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Hotel of Opportunity

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For years upon years I had yearned to view my sister's amazingly beautiful friend Kristy in full nudity. With flowing silky brown hair that came to rest atop her perfectly shapen breasts, and a curvy juicy butt complimented by her skinny midsection, she was the opitimy of a perfect body. Kristy's bubbly and flirty personality also added to my absolute desire to see her nude, as she constantly teased me with her body; whether it be wearing a short skirt and a mini tank tap barely able to contain her large breasts, or just a tight pair of jeans, showing off her curvy ass.

Finally, an opportunity had arrived.

Kristy, my sister and I as well as my mother decided to go to the beach for a few days. I was more than eager to attend knowing I would be able to view Kristy in a skimpy bikini. Arriving at our hotel, I was increasingly excited about what lied ahead. As we checked in, my mother and sister complained of hunger, and decided to go get some food to engourge in. Although I was hungry myself, Kristy was not, and knowing I would be alone with her, I decided to stay back at the hotel room with her.

The best decision of my life.

As we walked into the gourgeous hotel room, I could not take my eyes off Kristy. She was wearing tight blue short shorts that hugged her ass cheeks, and for a split second I thought of just ripping her shorts off to expose her delicious ass cheeks. Of course, I resisted and further proceeded into the hotel room. Coming upon the bathroom, I realized that I needed to pee. I waltzed into the bathroom, shut the door and started peeing. As I finished up, I could hear Kristy's voice through the door asking if I wanted to go down to the beach with her. Gladly, I replied yes. Then she muttered, "Ok, I need to change into my bikini once your done peeing." Immediatley, I froze. I glanced around the bathroom, looking for any nook or cranny that my cell phone could sit in. Lucky for me, my cell phone was able to hold up to 20 minutes of video. As I glanced around, I found the perfect spot. Underneath the bathroom sink was a tiny corner at ground level that would be impossible to view unless you got down on your hands and knees and peered back into it. I set my camera on my phone to record, and carefully placed it into the corner, making sure to angle it to view high enough up to view Kristy's full body.

Nervously, I waited outside on the balcony. What if she found my phone, secretly placed to record her? I would be a dead man. For what seemed like an eternity, she finally walked out, looking unbelievably sexy. She wore a bright red bikini top and bottom. She twirled around and asked how she looked, to which I replied, "Amazing". Kristy then proceeded to give me a big hug for such a nice compliment. Her huge boobs pushed up against my chest, as did her entire lower body. For what seemed like a nano second, the hug was over. She strutted away to put some sunscreen on. About to volunteer to help her, I remembered my phone. Casually I walked back into the bathroom and shut the door. I bent down, grabbed my phone, and saved the video. I pretended to wash my hands, and walked back out. As Kristy was busy applying sunscreen, I watched the video. About 2 minutes in, she walked in. I could see her entire body perfectly. Immediatley I got excited like a child on christmas. Slowly, she peeled off her blue shorts, exposing a bright pink thong underneath. Her ass was more amazing than I could've imagined. As she stepped to remove the last bit of her shorts, her ass jiggled. To my enjoyment, she started rubbing her ass, I suppose to see how it looked. She continued this for an amazing 20 seconds, and then proceeded to strip her thong off. She was clean shaven and had a nice set of pussy lips. Growing more and more excited, she took her shirt off. Her boobs looked suffocated in her bra that obviously was too small for her gargantuin knockers. She reached back to undo the latch, and immediatley her bra flung off, and her boobs bounced out. I nearly came right then. The were absolutely perfect. Slowly, she put on her bathing suit, covering up what was never supposed to be seen. She stood gazing into the mirror for about 2 minutes, then walked out. I was in awe that I had just seen her naked and gotten away with it scotch free. Suddendly, my phone was snatched out of my hands. Panic crossed my body. I turned around to find Kristy had grabbed it and asked what I was watching as she rewound it to the beginning. Immediatley, she knew what I was indeed watching. The look of disgust and anger on her face made me want to kill myself, and I knew I would be in deep shit with my sister and mom, and maybe even the law. Suddendly, however, the look vanished off her face. A small smirk came across her face, and she whispered to me, "You know, if you want to see them that bad I can just show you." I could not believe I was hearing this. Without giving an answer, she ripped her bikini top off. She proceeded to hop on top of me, smacking her boobs in my face. She grabbed my hands and massaged them all over her rack. At this point, I had a full erection. Her hands then moved to my pants, where she unzipped my shorts and immediatley started massaging my throbbing cock. She then pulled her bikini bottom to the side, exposing her shaven pussy. She rubbed my cock head on the outside of her pussy, asking me if I was a virgin. I replied with a sorrowful yes. She giggled and said, "Now you arent" and immediatley she shoved my cock into her vagina, grunting as my cock fully penetrated her pussy. The warm tight sensation felt amazing. For the next ten minutes I fucked the living shit out of her, I was living my fantasy. I grabbed her ass and smacked them. I squeezed her boobs and coarsed my fingers through her hair. About to cum, she yanked my cock out, and shoved her lips over my cock. I blew spurt after spurt of cum down her throat as her tongue licked my dick head clean. When it was all over, Kristy whispered, "That was my first too." As she walked away to put her bikini back on, I was in pure awe and shock. I just took the virginity of perhaps the hottest girl I've ever seen, and it's all because I was perverted and tried to film her changing.

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