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How we started swinging, 2000

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In August of 2000, Russ and I went with our long time friends Sue and Tim to a northern Ohio amusement park for a fun-filled weekend of roller coasters and other mindless activities. For the weekend, we rented adjoining rooms in an upscale motel nearby.

We had an exhilarating day at the park on Friday and returned to our rooms. After dinner, we all went to our own rooms for showers. Russ and I were propped up against the backboard of the bed watching TV when a knock came on the adjoining door. Of course, we knew who it was and Russ got up to answer it. Sue was standing there in her short shorts and a spaghetti strap top and asked if we wanted company for a while. She came in the room and jumped on the king-sized bed right next to me, between where Russ and I had been sitting. Sue said that Tim was still in the shower, and will be out in a few minutes. Sue said what a great time they had today, it had been so long since they’d been away from home for anything other than family activities. Russ sat back on the bed with Sue in between.

Now I generally do not look at women as being attractive or not, but Russ has told me more than once that he thinks Sue is an attractive woman. Now on the bed I can see what he means. She is a few years younger than us, with short blonde hair. She is about my height (5’4”) with smaller perky breasts (that part I hated), a great looking butt and legs.

After 15 more minutes, Tim appeared at the door and asked if this is where the party was. Sue and I laughed, and he came toward the bed. He was wearing a bathrobe with no other clothing visible.

Now I could eat Tim raw.

I have had dreams about him since the first time I met him several years ago when he and Sue were still dating. I have confessed my lust for Tim on several occasions to Russ when we’ve had intimate discussions about fantasies and “what ifs” in bed. I would never stray from Russ, but if Russ were ever to give me the OK…

Tim is very lean and toned, about 6’ tall. Sue and I have had conversations about our sex lives, and she has said that he satisfies her completely. Never any discussion about his length or girth but I can only imagine (and have). She also knows that I feel the same way about Russ. We’ve been married longer than them, but he still pushes all the right buttons.

Anyway, he jumped onto the bed with the three of us, right next to me. I can already feel my pussy getting wet and my breathing picking up.

Sue said her legs were getting cold, and could we cover up. So, we were now lined up like Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice watching TV. Russ grabbed the remote to do some channel surfing and find a channel that all of us could agree on. Russ stopped on an adult pay per view channel showing previews. Sue said, ooo lets watch that, and at the same time I felt Tim squeeze the top of my thigh with his hand. Russ obliged and pressed purchase. I wondered what we were in for.

Russ and I had never been with another couple like this before, and didn’t know what to expect, if anything.

Sue broke the ice and said that they were really comfortable with our friendship and wondered if we’d like to move our friendship to a different level. To which I asked what she meant. Sue said that they have been watching DVD’s and checking out web sites about adult swinging and wanted us to be their first. She said that they’d only go as far as what we all agreed to, and we’d stop anytime anyone said so.

I looked at Russ, thinking he’d probably say no thanks. However, to my surprise he said yes, if I was up to trying something new. Now, my pussy was about to explode!

We continued to watch the movie, making me a little uncomfortable. All of the unrealistic ass pounding was a little too much. Russ turned off the TV.

Tim rolled onto his side toward me and asked if he could take off my camisole. I didn’t wait for him, I pulled it off and threw it across the room, exposing my 34C chest. Sue was also removing her top. Her breasts were smaller than mine (again that perky thing) but my nipples were much larger and already sticking out at attention. Never mind her right now. Tim began to lick my breasts and was running his hands all over me.

I have been married to Russ for 20 years, and up until now he is the only man that has ever done this to me with such passion.

For now, I had my total attention on Tim and didn’t see what was going on with Russ and Sue.

Tim left my breasts and started kissing all over my body and was headed toward my pussy. Tim slid off of the bed and turned me 90 degrees so that my legs were on the floor. He pushed my panties off to one side and began licking my wet clit. This feeling was so over the top that I had an orgasm within moments. I thought I might have bruised his tongue with my contractions. Wave after wave came over me that I hoped would never stop. To say it was really intense would be an understatement. Tim continued to lick and suck until I told him to return to the bed and remove his robe.

