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How our swinging began

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It was late October and the evenings were getting a bit chilly. I had gotten home from work and had just sat down to dinner when I received a call from a friend that was in the process of rebuilding a 56 Jag convertible. He asked if I could come over and help him do some repair work on the car body. I asked my bride if it was okay and she said yes, it was okay with her. I told her that it would be late when I returned and not wait up.

This brief story is what had transpired after I had left to go to a friends place and learned about when I returned home later that night.

It was late evening, when she decided to take a long hot shower and then would relax with a drink and watch TV. She slipped in to a warm fleece jump suit with a zipper front and nothing else on underneath. With drink in hand, she proceed to the family room to relax and began watching one of the shows she had been interested in seeing.

Around 8:15, there was a knock at the door. She wondered who could that be at this time of the night and went to answer the door. To her surprise it was George, a good friend of ours.

We had become friendly with him and his wife since they had moved here from Florida. George and his wife were very good friends of mine while the three of us we were in high school. George and I had many encounters together while we were having fun in our teen years. I never told her too much about George's escapades when he and I were younger. She would find this out later, as our friendship grew between him and his wife.

Any way, he asked if I was around. She told him, that I had gone to help another friend work on a car that he was restoring and I wouldn't be back for a while. She invited him in because it was cold outside and didn?t want to just stand there with the door open. They chatted for a while about why he was in the area. George told her, he had business with a client in the area and was on his was home. He said that he decided to stop by and say hello, since he was this close. She offered him a drink, which he graciously accepted, and then they went into the family room. The both sat down together on the couch and continued to chat.

Time had gone by quickly and a few drinks later, they both were feeling the effects of the drinks. George, being his true self, was becoming aroused at what she had on. The jump suit wasn't very tight but it allowed you to see the out line of her good looking body, especially her breasts against the material. While sitting next to her on the couch, watching TV and chatting he reached over and gave her a kiss. Her reaction was to pull away because she didn't think this was right.

When I first met her in college, I became infatuate with her. We dated quite often getting to know each other. In our romantic interlude we petted and aroused each other all the time. I learned early on that she was a virgin and thought many times what it would be like to take her virginity. As the weeks became months, I asked her to marry me and she said yes. Before we married I finally got my chance to have full blown sex with her in the heat of passion and she lost her virginity. So I was the only one to get her totally into bed. While growing up and going to college she may have had other encounters with other guys before I dated her. To my knowledge, they never made it past second base, not to say that she might have been touched and played with or she touched them in some physical way. In reality, I was her first and I really enjoyed making love to her.

George again leaned over to kiss her and she sort of responded to the second kiss, not sure where this was going. She wasn?t the type of person who would encourage any thing like this to happen. Of course, if you had given her a little encouragement and took the lead you could get her to begin to enjoy the moment. That was the only way you could get her to loose her shyness is by being the initiator. George told her that we were all good friends and that he wouldn't hurt her in any way. Again he kissed her and she responded. Their closeness was heating up and they both could feel a chemistry beginning to take over between them. George moved closer to her and touched her breasts through the jump suit and he began to caress then gently, she responded to his touch and all this excitement sent shivers through her body. In the back of her mind she wasn't sure if she should continue. It did feel wonderful and she did enjoy it when her husband would caress, kiss and suck her beautiful breasts. George continued to gently caress her breasts, especially around the nipples and he could feel them getting hard. From his touching she felt this great sensation that was stirring with in her.

George reached for the zipper and began to unzip the front of the jump suit. She began to tell George no, we shouldn't go any farther. Her mental thoughts were actually saying yes. He continued to pull the zipper part way down and she finally relented and let him continue. Buy now George got a good look at what he was caressing. Excitement was building inside them both, as he continued to unzip the jump suit. Again her guilt was taking over and she wasn't sure if this was right, but allowed George to continue. He kept on kissing her and now she was kissing him back and the thrill of what was happening was building inside her. He pushed the upper half of her jump suit down off her shoulders and took in the beautiful sight of her breasts. George leaned in and kissed, sucked and caressed the aurora of her breasts. She let out a soft moan from the pleasure of his touching and was totally enjoying the feeling.

