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Hired Help

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Sure, I told my husband I was doing it to please him, but I was as excited about it as he was. And why not? Here I was, a woman of forty, intimate with only my husband for the past twenty years. Now I was being given the opportunity to have sex with another man, and with my husband's approval. And not just another man, but a gorgeous young hunk at that.

After years of fantasizing together, John and I had never had the nerve to try to make it really happen. Anyway, our lives were consumed by the restaurant that we own. With John running the business end and me serving as hostess, we were busy almost every night. Ironically, it was because of the restaurant that our fantasy finally came true.

I was friendly with all of our staff, but one of the waiters seemed to have a special thing for me. He was always flirting with me, and making comments about how well I fit into a dress, or what a nice mouth I had and even what a lucky man my husband was-always followed by a knowing wink. I was of course very flattered-especially since Rick was a tall, well-built and handsome aspiring actor of just twenty-three.

It came to a head one night around closing time. My husband-and most of the staff-had already left and I was alone in the office. I was leaning back in my chair with my feet up on the desk, relaxing for a minute before going home. Rick came in and flashed his dazzling smile. "Someone said they left my tips on your desk, Brenda."

My dress had ridden way up and, thinking that I was alone, I hadn't bothered to pull it down. Rick's eyes roamed over my long legs, lingering on my exposed thighs. I knew I still looked good, even after a long day of work. My hair was perfect-a carefully arranged chaos of chin-length blonde curls, and I'd just re-applied my lipstick for the trip home. I was wearing a short black dress that clung to my body, which, despite a little middle-aged thickening, still turns heads at the beach. I'm tall and curvaceous, with what can only be described as voluptuous breasts.

I looked down at where Rick and I were joined, and got even more excited at the sight of his solid shaft moving in and out of my cunt.

When I leaned forward across the desk to hand Rick the envelope containing his tips, he made no effort to hide the fact that he was taking a good look down the front of my dress. Then, as he reached over for it, he rested his other hand high up on my thigh. It's now or never, I thought, curious about what it would feel like to be with another man after all these years. And what would my husband feel like while watching, I wondered. Yes, it was time to take a chance.

"See anything you like?" I asked as seductively as I could.

"Why Brenda," he replied with mock innocence, "I thought you'd never ask."

Then I explained that any rendezvous we had would have to include John-strictly as an observer, I quickly made clear. Rick seemed a little confused.

"I want to show off for him," I said. "I want to give him a performance he'll never forget. You're an actor-you understand, don't you?"

To my delight, he quickly agreed, and I drove back to our house, where my surprised husband was in his bathrobe, having just come out the shower. When I explained what was going on, the stunned look on his face turned into a broad smile, and a tent began to form under his robe right at his crotch.

Taking Rick by the hand, I led him to the bedroom, and John followed close behind. We stood next to the bed and I turned to Rick, locked my arms around his neck and gave him a long, deep kiss. He responded in kind, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth. I could feel my legs shaking as he slid his fingers down my back and cupped my ass with both hands, pulling my dampening crotch up against the bulge in his pants.

I quickly unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it back off his broad shoulders to reveal a trim, perfectly chiseled torso. He was tall, about six-foot-three or four, and this excited me. My husband can be described as a bit slight: He's slim and small-boned, and at five-feet-nine-inches tall, he is the same height as I am. The contrast between this young hunk and the only man I'd made love to in the last twenty years was an incredible turn-on.

As I covered Rick's neck and chest with little kisses, he reached behind me and unzipped my dress.

"Wait," I said, taking a step back. If I was going to give a performance, I wanted to really perform. Turning my back to him, I slowly pulled the dress down off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Bending over and sliding my black thong panties off as slowly as I could, I let him have a nice look at my ass. With my back still to him, I undid my bra and tossed it aside. Then I turned to face him in just my high heels and black thigh-high stockings.

There was an audible gasp from my audience. Rick and my husband were both sitting on the edge of the bed watching me, eyes wide and mouths hanging open. I could see that Rick's attention was totally riveted on my tits, which are, in a word, enormous. Creamy-white and large, they have a scattering of freckles at the top and are tipped with huge areolas.

Rick had already taken off the rest of his clothes, and my mouth also dropped at the sight of his immense hard-on.

His very big, beautiful young cock was pointing straight up, and the thought that it was for me made me weak in the knees. I stepped closer to him and he gently guided me down on my back as my husband slid out of the way and took up a vantage point at the foot of the bed.

Rick began kissing the tops of my breasts and quickly moved all over them, alternately licking and kissing one while kneading the other with his hand. When his mouth finally reached my erect nipples, I groaned and held his head tightly against me, feeling a hot tingling sensation in my pelvis. I thought I would go out of my mind when he began sucking them, pressing each nipple against the roof of his mouth and rolling it around with his tongue, mouthing at it hungrily until I was wailing with pleasure.

