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In college - My first time as a Bull (cucking my roomate with his GF)

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My first bull experience was in college my junior year. I was roommates with this guy that I liked as a roommate but he was far from a friend. Still roommates do socialize and he too was a Systems Engineering major so that actually was why we stayed roommates for over two years. Lastly our personalities meshed since I have always been the Alpha-male type and Rob was pretty passive. I was not the bully. For instance, Rob got dibs on the bed and side of the room every year and I cleaned more than him since our tolerance for dirt was different. It just worked out naturally and we never once discussed this.

In the Systems/EE Engineering department Rob was the norm which was "marginal geek" (5'10, 170, brown hair and eyes w/ contacts/glasses, quiet, etc.) and I was considered the department freak (6'3", 205, blond hair, blue eyes, starting football player since freshman year.) I remember until grades came out first semester of my freshman year the profs had to practically make someone partner with me for labs. Say what you may like about athletes but the stereotype is just that. Being on a traveling AAA team and maintaining a 3.9 GPA in engineering is a hell of a lot harder than the typical student. But Rob helped out by coordinating class schedules and would give me his notes on lectures I missed and I in return made it my mission to "de-geek" him (thank god I had sisters who made sure I did not end up like Rob).

By our junior year it had worked somewhat. Rob no longer had glasses or wore plaid shirts (no kidding he had two) nor played Dungeons & Dragons (though that may be popular with some on ALT ) We were so successful that he now had a moderately good social life and was dating this cute little waif freshman, named Jenny. It also helps to be a junior who will get almost six figures in his first job which is why one sweats blood for that major. Back on point, Jenny was really cute, but did not look old enough for college at 4'11" and 95 pounds with no makeup and a standard late for class pony-tail of auburn hair. Still it was clear she thought Rob the catch of her dreams and vice versa.

One night I was coming home after a party. I had hooked up with this sophomore who was known to be a bit of a slut (I always liked the slutty ones) and we had nowhere to go so it was back to my room. I walked in and could tell that Rob and Jenny are there by the murmurs I heard as I entered. There was an unwritten rule that Rob and I had which was if someone had a girl then the other acts like he is asleep even if they are not. Rob later admitted that he would always stay awake and watch me. Jenny on the other hand was the first girl that Rob had ever had stay the night as far as I knew and I sleep very lightly.

So the girl I brought home from the party, a very hot Latina I would have considered out of my league till she asked me out, was a bit high (I never touched the stuff a bit of a prude here) and really frisky.

I do not think she realized there were others in the room by her voice and the fact that she undressed me and herself in plain view against the light coming in from the window. Next she and I piled into bed and I received a great blow job that soon turned into a 69. After that, my minx was ready and we were soon fucking hard. My Latina was talking in Spanish (this is where I have learned all of my Spanish in my life ), mostly what translated into fuck me daddy (Papi) and moaning. After about 20-30 minutes of various positions (no it was not the three hours hanging from the rafters. If someone can do that it is not me) and I had clearly fulfilled my duty to this exquisite girl, I was getting tired/sleepy so I decided to cum. She could tell I was close. I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth... she said that is "hot." (I love hot, uninhibited women in bed and Yes Pairs was NOT the first to say the phrase "That's Hot") I straddled her chest to cum in her mouth. When I got close I aimed my cock into her mouth and shot ropes of thick white cum into her mouth and on her face (I am not Peter North but it had been a while and I normally have a lot to "say"). She was clearly surprised but took it like a champ.

As I lay there in the post-coital snuggle, I heard someone stirring and padding to the bathroom. From the silhouette of the window light I see it is Jenny. Next I heard the water turning on in the shower. Since I really did have to piss and was interested in checking out Jenny, I got out of bed where my bonita chica was quietly snoring a little (quite cute actually) and head toward the bathroom. Rob said, "Jenny is in there."

I said, ?Rob, I have to take a piss, it's not like she hasn?t seen me naked already and there IS a curtain. Do you want to come in and hold my cock while I go?" I got the requisite "fuck you" and went in. I said "Jenny it is Jim, I need to use the bathroom." I heard this little "OK."

When I finished, and I went slow wondering what that little body looks like, I turned and saw Jenny had her head out of the shower using the curtain to cover her. Here I am holding my cock still partially hard from that "got to piss" hard-on that everyone gets, shaking off the drops. I smiled at her and she embarrassedly smiled back. I said inane things like are you having fun tonight, how are classes, are you fucking any of your professors , etc. She answered even more inanely while looking at my cock much more than my eyes. It is not a lustful stare, but more curious. I smiled and turned toward her and saying "would you like a good look? It is OK." She did not answer but never moved her gaze.

