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Her first time

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After six years of only having sex with my husband and with him always telling me he wanted to watch me with another guy. I started thinking more and more about it. He loves to tell me how we would like to watch another guy with a really big cock pound on what he calls "his pussy". This usually takes me back to a time when I was single and let this cute guy pick me up at a club. He turned out to be hung with at least 10 inches of beautiful hard cock. I hooked up with him a couple more times just for the sex and everytime I was sore for a couple days afterwards. But it was always well worth it.

There are several cute guys where I work, and on many occasions would wonder how they would be in bed. But since I worked with them, I considered them off limits. The last thing I need at work is that kind of gossip going around. Besides it's hard enough fighting my boss off without him finding out that I was fucking someone else and not him. One guy at work especially had my interest. His name is David and he is a real hottie. He always brings me something to drink and tells me how pretty whatever I am wearing is. I always make it a point to bend forward in my chair so he can look down my top or push my chair back so he can get a good look at my legs as I cross them back and forth every so often when I am wearing one of my short skirts.

It was slow on this particular Friday when David came over to my desk. He pulls up a chair which normally he just stands and says, How are you cutie? Fine Mr. Hottie I added, and how are you? He semi blushes. I had never called him anything other than his name. I turn my chair to face him and slowly cross my legs to give him a good look. It must have worked as I noticed a bulge growing in his light tan slacks. I bent over and crossed my arms resting them on my legs to give him a good look down my v-neck top as we chatted. Occasionally stealing glances at what looked like a snake growing down the inside hem of his slacks. I looked up and he was looking directly into my eyes, I knew I was busted. I was so wet at just the thought of that big cock. So when you going to be single he asked? My inhibitions were gone, I won't ever be single I said but here is my cell number. I'll be by myself tomorrow if you want to get together for coffee or something. He grined as I handed him my number.

The next morning I was as nervous as I could be. My husband on the hand was as excited as I had ever seen him. He kept asking, you think he's gonna call? I kept telling him I didn't know. Then at 10 my cell phone rings. I motion for my husband to be quite. I answer and it's him. He wants to meet for coffee at a little cafe by our work. I tell him I will meet him there.

I walk in and he is already seated at a booth in the back. Hi, I say. I like your outfit is his reply. I had on my short shorts and a blue halter top. I glad you like, I wore the top especially for you since you are always looking down my shirts. Not me, was his reply with a devilish grin. We sat and drank coffee and ate a sandwich and chatted about work and our personal lives. I told him how much I loved my husband but that I had been having these thoughts about being bad. He leaned over the table and kissed me. I felt the heat rush to my pussy. He put some money on the table took my hand and led me out of the cafe. Out at the car he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. It almost took my breath. Follow me to my house, he said. I'll be right behind you was my reply. We had gone about two blocks when reality set in. I can't do this I thought. I called my husband to tell him I would stop and stay for just a minute but I couldn't go through with it.

We got to David's and I followed him in. I started to tell him that I was sorry but I couldn't go through with it but he stopped me mid sentence. Putting his hands on either side of my face, he started kissing me. I started melting. He started kissing down my neck and my breathing was becoming difficult. When he got to the top of my breast my breathing was just in short gasps. My hand took on a life of it's on and moved to his crotch. I could feel his hardness and feel his cock straining against his jeans. He moved me over to the sofa and laid me down constantly kissing all over me. He raised my top and pulled it over my head slowly kissing my stomach and working his way back up to my aching breast. Unhooking my bra they were now free. Slowing taking one nipple into his mouth and sucking it while flicking my nipple with his tounge.I moved his free hand to my other nipple and instructed him to pinch it. He was strugling with my shorts while trying to stay concentrated on my breast so I slowly peeled them off for him since what we was doing felt to good to have him stop.

God I was so horny at this point. It was like the excitment of cheating but not having to worry about getting caught.

David picked me up and carried me to his bed. Slowly he kissed down my body. I was trying to push him down between my legs but he would not rush. Finally I felt his tongue on my clit. I came the first time a instant later. I still don't know what he did. I had never came that fast in my life. He stands up to undress. First his shirt, what a hard body. Then his jeans and boxers. Oh my god, it was as big as I had thought. Come fuck me with that big cock was all I could say. He got back into bed slowly sliding up over me until I could feel the head of that beautiful cock slowly start to enter. He started to sink more and more into me. I hadn't had this feeling in years and it felt good. When you only been getting 6, 9 fills you up in a hurry. He pumped slowly in and out, after about a minute I was relaxed enough so that all I felt was pure pleasure. Baby, you need to fuck me now. That was all he need to hear. He started driving that beautiful cock in and out of me like a pile driver. I started cumming on about the 5th good stroke. I was in a state of bliss I had not been in before. Cum in my pussy I begged him as I wrapped my legs around him. I love to feel a load of cum being shot into me. I fucked him back as hard as he was fucking me. It wasn't long before he asked if I was ready. Oh God was I. I felt his cock stiffen and then I felt it. Shot after shot, it drove me over the edge again into a mind numbing orgasm.

After a couple hours and I don't know how many positions I knew I had to get out of there if I wanted to be able to walk the next day. I kissed him good-by and thanked for a wonderful afternoon. Anytime I can help, let me know. Oh I will I assured him.

The ten minute drive home seemed like forever. I couldn't wait to get back to my man. First to thank him for leting me have so much fun. And to also have him lick my pussy while I tell him how good of a fucking I had just received. And also how much I enjoyed giving "His" pussy to another man.

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