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Jack and Connie, Part Two (The story continues of a couples first time swinging).

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I glanced over at Connie dancing with Randy. My sexy wife dancing with another man. Me holding his wife as close as he was holding mine. Randy's wife, Peyton, was a knockout natural blonde. She was about 5 1/2 feet tall, which was a good foot shorter than me. My black hair and hazel eyes contrasted her husbands blonde hair and brown eyes. Peyton's green eyes glistened when she laughed at my corny jokes. I was very lucky! Yes, sir, lucky indeed!

My cock was rock hard as I thought about the kiss we shared in the back of their car on the way to the club. Connie sitting so close to Randy up front was just an affirmation. One that told me that Connie and I should have this little adventure.

Peyton laughed as I told her about our nervousness.

"Don't worry, Jack, we don't bite. Unless you want us to."

Smiling back at her, I teased, "And what if I do want you to?"

Peyton giggled and reached for my hand. "Silly man."

Leaning over, I whispered into her ear, "what if I wanted to kiss you?"

Turning her face to mine, she smiled. My lips gently brushed her lips. Her lips were soft and sensual. I got hard right there in the car thinking how I would like her sexy mouth wrapped around the head of my cock. Reaching over I caressed her arm. Peyton responded to the kiss and caresses with quiet little moans. My tongue traced her lips. Teased. My right hand slid to cup the underside of her left breast. She didn't slap my hand away so I took the green light after a few more minutes of kissing.

My thumb searched the material of her blouse for the apex of her bra. Finding her center, I didn't have to search very hard or long for her nipple. It was rock hard and stuck out like a sore thumb. I stroked her stony nipple through her blouse as I teased her tongue more arduously with my own. Her hand on my leg crawled upwards as our kiss deepened. Leaning back against the seat, she took the attack my mouth was having on her lips with a generous welcome. She stroked my cock through my slacks.

I pulled back, smiled and kissed the base of her neck near her throat. Whispering, "You are a very skilled kisser."

Giggling, she responded, "I have other skills too."

"Penny for your thoughts."

Coming back to the present, I gazed down at the woman in my arms. Not my wife, but definitely my fantasy.

"Sorry, that was rude of me. Besides, you don't look like you are carrying enough pennies for the thoughts I was having..."

Cocking her head to the side, she smiled coyly, and replied, "Oh just don't try to figure me out so quickly. I am full of surprises."

Sliding my hand down to her ass, nonchalantly, I pulled her up against my erection, her legs straddling mine. "So am I."

With a wicked little grin, she reminded me that we had a fantasy awaiting across the street. Leading her in a Fred Astaire move, we danced as Randy and Connie came right up next to us.

Damn! Connie was so sexy and at 5ft9, auburn hair and hazel eyes, she still got me hard every time I looked at her. There were many times when her weight bothered her but I reminded her constantly that she had curves that spoke volumes to me. Like I said earlier, I was a lucky man indeed!

My wife stepped close into my arms as I instantly placed my lips on hers. She then laid her head on my shoulder as I pulled her closer.

"Honey. Did you know that Randy and Peyton have a hotel room across the street?"


"Do you feel comfortable with that, I mean, this is the first night that we all have met and..." Holding her face in my hands, my lips crushed hers as she tried to complete the sentence. Her hands reached up behind my neck and locked. My hands slid down to her ass, brushing against her nipples on the way. Pulling her up into me, my cock rigid under my slacks. We kissed the duration of the song.

I could tell Connie was nervous. Sweaty hands and chilled arms. I held her close as the four of us rode up in the elevator. As we reached the 5th floor, Randy and Peyton led the way to Room 502. Instead of standing near 502, Peyton went on to Room 504. "We got adjoining rooms, if that's ok with you two?"

I exchanged looks of amazement with Connie at the insightfulness of our new friends. They had this figured out better than we had dreamed of. OR, they had done this before. Probably a bit of both.

Smiling, I turned to my sexy wife. "Connie, I love you honey. If there is any time to turn back it's now."

"Baby, oh, I love you too, and I want this. I want this fantasy as much as you do," she replied to me almost crooning.

My hands holding hers at chest level, fingers intertwined, my tongue teasing and loving hers. Looking into her eyes, seeing her soul the way I have always been able to, I knew she would go through with this.

