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Jack and Connie...Part One (Their First Time Swinging...)

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I had been in a very abusive relationship when I met Jack, and him being 10 years younger was certainly no hindrance to the fact that I found him to be exciting, as well as my life mate. After moving in together for a year, we found ourselves wanting to be committed to one another and start a family together. Four years later, we are each other's best friends.

Through the many intimate moments, he had mentioned adding another person to our bed. Never being able to agree on any one particular person, we left it at the fantasy level. Once I got online, I met some that would appease both of us, but being a virgin when we met, Jack was very reluctant. He suffered somewhat of a sexual insecurity. Through the encouragement from me, and the looks from other women when we were out, he easily gained self-confidence.

One afternoon, about a month ago, he came home and found me online in a "couple's" room on Yahuno. He wasn't really happy, but said nothing. That night, after the kids in bed, we were eating our late night snack and he joined me at the computer as I chatted in the couples' room. Scrolling through the profiles, we teasingly judged whom we "would do" or "not."

Later the same evening in bed, I slid in beside him, my arms circling around his neck. Kissing him, I asked, "Do you ever think we will find someone?" Moaning my name, he simply replied, "If we do, I would want it to be with someone that we could be friends and go from there. We have to be discreet, Connie. We can't just fuck someone for the benefit of it."

I slid my gown up and over my shoulders, as I climbed on top of him. Jack grabbing at my breasts. Nibbling hungrily. Reaching down between us, I stroked him. He was so hard. I had come to adore that wonderful cock of his. I am not a Barbie doll type woman in any way. At 36, 5ft9 and 200+ lbs, I was still catching eyes and remarks from men. My auburn hair was touched in some parts with gray and Jack teased me shamefully about it.

"I love you," I said to him as I slid onto him. Reaching around me, he held on to my ass as I slid up and down, increasing the pressure my pussy was giving his cock, making us both slick with our juices. I can never get enough of him. When we make love, my husband always touches my G-spot and that just reinforces the fact that we were "made" for each other. It didn't take long before he grabbed me tighter and started pumping up into me. Screaming my name he came. Feeling him gush into me, I rode him harder until I climaxed. I collapsed on top of him.

"You're killing me", he laughed. I got up; searching for a wash cloth and lovingly cleaned him up. (Something that I have found so sexy. Just for him.)

Last week, I was in the couple's room when I got an IM from CPL4FUN2. His name was Randy, hers was Peyton. They lived about 45 minutes away from us. We instantly hit it off. He was very sexy without being a pervert. He was enjoyable to say the least. We exchanged pics and chatted for the rest of the afternoon. I teased Jack when he came in and told him I had something to show him when the kids went to bed. Needless to say, the kids were down and out by 9.

Jack's eyes were glued to the monitor as it pulled up a web page of a very attractive, normal, sexy couple. She was exactly what Jack would want in a fantasy woman. As Randy, was definitely mine. Jack looked at me with lust in his eyes and lovingly said, "Connie, tomorrow; you chat with Randy, and get him and his wife to set a chat date with us. I think we could be friends with them."

After shutting down the computer, and going to the bathroom, I found my wonderfully sexy husband waiting for me in bed. He grabbed at me, kissing my neck, with the days beard stubble tickling my neck. Chills were all over me. Pushing me down on the bed, he slid down to my feet, and began to trace circles on my calves. Trailing up my legs with his tongue, as he climbed up over my body on his hands and knees. Opening up my legs, giving him better access to me, I closed my eyes. Jack's tongue slid at my lips, opening me along with his fingers. My clit hid behind its hood. He teasingly coaxed my clit into hardness. His middle finger made its way into my pussy. His tongue and lips sucking and nibbling on my clit. My juices slowly building. Reaching down, my hands in his hair. He grabbed my hands and held them to the bed as he attacked my clit with wild abandon. My juices stirred as he held me prisoner to our king-size bed.

"I have to have you, please. Jack. Honey?" I begged.

"Not yet," he whispered.

I laid back and gave in.

Through the arduous attack on my pussy and clit, I could feel the tension mounting. My nipples were aching to be touched. They were rock hard and the cool air from the ceiling fan was doing nothing to help. I then felt him stop.

"Shhhhhhhhh," he whispered.

