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How it all began. swinging, full swap, first time

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How it all began.

It was several years ago and my wife and I had been married for a couple of years. We had a great sex life but we had always talked about how to spice things up. I don't remember if it was her or I that came up with the idea of having sex with other people but one thing is for sure, it really turned both of us on. Like most people I guess, we talked about it and fantasized over it for quite some time and nothing happened but talk. That is until one day that we had some friends over for dinner and a movie. Now Tom and Dara were good friends of ours but Dara and I were really close as we worked together and knew each other a little better. The evening started out perfectly normal dinner, small talk and then we sat down to watch a movie. By this time we had all had a few drinks and the small talk was getting a little bit more playful. I was in my recliner my wife, Tom and Dara were all on the couch. As the movie went on Dara was complaining of a head ache and my wife told her to have me rub her shoulders and neck. To which I immediately responded that I normally only give massages to get a blow job. Dara very quickly said to keep dreaming and rub her neck anyway. Well, she sat down in front of me on the floor and this left my wife and Tom alone on the couch. It was not very long before my wife grabbed a blanket and pillow and lay down with her head on Tom's lap. None of this seemed to be unusual at the time but boy was I mistaken. I noticed a little later that Tom kept squirming in his seat a little and then realized that one of my wife's hands was under the pillow on his lap! I was almost instantly hard I think. Was she really stroking his cock right there with me and Dara in the room, was it my imagination? I began to pay more attention to what was going on over on the couch than I did the movie. I saw that Tom had slid down in the seat a bit and his legs were wide open as if to give her plenty of room to manipulate is dick. As we sat there I was convinced that she was slowly stroking him off right there in the living room. I was so excited, just the thought of my wife rubbing another man's cock, was enough to just about send me over the edge. Right about this time Dara started watching them as well. She would look at the TV for a moment and then look at her husband and the obvious pleasure on his face. I could not tell from my seat what she was thinking but I knew that she did not mind or I am sure that she would have said something. I finally had to do something to break the ice just a little bit, so I decided that I needed a restroom break and a fresh drink. I paused the movie and started to get up when I noticed my wife looking me straight in the eye. I could tell from the look on her face that she was very horny and she was looking for my approval. I simply shrugged my shoulders and winked at her as if to say "it's okay with me" and with that she got a very big grin on her face and winked back at me. As I was getting up, Dara looked up at me and had the perfect view of my fully erect dick straining at the front of my shorts. She gave a little smile at me and said "I will meet you in the kitchen to help with the drinks." With that I headed off down the hall for the bathroom and Dara headed into the kitchen, which left my wife and Tom alone on the couch. When I got to the bathroom I could not help but wonder what Tom was doing to my wife or what she was doing to him with their new found time alone. But I hoped to find out when I left the bathroom as I would have a perfect view into the living room down the hall. I tried to calm myself down as best I could and put myself back together just in case I was reading more into what was going on than was really happening. I slowly opened the door as to not make too much noise and startle my wife and Tom into stopping what they were doing. I stepped into the hall way and looked into the living room. With just the glow from the TV lighting up the room I could tell that the pillow was moved and that my wife was now lying on her stomach. My heart jumped as I realized that she was sucking is dick. His head was back and eyes closed, but she had a perfect view of me in the hall and looked me straight in the eyes as she slid his dick into the back of her throat. I don't know how long I stood there but it must have been for a while, just watching my wife give about the best blow job I had ever seen. She was using long strokes and taking him into her throat at the end of every one. I could see that she was really working her tongue around him trying to give him the best head he had ever gotten. His dick was a little longer than mine but not quite as thick. But she was having no trouble taking the extra length. I could not move, I just stood there and watched when all of the sudden I felt a hand on my hips. It was Dara, she had slipped around the back way and was watching as well. I looked around at her and she smiled and moved her hand from my hip to my rock hard cock. She gave me a couple of tugs through my shorts and then spun me around and led me down the hall by my dick. She ducked into the first room that we came to which happened to be the spare bedroom. She led me in and slowly and quietly closed the door behind us. Without ever saying a word, she walked over to me, unbuckled my shorts and let them fall to the floor. She grabbed my dick again this time I could feel the heat from her had through my boxers. Dara reached up and kissed me and then fell to her knees. She did not bother to pull off my boxers she just popped my dick out the front of them and straight into her mouth. Now I have had my dick sucked by several different women but this was the first since I had started dating and married my wife. I was so excited that I thought I was going to cum in her mouth on the spot. She must have suspected what was going on and she slowed her pace. My mind was reeling, here I was in my spare bedroom getting my dick sucked by a coworker while my wife is down the hall sucking off her husband. Dara was taking her time, long slow strokes, using her hand then not using it, letting my dick come all the way out of her mouth just to swallow it down again. All of this was mind blowing but was just enough variety that I could not get in a groove and do what I really wanted to do, cum in this beautiful woman's mouth. After what seemed like an eternity Dara stood up and kissed me again, and whispered, "What do you think is going on in the other room?" I replied "I don't know but it has to be one of two things, either she has made him cum or they are having sex!" To which Dara said, "Well I hope they a having sex because I really need you fat