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It Just Happened....

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This did happen. I did not plan this.

We just moved in our new house in Connecticut. My husband and I loved it, 5 acres and pool and sauna. The house was in the middle of the land and the houses were spaced so there was privacy. Our dream. My high school friend Kathy was just down the road.

And we were together all the time, shopping, etc. My hubby job requires that he travel alot.

Sucks big time, but it pays for the expenses. One summer evening I called Kathy, told her my hubby was on the road again for two weeks. She came over and sat by the pool and we had drinks and shared our erotic fantasys. Her bathing suit was a one piece with a deep v neck and no back. Her breasts bulged out the sides. It was a nasty seductive swim suit not meant for the beach.

After a few drinks we were ready for the sauna. The sauna is relaxing.

After 20 minutes Kathy took warm water and poured it over me. The stream found its way down my belly and under my bikini bottoms and between my pussy lips. Damn that felt good.

We played around teasing each other, grabbing, kissing, fondling. I then took off my bikini and exposed my bulging thick pubic hair. Kathy was amazed how much of a mound there was.

I never did shave I told Kathy.

She quiclky removed her one piece swim suit and opened her legs to me and showing off her shaved labia.

Not a bit of hair betwen her legs and her ass. The hot steamy sauna made her sweat and her pussy glisened. She ran her hands over her soft body, between her inviting thighs and around her 40D breasts.

I told her this is getting me too horny and my husband wasn't home to take care of me. Kathy told me not to worry.

She called from her cell phone and invited 2 guy friends up here. I put up a stink because I didn't know them.

Before they came I quickly put on my bathing suit. Kathy didn't, she ran to the pool, holding her large breasts, to cool off.

I followed and swam with her until the guys stopped by. What do you know of them.

They were already dressed in bathing trunks but one guy stood out more than the other.

He was bulging out under his trunks. Kathy said that Mike is not even hard. My amazed eyes spoke to Kathy and she smiled. You ought to have a taste of it she said. I must have had a look on my face, Kathy told me to relax.

Mike and Jim joined us for a short swim and then we all went to back to the sauna.

They were gentlemen and we had a great time just talking and drinking.

The drinks were making us all tipsy, but I held my own. I was crazy to allow strange men in the house, men in the sauna with us even if Kathy knew them.

Kathy was naked and me, well my bathing suit was so damn sheer being wet. My mound pushed out.

I can even see my nipples thru my wet suit. Jim commented that my pubic hair was coming out the sides of my bikini bottom.

He wanted to see more of it. I smiled and said no. Mike and kathy headed back to the pool and Jim was in here to tease me more about my mound of hair. He said he never has seen a woman with hair between their thighs. I smiled and pulled aside my bikini exposing my full bushy dark mound. The hair covered all my pussy and ran to my ass. I asked him if he liked it and he reached over to touch me between my legs. I pulled back, thinking to myself, I am married and I can't let him touch me. Looking out the sauna window Kathy was kissing Mike.

They were both laying nude on a blanket and had her legs wrapped around his waist rocking him. The site of that made me honier than ever.

Mike pulled away from her and his cock and testicles were huge. Damn I wonder what it would feel like inside cumming.

Mike was built like a Great Dane.

It stood out straight and throbbed with his heart beat. Kathy reached out and grabbed its head and guided it between her shaved thighs. In no time kathy was again strapped around this guy and giving him a wild ride.

The sight of it made me wet.

He ass spread apart as Mike fuck her hard. Her pussy lips stretched around his massive rod. At times he would pull out showing her vagina gaping wide open and not closing, then sending that cock back in.

Jim was at my side watching Kathy and Mike for the longest time until Mike pulled out shooting cum up to her breasts.

I wonder what that first ejaculation felt like inside her..mmmm. It must have reached all the way up.

Kathy stroked him intensly spilling the remainder of cum in her belly button. I wonder if her husband cums hard like that.

Mike told Kathy he pulled out just in time. Her face had a look of relief after he said that. I could see her rubbbing the puddle of cum on her belly but none between her pussy lips. She looked up at me and smiled. She then took his cock between her breasts and let him fuck her there. Her vagina was still wide open from mike's cock.

Startled, I bumped into Jim and felt his hardness under his bathing suit. He too was turned on watching Kathy.

He commented on her breasts moving with each of Mikes rythmatic thrusts. Jim told me that Mike loves Kathy's soft body and breasts and how her pussy gets sloopy wet. Mike tells me that she is a wild fuck and loves it when she gets fucked by more than one guy. Her pussy then gets loose.

Jim then gently pulled me closer and I didn't resist. His lips quiclky were nibbling mine and felt his hands on my soft ass pulling my mound against his cock. I felt my pussy lips part under my bikini bottom.

I didn't think a little playing like this around would do any harm or lead to anything so I'll let him enjoy.

My sexual passions were building not having my hubby around.

The teasing and playing continued for a while then I untied my bottoms one string at a time, thinking yes or no, and then I pulled his bathing suit off. Our genitles were exposed and got me hotter. I brushed over his cock with my hairy pussy and it throbbed and pierced my genitles a little.

