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Helping A Friend

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It was very innocent in the beginning, my beautiful wife Sam (for Samantha) wanted to help a friend in need, who was going through a tough break up. We decided to meet her friend for drinks after a long hard work week. We both prepared ourselves for a relaxing evening of dinner, drinks and dancing. Hey why not enjoy ourselves as we are helping her friend through a bad time?

We decided to go to one of our favorite places and Sam made the arrangements to with her friend to meet us there. Sam’s Seafood was a large dinner house; on Friday and Saturday nights there was always a live band to dance to.

There we could have a few drinks, dance and just talk. Sam was dressed to the nines wearing a silk lace black top, which gave just a hint of her pert nipples. The rest of her outfit was adding to my suspicion, that there was more to this night then I was being told.

Sam and I had been together for eight years and married for 5. To say it had been some time since my Sam went the extra mile to look so very hot and sensual, when we were going out would be an understatement.

Let me complete the picture. Sam is 5’10 135 lbs 34 C 26 35 dark hair and eyes with moist lips you had to taste, a striking woman that never failed to turn her share of heads both men and women. Sam’s ensemble was accented by a very short black skirt which barely covered her hips, dark pantyhose and the highest black heels I had ever seen her wear. My suspicions and my cock were both rising at the sight of her.

I was appreciating Sam and how wonderfully sexy she looked, when she asked if I was ready to go, I just licked my lips and followed. I had forgotten all about meeting her friend, my thoughts were leaning towards a nice dinner, some exotic rum base drinks, a couple of dances, then whisking this beautiful creature home to ravish her for the rest of the night.

We arrived at Sam’s Seafood a little earlier then expected, I was surprised to see the valet station in full swing, a young male valet opened the door for Sam, I heard his breath gasp as Sam swung her legs around to step out, she was giving the valet a supreme view of her long legs and her sweet bush, covered only by the thin fabric of the pantyhose. Sam made sure he got a very long look as she took her time getting out of the seat. I had to walk around the car to hand the young man my keys, as he filled his eyes with Sam’s great ass, moving sensually under the short black skirt. I could not help but smile as he fumbled for my ticket to retrieve my car later.

We could hear the music playing, but it was not live yet, because it was too early for the live band yet, nobody dancing yet as we walked towards the bar, just people listening and relaxing enjoying their drinks. There were a few gentlemen sitting at the bar, I particularly noticed one gentleman who had not taken his eyes off of Sam since we walked in. He was approximately 35 to 40 years old, in good shape with a beard and nice head of dark hair. When Sam turned in his direction his eyes were still fixed on her tall slender body, Sam smiled and ran to him giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek, I thought it was someone she worked with.

I soon found out it was her friend that we were meeting. I had made the mistake of assuming her friend was female. Sam seated herself between her friend and I, as the bartender came over and took our drink order as I was being introduced to her friend Joe, also an agent in her real estate office. Our drinks were served and Joe paid for the round.

We decided to find a table to continue our conversation; I could not help but feel a sense of pride as all eyes followed her as we walked to the table, Sam looked extremely beautiful, as I held her chair out, I whispered so in her ear.

How could I blame Joe, for checking her out also? Hell, every time I looked down seeing those black high heels my cock would raise as I am sure many others in the bar did also.

Sam was dressed in a way I had not seen in a long time, but could get use to in a New York minute. Sam had class, but also a touch of I can be a slut look if it is good for you. I paid for the second round and everyone was unwinding and putting the crazy work week and other pressures of life behind them. It was time to visit the restroom, so I told Sam I would be right back. While I was gone I guess the conversation turned serious, as I returned from the restroom, I saw them talking and Joe was not smiling anymore.

As I listened I learned Joe’s wife had cheated on him with his brother, and his brother was so full of guilt and remorse, he could not hold it in any longer and told Joe that because he did not have someone in his life he could not resist Joe’s wife’s sexual advances towards him. Joe’s brother was living with them, as he pulled his life back together after a messy divorce, so every time Joe was showing a property, his wife was showing off her sexual talents to his brother.

When Joe went home to confront his wife, he caught her naked on her knees sucking off her boss. Joe stated his anger subsided when his cock got hard watching his beautiful wife, jacking off her boss and filling her waiting mouth with each blast of his cum shooting from his hard cock.