Turning to Randy, "Randy my man, she is all yours. Be careful and take good care of my baby. She's all I got." I entrusted my wife to Randy and walked the 6 feet over to Peyton, who was holding the hotel key out to me.

I never heard the door to 502 close. All I could concentrate on was the fact that Peyton had already stripped down to her underwear by the time I closed the door to 504. Her ?underwear? consisted of a bustier, garter and stockings, and a thong panty, all in my favorite color, blue. I had died and gone to Heaven.

I held out my arms and Peyton slid into them. Lifting her chin with my fingertips, my lips brushed against the satin of hers. Her delicate and tiny fingers slid up over my nipples. Teasing. Pinching. My tongue wrestling with hers. Her perfume rising into my nostrils. My cock getting harder as I pulled her into me.

Picking her up, I walked her over to the full length patio door. She slid down out of my arms, and turned to the plate glass. The view of the city below us was stupendous. The moon high and bright. The stars shining as if they were about to explode. Standing behind her, I bent my lips to her neck. Gently nibbling. Kissing. My hands went around her waist. She nestled back against me.

?Shhh,? taking each of her hands I placed them on the glass door. Kneeling behind Peyton, I begin kissing the backs of her legs.

?Oh, Jack!?

Peyton was trembling as I rose up again behind her and begin to tease her nipples. Lifting her breasts so that her nipples were naked and bare above the bustier. Because she let me be in total control, I was beginning to think she was into the Dom/sub thing. Which was something I had wanted to try with Connie, but never had the nerve to tell her that I had been reading up on submissives and their Doms. Peyton?s nipples were small and erect, like tiny pebbles. Her head was thrown back, and she was moaning as my fingers rolled and stretched the tiny stony points even to further hardness. Kissing down her spine, I found her ass just begging to be licked and kissed. Bathing her cheeks with my tongue, I placed my hands on the inside of her legs, pushing outward. She understood and moved her feet apart on the carpeted floor.

My fingers trailed down her tummy, my nails grazing her delicately smooth jasper skin. Taking the strings of her thong panties in my fingers, I slowly slid them down and left them at her ankles. She was trapped. My hands went straight back to her ass. I opened her ass cheeks apart and ran my tongue along her slit. Then back up again. Burying my face against her pussy, I could taste the sweetness of her womanhood. She was definitely sweet. My tongue teasing the fleshy folds. Finding her clit, I lapped at it with my tongue, back and forth dancing on the hood. Peyton?s legs were trembling and she was beginning to loosen up and moan slightly louder.

?That?s it. Cum for me baby, cum for me.? Only touching her pussy with my tongue, lips, and mouth, I guided Peyton over the edge. My cock was rock hard, and oozing with pre-cum on the head. I could easily say that I fucked her pussy with my tongue. But that would have been putting it mildly. My tongue devoured her as if she were my last meal. Her juices coated my tongue and lips. Every lap, every lick, every taste, made me want to dive in her pussy deeper and harder than I had before. Her pussy sucked me in like a vacuum. I could hardly breathe, but not touching her pussy was pain and torture. Her pussy began to contract and knowing that Connie?s pussy does this right as the orgasm is starting, I dove in harder. Her screams encouraged me to suck and lick as hard and deep as I could. Peyton began banging her fists against the pain of the glass door. Her nipples rock hard and up against the glass. I would love to have been on the other side of that glass door, seeing Peyton cum hard as I ravaged her sweet pink pussy.

Standing up, I wrapped my arms around her as she came down. I slowly turned her around. Her face in my hands, I kissed her gently. She tasted her self through my kisses. My cock straining against my slacks, poking her belly.

With my shoe on her panties, Peyton stepped out of them as I led her to the bed. Sliding my shirt off over my head, I then threw it to a nearby chair. Peyton?s fingernails raking my nipples hard. My cock felt as though it would burst. The frenzied heat was extremely high in the hotel room as Peyton was undressing me. The tip of my cock was beginning to drip. Peyton was kissing me, hard. Wet. Sloppy. I was eating her kisses like candy. Pulling me down on her as she fell to the bed. Landing on my hands and knees, her delicate and small body beneath mine. My mouth was on her neck. She smelled like hot sweaty magnolias. Trailing my lips to her hers. Her tongue hot and wet. Her hands running up and down my sides, to my nipples, to my shoulders. Her touch hot and electric. I rolled to my back and pulled her on top of me. Her legs straddling my hips. I rose up to her. My arms wrapped up and around her as my mouth found her nipples. Her hands playing in my hair. Throwing her head back, she begin to grind her pussy against my cock that was pressed down to my abdomen. Her pussy was bald and slick with her juices. The sliding back and forth was more than I could handle. My mouth found hers.

