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Laundry Night

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I guess the day was just like my other really…you know dragging myself out of bed, dreading taking a shower cause I know I have to share a hot water heater with 4 other tenants, and it never fails no matter the time of day I chose to relax or just bathe the stench of my day off……someone has to make the most pleasurable thing in a persons day into something I dread any more. However I know it must be done. So I go to the bathroom and take a long look in the mirror seeing what needs taken care of if anything at all…crank the hot water all the way on, with a slight bit of cold for balance….wait for it…wait for it, and wait some more……

Stepping into something that feels so good but not knowing if its going to turn into a disaster before it ends is never pleasant…. This was different though, there was no temperature change at all the whole way through, I was actually able to feel refreshed for a change and its as if I felt a new kind of clean, a clean that gave me a bit of arrogance to my day. But I still felt that as if it were just another day. So again I go back into my own little routine that we all endure. Getting dressed, making our lunches, eating breakfast, watching the tube for the weather before pouring ourselves into our vehicles to be forced into the madness of traffic that is caused by the plagues of society, listening to our favorite CD’s or radio stations for updated reports of traffic or talk show to stay entertained enough to get us all the way to work with out pulling off to the side of the road.

Again I go back to the morning I had in the shower, it must have carried with me I had no mishap of traffic, no bad weather, and music all the way to work….what a good time indeed. Even work seem to go by quicker then normal, no drama or bullshit. No one yelling at me and no one to yell at. Days like this should happen more often there would be a lot less stress in the world and probably a lot less murder suicides. Christ, speaking of which, I usually get to hear some bit of horrid news on the way home as I tune in and out of the radio, and today not a single one would be heard, instead there were praises of setting the clock forward and hints of the spring season the lay ahead, and how a local group of school kids raised enough money to benefit a cancer ward for young children to make some of their dreams come true before passing on. It made me feel real good about the world I live in to be honest with you.

I pulled down my road, which most of the time there is no where to park cause most of my neighbors think the have to have about 3 feet of space all the way around there tiny little vehicles to be able to get out the next day, but what ever I usually part down about a block anyway just to avoid having my car shit on by birds or having the occasional branch fall on it from the dying tree that still remains to be cut down by the township despite the fanatical damage it has caused. Coming up the walk k I realized what day it was, Wednesday, uhg, laundry day. Mind you I don’t mind doing laundry in fact I am quite anal about it, it took the longest time for me to even let my ex wife at the time we were married to allow her to wash my clothes with out my supervision. Either way, since then I have been living in a complex building and don’t have proper facilities to do my laundry here and it forces me to go to the laundry mat. Again something I don’t always mind, not one of my favorite places in the world to be but that’s just because of all the weirdo’s that tend to linger there…like Pam. Pam is a nice enough woman and we can carry on normal conversation and that is all good and well but Pam is also not so pleasing to the eye, has a severe limp and is very much over weight, but what ever no one is perfect as we all have flaws.

So I go in the apartment doorway, grab the mail fan through it to see what bills have come just as we all do and add it to the pile that came the day prior. Yeah I know I never said I was good with a checkbook just with clothes or other mindless chores. See what to make for dinner, eat a bit and start gathering up the laundry, separating whites from darks, play clothes from work clothes, and everything else in between, grab the detergent and the dryer sheets and head back down to the car and off to the laundry mat. I noticed that Pam’s car was not there today, infarct nobody was there today at all….sweet I must be in some kind of fucking dream world. Of course I hurried and rushed in to get the pick of the washers that work the best, the front load ones that are supposed to be more efficient yet cost .25 cents more. Go figure. Got all my washers loaded, nothing to do not but sit here and wait, maybe watch some TV. or play some pinball. Just as I go up to drop a quarter in the pinball machine I notice a station wagon pull up. I knew it was too good to be true. To make matters worse it wasn’t Pam either who like I said I can tolerate because she is real good people.

I paid no mind and sunk my attention on the game, I had not played pinball for god knows how long and any other time I am here at the good old Wash N’ Dry there is a slew of kids fighting over it. It was short lived though, pinball never was a strong point for me. Well enough I should have been checking my time on the washers any way, and as I did I couldn’t help but almost take a few steps backward. The person who had pulled up while I was trying to ignore the fact I was not alone anymore, turned out to be the single most gorgeous woman I had ever laid eyes on at any laundry mat ever in the history of time. Mind you I am not the most assertive man in the world when it comes to talking to the ladies, but I felt so compelled to say something to this one, especially from the amazing day I was having I figured what do I really have to lose ya know.

I made my way down to my washers….smiled, said my “ How do you do’s “ and proceeded to place my clothes in the dryers. I noticed the whole time she would look at me and smile, not saying a word but noticing that I too was looking in her direction with that same weird smile on my face. By the time I loaded up all my clothes into the dryers, she had taken a seat near by and was sitting crossed legged and reading a magazine. I’m not really sure why but she was wearing a tiny ass little skirt and to be honest with you it wasn’t that warm. But then maybe that’s why she was there doing laundry…… I struggled to think of what to say to her or if to say anything at all, but I had to she was something straight out of a movie. Low and behold I didn’t have to struggle to much longer cause she came up and ask me if I had change for a dollar cause the coin machine was broke. Of course I did because I go here all the time and am aware of the fact that the damn thing has been busted for months. So with out hesitation I managed to jam my hand in my pocket full of quarters and grab all of them at once, and by some way of retard magic when I pulled my fist of change out they went flying everywhere, God I was So embarrassed, I felt like a virgin all over again as if it were the first time I had talked to a women. She was really kind though and apologized and help me pick them up from all over the place. I noticed that when we were both crouched down on the floor I could see right up her skirt, I had to tempt fate and dropped a few more quarters her way that I had in my hands…She wasn’t wearing any panties, no thong, nothing. absolutely nothing, my heart skipped a beat I swear, and I remembered back to my perfect shower from this morning and its as if a warm glow came about me in that moment.