I couldn't stand that for very long and began blindly reaching for his cock. I wanted to feel him inside me-and I wanted my husband to see him thrusting into my cunt. I glanced over at John, who was still sitting at the foot of the bed and watching me intently, and I smiled as devilishly as I could. He responded with the biggest grin I'd ever seen, and I guessed my performance was going well.

Suddenly, I found what I'd been looking for and wrapped my fingers around Rick's shaft. It was rock-hard and amazingly big around, almost as thick as my wrist. Rick raised himself up from my chest and got into position between my thighs. "Allow me," he said with a smile, gently replacing my hand with his own.

He rubbed the head of his cock slowly along my slit, as if looking for the opening. Then I felt the tip slowly pushing its way in, spreading me gradually. The moment it entered my pussy, I shrieked loudly and my whole body convulsed and shuddered like I'd been touched by a live electric wire.

My scream surprised even me. My husband looked closer, concerned for a moment, but his brief worried look turned a grin when he realized my howls were simply from passion. I tried hard to shape my sound into words but emitted only a mumbled cry of "Oh God, oh God, oh God!"

Now that Rick's cockhead was buried in my cunt, I begged him to pump into me faster. I whispered into his ear, "Come inside. Come on, come inside." Raising my hips off the bed, I pushed up against him, but as I pushed, he kind of pulled back and allowed only a little bit more to enter.

"Don't worry, you'll get it all," he said to me softly. "Just take it slow."

I was taking it slow, but I wanted more, and right away. Rick had still only put a couple inches of that huge cock in me, and I was beginning to go crazy. At last he pushed against me and I felt him finally start moving deeper inside. But he withdrew again, very slowly until just the large crown was still inside me, the lips of my cunt barely clinging to it. I whimpered softly, afraid he was pulling out, but he once again moved forward slowly and methodically, deeper this time, causing me to let out a long, low moan.

Rick repeated this motion again and again, gradually penetrating me more with every thrust. After what seemed like an eternity, he had slipped his entire length inside me and was moving in and out. With increasing speed, he would thrust all the way in and then slide almost all the way out, rubbing against my clit with every stroke. Soon, I felt my vagina squeeze tightly as it started to contract around his shaft, and my first orgasm exploded inside me as I squirmed against him, my body shaking.

His rhythm became smooth and steady. I drew my legs all the way back until they were up over his shoulders, high heels pointing straight into the air. He began fucking me harder and faster, our bodies now slapping together loudly with each thrust of his cock. I was wailing-practically screaming-with pleasure each time he plunged in, my whole body convulsing against his. Gripping my ankles with both hands, I held my legs wide apart and over my head while he pounded away at my cunt.

I stole a peek at my husband, who had moved closer to us on the bed, and saw that he was still smiling and slowly stroking his erection. My young lover was fucking me with the energy of the studs we usually watched in porn movies, and I could tell that it excited him to think of his wife as an adult film star. And I was quite the performer-through it all, my moans and cries filling the room, my voice climbing the scale until I split the air with another climactic shriek.

I looked down at where Rick and I were joined, and got even more excited at the sight of his solid shaft moving in and out of my cunt. Each thrust drove me closer to yet another rapidly building orgasm, and my legs were now hooked around his powerful thighs and I was pulling with all my might. I held onto his buttocks with both hands and dug in my nails, encouraging him even more. His cock seemed to push farther into me until there was no place left for him to go. Oh God, I thought, he's in so deep and I feel so filled up, and it didn't take much of that until I felt myself starting to come again. I was squeezing him as tight as I could, using my arms, legs and pussy all at the same time. It was a strange sensation: All my outside parts were rigid, wrapped around his body, while inside of me I could feel his penis stroking relentlessly and bringing me almost unbearable pleasure with every movement.

After a few more minutes of slow thrusting, Rick picked up the pace and started moving in and out like a jackhammer, fucking me in a way I was not used to. His technique was completely different from that of my husband-faster, with more in and out or something-and I couldn't believe the waves of pure physical delight that washed over me as our bodies slapped together with increasing speed. I was yelping now, letting out little high-pitched cries of passion each time he hit bottom. It was a feeling of total pleasure that began between my legs and shot through my entire body, and damn, it was better than anything I had imagined. I seemed to be coming almost continuously, and my young stud showed no signs of letting up.

At some point he whispered in my ear, "Get on top," and we rolled over without separating. When I raised myself up on him and saw him eyeing my breasts, I knew exactly why he had requested this new position. I sat straight up and arched my back so that my tits jutted out, and while both he and John enjoyed the view, it wasn't as much as I enjoyed bouncing over an ever-stiff cock that now felt like it was reaching up to my stomach. After a few minutes, I gave Rick what he really wanted by leaning forward over him so that my breasts were dangling in his face. He held onto them with both hands and attacked them with his mouth, lips and tongue, kissing, licking and sucking them with a ravenous hunger.

