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The drive home was going to be a long and boring drive. I was all by myself and restless. I was constantly trying to find something interesting on the radio when I started noticing that the truck drivers would pay a lot of attention to me when I passed them. I thought they were bored too so I started flirting with them. Anything to pass the time. I pulled over to get a coke and fill up with gasoline and hopped back on the highway. I caught up again with one of the truckers who I had passed earlier and he waved and smiled at me. I flashed him a tittie just to see what he would do. He honked his horn and flashed his lights as I moved in front of him. I decided that this could really keep me busy on the drive home. I unzipped my shorts and ran my hand down them to feel my pussy. It was starting to wake up and get with the program! I slowed down and my buddy behind me moved over a lane so he was beside me. He strained to look over and see what I was doing. I briefly made eye contact with him trying hard to concentrate on driving. My finger was feeling pretty good on my clit and I decided to rub and explore a little further. I lifted my ass up and kicked out of my shorts. My pussy was really wet by this time and I slowly ran two fingers up and down my pussy, sometimes putting both fingers inside. She was all warm and wet. I moved the seat back a little and put my left leg up on the door. This gave me great access to my hot pussy. I was very into it and ready to make myself cum when I realized that the truck driver was still beside me. Whoo, what a show he was getting. I got a little nervous so I sped up and took off. I was hot and horny now and didn't know what to do so when I saw a sign up ahead for a rest area I pulled in. I knew that I had to finish what I had started. I also knew that rubbing my clit wasn't going to be enough for me so when I pulled into the rest stop I reached back and found my suitcase with my dildo in it. I pulled way in the back of the rest stop trying to find a good place out of view. I went back where only the trucks were supposed to go because I knew that they would hide me well. I laid the back seats down and slipped out of my bra so I could rub my nipples while I ran my dildo over and into my pussy. I came quick when I pinched my nipples a little and touched my clit with the vibrator. I wasn't anywhere near done though when there was a slight tap on my window. I grabbed a blanket and looked out to see my truck driver who had been right beside me for miles. I smiled and opened the door to see if there was anything I could do for him. He smiled and said that he had enjoyed watching me just then but that he knew that we could help each other out. He asked me to climb up into his cab where there was a nice soft bed with lots of room. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his jeans as he let me quickly dress and follow him to his truck. He opened the door for me and laid me back on the bed and undressed me. He went down on me without a word. He licked and sucked my wet pussy like a pro. I laid there and enjoyed the sound and feel of this stranger eating my pussy. I grabbed his head and pulled him tight on my pussy as I came with a vengeance. My pussy throbbed and pulsed wanting more. He gave me a little breather as he removed his clothes then he dove back down to my pussy and started eating me again. He ran his tongue all over my pussy lips and then drove his tongue up my cunt. He came back up to my clit and started teasing me. Driving me to the verge of Cumming and then slipping back down. I couldn't stand it anymore. I grabbed his head and held him there until I came again. I pushed him off and laid him out on his bed. I loved the sight of his hard cock waiting for me. I looked him in the eyes and slid my mouth up to his eager cock. I took the head in my mouth and ran my tongue over the tip. I watched him as he closed his eyes in total bliss. I wrapped my mouth over his dick and started sucking and licking him. He moaned and moved in sync with my mouth. I deep throated him and let him stay there for a few seconds. I looked up to meet his eyes and I knew by the look that he was enjoying every minute of it. I ran my tongue all the way down his throbbing cock and I licked his balls. I gently took each one into my mouth then went back to work on his shaft. I slid around on him, not taking my mouth off his dick and gave him my pussy to eat while I bobbed up and down on his dick. He slurped and licked my pussy like his life depended on it. He moaned that he was close to Cumming so I pulled his dick out of my mouth and I flipped over onto the bed. He laid there for a second too long and I begged him to put his big dick into my pussy. It was hot and wet and in need of a good fucking. He climbed on top and moaned as he entered my warm hot little pussy. He fucked me so hard that I'm sure the whole rig was moving. He thrusted and shoved his dick into me as far as he could and then he grabbed my legs and pulled them up to my ears. He was wild as he fucked me harder and harder. I came twice before he asked if I was ready for him to cum. I begged him to cum and I told him to pull out and shoot it in my mouth. He gladly obliged and in seconds he was shooting his hot cum in my willing mouth. What a load he had. I laid there spent and relaxed. As he was getting dressed and thanking me he told me that we had an audience out there. I didn't really care at that point. He said that there were two other truckers standing out by the door and did I want him to make them go away. I said that my pussy had been fucked royally but that if they needed a blow job I wouldn't mind at all. He let them know and I climbed out of his truck into my front drivers seat. I was hidden from everyone else at the road so I let the guys come up one at a time. I had them pull their hard dicks out and I leaned down and let them fuck my mouth. This one grabbed my head and did all the work. He pulled me onto his dick and I sucked him and licked him from top to bottom. He came in 5 minutes flat. He shot his wad all the down my throat. I hardly got a taste. He thanked me and made way for #3. He had a huge dick and I was worried about getting it all in my mouth. He let me lick and suck on the tip for a while then he wanted more. I had him lay down on the back seat so I could come around from the side and slip his dick down my throat. He loved this and bucked and bucked while I fucked him with my mouth. My pussy didn't know that it was supposed to be done so she was all worked up and wet. He reached down between my legs and begged me to put it in his face. I gladly straddled his face and let him eat me out. He wanted to finish in my mouth but I knew that I wanted this big dick in my pussy before it was over. I climbed up on his dick and dropped my pussy all the way down his shaft. He filled me up and I started fucking him like crazy. I fucked his dick til I thought it would break. He let me have the ride of my life and then he pulled me off just in time to watch his dick shoot cum all over. I licked and licked trying to get it all cleaned up. Wow, what a way to break up a drive. He got up and dressed and they were all waiting for me to say good bye and ask when I would be traveling their way again!! Who knows...after that I may have to make the trip more often!

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