She looked right into my eyes and new what I had seen, she smile bashfully as she bit her lip…… we both stood up. Maybe I was a bit slower getting up than her for obvious reasons, she thanked me again for the change as I replied “ any time “ some how I muttered out the words “ aren’t you cold as hell in that skirt? “ She said nothing at first, but then replied “ yeah just a bit, but I was hoping I could find some one here to wm me up” My jaw wanted to hit the floor, and I’m sure she could see I was shocked as well as amused by her comment. So I too took my time and came out with “ So you had to ask me for change to make sure I was warm enough for you????” I looked back up at her and she was doing that thing that women do where they stand there chewing on one nail from the pointer finger and swaying one leg back and forth. As a typical man I was entranced. She kept looking around too I guess to see if any one else were to come in at any given time.

Before I knew what the hell was going on she was bent over her washer getting the last of her laundry out of it. She deliberately hiked her skirt up even higher to expose her perfect little ass. Again she swayed it back and forth too in the process. She also began to tug on something and even cursed at it, her washer had eaten one of her hand towels at the most perfect time, because of course being the gentle man that I am asked if she needed help. She literally had a knee propped up against the side of the washer pulling and prying at the towel before almost giving up. I could see the slightest out line of her lips peeking out from her back side.

And being the funny one that I am too decided to smack her in the ass and said” its ok Hun I got it.” She didn’t even flinch when I touched her in fact she gave a slight pleasurable sound. I assessed the situation and saw it would take a little persuasion to retrieve the towel. And she was more then patient, hell patient is not even the word, she supported my back and my sides and even my ass at some point, it wasn’t until I got the towel unwrapped from the cylinder before she gave me the reach around, uhg my biggest weakness. Nothing turns me on more then have a woman come up from behind me and reach between my legs to feel my manhood.

It was all I could do to turn around and hand her back the towel, but I don’t think it mattered she was no longer interested in the towel, she had a hand full of something much better than her towel. As if in one swift move I dropped the towel on the next washer over and place both my hands on her tiny waste and ran my hands vertically up her sides while peeling her shirt off at the time to revile her white lace half bra. Immediately our lips we locked together. Tangled in passion and uninhibited lust she began also to pull at my belt and pull my shirt off. Her hands ran all over my chest and I could resist helping her with my belt, I needed to relieve the pressure from the ever growing bulge in my jeans. God her touch felt so amazing

I lifted her up and tossed her onto the washer behind me as it was soon to be on the spin cycle and we have all heard stories about what that can do for a woman. I just wanted to see if there are any truths to it. She began to get wilder and louder as we continued our escapades, trashing her hair around and scratching my back vigorously as I too dug my nails into her calves and ran them all the way up to the back of her knees then right up her thighs. Quickly she lifted her feet up and pleaded for me to lick her pussy, like she was reading my mind. How ever I did not want to just rush right in but pressured by being in a public place I was very torn. I nibbled a bit on both her thighs reaching my way to her glistening pussy, she was ready, oh was she ready just as my tongue hit her lips the spin cycle began. I only aloud myself a few strokes here and there before I pulled her lips away from the real reason I was down here to begin with…. to get a hold of her tiny little clit and abuse it with my vacuum mouth and my lashing tongue ring. I don’t think she had a chance not to cum, and oh how she did….in waves and at times violently. She begged and pleaded for me to be in her and I could no longer withstand her pleas. I place my engorged member right at her quivering lips.

I wanted so badly to put all myself in her at once but I chose not to. She was so wet and it would have been so easy to do so but any man could have done that. I wanted to give her a reason to be right where she was, a reason why she chose to wear that mini skirt to go do laundry at the Wash N’ Dry maybe even a reason to come home for an encore. I put the head of my cock inside her and pushed slightly till I found that spot that not too many men even think about or chose to believe it is a myth, that’s right the spot that only most women can talk about to other women and can only find with one or two fingers themselves I pushed back and forth over and over on that same spot listening to her groans and her impatient demands to give myself to her. I couldn’t take it any more either and still didn’t know how much time I had left before some one would interrupt us. I put every last inch right inside her in one thrust and she nearly stopped breathing with so much pleasure. I could feel her grip around my shaft as if to try to milk me dry, but to her enjoyment my thrust continued and every one racked her body with another orgasm and deeper into a tizzy.

She cover me with her wetness even my jeans were a darker blue with her moistness. The smell covered the air god I could not hold back any more. I told her I was about to explode and she asked me to stop…… Stop??? Yeah I looked at her confused but trusted her, I mean hell I trusted her enough to be inside her what could go wrong here right. I’m so glad I did, she squeezed me tighter then I have ever felt before and grinded against me and swallowing me all the way inside her tight little hole. And just as fast as I threw her on top the washer she jumped up and off. And cupped my balls ever so softly and finished me off in her mouth. She wouldn’t stop, she wanted every last drop of me, and she kept squeezing up my shaft until she got it. And wouldn’t you know as soon as she stood up and reached for her shirt both of us looked over our shoulder and there stood Pam who had been there for the amount of time to see me and this beautiful stranger with a mouth full of cock.

Pam never said a single word about it and just grind. How ever the stranger and I preceded to finish folding our laundry and heading on about our day……. I couldn’t even hang it up when I got home. I was still in such disbelieve over what had just occurred no more then an hour before…..I decided to get in the shower and let me tell you even though other tenets were home that night not a one of them fucked with the water….but really I don’t even think it would have mattered….nothing could and managed to mess up such a perfect day

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