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How I Learned about sex

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This is a true story???

I am much older now and much wiser. The wiser part comes from experiences in my youth. My dad died when I was 12 leaving me, my sister and my mom alone in the world. He had a sizable insurance policy so we were not hurting by any means. We lived in the country just outside Houston, Texas on a 5 acre lot. It was a good place to grow up. My mom was a good looking woman; at the time of my dad?s death she had just turned 37. She had long red hair and beautiful green eyes, and a very shapely body. Being 12 I was starting to question sexual things and watched my mom intently, looking at her shape and wondering what women looked like naked. I knew they did not have a wiener, but did not fully understand how sex worked. I remember getting hard sometimes when I looked at mom and my sister. My sister was just a little older than me, she was 14. She had red hair like mom, and was starting to mature. I noticed that she was getting bumps on her chest.

I was very curious about what women looked like naked so I managed to find a way to find out. I went into the attic and found where the AC vent went into my mom?s bathroom. It was easy to fix it so I could see in. At night I would go up and peak through as my mom took a bath. She would come in and nude and I could see everything, especially when she would lie in the tub. I was amazed at her tits, they were full and round large things, with big nipples. When we would get in the bathtub I could see between her legs. She had hair the same color as was on her head, and she would wash between her legs as she bathed. I would get hard watching, and would pull on myself. It felt good. I learned a lot about the female anatomy from those peaks. One time I was watching and touching my wiener when I had a funny feeling in my stomach and I could not catch my breath. There was a feeling in my throat that felt better than anything I had ever felt. I remember my wiener pulsed, it felt so good, and clear liquid came out, it was sticky. Later I found out that I had my first orgasm and precum had come out of my wiener. I started doing this regularly even in my bed at night till one day the clear liquid became white and thick.

When I turned 15 we were still living in the same place. Things had gotten much better for us. My mom had a job working at the school that kept her busy. Money was not a problem. I found out that mom had other frustrations though. One night in mid December it was pretty cold out. I got up to go to pee and as I walked down the hall I could hear moaning. It was coming from my mom?s room. I finished peeing and quietly walked to her door. There was a little light coming from the moon through the window, I could see my mom on the bed with her leg spread doing something. I noticed her fingers touching between her legs. I knew she was touching her pussy. I stood motionless watching, my cock was getting hard as a rock. I could hear her breathing becoming more intense then she gave a gasp and her back arched and she shivered. I heard her say oh god and then she relaxed. She pulled the blankets up and went to sleep.

I went back to my room with a raging hard on. I just kept thinking of my mom. My sister passed my door and looked in at me. She saw I was awake, but did not see my hard on. She asked me what was the matter. I was shocked that she came in the room and said that it was ok. She said you look so weird what?s wrong. Then she saw the tent in the sheets. She laughed and said ?What got you so excited?? I said, ?You promise not to tell mom?? She said, ?Of Course. What happened?? I told her what I had seen; she turned red and said I was lying. I said no that I had seen it. She came over and sat on the bed with me. ?So that is why you are so turned on. You saw mom?s pussy.? I was shocked that she used the word, pussy. She asked me, ?What did it look like??. I described what I saw, and as I did she began to breathe hard. Jenn was now 17, and quite the young woman. Her tits were full and she had shoulder length hair. She noticed that as I described mom I was looking at her tits. She must have gotten turned on because she said, ?Well looks like you need some relief.? And pulled the sheets away from my cock and started to stroke it. ?Wow, Mike, you have a nice cock.? My eyes rolled in my head as she stroked me. She said, ?Would you like to fuck mom?? I was in the throes of ecstasy, I said, ?Yesss?. Then I looked down and saw my sister take my cock in her mouth. Shit my sister was sucking me. I was so hot. She got up and closed the door, then pulled her night gown off. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her tits were perfect.

?I know you watch mom take a bath in the attic. I saw you go up there and I peeked up and watched you?, Jenn confessed.

?Don?t tell mom.? I begged She went back to sucking my cock, ?I won?t. I think it is hot that you peek in on mom.? I moaned with delight as she sucked me. ?You want to touch my tits?? she asked.

?Yes?, I said, and reached out and cupped her tits. They were softer than I thought they would be. She kept sucking me. I felt myself coming to a climax. ?I think I am going to cum!?

She kept sucking me as my cock pulsed in her mouth. My cum shooting in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. She looked at me, ?Now you feel better little brother??

?yes I do.?

?Tell me do you think of fucking mom when you jerk off??

?Yes. I told Bobby about watching her and he told me about fucking. He said it was much better than beating off. Now I will tell him that what you did was better than anything.?

