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I fessed up about my past and look what it got me

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Hello, Barb and Dick here. We’d been together for a couple of years when Barb got inquisitive about my sex life prior to being with her. Dangerous ground for any male spouse but we opened the conversation and included not only my history but hers.

She had been dating around a bit after her divorce and had some interesting times to share but the conversation turned to the years I spent with my prior wife in the swinging lifestyle. It was a pleasant surprise to find Barb most interested and eager to learn more about swinging, wife swapping, and open relationships. She thought that she might like to try that if I would take the lead but if at any time she changed her mind we would cease activity…I agreed.

The ground rules for US were discussed to include couples only, same room and No means No!. The attraction also needed to be there for anything to happen and normal stuff only nothing painful or kinky…well maybe a little kinky but nothing hard core.

We found a web site for swingers and started looking and laughing and thinking about couples and getting naked and having sex and being watched and watching each other in the act and things go t hot whenever we got on line together and we had some wild rolls in the sack due to our new influence on the relationship. While filling out the profile the sexual orientation came up…I was str8 and she started asking questions in that department. My ex was very “BI” and aggressive in the seductions of several wives who were on the fence or in the closet about going both ways. Barb didn’t want to be like the ex wife – or live in someone else’s shadow; but she wanted to enjoy things as a couple to the fullest. Once we confirmed that this was for us and not a form of reliving any past, we proceeded as a couple and initially posted Barb as str8. We had some fun with filling out the questions and posting comments, I think most of her laugher was from nervousness…we played very hard in bed that night too!

We posted some sexy pictures and the mail started coming in. We weeded out the single guys, “Can’t you read – Couples Only!” We deleted the couples who were from three states away. We sorted through the picture droolers and found three couples showing potential for a meeting. One “dissed” us off the screen and two couples offered to meet for a look-see and beverage. We set a time and place for each.

The first couple showed up much to our amazement some 40 pounds heavier and 15 years older than their pictures. They were dressed like they just came in from working in the back yard and we did everything we could to be polite. We were seated at a table – ordered a round of drinks then they ordered full meals – Barb said “I think I’ll have the potatoes skins” To which I quietly replied, “We won’t be here that long drink your Margarita and let’s get home to feed the dog or something”. We excused ourselves and laughed all the way home, “Well Honey, what did I tell you, is this sexy fun or is this sexy fun?!?!?!” Bar tried to not pee her pants and I was hurting from laughing so much and so hard.

The next meeting was at a nicer location but we held little expectation for whom or better off WHAT we might be getting into. He was str8 and she was listed as Bi-curious. When they arrived, what a relief, they were normal like us. We watched them go from table to table asking for Dick and Barb. We gave commentary to ourselves as to the potential conversations as they made their way around the room. Then we showed some mercy and gave a wave. I asked them how many times we thought they could ask for Barb & Dick and not get punched by some jealous boyfriend in the bar. We were sure someone was going to yell “What did you just call me!”

We all had a good laugh over some beverages and the conversation was easy to share stories and backgrounds before we got to the topic at hand. They were very much like us but they had been into the life style for some time and were very picky about who they played with or even met. We felt better already just knowing that we made the initial cut and were being interviewed as we were interviewing in return. We shared our initial experience and expressed our newness to the program, to which they shared a story or two and we started talking more and more about what they like when playing with other couples. They enjoyed oral only on a first play date. We were learning so we agreed to meet soon and see how things go.