He finished pulling the zipper the rest of the way down as far as it could go, to her crouch. Now George was realizing that she had nothing else on under the jump suit and George could see her dark patch of pubic hair. He was very much in control of the situation between them and continued to visually explore and physically touch her in all the right places. She continued to react to this feeling between them and knew there was no turning back. She responded to him with no control of how her body was reacting and went with the flow. By now, George had helped her take off the jump suit and had her lying in the prone position with her legs spread slightly apart. He began caressing her pussy with soft kisses and began licking and sucking her clit. She was now out of control and was moving her pelvis up and down while he caressed her tender spot. She was very wet and could feel small orgasms building with in herself.

In all the excitement of what was happening between them she managed to get the buttons of his shirt open and his belt undone while she wildly moved about enjoying his lust for her. George helped removed the rest of his clothes and she looked at his naked body with anticipation. He had an erection the seemed large and was dripping with pre-cum. This excited her much more than the original anticipation of him becoming naked. She reached out and took hold of his penis slowly began stroking it. George told her that this felt good. He let her continue stroking him as he was thinking what it would be like to have intercourse with her. He was telling her how beautiful she looked as they continued kissing and caressing each others totally naked bodies.

She now wondered what it would be like to have another man inside of her, bringing her to that uncontrollable climax. Her husband penis was the only penis that she had ever had inside her. In the back of your mind, you wonder, when making love to another man or woman if it is always the same as with the person that you are married to. She began to realize that another man performs differently by the way he touches you, kisses you, sucks you and holds you. When you make love to your husband you seem to get into a routine even though you enjoy that passionate sex.

Things were really heating up at this point. She was still slowly stroking his erection and he was enjoying the moment. George was busy moving his fingers through the fold of her pussy and she let out moans of pleasure. George moved to position him self between her legs and began to slowly rubbing the head of his penis against her clit as he semi laid on her. She is now responding to each stroke against her body and her pussy is aching for him to enter. He now pushes it against the opening of her pussy and starts to enter. She is so excited that she pushes up to take more of him wrapping her legs around his back. George begins to push deeper into her and then slowly pulls out letting the excitement build between them. He continues to push in and out slowly as she gets into the rhythm of him fucking her. She is really enjoying this feeling between them. Faster and faster he begins to pump into her. She is enjoying this great sensation of him moving in and out of her and could tell that he is about ready to cum inside of her. She is responding with her body by moving with him as he has total control.

Her climax is building and she is also ready to cum. George moans with pleasure as he pushes deep inside her and unloads into her hot pussy. She can feel the pulsating of his penis as he shot another load into her and she is taking deep breath and begins to have a climax. That felling sends her over the edge. Again he tells her how beautiful she is and passionately kisses her. George holds and comforts her as they come down from this wonderful feeling. He continues to caress her soft skin with kisses and she enjoys this feeling. They lay together for a few minutes taking in just what had happened.

As they are getting dressed she is starting to worry that her husband might walk in on them. She tells George that he probably should go before her husband gets home. As he leaves he gives her a kiss and tells her good night. She heads into the bathroom and takes a quick shower to clean off the scent of their sex together, so she would feel clean when her husband comes home. She prepares her self for bed and wonders if she should tell her husband what had happened this evening.

He arrives home around 11:30 and takes a shower before heading to bed. Realizing she is still awake he talks to her. She tells him that George stopped by on his way home. By now she has been having a guilty feeling about what happened and tells him that they had sex together. He comforts her and then asks if George pushed her into the situation. She said no, they had a few drinks and one thing lead to another. The husband put his arm around her for comfort and is getting excited at the thought of her having sex with some one else. He tells her that she shouldn't worry about what has happened, just think about the pleasure she had. He lets her know that he is not upset with what happened this evening. He ask her if she enjoyed having sex with some one else. She was hesitant and didn't want to answer the question. He could tell by her reactions she must have enjoyed the pleasure. He tells her that if she wants to have sex with some one else she should go for it. But be honest and keep no secrets about it. The husband loves his wife and wants to make her happy. He is really getting into this and hopes that I might happen again, especially if he can help make it a threesome.

As they continue to talk the husband is becoming more excited and starts to caress and kiss her. Just knowing, that another man had just pleased his wife with such pleasure he wanted to enjoy that same feeling that George and her had this evening. He could feel his erection starting to grow and that tingle in his body. He enjoyed the thought of his wife having sex with some else. It was very erotic.

From that night on many things have changed for these people and many more stories could be written about this passion and sexual freedom. This erotic behavior brought these friends even closer and as their friendship grew so did their sexuality.

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