?No don?t tell Bobby about this. This is between us. But if you think me sucking you was so good, wait till you get fucked little brother.?

She got up, and put her night gown on and left me to my fantasies.

The next morning we were eating breakfast and I was watching mom walk around the room. She was in a tee shirt and shorts, her hair still tasseled from sleeping. Her nipples were erect through her tee shirt and her tits swayed as she walked. My sister watched me as I looked at her and she reached under the table and felt my hard on. I looked at her and she winked and smiled. We both giggled.

?What?s with you two?? she asked us.

?Nothing Mom?, my sister said with a giggle.

Mom just looked at us questioningly. She must have noticed her nipples showing, because she left and came back with her bathrobe on. She said, ?Now you can stop giggling.? I turned red and my sister burst out laughing. ?Ok, Ok the show is over. You kids are getting to old; I have to watch how I dress.?

?Mom?, Jenn said, ?Mike just never saw women naked before. I think you need to have the talk with him.?

?Jennifer Michelle!?, Mom said , ?Watch what you say. Michael you cover your ears.?

?Seriously, Mom, you need to have the talk.?

?OK well maybe you are right. ?

That night after supper we had were ready for bed and mom called me in her room. Jenn winked at me and whispered, ?Now is your chance.? I looked at her as if to say, shut up.

I went into mom?s room and she shut the door. ?Michael, you are getting older now, and I know you are having some urges that you may not understand. I know that you may look at girls and have certain feelings. These feelings are normal, sexual urges. Men and women were made in such a way that they would be attracted to each other. This is so that, when the time is right, a man and woman get married and have children. To have children men and women join in sexual union. You know a man has a penis and a woman a vagina. When a man and woman have sex, the man inserts his penis in the woman?s vagina and deposits sperm which unites with an egg to form a baby.?

?Mom I know most of that already. The guys talk about sex at school.?

?So do you ever get erections looking at girls??

?Yes I have.?

?Have you ever heard of masturbation??

?Yes mom.?

?Have you ever done it??

I was a little embarrassed, but she finally got me to admit that I had masturbated before. She told me it was normal. ?What do you think of when you do it? Some little girl at school I bet.?

I gulped and looked down. She said, ?It?s ok to fantasize about a girl. Or is it a woman at school.? She laughed and said, ?I bet it is Mrs. Marshall, she is so cute and young.? I looked at her and shook my head no. She said, ?Come on tell me, who is it.?

?You?, I said. Her face went white.

?ME! Michael, I am your mother.?

?I am sorry mom.?

My mother looked away for a minute, and then said, ?Well, I guess that is sort of normal. I am the first woman in your life, and you are a curious kid.?

?Mom, I have seen you naked.? I confessed. She looked at me with shock.


?I watch you through the vent in your bathroom.?

?What??? She was speechless.

?You are beautiful, Mom.?

?I am your mother.? She looked away and seemed a little embarrassed.

I reached over and turned her fact to me and said, ?I love you Mom.?

That was the end of the conversation. I went off to bed, but when I got there I had a huge hard on. I thought my sis would come in and suck me off again, but she didn?t. I lay there and played with myself, then the door opened. I quickly covered myself, it was my mom. She came over and sat by the bed. She could see that I was hard. I started to say something and she told me to be quiet. She removed the sheet covering me and looked at my hard cock. Then she looked at me as her hand wrapped around it. She began to slowly stroke me, tears coming down her face. I told her she did not have to do that, she shushed me again, and leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Then she stood up and took off her robe. She was completely naked. She lay down beside me and continued to stroke my cock and kiss me. I could feel her soft tits against me. She took my hand and put it between her legs; I could feel her wet pussy. She opened her legs and my fingers slipped between her pussy lips. I could feel her wet clitoris, she gasped. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked on it. Her breathing became deep and regular. She kept slowly stroking me, and then pulled me on top of her. She guided my cock into her pussy and I entered her.

?God, Michael. This feels so good.?

?Yes it does mom. Oh g52 yo guy looking for jo 5'11"/160/stache/short hair/9" cut od.?

?Fuck me Michael.?

?Oh god mom.?

I pushed my cock deep in her. She expertly met me with every stroke. It was not long till I felt I needed to explode. ?I am going to cum mom.?

?It ?s Ok Michael, cum in me, cum in your moms pussy.?

It was the hardest I had ever cum. I pumped my mom?s pussy full of cum. She was cumming at the same time. Her back arched. And she screamed. I looked over my shoulder and I saw my sister watching in amazement.

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