Joe said he left before confronting her, stating he needed to understand the thrill he felt as he watched his wife giving the sensual pleasure of her mouth to another man. I could tell Sam was becoming very interested as the conversation turned sexual, and started asking very personal questions

Now we had been in the bar for approximately an hour and the bar was getting a bit more crowded, as our conversation continued, I noticed Joe smiling again as he answered Sam’s questions I could tell that between the alcohol, the conversation and the music Sam was enjoying herself. I asked Sam if she was getting hungry to my surprise she said she would like to stay in the bar, the idea also seem to please Joe who was continuing to talk with Sam on the sexual aspects of his marriage.

It was now Sam’s turn to excuse herself once again.. Once Sam was gone, Joe told me that I was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. I said "thank you, I think so too". I told Joe Sam likes helping people that was the main reason for our coming out tonight, I also said I think she likes the attention and the direction the conversation is taking, and that I could tell Sam was feeling good. That brought a smile to Joe’s face and another round of drinks was ordered.

I could tell my comment also made Joe relax; maybe even become a little bolder in regards of how descriptive the conversation would get. As Sam approached the barstool Joe stated he ordered another round to help loosen her up Sam just smiled at him.

I then excused myself to the restroom and when I came back I noticed Joe was touching Sam’s hand. Just that little touch from Joe had me excited, to see another man touching my sexy wife was very pleasing to me. I now understood Joe’s excitement watching his wife perform with another man; I shook my head to clear my thoughts.

The music seemed a bit louder, and the bar was a bit more crowed so I asked Sam again if she wanted to go someplace to continue our conversation with Joe, Sam told me she was fine and would like to stay there if we could. I was more than happy to stay and let my wife have fun. I asked Sam to dance; she said sure and stood up to walk to the dance floor. Sam was not big on dancing, but after a few drinks along with the rhythm of the music she becomes more willing to strut her stuff. I told Joe to excuse us for a minute or two so I could dance with me wife. To my total surprise and without hesitation, Sam said you can have the next dance with me when I come back. Joe smiled with anticipation and was more than pleased to wait his turn.

Sam was having a great time and was just letting go, it was great to see her like that so relaxed yet so sensual. Well the song ended and we walked back to the table, Sam grabbed Joe’s hand and said your next Joe looked back at me smiled as if to say thank you. The song ended and they made there way back to the table. Joe said to me thank, you for sharing your wife with me, I responded back with anytime and smiled, but then thought what a strange comment after hearing Joe’s story about his cheating wife, I shook my head once again to clear my thoughts, Sam seem to like my response and so did Joe..

It was now Joe’s turn to be excused to use the restroom, which gave me a perfect time to talk with Sam and see if she was really enjoying herself. I asked her, and Sam assured me she was indeed, I asked her if she would like to sit in a booth with Joe and I and talk more, she said SURE. I know by the way Sam responded she would like that a lot!

When Joe returned I asked if he would like to join us in a booth, he was all smiles as he said he would love to. We found a booth towards the back of the bar where we could continue to talk and get to know each other. Sam was sitting in the middle of Joe and I and seem to enjoy being the center of attention. Joe again turned the conversation to his cheating wife, only this time the conversation was intended to excite Sam’s curiosity while fanning the flames of desire growing between her legs.

Joe asked Sam if she ever had thoughts of sharing her sexuality with another man, I was about to protest, when to my surprise Sam responded, saying we had fantasized together as part of our sensual love making about a threesome. I was reminded of how excited I got seeing Joe touching Sam’s hand and the uncomfortable feeling left immediately.

Joe asked Sam to dance again, Sam looked at me and I nodded my head. They made it to the dance floor as another fast dance was starting to play. The booth that we were all sitting in had a great view of the dance floor. I noticed that Sam and Joe were laughing and having some fun on the dance floor with spins and twirls. The song finally ended and Joe gave Sam a hug which she seemed to enjoy.

The next song started to play which was a slow song and I noticed Joe leaning over to ask Sam something, she nodded her head yes and they started to dance a slow dance. Joe held Sam’s right hand and placed his other hand on her waist. Sam responded back by holding Joe’s hand and placing her other behind Joe’s neck. As the song continued, both Joe and Sam seem to become more and more comfortable with each other. Joe was holding Sam close as their movements were becoming more sensual, I could tell Sam was enjoying it. It seems as the song progressed so did Joe and Sam. About two thirds of the way through the song Joe had Sam had created their own special rhythm as their bodies pressed tightly together. I never thought I could get so turned on, by watching another man excite Sam with his sexual advances. The song finally ended and Joe leaned over and gave Sam a kiss on the cheek, which brought a smile to Sam’s face.

