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How we got started.

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This is a true story of our first threesome that happened about three years ago. Let me start with a little description of my wife. She is 4?11? and 145 lbs, with brown shoulder length hair. She has 36c breasts that are both pierced. She can also be very vocal during sex and is a squirter.

It all started as a fantasy of mine to have a threesome. I brought it up during sex often. She was a little insecure of herself so she was reluctant. Finally I convinced her to post some pictures on an amateur site. She was overwhelmed with the good comments of how beautiful she was. So the talk during sex got hotter as to what and how and with whom this all could happen. She would get really hot when we talked about it. So she finally agreed to give this a try. So we decided to place an ad and see what would happen. We received all kinds of replies. Some good some bad. Some were to far away. When one day we got a reply from a guy (we will call him Alan) He seemed to fit exactly what we were looking for. We emailed a number of times kind of got to know each other for a while. We decided we were going to meet him and see how things go. No expectations. We met him in a local restaurant and talked for a while with good results from all. It was starting to get crowded so we decided to go to our place so we could talk a little more privately. When we got here we all sat in the living room, me in a recliner him on the couch and her on our love seat. He had brought a bottle of wine to break the ice so to speak. We were all having a great time talking and the butterflies were going through my stomach like crazy. I found out later that the same was for them as none of us had done this type of thing before. The conversation finally turned towards sex. Things we like and don?t like that sort of thing. When I asked him if he liked the nipples on a woman pierced. He said yes. I asked him if he could see them in the picture we had sent him. He said yes a little but it was a little difficult. I then asked him if he would like to see them if she was willing to show him. He of course said yes. (who wouldn?t)? So I asked her if she minded showing them to him, and I could see the nervousness and excitement in her face. She said sure and with that she untied the strap to her top and let fall below her breasts. I got an instant hard on, here we were with a guy we had just met and my wife was showing her breasts to him. Total rush. She walked over to him and let him get a good look. He liked what he saw. He asked if he could touch them and she said yes and he looked at me and I nodded to go ahead. As he reached up and felt them (a little timidly at first) he said he just did not want to make me mad and I told him that the only thing that would make me mad is if he did something she did not agree with. And with that he got into it a little more feeling and rolling her nipples between his fingers and feeling her whole breast. I was loving it and so were both of them. He had made the comment that he liked lingerie and she stepped back from him and said she would be right back. While she was gone Alan and I talked about how we were nervous and excited and he asked if we were sure we wanted this to happen. I said yes as long as he wanted to. He said defiantly but was nervous. All the nervousness was about to disappear. My wife walked back into the living room wearing a slightly see through tight strapless tube dress with matching white nylons and heels. Man did she ever look hot. We both said that we loved what we saw. She could tell we did by the bulges in our pants. She sat down next to him smiling. I told her that seeing how you had showed your breasts why don?t you show him the other half. And with that she leaned back and pulled up the bottom of her dress and showed him her pussy. He said mmmm very nice and shaved too I love that. I said that is tastes good too and why don?t you have a taste. He asked if she minded and by now she was getting pretty wet and she said yes. He leaned down and as soon as his mouth touched her pussy her head went rolling back and she loved it. She was starting to moan and get into it. I got up to get a closer look and came around to where her head was and I could see his tongue doing wonders on her pussy. She loved it. She looked at me with a gleam in her eyes that had lust all over them. She reached up and started to rub my cock with her hand and tried to get my zipper down, so I helped her and stepped right out of my pants and she grabbed onto my cock like never before and started stroking it. She then guided it to her mouth and licked it and then sucked while another man was eating her. I was in heaven as was she. I suggested that we go into the bedroom where we had more room and they both got up and my sexy wife led the way. When we got in there Alan removed all of his clothes except for his boxers. She had him lay down on the bed in the middle and crawled in with him. I stood on the side of the bed and removed the rest of my clothes. He said I have never done this with a couple before and she told him to relax and we would all have a good time. She reached over and rubbed his cock through his boxers while she reached up and stroked mine. He had pulled her dress down to reveal her breasts once again and was rubbing them and started to suck one of her nipples and I did the same to the other one. I also started to rub and finger her pussy. She was moaning saying this is wonderful having both my nipples sucked on and my pussy fingered while felling two cocks all at the same time. She finally said that she thought someone wanted to come out and play, so she helped him out of his boxers and grabbed his cock and went mmmmm nice. He was about the same length as me about 7 inches but was much thicker. She got up on her knees and had me lay down next to him and proceed to suck us both alternately. Then I got up and went behind her and started to eat her while she sucked him and she was moaning louder than before. I then asked him if he would like to fuck her and of course you know what he said. Yes of course. She put a condom on him and got on her back (her favorite position) He positioned himself at her pussy and she guided him in. He entered her slowly and she was moaning every inch of the way. I stood and watched this in amazement and was excited as hell. When he was all the way in her he pulled out to the tip and pushed back in and did this for a few minutes slowly she was loving it. He started to pick up the pace a little and she was breathing real hard now and moan real loud (I just love that) I knew she was about to cum and cum she did, she latched onto him with her legs wrapped around him and came real hard. After about ten minutes in that position he pulled out and turned her over and got her on all fours and reentered her from behind and was pounding her real hard now I got in front of her and she was sucking my cock while being fucked from behind. It was awesome. She came for a second time in that position. He then stopped and said he needed a rest and that I should come and have some. So with no complaints from me I did just that. She rolled back over on her back and I got on top of her and entered her. Man was she ever wet. He was kneeling beside her and she then took his cock in her mouth and she was again having both her pussy and mouth filled. She was like a crazed woman. She came yet again and that triggered me and I blew a load so hard I thought I was going to blow right threw her. He then put another condom on and she was grinning from ear to ear saying ?Oh goody more cock for me? He had her stand up and lean over the bed and he entered her from behind again. He started fucking her real hard and she was moaning so loud I thought the neighbors might hear. He fucked her in a few more positions for about an hour total and he said he was going to cum and she said cum with me and she started really grinding into him with the same rhythm as him, he started moaning and that set her off once again and they both came together. All three of us collapsed on the bed and laid there for a while in the after glow. She broke the silence with a smile and giggle saying that was fun when can we do it again. We all got dressed and talked for a little while and then he had to go. As she shut the door from walking him to the door she came to me wrapped her arms around me and said thank you I loved it and I really love you. We saw Allan one more time after that and had a good time then also but have not heard from him since; we have had a few more threesomes and love them. I guess that?s how we got into swinging and are now hopefully going to find more friends to get together with soon. Hope you enjoyed this true story.

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