Jim untied the top and my breasts fell between us. The sauna was hot and our wet exposed salty bodies melted together.

Standing, we moved our bodies over each other, teasing, rubbing , having fun. I told Jim that I wanted to have some excitement and this teasing felt so so good, and as long as we don't get carried away like Kathy and Mike it will be ok.

The head of his cock pressed between my pussy lips. His cock throbbed with his heartbeat just like Mikes that excited my clit and made we weak between my thighs.

In the background I could hear Kathy and Mike heating up their lovemaking again.

I was wonderinng what Mikes cock felt like inside her. I reached around Jim and held him closer to me.

Our hearts were pounding as my soft breasts were rubbing his chest and I moved my hairy pussy over his shaved cock and balls.

I let the head in a little and remembered that he didn't have a condom on, I guess as long a he doesn't cum I'm ok.

Instint tells me that I shouldn't be doing this, but I kept thinking of Mike and Kathy, especially Kathy's open vagina fucked by Mike.

I played with Jim's cock between my pussy lips longer and longer teasing him with my warm pussy juices. His testiles were as large as Mikes and I squeezed them and made Jim moan. His kisses and rubbing my ass made me lossen up more and more. I felt comfortable with this stranger so intimately close to me.

His tongue was buried in my ear, nibbling and sucking my neck, biting and soft kissing me. I let down my guard and got weak from all this foundling.

I quickly put a towel down on the hot sauna bence and layed down. Knees raised I slowly spread my legs wide to expose my inner thighs to Jim.

I'm inviting him closer, do I want this.

I guided his hands over my wet body, moving him over my hairy pussy. His fingers moved from my asshole to my pussy letting him enjoy his advances between my legs. Deep down I wanted him to get even closer. He rubbed the hair between my thighs kissing my clit licking between my open pussy.

I was loosing my inhibitions a little at a time. His tongue probed me as his hands lifted my body up under my ass.

His face moved over my hair getting me excited. No one has teased me like his is now. Jim moved from my open pussy licking up my belly making me quiver. His lips sucking my nipples like a baby would. He was pushing my buttons.

I let him nibble my neck biting allowing this man to leave marks. His cock dangled over my pussy and his cock head rubbed over my gash.

He was getting closer to my inner nest, I still had thoughts of stopping and thoughts of him deep inside.

I closed my legs tight capturing it for a while squizing it. He told me to stop because that would make him cum.

The excitement for him was getting him ready to cum so I stopped playing with his manhood. I let him explore my body in any crevas he wanted. My eyes were still on his cock.

That large head looked inviting to fuck but was hesitant to have him penetrate my pussy further without protection and didn't want a strange cock in me without a condom. My body's mideval instints wants him in me, not holding back his own bodies mating instints.

I reached up and played with his scrotum. Precum oozed from the tip of his throbbing manhood. The shaft was red and hot from me playing with it and from being in the sauna. I pulled it closer to me, moved the head up and down my gash parting the lips and spreading the his bubbly precum, and massaging my clit.

The small amount of penetration was putting me further in his controll.

Jim wanted to push in farther, I held his advances off. Remember Jim I told him, you can't go in deep we are just playing around and having fun.

I let his cock and testicles rest over my wet slit as I squeezed my nipples and breasts then closing my eyes and enjoying ever throb of his cock laying over my mound as his balls drapped between my thighs. The aroma of my pussy filled the hot sauna. Jim poured water over the sauna rocks and steam filled the room. Droplets of warm water collected on our bodies.

I then guided his hands over my body massaging my neck and breasts. This went on what seemed forever.

With all this happening his shaft spread my over my open pussy lips and before I knew it my relaxed body let his cock head part my outer lips, looking down I just let him in me , I watched his penis being devoured till the head was out of sight between my thick large pussy lips. My lips caressed his cock head. My vagina tensed and responded to his invasion and held the head just inside.

I heard Jim moan as he tried to penetrated me. I loved his flesh slowly slipping in my willing genitles even though I coudn't have him cum in me.

What the fuck am I thinking, I can't even let his go this far. Jim I said;

lets not go any further. Maybe I better have him wear a condom but his unprotected cock felt good, He started to pull out and then push back starting a slow sensual rythum. I could feel that large knob of cock head inside my vagina. Teasing my resistance to nothing. The in and out rythum allowed him to go in deeper without me stopping this from happening.

I could feel my vagina loosen up and drip from my juices.

My legs relaxed and my pussy opened more for him, I was feeling him gradually filling my sloppy opening then his cock head pressed up against my cervix and his precum, his testicles pressing against my ass.

I watched his face and heard him moan more and more as I allowed this man to couple with me.

Damn its too late, I let him penetrate me. What was I letting him do. I was his. Coupled with his penis.

I let his cock head stay against my cervix as he leaned over to foundle my breasts and sucking my nipples.