They returned to the booth, I asked if they enjoyed the dance, they both answered yes at the same time and then laughed. I told them they get one more song and then it's my turn to dance, actually I did not want Sam to feel how hard my cock had gotten watching her dirty dance with Joe. They each took a sip of their drinks, turned and headed back to the dance floor. Once again it was a slow song, I could tell they both were feeling fine with it and were happy with it being a slow song. There was no space in between Joe and Sam as they started this dance. Joe held her close with both arms wrapped around Sam's waist and Sam wrapping her arms around the back of Joe’s neck, had my cock was once again, very hard as I watched another man being very sexual with my wife. I could see Joe whispering in Sam’s ear and both of them enjoying what he was telling her. Joe became more aggressive as the song went on; he started kissing Sam's neck. I knew at that point Joe had Sam’s defenses coming down.

Sam had no problem with Joe kissing her neck and was actually enjoying it. I was watching and getting a bit jealous and turned on at the same time, I could feel my cock starting to grow. I could see Joe pressing his crotch into Sam and slowing grinding to the music as Sam responded in kind. At times I think they forgot I was watching them, which made it even more exciting. Joe continued to kiss Sam's neck, each time moving closer to her cheek. As the song came to an end Joe held Sam close, kissing Sam on the lips, Sam’s lips parted offering Joe her moist tongue which he took slowly sucking Sam’s tongue into his mouth. They enjoyed a long sensual French kiss and turned to come back to the table, Joe’s hand was now on the cheeks of Sam’s fine ass.

I did notice that as they approached that Joe had a bulge in his pants and even in the semi hard state it look like he was well endowed. I was positive with the grinding that was going on the dance floor that Sam could feel Joe’s hard cock getting harder. I also felt that Sam could feel the size of it. A thought crossed my mind and a smile crossed my face as I remembered Sam stating was needed to help a friend.

I could also tell that Sam was a bit aroused by everything that has just happening on the dance floor. Sam came back to the booth, kissed me and just smiled. Joe smiled, said you have a lovely wife and excused himself to the restroom. I asked my Sam if she was having fun, she took a sip of her drink, ordered another and she said shyly, yes very much. I smiled and said, 'I'm glad honey, but clearly I did not really understand your meaning when you said you were going to help a friend. I assured Sam it was OK and told her to let loose and enjoy yourself'

Joe returned back from the restroom, took his seat in the booth and sat just a bit closer to Sam. We talked for a bit about work, family and sports, and of course his cheating his wife, the more we talked the more we became friends. I knew Joe was having a good time and he was feeling good about sitting with Sam and myself. At one point I notice that Joe had only one hand visible on the table, as I glanced down I could see it resting just above Sam's knee.

Sam did not miss a beat, continuing to chat but smiled more at Joe which made him feel good about what he was doing. As we talked I would glance down without letting Joe see me, I now saw his hand on my wife's thigh. I was sure Sam would protest, but with the alcohol in her, the feeling of his big cock on the dance floor it seem to me that Sam was excited to feel Joe’s hand on her thigh and would be more then willing to allow Joe’s hand to move further up her thigh, I decided to see how far things would go

By know I could tell my wife was aroused and was excited to be between two men. Sam was smiling a lot, laughing a lot and enjoyed Joe's hand on her thigh. I also placed my hand on her thigh and when I did Sam smiled at both Joe and I. Nobody said a word but we all knew where our hands were. Joe was 100% comfortable with us and the situation so he moved his hand further under Sam’s short skirt Joe was just inches away from my Sam's wet pussy and there was no protest from Sam. I was aroused just knowing that my wife was getting wet from all of this. I slowly moved my hand up my Sam's thigh and I knew Joe could feel her skirt move up even further as our hands and finger tips moved in unison moving closer to Sam’s moist bush.

Sam was trying very hard to sit still, hold a conversation and smile without making it obvious that she was being touched by two men. It became more difficult for my Sam to sit still as Joe's hand moved to the side of Sam’s moist bush. I could feel her shift a bit as Joe was just an inch from the lips of Sam’s moist pussy. I was pretty sure Joe was getting hard as he was moving his hips to get better situated. I copied Joe's moves and put my hand just on the other side of Sam’s pussy lips. We were now gently rubbing the inside of Sam's thighs with just the fabric of her pantyhose between our exploring fingers and Sam’s succulent moist bush.

I wanted my Sam to feel Joe's big cock and help it get to a full erection in the booth. I knew Sam would not reach over and start rubbing it on her own, or at least that is what I thought, boy was I wrong. Just as I was about to tell Sam to rub his cock she reached over and placed her hand on his crotch. I then placed my Sam's hand on my semi hard cock and felt her give it a quick squeeze. I was pretty sure Sam was doing the same to Joe’s cock also.

