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Her first time-Swinging-First time in the swinging game

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I am soooo nervous! I carefully pick out my clothes for tonight? thinking what will be sexy and flirty and definitely teasing. Part of feeling sexy is the clothes and knowing what you will be wearing underneath them. I start running a bath, lighting candles around the bathtub and turning down the lights. I slide in and close my eyes? imagining what might happen or wondering if we will even like eachother. I am careful to shave my legs until they are smooth to the touch and then I pay extra attention to my pussy. I shave my lips, hoping that it feels like silk on a tongue.

I step out of the bath and put lotion all over my body, my breasts, my legs, I want every drop of me to feel soft and to smell yummy. I slide on my panties, a sexy thong my husband bought for Christmas for me. I finish getting ready, getting more nervous by the minute! Michael comes in the bedroom to put the new sandals he gave me for Christmas and lightly kisses each toe, rubbing my leg the whole time while he puts them on. He is incredibly turned on and I can see the nice outline of his cock through his pants. I am afraid at any point we may end up in bed instead of on the way to dinner!

On the drive to the restaurant, I tell my husband that my stomach is in knots and he rubs my leg and tells me not to worry, he is by my side and it is all up to me. My stomach is full of butterflies, just like it were a first date and I was 20. We sit down at the bar and I order what seems like the largest margarita I have ever seen and I start sipping away. We are joking that we will give eachother a signal by squeezing once for no if we don?t like the couple and two squeezes for yes. Seems kind of silly now, especially as we see them walk up and we knew right away we liked them. She had a great smile, really warm and friendly. Her eyes were a very sparkly aqua color and you could just tell she liked to have fun and was not shy at all. He was tall and blonde, and seemed like he could walk up to most anyone and be their friend right away. They are a great looking couple? I am instantly attracted to both and all my nervousness goes away. I know that Michael feels good about the first site ? so there is no need to squeeze! Dinner goes well and of course with each sip of my margarita? I get even more relaxed. There is casual flirting around the table between all and not only is there a sexual chemistry, there is an intellectual chemistry. I am anxious to see how the evening will progress, I feel no expectations nor any pressure from anyone. We ask them to go back to our place for another drink and they say they would love to. A little of the nervousness comes back when we get in the car as they follow us. Michael rubs my legs, lightly brushing the outside of my panties, making me crazy, as I lay my head on his shoulder and relax, loving how he smells. He makes me feel so safe and incredibly sexy that I know if he is next to me, I can do anything.

We open a bottle of wine and sit on the patio drinking and talking. The conversation flows and we like that they are animated and flirty. I am totally at ease with them and feel that they are with us. The conversation moves inside as we all realize it is getting late. At the talk of them leaving, that nervousness creeps back up inside of me. I wonder what is protocol? Do I kiss them both goodbye? Do I shake their hands? Do I lay down on the floor and let everyone take turns kissing and fondling me? Although I could have gone for the latter, I realized through my daydreaming the guys had brought up the conversation of the girls kissing. I look up at her and she walks towards me and leans down and kisses me. It was a slow relaxed kiss, the kind that you have when you have after you have fucked for two hours? the kind that makes you want to fuck for another three hours. We pull apart and I look at Michael. He has a smile on his face and both men comment on how they liked that and how much it turned them on. Michael shows me that without even a glance or a touch on his cock, he was rock hard, just seeing us kiss. This of course drives me wild and I consider just walking over to him and riding him until he explodes? then I remember we still have company. I walk over to Michael and kiss him, an incredibly understanding and arousing kiss. Both of us turned on by what just happened. I walk over to her as she is sitting on the couch and lean in to kiss her again. It feels very natural, and I want to go a bit further but realize I am too chicken to do so. It is intoxicating, this new world that has been opened to me? the pleasure of being in a room with three other incredibly fucking horny people?I can see how you can get carried away easily. We then turn to each others husbands and have yet another kiss. Not in my wildest dream did I ever think I would have kissed my husband AND two other people in one night. It is a huge turn on knowing that Michael is kissing her, just where my lips had been and that everyone is standing so close.

We kiss one more goodnight, as we see them out the door, anxious to get back inside. I don?t think one minute passed before we were in the bedroom with our clothes off. I was down to my heels and my thong with Michaels gorgeous rock hard thick cock above my face. I couldn?t get enough of it?. I wanted to feel him inside me and suck him at the same time. He stopped to slide my panties off and obviously had the same feelings I was having. He bent down and slid his tongue up each side of my pussy? teasing me and making me that much more insane. I felt like I was going to pass out from an overload of intensity and arousal. While he goes crazy licking and sucking on my pussy, I talk to him, tell him my fantasies about what could happen in the future, knowing that this would drive him wild. I keep begging him to fuck me and he keeps teasing me, knowing that the longer he prolongs it, the hotter I will get. All the talking and the licking and teasing and juices are making me crazy. He finally slides up my body and kisses me deeply, I can taste myself on him and in the middle of our kiss he slowly puts his cock in, and starts sliding in and out? I love for him to throw my legs over his shoulders and pound me, going hard and fast, building up the intensity and making sure I am flowing all over him while he cums. I can?t believe how fucking hot we both are, it is like a new fire in our bed has been lit and we are there to make it hotter?.

Over the next week, we relive our night, talking about it, fucking after the talk and then talking more. Maybe next time I will go a little further? and have even more to write about and of course fuck about?.

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