I was locked to him, my pussy craved him in me. My breasts felt sensitive and wanted Jim to do me good.

My legs around his waist kept the head rubbing at my womb opening. I never had a man go that deep. His cock throbbed with each heartbeat.

I thought; I hope he doesn't mind pulling out before he ejaculates. His precum lubricating his cock rubbing the cervix.

Jim don't cum in me; I said. I'm not on the pill..!!!

Letting go of his waist my soft thighs relaxed and felt him pressing deeper and starting his full stroke rythum, first slowly then faster then slowing.

He was driving me uncontollable. His testicles slapping my ass as that thick cock filled me.

My nipples were hard and breasts filled.

He's fucking me, damn , I'll let him do it.

My breathing was faster as my body was enjoy mating with Jim.

I finally lost control of what was happening between us.

I tightened my pussy muscle around Jim's cock. This is so good I thought. I love his condom free penis in me.

My vagina muscles were now tightening a little on their own letting me know I was close to orgasm.

He slowed up and my pussy muscle held his cock.

I was dripping wet between my thighs and smelled the musty aroma, my juices sticking to his cock as he pulled from me.

His pace quickened, my pussy tightening around that burning meat ramming my body.

Squeezing my nipples he was fucking me faster his moans louder. I remember telling Jim to pull out now before we go too far but in the same breath demanded that he still fuck me faster.

Lets stop and use a condom I said.

I knew he would be cumming soon, but wanted his shaft spreading my vagina and its big head rubbing my inner muscle.

Did I want to tell him to cum in me? Did I want his hot seed filling me?

I pictured Kathy fucking Mike's intense huge throbbing cock and and imagined him too penetrating through my body! My erect clit excited was being rubbed by Jim's fingers.

The more I thought of Kathy's pussy spreading for Mike, penetrating her, ramming it in, the more I wanted Jim fucking me, spreading me wider and going deeper with his thrusts.

I needed him more and more and felt my body tense and contract tightening around Jims cock and I exploded in an intense orgasm.

I heard him yell he need to pull out now! I'm starting to cum !, but my vagina instintively held him in and my legs wrapped around his back.

My body took control as I felt his cock head deep in me impregnating me with each of his ejaculations, his cock throbbing releasing streams of sperm from his testicles splashing against my womb opening. Our bodies were mating in an animalistic fuck. I couldn't stop this and neither could he.

I felt ever shot of cum enter me and he pumped me faster as he ejeculated.

The vein inside his cock pulsed until every drop of cum was in me. With each throb of his cock my vagina grabbed it tighter.

Grasping every shot of sperm. My body was responding to us mating.

My heart beat slowed enough and I found my legs still holding Jim in me.

Damn this went too fucking far but every moment was worth the extasy that filled my vagina and breasts.

I rotated my thighs and felt him in me. My bush was wet and sticky with globs of cum in the hair.

He pulled his cock from my sloppy whore seeded pussy and his warm semen flowed out my open hole and down between my ass cheeks. I squezed the remaining sperm from his shaft into my dark hairy mound rubbing the seed back and forth and slipping the blood red cock back in my vagina teasing each other again.

I thought; what the fuck did we just do! I'm his bitch.!! Impregnated bitch at that.

We wrapped our arms and legs together nestled together for more nasty lovemaking. Jim pushed his cum laced shaft in me and I wiggled my pussy around it till I made him cum in me again. We stayed locked together for a long while. I kept his cock in me to stop any sperm from dripping out.

I heard Kathy call for us as Jim slipped out of me. Some of his cum still dripping down my leg and on the bench seats as we quickly put on our bathing suits. Damn his cum was making a wet spot inside my bikini bottoms and showing thru.

I hoped that Kathy and Mike didn't noticed Jim and I were fucking.

The four of us stayed in the sauna for another half hour. I could feel Jim's cum sticking inside my vagina and fantsized his sperm impregnating me now. The hot sauna keeped my body warm and was acting as an incubator for his sperm and my egg.

Kathy and Mike were naked sitting on the towel that Jim fucked me on.

She leaned back resting, her legs parted and I watched cum drip from her shaved pussy. Our eyes met and she smiled, then rubbed her belly in a rounding fashion.

She said; what the just happened..the second time he didnt pull out in time so I let him fuck me again and again till all his cum was in me.

Mike was still half hard, his cock had Kathy's juices sticking to it. She reached over and grabbed the throbbing meat jerked him off on her nipples.

The guys finally left. Kathy leaned over and asked if he was good, and I blushed... and said how did you know Jim and I fucked.

She responded with ..tell tales sweaty..tell tales...sitting on your cum sticky towel and then She took her fingers and spread Jim's cum droplets sticking to my inner thigh.

Kathy loved the excitedment of pressing her pussy over Jim's cum on the towel.

Kathy then untied my bikini and my black hairy mound was filled with Jim's cum with more pouring out of me and down to my ass. Kathy startled at the quantity of semen, just looked at me with surprize.

You let him ride bare back and cum inside!!? Tell me more before the guys return in a few hours.

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