Sliding to me, on his knees, he lifted my legs. Each ankle on each of his shoulders, his arms wrapped around my legs as he slid his gloriously rock hard cock into me. Pumping into me. Hard and deep. Then withdrawing. Holding and waiting. My hands on my nipples. Pulling and stretching them, lifting each to my mouth in turn. I bit my nipples as he began to pound back into me. I was so close to cumming. I wanted to show him he had no mercy on me. I loved him and everything about him. I couldn't hold back anymore. I came hard. Clenching his cock with my pussy walls. Screaming his name, I bucked back at him. Encouraging him to climax. Matching him again stroke for stroke. He pumped me full one last hard deep thrust, cumming hard and deep into me.

Later, as we fell asleep, I could only thank God, for allowing me to have such a caring and loving husband that satisfied me in every way possible.

****one month later****

Jack and I pull into the restaurant earlier than planned. We were meeting our fantasy couple for the first time. Peyton and Randy had chatted with us several times online and exchanged pictures. We even had exchanged phone numbers and talked. We really hit it off. I was nervous. What if I was not what Randy was wanting. What if he found me to be fat and ugly and old. Jack leaned over, kissed me, and said, "Hon, I think you are the sexiest and best looking woman there is. If we don't hit it off with Peyton and Randy, and I do think we will, the worst part would be that we have a nice and relaxing dinner with some new friends." Kissing him, I realized he was right. He was nervous too, but he was calming me down. He always knew how and what to say.

At 6:55 we walked into the restaurant and Jack told the Waitress we had a reservation for 4 in the name of Belle and The Mr. Hearing someone behind us, I turned and there they were. Randy and Peyton. Randy was a little taller than me. Dressed in slacks and a golf shirt. Peyton was pretty. Blond. Just a vision of beauty. I looked to see if Jack was drooling.

"Hi you two, we just got here," Jack said and smiled.

They both smiled back. Randy hugged me and Peyton hugged Jack. Anyone seeing us would have thought we were old friends meeting for a pleasurable dinner and not on a date...LOL.

The waitress cleared her throat as if she was annoyed at the long hellos. Clearing her throat, "follow me, please."

Peyton and Randy were easy to talk to. At our table we covered current events, sports teams, hobbies, local politics, theology, philosophy and almost any other subject under the sun. They both were very well read and had definite opinions on issues that mattered. We had an absolutely wonderful dinner.

We then decided to head our little party to a club in the city known for its ambiance and classy jazz. Randy and Peyton offered to drive and us ride with them. Leaving our car in the restaurant parking lot, we agreed. As Randy walked to the passenger back door, Peyton slid in and looked at Jack as if to join her. He laughed and said "Oh...well...ok," giving me a look as if searching for approval. I nodded yes as I slid in next to Randy in the front seat.

On the drive to the club, we once again chatted about different subjects and people online that we all had met. Peyton was articulate and funny. Capturing Jack's attention with every word. I had no problem focusing on Randy. As we approached the club, Randy's arm went across the back of the car seat barely touching my shoulder. Jack taking the cue, as if a teenager again on a double date, did the same with Peyton.

Looking back, Randy saw Peyton slide her hand onto Jack's leg. He leaned over and whispered into my ear, "I think our significant others are hitting it off." Glancing back, I saw Jack and Peyton lean in for that first kiss. My heart jumped. Not in a jealous rage. Simply, my husband was getting to live out a fantasy.

Randy pulled me closer. My hand resting on his thigh. My head on his shoulder. He leaned over, planting his lips slowly against my forehead. "I can't wait to get you all alone to myself," he whispered.

"So, you aren't disappointed?" I asked shyly.

"NO! And why would I be", he asked.

"I don't know, just insecure I guess" I replied.

Pulling into the club some 15 minutes later, Randy shut off the car. Leaning towards me, his lips lightly brushing mine. Taking my upper lip between his, gently pulling. Then the lower. His arm encasing me. Pulling me to him. Our lips parting. Catching my breath, I waited for him to touch his tongue to mine. My hand encircling his neck, pulling him to me. The kiss seemed to last for days...but in reality, just seconds. Parting was such sweet coin an old phrase.

Getting out of the car; the guys opened our doors. Peyton and I got out and stood there not believing that we had just let our husbands kiss another woman.

We giggled.

The club was large, tables and chairs in sets of 2 and 4 decorated the room along the outline of the dance floor. A small band played a slow swing jazz number. Several couples were on the dance floor. We spotted a table and sat down. I excused myself and went to the restroom. Peyton followed.

"Peyton, I can't tell you how much I am enjoying getting to know you and Randy," I said as I dabbed at my makeup in the large mirror above the lavatories.

"Me, too, Connie. I really like you guys. Jack is such a comic. He really is a sweetie."