?Oh my God, Peyton. I want you now!?

Reaching up to her bustier, I untied the first ribbon, the rest we untied together. Smiling at me, Peyton raised up and allowed my cock at her pussy entrance. My hands curled up and over the back of her shoulders. In one easy and guided thrust, I was in her. Her pussy was like heaven. My cock is a good 7 inches long and maybe on a good day 3 inches in circumference, her pussy was like a custom made glove. She gripped my cock each time I thrust up into her. I knew Connie practiced Kegels, and from the vise-like grip, I was pretty sure Peyton did too. My hands slid back around to her nipples. My thumbs and fore-fingers found both of her nipples and begin to pinch and pull.

Smiling down at me, she closed her eyes as she begin to rotate her pussy against my cock. I grabbed her knees and begin to thrust up harder. She bounced up and down on me. Her nipples swelled more as she reached down and begin to rub her clit as I fucked her.

?Not yet, lover,? I commanded as I rolled her and me both over.

?Turn over, please.?

Peyton then got on her hands and knees. Looking back at me, she smiled. I slid up behind her and begin to rub her clit from under her. Then my hands found their spot holding her hips, as I slid into her. Her pussy felt so good. Nice and tightly fitting around my cock. I begin to slide in and out of her, increasing the tempo. I couldn?t hold back. My testicles banged against her clit each time I stroked into her. She thrust her ass back at me.

I looked down at her. Her pussy taking my cock without any resistance. We were rocking the mattress loud and hard. I am not sure if Randy and Connie could hear us. But at this point, I really didn?t care. Peyton reached down and rubbed her clit with one hand and playing with my cock and her pussy with the other. Her face turned and buried against the pillow.

I took my chances and lightly spanked my palm against her fleshy ash.


?Like that??

?Uh huh?

?Want me to stop??

?NO!! Please!! More!!?

With each thrust, I spanked her ass. Not hard, but enough that she felt it separate from my thrusts. The spanking was really turning me on. Not that the pain was a on turn on, but the fact that Peyton was screaming my name with each spank.

I felt the cum rising to my balls. I stopped spanking and begin to fuck her with every muscle in my body. Rubbing her clit frantically, she was sure to explode with me. I fucked her harder and deeper. Not sure how much more she could take. Her face against the pillow, she was biting the pillow as she rubbed. Each of us lost in the moment, concentrating on orgasms. I pulled out just as I came. Spewing semen all over her naked ass and back. The hot cum on her back, threw her over the edge. She screamed my name as she came.

Reaching to nightstand beside the bed, I grabbed a hand towel and wiped her back off.

I then slid behind her, wrapping my arms around her. Kissing her neck, I slid off into a light slumber. The fantasy was asleep before me. A smile danced on both of our faces.

I woke to the sound of running water. Not feeling anyone in the bed with me, I instantly knew Peyton was up. I threw back the covers, and was about to get out of the bed, but I stopped when I saw her.

The water was hot and steamy. I could see the outline of her body through the glass door. The shower door was completely see-through except for six 3/4 inch opaque lines running across the middle of the door. She took the soap in her small hands and worked up a lather. Starting at her neck, with her head thrown back, she rubbed gently working the soap into her skin. Then down to her arms, back and forth, her eyes closed.

My cock sprang up. I was getting the bird?s eye view.

Peyton was now scrubbing her nipples. The water dancing down on her breasts. Suds and water intermingled. Her right hand trailed down her belly, straight to her pussy lips.

Oh My God! She was going to masturbate right before my eyes. My hand went straight to my cock. Fingers encircling the base with one hand and the other hand holding and weighing my nut sac.

Her back was against the wall of the shower. One leg up on the side of the shower base. Her fingers were sliding open her pussy lips. Her pussy lips were encased with soap. She semi-squatted and reached down, trailing her fingers to her ass.