Tim’s dick was probably 2” longer than Russ’ but not as big around, and standing at full attention for me. This made me feel like a young woman again, being 5-6 years older than our friends. I thought it was pretty hot that this young couple found us desirous enough to participate in this new adventure. Tim was getting ready to mount me for what I’m sure was going be a GREAT fucking. I told him not so fast, and ordered him to his back. Before he could say another word, I had his manhood well in hand, so to speak, and began to suck his dick like a crazed nympho. Tim whispered to slow down, and I regained my senses. I was taking his entire length into my mouth and throat hoping, that’s right, hoping, that he was going to cum in my mouth. This is my favorite thing that I do to Russ, and couldn’t imagine a man who wouldn’t like it. Tim said that he really wants to fuck me on my knees. I stopped sucking long enough to tell him he’d have time for that later. To which, he came in my mouth. The squirts of semen were hitting the back on my throat. This was the sweetest cum I had ever tasted (sorry Russ…). It tasted like sweet peach nectar. Needless to say I swallowed it down and laid my head on his chest while we both regained our composure. We both fixed our eyes onto Russ and Sue who were in a 69 position next to us. Russ’ face was buried deep into Sue’s shaved pussy, and Sue had all of Russ’ dick in her mouth and was fondling his balls. They paid no attention to us watching them. The moans of pleasure we heard made it clear they were enjoying themselves as much as we were.

I asked Tim if he was ready. Tim replied “for a shower”? I said no, I still wanted to fulfill his request for a fucking on my knees. Tim got off the bed and held his hand out to me. I stood next to him, both of us naked, my knees shaking. We were looking at my husband and his wife still enjoying each other on the bed.

Tim said to Russ and Sue, would you object it Beth and I went into the other bedroom and left you two alone? I was surprised at his question, but overtaken with excitement. Sue said that it was OK with her, and Russ was also agreeable as long as we kept the adjoining door open.

Tim and I went into the empty room and pulled back the bed covers. I spent most of my time staring at Tim’s amazing dick with the sweet taste. As promised to Tim, I got onto my knees with my ass in the air, completely giving myself to him. At this point I was ready to give him anything he wanted. As I laid there in anticipation, I thought about Russ in the other room. Both of us with our fantasy partner, but still being completely in love.

Just then, Tim penetrated me slowly with his long dick. I was so wet, lube was not needed.

It felt so good.

Tim wrapped his right arm around me, rubbing my clit as he fucked me. His left hand was now lightly pinching my left nipple and he was kissing my back. Tim was amazing. For the next 15 minutes, Tim was fucking me slowly, stopping only to finger fuck me and lick his fingers, then starting all over again. This was all I had fantasized it to be. His balls were slapping my ass and it felt good. I picked my head up off of the pillow and put both my hands on the headboard, changing the angle. I was squeezing his dick with my pussy as hard as I could, and Tim purred with pleasure.

Tim asked me, as he was admiring my ass, if Russ and I ever had anal sex. I told him that we had, but Russ was pretty big around and it hurt some. Had he and Sue? He said they do it frequently and Sue is a nut for it. I told Tim that if we ever get together again, we could explore that possibility.

For right now, I wanted him to continue the fucking he was in progress with. He told me that I had a much tighter pussy than Sue and that I felt great to him. Oh Beth, I’m cumming…with that he poured his second load into my vagina. It felt like warm milk that just kept pouring deeper and deeper into my womb. Tim kept pumping me, his dick still rigid, and I kept squeezing, bringing me to my second orgasm of the night as well.

We collapsed into a pile, spooning on the bed, Tim’s dick still between my legs. My god was that great. I just had sex with only the second man in my life (my fantasy man at that) and with permission of my husband.

As we laid there I thought that this arrangement could really work out for us. Now that our kids were no longer at home and their kids were teens, we could work out afternooners and weekends together. I hope Tim was as happy with me and Sue with Russ.

It was 1 in the morning now, and I didn’t hear anything from the other room. I whispered to Tim that I wanted to check on Russ and Sue and get cleaned up. I looked in the other room to see them both spooned together and sleeping. I went in the room and covered them up, kissing both of them goodnight on their cheeks. Returning to the room with Tim, I cleaned myself up and smelled the sweet cum still between my legs. It was intoxicating.

I jumped back in bed with Tim and asked him if he thought they’d mind if we slept over here. He didn’t think they’d have a problem. To which, I covered us both up turned off the light and went to sleep.

The next morning I awoke to Sue in the bedroom, quietly putting her clothes on. I asked her how her night went. She said that it was all that she had dreamed it would be. She said we’d share stories later but that she hoped we could work out a similar arrangement tonight.

That’s how it all started for us. We still share one another at least twice a month and arrange secret getaway weekends for the four of us that only one couple knows about. The other couple just packs their bags.

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