"Thanks, he IS the love of my life. This is a fantasy come true for both of us."

After rechecking and smoothing out textures and lines, we headed back to the guys. Upon our arrival, both got up as Peyton and I sat down.

"So, what would you ladies like tonight?", the waiter asked.

We ordered our drinks and settled in for some nice chat and enjoyable jazz entertainment. We were seated against a wall and could see the other patrons from our table.

Peyton being the dancer in the group looked over at Jack as if to ask, but being the lady, she waited for him to ask.

Randy and I followed.

Sliding his hand around my waist, my hand in his, we slowly danced to a smooth and intimate Miles Davis tune.

"So, I finally have you where I want you." He said.

"Yes, it looks that way," I teasingly answered.

Lowering his mouth to my ear, Randy whispered how badly he wanted to sneak off to a corner with me and make out like a bunch of hot-blooded teenagers.

"What's stopping you?" I asked.

Leaning away and looking into my eyes, teasingly. "My God, you are a wild woman, aren't you!"

Resuming our dance, Randy and I kissed shamelessly as we held each other tightly. Glancing over at Jack and Peyton, I could see that they were also in a world of their own.

Several dances later, Randy whispered into my ear during an exceptionally sexy slow number by a local artist, "I have a confession to make and I am not sure how you are going to react."

"Well it couldn't be all that bad. Hmmm, lets held up a bank and need a place to stash the cash?"

"No, silly," laughingly he replied, "We did something that we assumed you guys might like."

Now it was my turn to lean back and look at him. "What could you have done?"

Smiling, Randy reached into his pocket and slid something about the size of a business card into my hand. Feeling the warm plastic, I could only assume it was a Hotel key. I looked into my hand and read ROOM #502. 5/02 was the date of the day that we all had started chatting.

We then danced our way over to Jack and Peyton. Swapping back to our spouses, Jack instantly placed his lips on mine. His kisses were like home. Comfortable and sexy at the same time. Jacks shoulder felt good as I laid my head against him.

"Honey. Did you know that Randy and Peyton have a hotel room across the street?"


"Do you feel comfortable with that, I mean, this is the first night that we all have met and..." Holding my face in his hands, his lips crushed mine as I tried to complete the sentence. My hands reached up behind his neck and locked. His hands slid down to my ass, brushing against my nipples on the way. Pulling me up into him, his cock rigid under his slacks. I could tell that he was as turned on as I was, and not wanting to waste the night arguing morals. We stayed that way for the endurance of the song that was playing. One mind, one body, one soul.

I don't remember how we got across the street, other than Randy and Peyton almost wrecked the car as they swung into the Hotel parking lot. I think they were as nervous as we were. My hands were sweaty, my heart was beating, and I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was worried about how things would enfold. Would we start out with our own spouse? Then swap? Or just how would we do THIS?

We rode up in the elevator with small chitchat about the jazz cafe. All of us having picked a favorite from the night. Reaching the 5th floor, Randy and Peyton lead the way to Room 502. Instead of standing near 502, Peyton went on to Room 504. "We got adjoining rooms, if that's ok with you two?"

Jack and I exchanged looks of amazement at the insightfulness of our new friends. They had this figured out better than we had dreamed of. OR, they had done this before. Probably a bit of both.

Smiling, Jack turned to me. "Connie, I love you honey. If there is any time to turn back it's now."

"Baby, oh, I love you too, and I want this. I want this fantasy as much as you do."

His hands holding mine at chest level, fingers intertwined, his tongue teasing and loving mine. Looking into my eyes, seeing my soul the way he has always been able to, he knew I would go through with this.

Turning to Randy, "Randy my man, she is all yours. Be careful and take good care of my baby. She's all I got." With that, Randy opened the door to the suite and led me in.

My legs were jittery and nervous. Randy locked the door, and switched the lights to low. Turning on the radio, he walked to me.

"I have you all to myself. Just you and me. We have all night for just you and me." His fingertips under my chin. His lips barely were touching mine. His eyes open. His breath hot on mine. My hands dangling at my sides. Then his mouth opened. His tongue gently teasing my lips. Sliding in, dancing and playing with my tongue. I heard whimpers and realized they were my own. My hands reached up and landed on his wrists for balance.

