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Hot Summer Hose Back Ride

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Hot Summer Horse Back Ride

My friends Debbie, Carol, and our boyfriends have been horse back riding since we were twelve at the farm in Burks County. One day Carol couldn?t make it due to work so the five of us headed out for a ride and picnic as so often before. It was that dreaded summer between collage and high school when every thing changes. It was getting on to late afternoon when one of the worst lightning storms I had ever seen hit. Debbie and I and our three friends headed for one of the barns in the area for shelter. By the time we got there our clothing was soaked, and we were all just a bit chilled. We brought the horses in and broke out the picnic goodies and headed to the top of the hay mound where we knew it would be warmer.

We set out the snacks and opened the loft doors; everything seemed so romantic and intimate even with Jim being there. It was reasonably dark and the rain was hitting the tin roof. Well it wasn?t long before we were all spread out on the blanket and the snacks were pushed aside Debbie and I found ourselves sandwiched between all three men. It all seemed so natural and I?m not sure how it all started but we were kissing and petting rather heavily with all three and no one was objecting. It was extremely exciting to have several hands roaming over my young nearly naked body.

Before I knew it my blouse was unbuttoned and Dave, Debbie?s boyfriend, had his head buried into my breasts and was sucking the nipples down his throat as far as he could get them. His tongue was really working my nipples over. I didn?t know what or to whom Debbie was doing what, but I could hear the sound of hot sex coming from her side of the blanket.

It didn?t take but a few minutes more and my blouse and bra were gone and Jim was undoing the zipper of my jeans and tugging them down over my raised hips and ass. At least I thought it was only my jeans till the air hit my bare ass and pussy. Oh my god I thought I?m naked and two men are about to have their way with me, and I really was turned on. I just knew my pussy was soaking wet.

In a very short time Dave had removed his clothes and I could feel his naked hard body pressed to mine as he humped my thigh I could feel his huge cock rub agents me. I reached down and grabbed the largest cock I had ever seen my hand barely closed around it and it was defiantly an eight incher. Jim now had his head buried into my tender young cunt and was lapping at my clit. Oh fuck was all I was thinking, and saying noooooooooo, ooooooooooooooh , nooooooo. And I locked my thighs around Jim?s head and held on tight to Dave as wave after wave shook my body. We were barley warmed up and I just had the best orgasm of my young life.

I had fucked Steve my present boyfriend on several occasions, but still considered myself in experienced, but I was about to get the lesion of my life, that would define my sexuality forever. I was so emotionally turned on the multiple stimulation had me on fire.

I just wanted to fuck and orgasm myself to death it seemed.

It wasn?t long before Dave pulled me on top of him and I loved the feeling of control. His hands continued to do their work on my breasts and I was now free to take control of his hard cock that was rubbing my wet slit as I rocked my pelvis agents his hard pulsating cock. I leaned forward to kiss him deeply and felt his cock edge into my wet slit as he raised his hips and I pushed back onto his hard cock and rocked my hips to get him deeper. I was vaguely aware of Jim?s hands caressing my body and him kissing my back .then I realized he was playing with my back side and it felt great. It didn?t take him long to get the idea, and I felt a wet finger probing my up turned ass I was petrified and excited at the same time. I remember leaning down onto Dave and telling him to hold still as I tried to relax and thought this is it my ass is about to lose it?s Virginity to Jim's finger I felt it slip in and it sorta hurt yet felt wonderful at the same time. Dave whispered if I was all right and I just moaned ammmmhaaaaaaa into his ear. Then it was gone I guess he was excited and wanted desperately to join the party. I felt him adjust himself behind me and then I felt the pressure on my sphincter and I knew this was really the moment I held still and let him press into me while I tried to relax. My whole body was shaking from the excitement.

Then my virginity was gone I felt his cock press into me, and deeper he slid I don?t know what he was using for lube bit it worked and in a minute he was balls deep. I was stretched, I couldn?t move Jim had me by my hips and Dave had his arms wrapped around me. We were all breathing heavy and we just had to move. Jim started with short almost minni strokes then Dave started to moan and rock his hips. I was so dam excited yet I couldn?t move much and I knew this was not going to take long. The sexual excitement was going to send me over the edge. ?Fuck me now fuck me hard? was all I could say and then I began to scream it. I started cuming so hard and it was wave after wave with each thrust I was shaking harder, and I was clamping down on those two cocks. They both began to erupt almost at the same time. I was shameless I remember say tings like yaaaaaa give me your cum, fuck my virgin ass. I collapsed onto Dave and Jim onto me. I was sandwiched and I just loved it. I was totally spent cum running out of both holes wow was all I could think of.

Several years later now, Yep, I am married to Steve, have two wonderful children, and love to swing and believe it or not getting sandwiched is still the greatest thrill for me. Love it, just love it.

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