From this angle, it felt almost like I was sucking his cock with my cunt lips as I pivoted my hips. I tugged at it as I rode, trying to coax out the impending explosion, which didn't take long. I wasn't sure at first, but when I felt his erection get even bigger and start throbbing and jerking inside my cunt, I knew that he was coming. I swear, I could feel each spurt of his cream shooting up inside me, and the thought alone was enough to send me over the edge into another orgasm.

In my state of release I felt completely wanton, and I caught my husband's fascinated gaze just before my eyes rolled back and I screamed a garbled litany of "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Then I collapsed on Rick, thinking that it was all over, but his dick didn't soften right away. He continued moving inside me, still throbbing as we kissed and held each other.

I looked over at John, lying just inches away from us on the bed. He was smiling broadly, but I could sense he wanted something more. I had an idea, and after twenty years of marriage, I knew to trust my instincts. Lifting myself from Rick's cock, I eased over to where John lay and knelt above his head. When I began lowering myself onto his face, his smile told me I'd made the right move. He stared into my gaping cunt, oozing with another man's come, and opened his mouth wide. As he eagerly lapped away, I realized that having just performed for my husband, I now had a chance to show off for my lover as well.

Rocking my body, I gently squeezed John's head between my legs, keeping a firm grasp on his ears to steer his tongue's action. I rode his face hard as he continued to lick and suck at my pussy until a mild tremor passed through me. Then I caught my breath and looked over at Rick. He'd obviously enjoyed what he saw, because his cock, which was still glistening with my juices, was hard again. It looked good enough to eat, so I moved off my husband and crawled between Rick's legs.

My gaze fell onto John's drenched but happy face and, without losing eye contact, I slowly moved my mouth close to the erect cock that now stood up in front of me. Then I stuck out my tongue and tentatively flicked the tip against Rick's balls before running it slowly up the length of his shaft. After repeating this a couple of times, I opened my mouth a little wider and slid my lips down over the head and back up. I performed this action again, only this time, I allowed my teeth to lightly graze his skin. Finally, I sucked hard, just on the head, before swallowing his cock into my mouth in one swift movement, taking it as deeply as I could.

This caused an immediate reaction in Rick, and he arched his back to push his cock even deeper into my mouth. I sucked slowly but as hard as I could, sliding back up his shaft until I reached the head and then plunging down until he was buried deep into my throat. I swallowed, my muscles contracting around his dick, and it gave me an instant sense of power to have this gorgeous young hunk quivering with desire. I wanted to satisfy him totally, to drain every drop of come remaining in the beautiful cock that had given me so much pleasure.

I moved my mouth down as far as I could, feeling Rick push into my throat until the crown hit the back. While I devoured him, I stared straight into the smiling eyes of my husband, feeling deliciously naughty. Look at me, I said with my eyes, look at your sexy wife, on her hands and knees, sucking the cock of a near stranger. Then I closed my eyes and really went to work, determined to deliver the best blowjob Rick had ever had. I fell into a nice rhythm, swallowing his dick a bit deeper into my throat with every bob of my head. Sucking as hard as I possibly could, I pulled him deeper and deeper into my mouth, gulping down more and more.

After just a few minutes of my enthusiastic sucking, Rick began moving with me, fucking my mouth and thrusting his hips. For some reason, I seemed to be able to get more of his length in my mouth than I ever imagined. Here was the longest cock I had ever seen, and I seemed to be able to take almost all of it. It was almost like my throat had opened up to a new depth and would allow me to swallow him entirely.

As Rick moaned with pleasure, I started to moan as well. I don't know what it was exactly that caused me to lose all control. Perhaps it was just a feeling of total wantonness, almost like I had become another person or had left my body for the moment. Was it my head that was bobbing furiously on this exciting, new cock? Was it I who was making these urgent little sounds each time her mouth slid down that rock-hard shaft?

Lost as I was in my own excitement, I wasn't ready when the first blast of come hit the back of my throat. I started swallowing as fast as I could, but I couldn't keep up. That tireless cock gushed gobs of semen into my mouth in rapid succession, until the sticky nectar spilled over my lips and onto my chin. As caught up in the moment as I was, I somehow managed to look over at John. He was still sitting just inches away from us, his hard dick in his hand, only now it was shooting his load all over his stomach.

Pulling my mouth off Rick's spent erection, I moved over to my husband. I gave him a long, hard kiss, thrusting my tongue into his mouth so he could taste what I had just experienced. Respecting the moment, Rick quietly dressed, thanked us and left, and we snuggled together in bed while discussing what had just occurred. We decided that it had been too much fun not to give it another go, and I'm fairly certain that Rick will agree.

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