His lips then went to my neck...teasing. Nipping. His fingers running up my arms...sliding back down. Then to my back. Rubbing gently. Massaging. His fingers then slid around to my blouse. As each button slipped through its hole, he placed a small nipping kiss. Taking my left hand in his hands, he unbuttoned the sleeve, placing a kiss also on my wrist as the button slipped open. Then my right hand. Sliding my blouse off my shoulder, he placed kisses on shoulders, then my arms. Then his lips went to the V of my neck. His lips sliding down to the valley between my breasts just atop my bra. His hands on either side of my bra, slowly pushing the sides together. Holding me in place. Taking in my scent.

Turning me around, he slid his arms around my waist and placed his chin on my shoulder, as we slow danced to the music on the radio. I daringly placed his hands on my bra-covered breasts. Even though my nipples were rock hard, they went to cement at his touch. Kissing my back. His fingers slid to the zipper of my skirt.

"Connie, I want you so badly."

And with those words, he slid my skirt over my hips and down to the floor. Kissing and tonguing the back of my legs through the garter and stockings that remained. Reaching up, he slid down my panties, placing a kiss on the back of each leg.

Standing up, Randy once again slid his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck. Turning me around again, he kissed my lips as he pulled me closer to the bed. Pulling his shirt over his head, kissing my lips as he unbuckled his slacks, and wiggled out of them. He fell to the bed with me atop him. Laughing, he kissed me harder. Jack has always found a way to be sexy and funny in bed. Humor always makes a way for us to be comfortable. Randy's laughter was more of an amusement more than a familiarity.

Rolling me to my back, Jack reached down, slowly and methodically he slid to my legs and opened them up. His fingers were feather light as he fingered my pussy. Opening me wide and open to the cool air in the room. My juices were already running out to him. His lips upon my clit, sucking the hood. My clit was hardening under his touch. Looking up at me, Randy smiled as he began to bite my clit gently, then harder. Oh my God, he was driving me wild! He knew what he was doing and doing very well. I began to undulate my hips back at him. Every time he licked, I thrust my pussy at him. Every time he probed his fingers into me, I thrust again at him. He had me bucking and thrusting as if this were the first time I had ever had my pussy attacked. Gripping the sheets, I began the bump and grind of a thousand tongues on my clit. I climaxed and gushed cum. Screaming, "Raaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndyyyyy!!!!!!"

"That's it Connie, cum for me baby, I want to taste that delicious juice."

As I begin to come back to reality, Randy slid up to me and began to kiss me. Holding me. His lips on my neck.

"Taste you," he whispered.

Greedily I lapped at his lips. I had tasted me a thousand times. This time was unlike the others. This time was from a stranger.

Randy then began to kiss my nipples, biting them through my bra. Teasing me. Nipping at my collarbone. Then sliding his mouth to the front clasp unhooked me. His hands were immediately on my breasts. The weight, warm and full in his hands. His head lowered to my nipples. Sucking. Nipping. Biting.

"Close your eyes." He commanded.

I felt the bed shift. I heard clothing rustle. I peaked. He was removing his underwear. Then he got back on the bed, next to me. His breath hot on my nipples again. Fingering my pussy lips, he relaxed me.

Reaching over to the nightstand, he grabbed a condom. Wrestling with it, he couldn't open it. Taking the condom from him, laughing, I ripped it open with my teeth. I placed the condom on his cock and as I kissed him, I unrolled the condom down the long steady rock hard length of his cock.

I felt the foil sticking me in the butt. Grabbing the foil I rolled onto my side as I pitched it towards the nightstand. With that move, Randy immediately was behind me, kissing my neck again. Rolling my nipples through his fingers. Biting at my ears. His fingers slid down to my pussy. Opening my legs. My outer leg raised over his. His cock at, my pussy lips, from behind me. He eased his cock to my pussy. Pushing back against him, I slid onto his cock. OOOOOOHHHHH he filled me up so nicely. We started a nice slow steady pace. Me against him. Him into me. My hand on top of his that was against my clit and pussy. Nice warm wet mixture of pussy, fingers, and cock. Our rhythm increasing. Deeper and harder he pumped into me. I pushed against him. Rubbing my clit furiously. Harder. My head thrown back. Randy encouraging me to cum. Screaming my name, Randy pumped his hot thick wet cum into my already wet and drenched pussy. "Connnnnnnnnnnnnieeeeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhh baabbbbbbbbbbby Im therrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre! Cum with me love, cuuuuuuuummmmmmm With those words, I climaxed against the restraints of fingers and cock.

I hissed in a growl "Raaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnndddddddddyyyyy!!!"

We both collapsed on the bed, sticky, wet, and satisfied.

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