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I’ll never forget my first

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We have been swing for over 21 years. It has been an on and off experience. My husband was the horny one who started the adventures. I guess it is the male who is always looking for a stranger to get it on with. Anyway I want to share a story with you about the first time I fucked two guys at once. You know . . . yes guys one in my pussy and the other in my tight ass.

My husband and I sometimes talk about having sex, sometimes with a stranger, or with a co-worker, or a swinger friend. He would take great pleasure in his stories. Once he has found an anecdote that would get me hot he would bring it up again and again. Other times he would venture to a new subject just to peak my interest. We would sometimes play it out with one of our swing couples or go out looking for someone who would fill the bill.

Ted explored the idea of me taking one of our swing friends in the ass. While he was describing Karl?s thin dick he was playing with my anis. He fingered me with his well-lubricated finger and as he asked me if I could take another one we kissed and he drove two fingers in me. In no time we were in a 69 position. His masterful fingers working my butt and his tongue slipped into me was quite a feeling. I was lost in his story about taking Karl in my ass and Ted eating me out. That I didn?t hear him ask how was the feeling. Well I?m getting off the subject.

So the story goes like this. One spring evening was spent at the Burns (not their real name but will do). Karl & Mandy I talked about them in another story. We just finished supper and cleaned up for an evening of games, drinking and sex. Mandy got the cards out and it was not long before we played strip poker. Ted came up with a rule that the person who had the winning hand should also pick one of the losers and have them do what ever the winner wanted. We agreed and I won the first hand. Everyone took off his or her shit. And for the addition I had Karl remove Mandy?s bra and have both the guys suck on her tits. We lost to Mandy and she had Karl remove my shit, French kiss and feel me up. Karl won next and had both of us girls remove each other?s clothing, we kissed. Karl won again and he had me taking off Ted?s boxers. His pecker was already at attention and his pre-cum was at the head of his hard member. Since Ted was the loser he left and put on a porn tape in the family room, which he sat and watched while we finished.

The game was over and we continued to talk we went to join Ted. Mandy sat next to Ted and replaced his hand with hers on his fat 7-inch member. I watched as she stroked him and they kissed. It was not long before Karl and I were feeling each other and I took his skinny penis in my mouth. Licking the underside of his shaft from his balls to the top of his mushroomed head and back down again. I looked up at his face and found his eyes transfixed on me. The next time I went to the tip of his manhood I let it slide past my lips and took him all the way. His tool started to swell and it was not long before he?s legs stiffen and he shot his load in my mouth.

I looked over and there was Mandy getting fucked by my husband?s glorious tool. She was wet and the sound of him pounding her filled the room. Her breaths matched his slamming pelvis against her butt. She announced that she was on the verge of Cumming. Both Karl and I went to her to watch. She was yelling, ? give me more cock, I need more cock.? That was when Karl took his wife?s head in one hand and his unit in his other and fucked her face. His balls were swing hitting her chin she broke free and panting like an animal. AAHA! I?m Cumming oh! God I?m Cumming. Knowing how sensitive my nipples are when I?m about to have an orgasm I reached over and pulled on her nipple. She grit her teeth she stiffen and came. Ted continued to slam his tool into her and said, ?Anyone wants to eat my load?? Mandy said, ?I do.? His pecker slipped out of her, she rolled on her back, and Ted straddled her chest his shiny pecker with Mandy?s cum was in his hand. He stroked it aiming it to her opened mouth. The first shot went past her open mouth hitting her forehead, and on her hair, in her eyes, the next shot he got closer to her mouth and pumped his hand with another shot. He grunted and rammed in her hungry mouth and down her throat. Mandy started to gag. White pearly liquid was pushing past her lips and Ted?s cock. She started to slap the carpet and tears welled in her eyes. Ted pulled out of her and she spoke dam I never saw you so hot. You shot a load directly past my tonsils.

We all went and got a drink. It wasn?t long before Ted asked Karl if he was ready to try something new. Karl asked what did you have in mine? Ted said, ?Lynn would like a double penetration, are you up for it?? You in her butt me in her pussy.

Ted went on his back lying on the sofa and asked Mandy to get him hard. She smiled and did a face plant on his soft tool and within seconds had him at attention. I got on top of Ted and Karl started to lubricate my butt hole. He fingered it till he had three fingers in and I was well relaxed. Are you ready he asked? You can try slowly I answered. Ted stopped fucking as I felt Karl?s penis head at the entrance of the Hershey highway. Karl started his assault I closed my eyes bit my bottom lip. He pushed in and I started to breath faster till I felt the head of his thin pecker pass the sphincter mussel. I opened my mouth to catch my breath and I was moaning, take it slower. I reached behind me and found his pelvis to stop him if he started to lose control. But he was good to wait as I squeezed his dick with the mussels of my rectum. I was squeezing and releasing to get conferrable with his love implement. I thought it was like taking a crap but this was pushing in me not going out. He continued to put pressure and slid in until he was all the way inside. Ahhhhh was the sound that I made when he stopped.

I kissed Ted and he started to move under me. Thrusting upward his pace was slow and deliberate. Karl took the signal and started to move in an apposing motion. They started to pick up the methodical pace. I was like a cylinder with two pistons pumping in me. It wasn?t long before they were fucking me like a run-a-way steam engine. I never felt such pleasure as Karl and my husband pounded my waiting body. Both of my holes were filled with manhood. Karl took the liberty to slap my ass. Telling me to fuck harder. Now it was me pumping against him. Mandy told me she need to be in on the fun and stood on the sofa in front of me and told me to eat her. I did just that. I closed my eyes took a breath and felt my first orgasm from the pounding that Ted was giving me. But Karl?s plugging my ass gave me another. It wasn?t long after when Karl?s pumping cock shot in me empting his testicles, filling my rectum. My lovely husband?s cum was shooting in my hot love tunnel close to the same time.

I?ll never forget my first double penetration . . . the men fucked me raw.

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