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I first met Steve a few monthes ago at the gym. I work at a local gym as a trainer, and Steve was a client who had just moved back to town. I always notice hot guys at the gym of course...and Steve was one of them. Unlike most men who come to the gym to pump iron and get big pecs and arms...steve was lean and athletic...mmmm...just how I like them. Steve was a martial artist, and would often come late, about an hour or so before closing to practice Karate in our aerobics room which was not occupied at that time of night. Often I'd find excuses to go into that room (I often had to clean it or put back items that had been scattered around the gym). He would glance at me...but was so into his craft that it was nothing more than fleeting. I loved to watch him. He could move his body like no man I'd ever met. It was like watching music. There were a few times I'd get so wet and hot watching him that I'd go to the bathroom to jill off thinking about him. Not one for complicated fantasy scenarios...I'd think of just walking into that room and purring "fuck me" in his ear.

One day I walked into the aerobics room just as he was finishing up...and he said in a low voice "it's very distracting when a woman as beautiful as yourself struts in and out of the room while I'm training". I laughed..played innocent and said "well..I do have work to do". I'm sure he'd noticed me watching him. Good..I wanted him to notice.

This type of banter continuted for several weeks, and the flirting got more and more intense. He showed me a few Karate moves one day. When he touched me it was like an electric shock passed between us. The sexual tension in that room was so was like a sweet hot fog. We were both breathless and when our eyes met the hunger was so intense I couldn't resist anymore. I licked my lips and whispered in a voice husky with lust "fuck me".

We crashed into one another with an intensity that was almost dangerous. He kissed my lips, neck and throat..and ran his hands over my body. His eyes, hands and mouth devouring me like a man who hadn't had food for weeks. I was clawing at his Gi...and actually ripped one of the side ties in my rush to get my hands on his beautiful naked chest. He was a sight to behold. Perfect six pack, nicely muscled, and to my suprise..a few tatoo's here and there. I dropped to my knees and licked his abs, tasting his skin still salty from his workout. My toungue and mouth just couldn't get enough of him. I could feel his cock through the loose karate pants..and he fumbled with the side ties as I felt his package through the thin material, and circled my toungue lower and lower. He was rock hard. His pants off now..I ripped off his boxer brieds and went to town. Oh teasing and games..this was not time for foreplay. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I firmly grabbed the base and deep throated his perfect uncut 6 inches to the hilt. He let out a groan. I sucked and moved my tounge around his cock..keeping it deep in my mouth..moving up and down. WEt and hot. I wanted his cum in my mouth..and came up for air just long enough to tell him such. I sucked him deep and fast...stroking the base as I came up, and gently stroking his balls with my other hand. My pussy was dripping wet..and I wanted his cock so bad..but wanted to taste him orgasm could wait.

His breathing was coming out in ragged gasps and soft groans..he growed in a low husky voice "jesus girl, you can suck cock like nobody's business". I started to hum while I sucked hard..and within seconds he let out a yell and shot his creamy cum deep into my throat. I swallowed clit burting from it's needy and aching to be touched.

I swallowed the last of his cum..then layed down on the mat and started rubbing my clit furiously. I was a woman on a mission..and my need was so urgent I lost all sense of time and space. I needed to get mine..and I was going to get it. I felt him move my hand aside..and then I felt a warm soft toungue take over where my fingers were. His toungue was warm and soft...and the sweet hotness that had been building in my body finally released..and I let out a yell as my pussy convulsed in orgasm...squirting him and soaking him with my cum. It was so intense that I almost passed out. My legs were weak and shaking. It felt so good I almost cried in joy.

I came back to reality..and he said to me "I've heard of women that squirt..but you're the first I've actually experienced". I was a little's something that I do..but I've been like that so long and our passion was so intense..that I forgot to warn him. He laughed at me and said "don't be was very very hot!". He kissed me..and rubbed his erect again cock against me. I was ready. I got down on the floor on all fours..presenting myself to him and repeated "fuck me Steve". He didn't need to be asked twice. His hard cock entered my wet pussy and as he started to slowly stroke..I gently fingered my clit..which was still a little sensitive from my last orgasm. He rubbed my hips and ass..and moved his hands sensuously over my body as he fucked me. "You have such a beautiful body, you've been driving me crazy for weeks naughty girl"..and with that he gave my ass a little smack. Oh god..that drove me wild! I started moving my body back..grinding my ass hard into him...begging him to fuck me harder and faster. As the intensity started building...I moved my legs closer together and layed almost flat....making my pussy super tight for him. He straddled the back of my legs and pumped his cock in and out of me...grabbing my hot ass and giving it a little smack here and again. His breath was coming in ragged gasps...and just as my second orgasm rocked my body..he shot his load deep into me..letting out a yell as he grabbed my ass hard and pushed me into the floor saying "don't move". My pussy unleashed another gush as I came. Breathless and spent...we layed there for a while before we got up to get dressed.

"Jesus..look a the puddle of the floor" Steve chuckled. I laughed back and thew his a towell and said "clean it up hon..I do enough of that around here".

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