She said "how big is it?" I tell her that I am only 8 inches but pretty thick. Above average as I am told, but who knows. Still it is nowhere close to some of my black teammates. That seemed to scare/terrify her. She said "I think you are bigger than I can take." (But doesn't every girl say this to their boyfriend even if they are 2 inches?) Still, clearly she was not a wild child in high school. Feeling emboldened, I walked up to Jenny with the curtain still covering her body, and said, "Fair is fair I would like to see you." She turned even redder and said something about; "I am not as cute as your girlfriend" where I corrected her that the girl in my bed was NOT my girlfriend. Jenny slowly dropped the curtain and I saw a tight little body with A cup breasts and the tightest little butt. A dream for someone that likes spinners (of any age) and I am a charter member of that club, but then again I like ALL women. I told her "you are beautiful Jenny."

She said "Really? I think I am too small." Before I could reply Jenny asked quietly "Can I touch it Jim?" while looking directly at my only semi-hard cock. I stepped closer to the tub/shower and say "sure." She took her little hand and tentatively stoked it. I got hard in a second flat. Up to now this may have been more of a science experiment or discovery than lust. I leaned over and kissed Jenny. She did not pull away and after some light bites of her lips and caressing her with my tongue ever so softly she became very much a full participant. Now things were getting hot and I had been in there too long. I told Jenny that Rob would come in if I stayed much longer. She sighed and reluctantly let go of my cock.

As I walked out still pretty hard, I saw Rob walking towards the bathroom. He gave me a look of "what the hell?" As I got into bed I heard Rob and Jenny having a not so polite exchange.

A couple of weeks went by and Rob was not overly nice to me. We later talked and he admitted he liked watching to vicariously live my sex life, which was good but not anywhere close to legendary. I pointed out it was not my fault then that Jenny saw me (he should have kept her busy doing something...) and he reluctantly agreed. Rob then admitted that it may not matter anyway since Jenny and he were on the rocks. Rob said that she told him that she "still likes him and maybe loves him, but needed time to adjust to college." I was not going to bust his bubble since that type of phrase is written into the BIOS of a woman.

Eventually, after the required "you can't go out with your friends boyfriend or girlfriend" cooling off period, actually mandated by law in 38 states, Jenny left me a note on the message board (I am sure that these have gone the way of the dot-matrix printer) and asked me to call. I of course did and we arranged to go to a party. To get to the point, we went to the party and we had a great. Jenny was clearly delighted to be at an upper class party and had her share of Jell-O shots to celebrate (I actually had to regulate her).

When we left and I drove us back to campus toward her dorm, Jenny slid over to me and put her had on my thigh and squeezed the cock that had been poking her practically in the chest while dancing and asked, "Is Robby in tonight?" I told her honestly "I do not know." Rob only lived 25 miles from school and went home often. Jenny told me that her roommate had called dibs on their room for tonight (I guess girls are a bit more discreet). I of course thinking with the wrong head did the quick Mr. Spock analysis and decided that with a) one week from first semester finals, b) the fact he did not have a girlfriend and c) that his mother doted on Rob meant that there was a 91.27% chance Rob would not be there. Of course I am not Mr. Spock. As I entered my room, I saw Rob in bed. I backed out and told Jenny he was there. Her face became a big frown. That is when my little head took control and engaged Rationalization Subroutine Number 5 (these are part of the operating system of a man). I said, "Rob and I have a rule that we ignore each other if we have a girl over. You are not dating are you?" Jenny hesitated for a moment. I offered "I do not think he will wake up and you do not have to sleep here if you do not want to." (Rationalization Subroutine Number 12 was now in effect).

We walk in and Rob does not seem to move which is a dead giveaway that someone IS awake. I steadied Jenny through the room since it was dark. We started to kiss quickly strip each other. I had to do most of this since Jenny would not remove her little hands from my cock. As we got in bed I told Jenny to try to be quiet so we did not "wake" Rob. Soon we were kissing and stroking each other. I like foreplay and, because no girl wants to take a relatively large cock (or any) unprepared, I moved down her body and start to nibble on her little pussy. It was soon very wet but I could still hardly get a finger in her. Jenny moaned quietly and I felt her having little orgasms as I held her ass in my hands bringing her off the bed up to my mouth.

After 15-20 minutes Jenny said "please fuck me baby?" I was not one to refuse. I got up and took careful aim. I took the head of my cock and rubbed her clit while working ever so slowing into her tight little pussy. I gave Jenny a couple of inches moving in and out for about 5-10 minutes. It felt good and, by her moans and attempts to get more, Jenny also was enjoying this. Still Jenny said ?It's too big Jim what do we do?? Necessity is the mother of invention and I knew from my physics classes that, if I could lower the coefficient of friction, then the odds of successful insertion increased dramatically to approximately 98.46% (to stay on my Mr. Spock theme). I kissed her, got up, went to the washroom and turned on the light filling the other room with light as well. Jenny told me later that it was then that Rob saw Jenny laying there naked and slowly fingering herself waiting for my return. I am sure he knew it was her with me earlier, but seeing her in all of her glory was... not fun. Jenny saw the puppy dog look in Rob's face and said ?sorry Robby.?

