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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Landy's Room ( A Romantic, Erotic Fiction)".


"Landy's Room" ( A Romantic, Erotic Fiction)

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The weekend had been great. We hadn't seen each other for a long time, and we tried to cram as much fun and frivolity,into what little time we had.

We had decided to meet on California's Central Coast, where I used to perform with a band, and one of the most beautiful, romantic, areas in the country. I showed her all my little haunts, i.e., Seeker's, in Cambria, where I had started my Glass Art Collection; Mr. Lee's, in Paso Robles, a club the band, "Pacific Mocean" performed regularly; The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, in Atascadero, The All American Cafe, in Cayucos, where I used to eat dinner,before performing at the Old Cayucos Tavern; Scenic Morro Bay, the Rock, The Embarcadero and all the seaside shops. Yes, it was a grand weekend.

Our love making had been from Hot and Torrid, to soft,slow and gentle. While listening to the ocean crash against the sea walls, we walked hand in hand along the beach. Her hair, flying loosely and we laughed and enjoyed the special time we knew would be coming to an end, in few short hours.

But there was just one more thing I wanted to show her and I knew it would put a definite exclamation on our love of and for each other. I knew I just had to show her Landy's Room.

Landy's Room is a cave in the sea wall, on Shell Beach, where couples would meet and enjoy what the evening had to offer.

I had packed fragrance candles and oil lamps then stopped at a wine store and got a bottle of non alcoholic champagne.

We got to Shell Beach, A little after 6pm. The sun was still high, yet beginning to set, as we made our way down the stairs to the cave.

Seagulls were flying above as were brown pelicans. We could see the harbor seals frolicking in the water and even spotted, what appeared to have been and newly born seal pup and it's mother, sunning on a rocky out cropping. She was so excited seeing this new life as it tried to maneuver around it's mother. Yes, it was beginning to be a wonderful end to a lovely weekend.

When we got to the cave, I showed her, why it was called Landy's Room, by the inscription carved into the entrance wall. Surprisingly, there was no one inside, even though there were still many folks walking along the shore line.

We took our stuff into the cave, using a flashlight to make sure there was nothing in the sand,ie broken glass or big rocks. We spread the blanket on the floor of the cave, inflated the air mattress, which caused us to laugh and giggle. I could see her eyes sparkling with anticipation,yet a shyness I hadn't seen in a long time.

I put the music on, as she lighted the candles, as we prepared the cave for us.

With everything set,you would think we would have been tearing at each other,but for some reason, we both knew this was not to be a rushed moment.

We sat at the entrance of the cave, holding each other, as we watched the sun set in to the ocean, listening to soft, romantic music, listening to the waves crash against a section of the sea wall, we were content just to be together.

A touch, a kiss, nibble, a giggle, a sip of champagne, we were reveling in the beauty of the evening and the warmth of our communal hearts beating as one.

As we talked, the area darkened and we entered the inner recesses of the cave and began to hug and caresses each other. Falling to the blanket, we held each other,looking into each other's eyes, we didn't have to vocalize our feelings. They were quite evident.

I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead,lips and cheeks,as my hands roamed over her voluptuous body. Man, I had missed her. And began to kiss her deeply flicking my tongue against hers and she returned the kiss with as much passion as I kissed her.

I unbuttoned her top, kissing her exposed flesh as each button exposed her to me view.

I lavished warm, wet kisses all over her, as she moaned softly and slightly shivered under my touch.

As I kneeled over her, my gaze never leaving her face, I saw the excitement in her eyes and the shy smile on her face, as she gently bit her lower lip. The view of her was Breathtaking and I relished in it, as I began to lower her shorts.

As her panty covered flower was exposed, I buried my face in her most secret of places, feeling it's moistness, the subtle aroma of sexual arousal wafting to my nose. A most wonderful fragrance.

Her hands began to play in my hair, as her hips rocked in a circular motion, her breathing becoming intensely ragged. My mouth,lips, tongue and teeth teased, licked as if I were worshipping The Goddess of Eros, for at that moment, she had become She Essence,the possessor of all that is good.

Her clutches became more intense as she was beginning to reach. I continued to lick her, as I had pulled the thin material of her panties to the side. She pushed up to my face harder and without warning, she pushed my head tightly against her mounz, as her hips elevated off the blanket. As soft scream emanated from her lips as she held me there for what seemed to be a life time. She trembled, gyrated, then fell back to the blanket, breating heavily. I stayed in that position, until I felt her relax.

I crawled to her side, continually caressing her,as I went, holding her close as she returned to a more relaxed demeanor.

In the flickering candle light, I could see a light sheen of perspiration on her forehead. Her eyes were closed,but the look on her face told me she was well pleased and that made me smile.

As her hands came to life, she began to caress my chest and belly, gradually inching closer to my rapidly hardening shaft, as she began to kiss my chest and nipples. When her fingers curved around my now turgid shaft, she began to stroke it slowly,gently almost shyly, but her kisses continued, as she worked herself lower on my body.

I could hear the waves crash with more intensity. Or was it my blood coursing through my body? I don't know because it was such a wonderful sound, I didn?t' care.

Then I felt the flick of her tongue on the head of my shaft. God, what a feeling. What a rush. Then she engulfed my hardness with her mouth and this time it was me who elevated off the blanket. It was grand as she continued to bob her head up and down as her fingers played with my now very bloated testicles.

She continued this action as my hands played in her hair. I couldn't actually see her face, but I could visualize what it looked like and it was a very impressive picture. I almost lost all control as I reluctantly made her stop, for I wanted the one thing we had never shared and I think she understood and smiled as she laid next to me.

I rolled over the top of her and again kneeled between her thighs, as my hands reached under her butt and pulled her panties off her.

With my manhood in my hand, I rubbed it's head up and down her flower slit, as she held my arms, in anticipation of what was to come.

I found that hot,wet orifice and entered her. slowly, at first,as she gasped, then with one good push, I was buried in total.

My god, she was very wet and hot and I could feel her clutching my shaft,actually milking it with her inner muscles.

We just lay there, not wanting to lose this special feeling we were sharing. I could feel my self trembling and she was quivering. It was intense. Very intense. And I knew I had to finish this, as it was something I had only dreamed about. Now all my dreams were coming true.

I began to slowly stroke back and forth, whispering my affection for her, as she raised to meet my every stroke. I could feel the wet heat between us,as I realized this was the culmination of not only a weekend, but of a love that would forever be sealed in our act.

As the intensity built, I knew there was no way I could hold back any longer and began to pump and stroke harder and faster. I could feel her body tighten in anticipation of what was to come.

And in that moment, my body exploded in Ecstasy, as my filled balls erupted,sending their hot load through my shaft, shooting deep into her. Spurt after copious spurt. Then I felt an rush of warmth from with in her as her juices began to flow and meet with mine, making a hot mixture of of orgasmic delight.

I roared as my body became depleted. I could only sense her being vocal, because my eyes were tightly closed as the blood rushed from my head, causing a crashing sound in my ears.

I could feel myself beginning to soften, yet continue to lurch in pulsating release.

I couldn't hold my self up any longer and collapsed on her trembling body.

The sound of the ocean mixed with our breathing,as we were both sated and spent.

As we slowly recovered, we gently kissed and held on to each other and tears began to sting the edges of my eyes. I was in bliss. I looked down into her eyes and they were tear-filled too,but we were both smiling. Then our smiles turned into giggles and laughter.

We knew we had shared a most wonderful moment in time and it would be ours forever,here in Landy's Room.

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