cock inside of me, so why don't we peak out and see so I know if I can have you or not?" With that we walked over to the door and slowly opened it and looked down the hall toward the living room. At first I did not see either of them, but then I caught a fleeting image of my wife's foot moving rapidly up and down in the air. I stepped out in the hallway and started to creep down the hall to get a better view of what was going on. As I got closer I could hear the subtle noises my wife makes during sex and could hear Tom grunting and flesh slapping together. I knew what was happening but I had to see it for myself. I got a little closer and could see Tom with his back to me on top of my wife. His long dick was pounding in and out of her pussy. I could tell how excited she was by how wet she was and how much of her juices were flowing down the crack of her ass and wetting the carpet. Tom was really working her over with hard pounding thrusts each one seemed like it was going to pound my wife right through the floor. I watched in amazement as my wife was getting a good fucking from another man right in my living room. Dara then whispered in my ear, "come with me, it is your turn to get some pussy." With that I turned and slipped back down the hall way to the bedroom. I entered the room, shut the door and turned around and found Dara in the process of undressing right in front of me. She had an almost perfect body. Nice supple breasts, very pert, topped with nipples that were erect and very bright pink. She reached down and grabbed the waist band of her shorts, turned around and bent over as she pulled them down to her ankles giving me a perfect view of her totally bald pussy and a surprise in that she had a large ass top tattoo on the small of her back. She lingered in that bent over position just long enough for me to step up behind her and slam my dick into her waiting cunt. I thought I was going to pass out! Her pussy felt so good, very tight and wet not to mention looking down and seeing that sexy tattoo above her ass. I am sure that I took her by surprise by the little moan that she made as my dick buried into her. Now that I think about it I was not even nice about it, I just shoved the whole length of my manhood into her with one quick motion. She leaned forward and supported herself on the bed as I stood behind her fucking her fast and furiously. I realized that I was going to cum way to quickly from all of the excitement so I forced myself to slow down to a more reasonable pace. After a few minutes of taking Dara from behind she pulled forward and my dick slipped out of her drenched pussy with a sexy slurping sound as it came out. She stood up and said "lay down on the bed so I can ride that thick cock of yours". I complied with her request and lay down on the bed. She got on top of me and grabbed my cock and guided into her pussy. I have to be quite honest, to this day she is the best fuck I have ever had with the woman on top. She knew exactly how to use the muscles in her cunt to work me over. She would relax as she slid down on my shaft and then tighten every muscle she had as she raised up again. It felt like she was milking me with every stroke. As she was riding me I could hear things in the other room getting a lot more heated and from the sounds my wife was making I was sure she was ready to climax. The combination of hearing her and the feeling of Dara riding my cock was too much. I had to release and I had to do it soon. I told Dara that I was going to cum and all she said was she had beaten me to it. Then I felt it, her whole body tensed, she started to shake and I could feel wave after wave of muscle contractions on my dick deep inside her cunt. That was all it took, one more thrust and I was there. It was one of the most intense and longest orgasms I have ever had. I was filling her up with pump after pump of hot cum. After what seemed like several minutes, although I am sure it was a much shorter time than that, Dara collapsed on top of me. We were both completely spent. She rolled off of me and said "wow, I did not expect that tonight until I got home". I said "I know what you mean, but I am sure glad it happened now". We talked for a while longer when she excused herself to go clean up a bit. When she came back in the room she told me that she thought that Tom was done with my wife and maybe we should rejoin them in the living room. So I put my pants back on and she just put on her panties and her tee shirt and off we went to see if everyone else had as much fun as we did. When we walked in the living room my wife was still lying in the middle of the floor. Her eyes were closed and her hands were under her head. Her legs were spread just wide enough for me to see the heavy stream of Toms cum running out of her pussy down the crack of her ass. I guess Tom had went to clean up or something because he was not in the room. Just seeing my wife like that and knowing that she had just gotten the shit fucked out of her by another man was enough to start making me hard again. I watched her for a minute or so and decided that I was ready to go again. I dropped my pants and knelt down by my wife. I gently rolled her over and helped her up to her knees so I could take her from behind. I moved in behind her and got ready to enter her. I looked down and saw Toms cum coating her pussy and ass and I could not resist. I adjusted my aim and using Tom's cum as a lube gently pushed my dick into her ass. Normally she is not too interested in anal sex but I guess fucking another man had gotten rid of some of her inhibitions. She forced herself back against me and took my whole cock in her ass. As I started to sodemize her, I looked around and Dara was sucking Tom's dick getting all of my wife's juices off of him. It did not take long and I came in my wife's ass which is something that she never lets me do. It was not near the quantity as the first time but it felt just about as good. We both collapsed in a heap on the floor and watched Dara finish Tom of for the second time. She never missed a beat and took his whole load right down her throat. After that we all took turns getting cleaned up and returning to the living room. My wife was the last to join us. When she came back she was still totally nude and just simply said "We are all close enough friends now that I guess I don't have to get dressed". We all had a good laugh and continued to watch the movie we had started. We continued to have fun with Tom and Dara for the next couple of years as often as we could. It was not until sometime later that I told my wife that during those couple of years I was fucking Dara a couple of times a week before, after or during work. Those stories I will have to save for a little later........

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