By then, me with my trusty KY, came back to bed not killing the light... oops. On a mission, I lubed up my cock and again inserted in into Jenny's tight pussy. It was slow work but soon we had full diameter entry and partial insertion. We soon were moving allowing her to try to accommodate me at her pace. Jenny started to let out soft moans and move a bit faster. It took about another ten minutes till we were in full stride. I can tell you I was enjoying her, but I was still being gentle and I like to fuck hard. My desire to go all in was intense (about two inches remained). I said ?you have to take just a bit more Jenny? and she answered back in a very submissive voice ?ok baby?.

To facilitate things I reached under Jenny's ass, picked her up and then sat myself on the bed (I love spinners). I was now silhouetted by the bathroom light and I was sure Rob could see my cock buried in his one true love. I felt my cock going in ever so slowly as I held Jenny's little butt in my hands. Jenny was pushing herself down onto my cock. Soon, she was enthusiastically bouncing up and down on my cock with me holding most of her weight. This went on for about five minutes when Jenny started to convulse and quiver. I felt her cumming all over my cock and trying to be quiet by biting her lip and burying her head in my shoulder. As the orgasms subsided and Jenny relaxed, I held her still impaled fully on my rock cock. As we did this she said she had to go to the "potty." I lifted her off of me slowly and she ran into the bathroom. I made eye contact with a wide awake Rob and said "Sorry, but think she is hot and she asked me out." Rob was giving me daggers and as he started to reply when Jenny came out of the bathroom almost dancing and jumped right back on top of me and reached for my cock. This time she was able to accommodate me (the female body is amazing). We fucked like this for a little while longer until Jenny cums again. I now wanted to cum and I put her on her back and started fucking her very deliberately. I looked at her face the entire time to see if she was OK but she was in another world just cumming and cumming. Seeing a woman cum is the BEST thing in the world and this made me hot. I started to pump especially hard and soon started to cum deep inside Jenny. I pulled her to me tightly and jerked about fifteen times inside her squirting ropes of cum each time. I think it was my biggest load ever brought on by a) Jenny's tightness and almost virgin quality and b) the fact that I was fucking her in front of Rob. When she and I both relaxed, we had laid there for a long while my cock still inside her and whispered to each other. Finally we separated and it was me that now needed to go to the bathroom. While I was there with the door open I heard voices. Rob was actually talking to Jenny. I listened and could hear her saying "Sorry baby but I just had to. I love you, but I wanted to fuck by Jim." I heard Rob but not clearly since he is a bit further from the door. Next I heard Jenny almost in tears saying "But, I do love you Robby." Now this is not the first time I fucked a girl who had a boyfriend or husband for that matter, but never in front of them. I walked in and saw both Jenny and Rob's faces sad like puppies without a tit. My own orgasm release had allowed me to once again think with the big head and I truly felt like shit. I told Rob that I was sorry and did not know that Jenny still felt that way for him. He did not answer but stared at the floor. I really felt like a third wheel so I grabbed my shorts, t-shirt, flip flops and sleeping bag and headed to the lounge leaving them alone to work it out.

The next morning on the way to breakfast, I saw them holding hands in the cafeteria. They were clearly back together. Jenny waved me over before I could leave. Standing there, I wished them well and decided that a banana off the cart and an exit was the best call but they both asked me to join them. I thought this was to be the "let bygones be bygones" talk. When we sat down I immediately tried to apologize, but Rob stopped me. He looked at Jenny and said, "Jim, Jenny and I love each other, but Jenny really likes sex with you." Jenny jumped in and corrected him and said "What he means is I really like to get fucked by you."

Rob conceded, then started again "I have agreed that Jenny can have sex... I mean get fucked by you whenever she wants but I have to know about it."

I was more than a bit taken aback and looked at Jenny for confirmation. I saw her smile and nod her head. I asked Rob "Are you OK with this for sure?"

Rob said, "I don't like it... but I love Jenny."

Of course I agreed and said it was up to Jenny to choose if and when she wanted to get together. Jenny smiled at me with a pixie grin on her face and said "How about now?? I looked at Rob and it was clear that he expected this.

Jenny got up she actually pulled me by the arm to the door. On the way back to the room, this little quiet girl told me how she could not wait to once again climb on my cock. We, of course, fucked like crazy and this time with total abandon. It was after we were done and Jenny was still on top impaled on my cock that she said, "I have a secret you cannot tell Robby." I asked what and she said "last night when you left we talked a long time. We said we loved with each other, but I needed to feel the way you made me feel. That is when I proposed and he agreed to this arrangement. It actually was much easier than I thought it would be. We started to kiss and soon Robby was between my legs for almost an hour. I was so wet and full of your cum and he loved it. When we were done I asked him to tell me the truth and he admitted that it was really hot watching me fuck you. He told me that for now on he always wanted to fuck right after we do.? I, for one, had thought I had heard it all now.

My senior year I moved off campus but Jenny would come around from time to time to, as she said, "climb on board." She is a great lady today and hot as ever.

As I said, this story is about 95% true. I still trade Christmas cards with Rob and Jenny although they married to different people. I can tell you this. I have been to a few social occasions where I saw Rob and his wife. I can tell you that she is a flirt extraordinaire and Rob did not seem to mind.


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