I stroked my cock in agony as the vision unfolded before my very eyes. This was better than any video Connie and I had ever watched together.

Peyton was rubbing her pussy and ass with one hand. Spending more time on her clit than the two holes. Her left hand was pulling and pinching at her nipples. Rubbing harder, she moaned.

My cock jumped. I love hearing a woman moan. The sounds of excitement and pleasure always have urged my cock to even further hardness.

Peyton was rubbing furiously now. Her middle finger made its way into her ass. She cried out.

My nuts tightened and I could feel the cum rising. I had never been so close to cumming. I was now up on my knees on the bed.

Her nipples looked blood red. The soapy suds could not hide the fact that she was on fire.

I stroked harder. I was so close. Would I cry out? Would I moan?

Peyton then turned her head to the door way, looked me straight in the eye and came.

I shot hot fluid into my waiting hand.

She knew I was watching her. She beckoned me to her. I got off the bed and walked to her. She opened the shower door, and I stepped in over the threshold.

She took my hand and smeared my cum on her nipples. Her delicate and tiny hands rubbing my seed into her jasper skin. I pulled her to me and kissed her. I could feel the slimy goo between us. I had never been able to immediately regain my hardness, but I knew if I kissed her long enough, I might be able.

Peyton reached down and stroked me. I guided her body under the shower to rinse the soap and my cum of our bodies. Then I lowered my head and sucked her dainty nipple into my mouth. Biting gently, I pulled her nipple with my teeth. She moaned. Her fingers pulling at my cock. Stroking. Teasing. Touching.

Fully erect and ready for more adventure, my cock strained to be in Peyton. Placing her gently, yet firmly against the shower wall, I grasped her butt in my hands. She squirmed against me as I hoisted her legs around my waist. Holding on to me, Peyton slid onto my raging cock. Thrusting up into her, I could feel once again that glorious pussy squeezing my cock.

Harder and harder I thrust up into her. Her hands wrapped around my neck, her head was thrown back. I leaned forward and began to bite her nipples. Harder than I had been biting. She looked down at me. I thought she would stop me, but her eyes just goaded me on. Thrusting and biting. Each time more firmly than the time before. Her clit rubbing against the shaft of my cock.

?Jack, baby, you can?t come in me. We don?t have any thing here in the shower with us.?

My cock went soft as I realized that we had to get out of the shower and find the damn package of condoms.

?Stay right here.?

Cussing under my breath, I walked out of the bathroom. Finding the package on the nightstand, I began to tear into the box. Damn it!

Just at that very moment, I felt Peyton?s lips on my back. She trailed her lips around to my stomach.

Looking up at me, she knelt on the floor, and slipped her fingers around my semi-soft cock. Sliding the tip into her mouth, she began to suck. My cock fought against the restraints of her mouth as it reached full erection. With one hand wrapped around the base, Peyton began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Wet. Suction.

I dropped the condom box to the floor, and grabbed the back of Peyton?s head. Holding her firmly still, I began to fuck her mouth. Her grip tightened. My cock was wet with her saliva. Sliding in and out was so easy for my cock.

I watched as Peyton?s fingers of her other hand reached down to her pussy and begin to rub her clit. Eyes closed and moaning.

My tempo increasing. Rhythm perfect and mechanical. My cum at the very edge of exploding through my shaft into her mouth. I gripped her head harder.

Her hand slid up and around the back of my thighs, grazing. Squeezing my ass cheeks. Her wet, juicy, middle finger found my anus.


She slid her finger into my ass. Finding my prostate, she stroked and flicked.

I came so hard. My cock leaped forward, with me in tow, into her mouth. I shot a hard stream of cum down her throat. Then smaller spurts. Emptying my load into her mouth.

I collapsed on the bed after pulling out of her mouth.

?You have never had a woman to finger your ass have you?? She asked.

?That was a first for me!?

?Did you like it?? Damn, she had no inhibitions.

?What do you think??

We both laughed.

Getting up on the bed beside along side of me, she rested on one elbow.

?So, lover, how did you enjoy your first time with someone else?s wife??

I grabbed her and kissed her hard. That was my answer. My thoughts ran to the other room. Wondering if my sexy wife was enjoying herself.

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