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How we got seduced as a couple

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Patrick and I, my name is Cyndi, were married for two years when Bob, who I worked with, invited us to join him and his wife Karen at their home for a thank you dinner for helping him with one of his accounts.

They were suspected to be swingers and we didn’t know what to think about going to their house but I told Patrick that that was not the intention for going to their house. Then I blurted out something I still can’t believe I said. “But if that’s what you think this is all about, just keep remembering, Mister, while you’re fucking Karen, I’ll be doing it with Bob.”

I was embarrassed for saying that and turned into the kitchen to fix supper. I knew it was going to be an interesting conversation, any minute. Patrick joined me in the kitchen and just stood there looking at me. “Something else you want to tell me, Honey?” We both broke into laughter. We joked about Bob and Karen, Patrick and Cyndi like Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice. When Patrick asked me why I said what I did, I had to think of a tactful answer. Before I said another word, he asked how long I had been thinking about swapping partners for sex with Bob and Karen. Patrick just knows me too well, I guess. I confessed that I had thought of it off and on all day since being asked by Bob that morning and then added that I had a fantasy about it all the way home in the car.

We had found a new level; of open dialogue about our sexual life together and what kinds of experiences we had in both of our previous marriages. That’s when we established that since we were both married before and dated prior to getting married to each other, combined with the fact that we were not virgins when we met….well, we both knew the difference between “making love” and “recreational sex”. We further admitted to one another that we thought of sex with others from time to time but neither had done anything about it. Then the moment of truth, “could our relationship survive an open sexual encounter with another couple”.

We stopped right there and planned to pick up the conversation the next evening and think about all that we had discussed.

Next day after work, as soon as we were both inside the door, the conversation began again. We established trust in one another and that we both loved each other enough to try it once. But what if that isn’t what Bob and Karen was thinking when they invited us over? Laughing most of that evening we discussed the potential scenarios and how we would react to one “what if” after another. The final conclusion was that if Bob and Karen would start something, we would let them, but we would leave together and hold no grudges afterward. So if they started coming on to us…we would let them because we knew the difference between recreational sex and making love.

The infamous night came around and I put on my sexiest, tiniest pair of black panties and a pair of black high heels and carried two dresses on hangars out to the living room where Patrick was watching TV, while I was getting ready to go. “Which outfit do you like?” I said. “Which one do you think Bob will like?” was Patrick’s reply followed by “I like the red dress best”.

I dr*ped the green one over the back of a chair and promptly put the red dress on that had buttons all the way down the front and a wide black belt while Patrick watched. I purposely let him see that I was only wearing the red dress, a pair of sexy panties and a pair of shoes to go to Bob and Karen’s house.

We were like kids waiting for Santa on the ride over to their house. Once at the front door we kissed each other and smiled before ringing the door bell. Karen greeted us at the door, gave me an “air kiss” then took our coats. As we were still standing in the foyer Karen came up to Patrick and mentioned that the mistletoe was still hanging from the entry light over his head and planted a nice wet kiss on him. We just winked at each other while I was shuffled off to the kitchen with her and Patrick was promptly dispatched to the basement where Bob was shooting pool.

Karen and I were fixing drinks for ourselves, Bob and a beer for Patrick when she said, “You and Patrick ever done any swinging?” “Swinging?!?!” I asked as if I was surprised to hear her ask. “Yes, you know, wife swapping?” she said. I stood silent for a second and began to quietly laugh. I then shared the conversations and anxiety we were having about the rumors of them being swingers. Eventually she put the ultimate question to me and I told her what we had agreed to about “If it was started, we would go along”. Karen got all giddy and started a plan for when we went down stairs to see the men. I would take Bob’s drink to him and Karen would serve Patrick’s beer to him. As soon as they had it in their hand we would kiss them, on the mouth, tongue and all, and slide our empty hand down the front of their pants.

I was almost beside myself on two levels. What an exciting thing to do. What an exciting thing to see happen to Patrick. The plan went very well and as I slid my hand down the front of Bob’s pants, he pulled me closer with his free hand. I didn’t notice how he put his drink down but the other hand started undoing my buttons, so I started opening his trousers and loosening his belt till I found his manhood in my hand.

Just as I stepped back to get positioned to go down on him, I looked over to see Karen already sucking on Patrick and his pants around his ankles. Patrick was watching me and smiling. I strangely wanted him watching me and have him see me with Bob. My belt was loose enough and buttons undone far enough for Bob to pull my dress up over my head. I tugged his pant to the floor as I squatted down and took him into my mouth. Bob had a nice sized penis and I enjoyed sucking him and hearing him moan. Soon I felt a hand slide between my legs from behind. Finger pushed my panties to the side and fingers slid into my wetness. It was Patrick, kneeling behind me giving me pleasure from behind as I kept the attention going on Bob’s hard cock. I tilted my head to one side enough to see that while Patrick was feeling me up, he also had his face in Karen’s crotch as she stood over him supporting the back of his head while he licked her.

Bob blurted out something about needing to lie down. Karen took both Patrick’s and my hands leading us to a large sofa across the room. The girls lay across the seat area with the men knelling between our legs to slide themselves into us. Karen and I were being fucked by each others spouses for real. Everyone was enjoying having sex. Patrick and I were having open sex with another couple. Karen arched her back and asked Patrick to go faster, and then she came out with a husky “Oh Yes!” “Come in me!” “Come in me NOW!” This only encouraged Bob and me to join them with our own climaxes. I was almost there when Bob shot his cum into my pussy. I then heard that well known sound that Patrick makes when he ejaculates. I knew he was shooting his juices into Karen. The men bent forward to hold each of us girls for a few minutes.

“I got mine” Karen said,”and I know the boys got theirs, but how about you Cyndi, did you get off”. I said no but that was alright, I enjoyed it very much. Karen spoke right up saying “We can’t have that now can we Bob?!?” This had to be a signal to change positions…I was left on my back in the same place while Bob pulled out of me to lay down beside me on one side and Patrick was positioned on my other side. The boys started sucking my nipples so I held each of their cocks (even though they were getting soft) but then without warning, Karen knelt before me and started licking my freshly fucked pussy. I had never had a woman give me oral sex before. I was alarmed and excited at the same time. In no time at all I felt my orgasm come over my body. I arched my back and moaned while I gasped for breath. It was an amazingly wonderful climax.

And so goes the tale of when we went to Bob and Karen’s for a thank you and not only did they put the moves on us to have same room sex with each other’s spouses, Karen surprised both of us by coming on to me as soon as I finished with Bob.

My first bi-sexual experience was a complete surprise. We all enjoyed the rest of the evening we spent together that night. We went into the next room which was like a locker room with a shower for six, where we soaped each other up. Then we all got into the hot tub to quietly and openly discuss swinging over another cocktail. We spoke of our feelings and how we were dealing with having experienced open sex with others.

We were putting on our coats at the front door, ready to leave when they invited us back in two weeks and we accepted. Patrick and I didn’t need to discuss it, we were ready to enjoy it again…and soon. But then the best of all happened when we woke up the next morning. Patrick was as hard as a rock and I was ready for him. We must have tried every sexual position we ever had in the past and discovered the morning all gone when we realized we were finally more hungry than horny.

My sexuality became the next topic we explored openly. I admitted at first that I didn’t think I could go down on a woman but I enjoyed have Karen go down on me. About a month later in a heated swinging session I felt the urge to give Karen as good as I was getting. I now feel very comfortable with myself, my sexuality and my relationship with my husband. I feel my husband and I trusted each other enough to swing….without guilt.

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