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How it began - Nikki Part I

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I was taking the last run of the spring, the snow was slushy and the sun was warm it had been a great winter of skiing and the spring sun was taking the last of the snow. Then out of now where the snowboarder cut across my skis. The next thing I remembered was waking up in the hospital with a cast on from my waist down. After six months of thearpy and hard work I was walking without a limp and cane.

The worst part of the recovery was not having sex with my wife Nikki. The doctor kept telling me all would be normal. Well, it never became normal again. For some reason there was some damage to the nerves in my groin from the fall. While I could feel my cock it would never get hard. The doctor ran tests and gave me blue pills but nothing worked.

Nikki and I had been married for 10 years at this point. She is 8 years younger then me and I must admit still as hot as the day I first saw here in college. After two kids her body remained hard and her tits perky. Her pussy seemed to get tighter as she grew older and she has the ability to squeeze my cock and milk it when I was in her. It has now been a full year since the accident and Nikki and I had not had sex. Yes we had oral, or I should say I ate her pussy but a full year since she had a hard cock in her pussy. She never complained and never said anything but I knew she needed something more then my tounge.

During the whole ordeal my best friend and skiing partner Steve had stood beside me. He knew of my lack of ability to get my cock hard and the frustrations it was begining to make in my marriage. Steve was always my sounding board. I was always somewhat envious of Steve as he never married and dated the hotest babes. Steve admitted to me that he was envious of me because I married Nikki.

Nikki, being the every dutiful wife, told me to ask Steve over for dinner after our usual Saturday golf game. Well, to my surprise, Nikki got the boys to her mother for the night, something that did not happen very often. Well it was a nice summer day here in the valley and Nikki had decided we needed to BBQ. With the boys gone, Nikki had prepared her killer margaritas before dinner and they hit the spot. Steve and I drank the margaritas and dangled our feet in the pool. I must admit it was the most relax I had been in over 18 months.

Nikki wore white short shorts and a black halter that let just enough of her boobs show as she poured the margaritas. Steve looked at Nikki and as she walked away and shook her ass more then usual sighed and said what a lucky man I was. I laughed and said yeah, all I want is one more time to put my dick in her pussy. Steve put his and on my shoulder and said it will be fine just believe.

Nikki bbq'd the steaks and set the table outside by the pool. She then brought out some of my best cabernet and said we need to share our bounty with our best friend. Nikki had never called Steve our best friend, but I let it pass.

We ate dinner and and had 3 bottles of wine, I must admit I had most of it and Nikki and Steve kept my glass full. Nikki was a little typsy and I was well on my way to being drunk and Steve was under control. Nikki cleared the dishes and Steve and I sipped wine.

When Nikki came back she suggested we move go sit by the pool and dangle our feet in the pool. I took my wine and sat down, Nikki sat next me and Steve next to Nikki. Naturally I began to stroke Nikki's thigh lightly. What surprised me was that Nikki's nipples went hard immediataly and stuck through her halter top. Within a few minutes Steve began to stroke Nikki's other thigh. Nikki made no move to stop him and neither did I. Nikki's head went back moaned softly and spread her legs wider.

The next thing I knew Nikki took her top off and let her breasts feel the night air. Steve and I kept rubbing her thighs. Nikki looked at me and then at Steve and leaned over to Steve and kissed him deeply. She then took his hand and placed it on her left breast. I could see the buldge in Steve's shorts. While Steve and I had been friends for 20 years I had never seen his cock. Nikki took her hand and unzipped Steve's shorts and pulled out his hard cock. I swear Steve's cock was 3" inches thick and 8+ inches long. My cock would never match up to even in my glory days.

Nikki slowly began to stroke Steve's cock and kiss him. Steve did not protest to much and went with the flow. After several minutes Nikki turned and looked at me and said Neil, I waited as long as I can, I need it now.

Nikki slipped into the pool and began to give Steve a blowjob. Nikki has always been very talented orally and Steve was finding out how good she was. She bobbed up and down on his cock and fondled his balls. She would stop and lick his cock from balls to tip and then go down on the head. She was totally into Steve's cock. Steve moaned and told Nikki he was about to blow his load if she did not stop he would blow it all in her mouth. Just when he said that Nikki deep throated his cock and looked up at him and grabbed his balls. Steve blew a full load into Nikki's mouth. Nikki did not miss a drop.

Steve laid back on the hard cement contemplating what had just happened. I was still in shock. Nikki moved over to me with her mouth full of Steve's cum and kissed me. She not only kissed me she tounged me and put Steve's cum into my mouth and then pulled away and kissed my lips.

Nikki got out of the pool her short shorts being wet left nothing to hide. She unzipped them and dropped them on the cement. Standing totaly naked her pussy was no more then 3 inches from my face and I could smell her musty scent. She then walked over to Steve stood over him and slowly licked her lips, ran her hands over her breats, and then down to her pussy. She turned and began walking to the house. She was 20 feet away and stopped as she opened the door, looking over her shoulder she said, come on boys, we are not done yet.

Nikki Part I

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