it is someone I?m familiar with. It would be a good chance to catch up with her anyway.

The day came of the party and I had been teasing my husband, Ken, that I was going to find some stray cock during the course of the night. He took it well and let me know that he didn?t know if we could both be that lucky. I had talked with Mindy earlier in the afternoon on the phone to set everything. She said she could get there by six since she herself had a function to attend in the afternoon. She arrived right on time and I heard Ken let her in. They were making small talk in the living room but could not hear the contents. The boys were smothering her with a hundred questions each and she had all she could handle. Mindy had always been shy and quiet. I figured that by the way she was talking that college had loosened her up a bit. I entered the living room to find that not only had college changed her socially, her physical appearance was quite different. She was always so tiny in high school. She is about 5?2? and skinny. She had developed nice breasts and quite a shapely ass. She was decked out in a light blue sweater and a black skirt after coming here straight from her banquet that afternoon. I was a bit shocked at how she looked and to be honest, a bit jealous. I thought to myself in a selfish way, ?lets see what she looks like after ten years a couple kids.? After some small talk and reacquainting her with the place, Ken and I took off for the party.

The party went well enough. We both had plenty to drink and eat. Everyone went to a nearby club after the party wound down. We all danced and laughed and had a great time. I danced with my husband quite a bit and I just knew we were going to fuck like all get out when we got home. With that in mind, our dancing got a bit out of hand at times. I was horned up to say the least and I know he was too. We arrived home at about 2:30 am. The house was quiet but lights were still on in the living room and I could hear the tv still on. We came into the house quietly and went into the bedroom. Our bedroom is right by the back entrance of the house so nothing was disturbed. My hands were all over Ken. I kissed him and rubbed his cock through his jeans, god I couldn?t wait. My husband has a monster cock and I need every inch of it. Through our little escapades, I?ve felt quite a few of them but I?m always too happy to come back to his. I thought that before things get carried away, I should let Mindy know we were home so she could be relieved of her duties. I crept down the hallway as not to alarm her. When I got to the entrance to the living room, I was mortified. You see, the night before, Ken?s parents had insisted on taking the children for the night. We relented which left us alone with nothing but our imaginations. Ken had pulled out some tapes we had made during our little three way excursions. Apparently, in our lustful haze, we had forgotten to put the tapes back. And here I was, standing behind our baby sitter as she enjoyed the view of me fucking someone other than my husband. I immediately recognized the man in the video. He was a twenty two year old guy Ken worked with named Pete. He was doing an internship for Ken?s company and they had become pals. One thing led to another and he ended up being my little boy toy for six weeks. Now, up until this point, I didn?t notice anything else but the television. The way things are situated, I am standing directly behind Mindy, looking at the tv right over the top of her dark brown hair. I moved my eyes down to view her length as she was stretched out on the couch. It was only then did I see the whole picture. She had her sweater unbuttoned and her skirt hiked up. She was twisting and pulling on her nipples with her left hand while she worked a finger inside her cunt with her right. Here she is, this stunning beauty, sprawled out in my living room, fingering herself to a blissful Saturday night. So many thoughts raced through my head in those few moments since I had first encountered this that I?m not sure exactly how I felt. I only stood there and soaked it up. After the initial stun wore off, I decided to enjoy this for a bit. She was obviously a voyeur to get off on watching me getting fucked. This turned me on to no end. My attention turned back to the tv and Pete and I are really getting into the moment in the video. Ken was running the camera and he is getting some close ups of my pussy as Pete pounds me. I am asking him how it feels to fuck another mans wife. He just replies in grunts so I keep antagonizing him. It occurs to me in this moment that in all of our sexual adventures, Ken has never experienced another woman. It has always been about me and having another male to make sure I?m pleasured. I am shocked that I?ve never thought of this before and that it takes a moment in a drunken state of sexual arousal for me to come up with that. I quickly thought if there is ever a chance to get Ken another woman, this is it. I slowly retreated up the hallway to retrieve Ken who was lying on the bed naked and looking a bit bewildered. I filled him in on what is taking place and my little idea. Ken said, ?Isn?t it a little weird to try to seduce our babysitter?? I told him it was a bit of a different situation, but she was a young, healthy woman who is in obvious need. I felt that if we approached her as a couple, we would scare her off. He would have to fly solo on this one. ?Make up a story about me being drunk and passed out and tell her you need to be satisfied.? I told him. He