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In the garage with Shady

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As a background, I am married mom with three kids and work full time outside the home. My name is Cari. This story is based on actual events.

Two years ago on a hot summer day I was in the garage putting away food from the refrigerator's freezer in the kitchen to the deep freeze. It was blistering hot so I had on a sundress with nothing on underneath. I had the door to the freezer open and was enjoying the cold burst of air. I was a bit startled to see our 4-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever, Shady standing on the other side of the door when I closed it. He was looking for relief from the heat too. I picked out a chunk of ice and fed it to him. He was happy to munch on the large piece as I finished putting away the frozen foods.

Shady is a large bulky powerful animal. We rarely worry about intruders when he is out in the yard. He weighs in at just over 110 pounds. I am not small person by any means. Standing nearly 5-10 am not often intimidated. Until now.

With sweat dripping off me and the small fan in the garage doing little to cool me I started back in the house. Shady must have smelled something in me as I bent over to straighten the rug near the freezer. His ice-cold tongue reached out and lapped my calf. I must admit it felt very good. His nose went up my dress, he caught a whiff of my scent, his ears perked up, and his tail began to wag. I was shocked to feel the cold tongue brush my ass cheek. I stopped in my tracks to see how much licking he was willing to do. I had heard that dogs could smell women as they ovulate. I was certain I was at the peak point of my cycle at that time as I am always-craving sex during that time...Last night had been a wild night in the bedroom and my husbands cum remained damp in my pussy. Im certain Shady smelled his scent on me and was intrigued. He tentatively licked at my Brazilian waxed pussy and roughly brushed against my clit as he did. This sent a wave thru me that almost caused me to lose my balance. I had to have seat in front of the small fan in a folding lawn chair. My legs fell instinctively open to catch the breeze from the fan. Shady came closer and inspected my overly warm pussy up close. I parted my legs and he eagerly licked deeply between my labia lips. I had never felt such a powerful wide tongue against my clit and pussy. I opened further to allow him more access to me. The cum from the night before started to ooze out as my juices began flowing. His nose was half way up my love hole when I realized I was on the edge of my chair so he could lick even more extensively. As his tongue hit my ass I about came unglued. No one had ever licked my asshole before now. The feeling was incredible.

I got out of my chair, placed my knees on the rug in the floor, and leaned forward so he could lick between my ass cheeks even deeper. I felt my ass beginning to open to his tongue. He went from clit to the top of my ass with one sweep of the tongue. I was in a trance at this point. Wanting more, but afraid someone might catch me in the garage. I closed the door and went back to my rug. He followed me with an eager bounce and a hot pink cock protruding from his furry sheath about 3 inches. It was only about the diameter of a hot dog as I reached down to touch it. As I did, I noticed clear liquid dripping from the end of his cock. As I rubbed his sheath, I felt a lump at the base about the size of an orange. He growled a little as I stroked him but his hips started to hump in the air as I did. His cock shot out small amounts of clear liquid as he humped my hand. His cock extended another inch or so from the fur. I started to turn to go to the door when he leapt on me from behind catching me off guard. I fell to the floor. He continued to lightly growl but did not show his teeth. I did not move a muscle in fear he might bite me. My ass was totally exposed at this point as my dress had ridden up over my hips my pussy felt the breeze from the fan as it blew across my exposed skin. It felt a long tongue snake between my lips from behind and I could not help but instinctively spread my legs slightly so he could lick deeper. He began to pace around me whimpering and watching me. His hips were thrusting in the air as he paced. He kept trying to jump on me from the side. His hips hitting me as he looked for a way to try to relieve his frustrations. I started to get up and when I lowered my arms before pushing off the floor he took the initiative to climb on my back and begin humping at me. His cock hit my thighs and leg as he prodded for an opening to enter. His cock had snaked out even further and was spewing fluid on my ass as he humped. He jumped off me several times to re-lick my holes and keep them moist and open. He would jump on and off in a seconds time. I was tense and fearing what might happen. I was afraid someone would find me with the dog trying to mate with me. I was afraid he would not get to also. As I was kneeled with my ass high and legs, slightly open he mounted one last time. His weight pushed my head lower and he found the wet hole he had been furiously pumping for. His cock felt like a stick as it rammed into my pussy. I was surprised at how hard it was. After 5 or 6 rapid hip thrust with his paws securely around my waist his cock made a huge lunge into what felt like my womb. His entire length was impaled in my slippery hole. I thought he was going to climb right into me with his thrusts. My head stayed lowered as his hips went rapid fire fast into the back of my ass. Shady's fur was hot on my hips and legs; he was drooling on my back as he bred me like his bitch. He licked across my neck as he gave a push that was more like a rotation of his cock into my hole than a thrust. I felt his balls against my labia as he continued deeper into me. His thrusting had slowed but I was gripped by powerful paws to his underbelly. A sensation started deep inside of me as he began to swell. Not since childbirth had my vagina been stretched so tightly. My vaginal walls went into spasms as violent orgasms racked my body. I felt faint for a moment as was worried I would pass out. He was not moving inside of me but I could feel a pulsing from his cock as it entered my pussy. It felt like he was filling me with warm water. I felt underneath me between my legs to feel a huge bulge between my ass and pussy beneath the skin. The spasms kept occurring as he rubbed his thickness inside my body. My nipples were rock hard and I had goose bumps over the rest of my skin. I tried to move as he loosened his grip on my waist but was unable to without feeling great pain. I was being ripped apart from the inside out as I tried to get away. I was resigned to wait until his body released me from his mating ritual. His paws were now flatly on my back and his head held high as his cock continued to pulsate in my sex hole. He was not growling anymore but instead was panting heavily. He shifted his weight on my back several times and I felt his knot move within me. It caused earth-shattering orgasms as he moved on me. I begin to feel something escape from my pussy after about 15 minutes or so. His knot came out with a loud plop and hung loosely against the back of my thighs. He made no effort to climb off my back just yet. He gently licked my neck and hair then slowly climbed off. He stopped as he back off to run his tongue across my gaping pussy as it leaked his seed and my juices down the backs of my legs. He licked inside me as he tried to repair the damage with his tongue that his powerful knot had caused. I watched as he panted and licked at his engorged meat that hung down at least 10 inches from his sheath. The knot was still swollen about the size of a medium orange as he licked his cock. He dripped fluid for several minutes after he withdrew from my battered pussy. The fan once again blew air against my ass and pussy and I welcomed it. I went to the freezer and pulled out a chunk of ice to soothe the swelling his cock had caused to my ravage hole. I walked slowly into the house and went directly to the shower. I hoped no one noticed the wet drips on the tile from the kitchen to the bathroom. Next time I will be more prepared when my new lover takes me as his bitch. I welcome the time when it comes.

the end

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