Little did we know that the invitation would come for that very weekend and to their house and that they had a play room all set up in the lower level where the walk out led to a private screened in area with a hot tub. We were about to be seduced by some experienced friends. We had some finger food and beverages then to the lower level and the tour. The girls talked and we guys got a game of pool going. Soon out host asks us if we’d like to get in the hot tub with only one rule and that was no bathing suits. Barb and I agreed and they started to disrobe, so we did likewise and followed them to the hot tub. The cover cam off and we all slid right in, we found the four corners at first. It really felt good but Barb and I didn’t necessarily know what their plan was but we would let them take that lead. Soon our host offer for Barb to feel the special jets on the set next to him. When he said “There how does that feel?”; I looked over and could tell that his hands were playing below the water and Barb was positioning herself to give him better access. I summoned the hostess over to my corner and said “Time for you and I to play too” She then asked “Are you two playing over in that corner?” Barb and the host started laughing and said “That’s what we are here for isn’t it?” I could see that Barb’s arm was extended to between our host’s legs and she was making slow strokes.

The hostess quickly came across the hot tub and place herself, legs wide apart so she could rub her pussy right on my now standing pole. The four of us immediately started making out and feeling up each other’s spouses. At one point Barb was sitting on the edge and getting licked. Then they traded places so she could return the pleasure. Meanwhile on our side of the tub I was getting the full body rub and lap dance. Every once in a while she would bring herself up to my mouth and I would slide my tongue between the lips of her pussy while she held my head in position. Soon thereafter, someone said lets go inside and get comfortable.

We all agreed and grabbed towels to dry of before tracking water into the house. The hostess quickly gathered the towels so no one could wrap up or cover up anything. They wanted us to be naked and play. We were escorted to the next room with a king sized bed. The host was delayed for a second so the girls got on either side of me and started in with kisses and tongues everywhere on my body. As soon as our host came into the room he took notice and got onto the bed on barb’s side. Just a couple of nice kisses and he trailed them down the front of her, positioning her on her back with her legs spread and hands on his head while he gave her some oral pleasure. The hostess and I were busy giving kisses and sliding up and down on each other taking turns giving and getting. The Barb started moaning, that moan that I knew so well and when we looked over she was arching and pulsing her hips to meet the thrusting fingers and lapping tongue from our host.

The hostess told me she wanted to 69, as she got on top and we gave each other as well as we were getting. I could get a glimpse of Barb as she changed positions to get between his legs with him on his back so she could give him one of her “Full Service Blow Jobs”.

It wasn’t log till the hostess started moaning and they reached to hold one another’s hands. The host asked his wife, “Are you there?” to which we mumbled to the affirmative. The both got very quiet and then the quick moans started and they let go almost together. Barb and I both gave it to them good when they let go.

The hostess rolled off me in a limp state only to get a kiss from her Honey and she lay on her back spent from my “butterfly tongue” treatment. Barb was finishing up the last few squirts, swallowing with pride her triumph over a man’s sexual orgasm. The three of them were done. In the next few minutes we re-positioned to hold our own spouses and snuggle for a little before the next move.

A little conversation about everyone being okay with what just happened and assuring that it was all in fun and then we started getting dressed. One more cocktail upstairs and some small talk, then off for home we headed. As soon as we got in the car I asked how Barb liked it. “It was okay”, she said. “Just Okay?” I asked. She replied to the affirmative and asked how I got along and did I cum. I told her that I did not and she reached over to feel me up while I drove us home. Then my belt and zipper came open. I tilted the wheel up to give her more “head” room. When the climax us upon me I pulled over to the side of the road and let go. She added “I guess I’m getting my allowance of juicy protein tonight” and we laughed.

Then she admitted to getting a small orgasm from our host’s tongue. “Would you do it with a couple again?” I asked. “Yes, I guess so. I found another couple I’d like for us to chat with and see if they want to play” “Is that Okay?” I replied “Tonight was just okay but you have another couple ready to line up for fun? “Is that what you are saying?” Then she said “Yes I wanted to see how tonight went before we started swinging with other couples on a regular basis” Well that started the ball rolling and Barb got into a search for what she wanted most and I would comment. Then I would find a couple and she would review my selections and so on and so on.

Now we are picky about whom we want to have an encounter and what we like for it to include. So far our fantasies have been turned into experiences one by one. By the way for a week or so after we have a swing session our sex lives have been very active and fulfilling. We hope you enjoy the same success.

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