still was a bit wary of my plan but quickly warmed up and added some of his own ideas. I told him we only have a certain window of time so get moving. I stayed a few steps behind him down the hall as he approached the living room stark naked. Ken paused in the doorway before making his grand entrance. I could see his 9? dick sticking straight out as he planned his entrance. He disappeared past the doorway and all I could do was sit and listen. I heard voices and some giggling from both of them. Then things got quiet. I assumed that Mindy not running and screaming out of the house was a good sign. I let them get good settled and then I myself crept to the doorway to see the action. I can hear the video playing before I see anything and I hear Pete ask me where I want him to cum. Now, I don?t normally talk quite this dirty but this little prick had me horny. I told him ?inside my hot little pussy baby, don?t waste a drop.? Pete immediately starts moaning in the video and my husband zooms in on his nut sack from the back. It is a pretty awesome spot in the video. Nothing was planned in it. It was all as the moment happened but it looks like a legitimate porno. After Pete finishes shooting his semen in me, I know the video gets even hotter. I wanted to watch Mindy?s reaction to what happened next so I decided to find out what was going on. I positioned myself back in the doorway. I could see my husband was licking her pussy which was swollen and slopping wet. If ever a pussy didn?t need to be licked, hers was good to go. She was watching the video over the top of his head. At this point in the video, Pete takes the camera and the viewer sees Ken for the first time. He steps up to me and we share a passionate kiss while I stroke his rock hard 9? cock. He then lines his cock up to me sopping pussy and proceeds to push every inch in. This is when Mindy really started to moan. Apparently the sight of what was about to happen to her pushed her over the edge. After she came down from her orgasm, Ken crawled up and kissed her passionately. She raises her legs as far as she can so that her knees are to the side of her breasts. I thought ?Here you go you little bitch. When he finishes with you, you?ll search the rest of your life for a fuck like this.? Ken then started to work his cock inside her. She was moaning and panting as the head of his thick prick pryed its way inside her pussy. By the expressions on his face, I knew it was probably be the tightest pussy he?d had contact with. Slowly he pushed and prodded until half of his meat was inside Mindy. She had one hand squeezing his arm and the other on his stomach as to slow him from his assault. After working his cock entirely into her, he pulled it out to start stroking and I saw that his cock was coated with her juices. White streams of her juice lay ready and waiting to take these two to sexual paradise. Ken slowly started stroking the full length of his cock into her. They would kiss deeply for a few seconds and then he would quicken his pace. I could hell her mind was all over the map. She had several orgasms each of which was getting stronger and closer together. Now normally, Ken has excellent stamina but with all the evenings events I could tell he wasn?t going to last. His pace was quickening and he was starting to moan more than usual. I was obvious this tight puny he was fucking was doing the trick. He then surprised me by asking Mindy where she wanted him to cum. She took a couple more strokes of his cock and said ?inside my hot little pussy baby, don?t waste a drop!?. They both snickered at the reference to the video. Then their attention quickly turned back to each other. Mindy started to shake, her mouth fell open but no sound came out. She was feeling what I?d felt a thousand times. When Ken gets close to cumming, the head of his cock flares out and it feels like the shaft of his cock doubles in size. It is what usually sends me over the edge of being horny to being a total cum slut. He was really pounding her pussy as he neared orgasm. He then started to moan and drive his cock deep into her. His ass muscles flexed and twitched as her body was flooded with long ropes of his semen. It continued for about thirty seconds. I also knew how this felt. I had felt my body being filled by his hot seed for seven years now and there is nothing like it. I knew she was feeling like he was pouring quarts of semen into her womb. After things settled, they kissed for a few seconds and whispered to each other. They both looked down at his cock when he started to withdraw it from her pussy. It was totally covered with their cum. Mindy surprised me at this point. She grabbed his still half hard cock and guided him up to her mouth. She softly licked him clean of all the cum that was sticking to it. He told her that he?d better get to bed and she?d better get home before her parents called a swat team. They kissed again as I retreated back to the bedroom to take my low profile. After she left, Ken filled me in on how erotic this had been for him. I let him know that I myself had found it to be quite sexy but now needed some ?treatment? of my own. As a good husband should, he obliged.

Since then, we have had a couple of encounters with other women and it has been terrific. We have worked it a little different to involve me now. I never have considered myself to be bisexual but it has proven to be an excellent addition to our sex lives. I hope it continues for years to come.

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