I felt Joe's hand move over to cover my wife's pussy through her pantyhose, at the same time my wife let out a small moan, letting Joe know that she approved of where his hand was. Joe also was aware that Sam liked what he was doing as he felt her move into his hand. I was pretty sure Sam was also getting turned on by feeling Joe's big cock growing in his pants. Sam leaned over and whispered to me that Joe’s cock was huge. I asked Sam if that was turning her on and she said yes. I asked my Sam if it is turning her on more than she thought it would and Sam replied with a smile while licking her lips saying lot more.

I asked Joe if he would like to come over to our house and have a drink and continue the party, Joe said we should stop by his house first and see if a party had already started. Sam said that sounds exciting, let’s do it. So we gathered ourselves, paid our tab and walked out into the parking lot. Joe told us to follow him to his house as it was just a couple of miles away. No time to give the valet a show this time, we got in our car and followed close behind Joe. I asked my Sam how aroused she was, she told me more than she had been in a long time, I just smiled. I ask Sam if she was enjoying touching Joe’s cock and if she would like to pull it out and play with it, she said 'yes, very much'!

We arrived at Joe’s home, Joe parked a few houses down when Sam and I got out he explained saying he was sure something was going on, judging by the cars parked around his home. Joe explained the layout and how it would work to enter without anyone knowing. Joe’s home was the perfect party house because everything surrounded a large atrium with sliding glass doors opening on to it from all four sides.

One side was the dinning room, one side was the living room and the other two were bedrooms all providing a wonderful view of the large spa and massage table. As we followed Joe around the house we could see the light reflecting from the atrium against the tall tree branches hanging over Joe’s home. Joe decided to enter through the front door we could tell the rest of the house was dark as all activity was taking place in the atrium.

We entered and our eyes were treated to a wonderful and very sensual show. We sat on the couch as the show unfolded before us as the moans from the players became louder. I knew Sam had never seen anything like this in her life. The massage table was between the spa and the wall length wise. A young man was lying on the table, allowing a woman to feast on his hard cock; his eyes were close as he enjoyed the sensual pleasure.

The woman’s face was seen at a profile and her hair partially covered her face as she slowly devoured the hard cock before her. We could all see she very well build tall and slender with firm breast and a great ass, you see her knees were on the edge of the spa giving access to her pussy and ass to the woman in the spa. Now this was something I had never seen two women together in the flesh and not on the screen.

The woman in the spa was alternating licking, tonguing, kissing and sucking the pussy and ass before her. Sam was so turned on she removed her pantyhose, skirt and top, before Joe and I could offer our help, taking her cue Joe and I followed removing all of our clothes and sitting on each side of Sam on the couch, Sam’s fingers were moist from fingering herself as she took our cocks in her hands stroking slowly, making Joe and Harder then we thought possible. Joe ran his fingers through Sam’s moist bush as my tongue met hers and my fingers player with her pert nipples. Sam was hotter then I had ever seen her. Sam for the first time was being treated to the mouths, lips and tongues of two men at the same time, and a very live sensual show.

Sam directed the next move taking a minute to watch the people in the spa. Sam had me lying on the floor and brought her pussy and ass to my mouth, lips and tongue to lick tongue and tease, Sam placed Joe before his rock hard cock inches from her waiting mouth, I knew Sam wanted to suck Joe’s cock from the moment she first felt it. I could not resist any longer spreading the cheeks of Sam’s luscious ass I licked and tongued deeply into her very sensitive flesh, I could tell be Sam’s movements and the sounds she was making, Sam was sucking on another man’s cock for the first time since we have been married.

My cock remained harder then it had ever been without the lick or touch of another person, I continued to explore Sam’s pussy and ass I tongued fucked Sam deeply until her very essence filled my mouth, Sam was stroking Joe’s shaft as she continued to suck sensually on the head of his cock waiting for her first taste of strange cum from another man. Cum baby I heard Sam say, as Joe pumped his warm cum into her mouth. Sam swallowed it all and asked for more.

Sam and I moved to a standing position turning to see what was taking place in the atrium, Sam sucked in her breath as she recognized the owner of the real estate office as the woman who was sucking the young mans cock, she was twisting her head from side to side as Joe’s wife fucked her pussy deeply with her long tongue. The young man on the table started to cum and Sam’s boss swallowed every drop, Joe mentioned his brother could always provide a large load for the ladies.

At this point I started to wonder if this was a set up, and I started to smile, because I did not care, I thought about congratulating Joe on his troubled story about his cheating wife, but thought what the hell, I just had the hottest experience of my life and I know Sam did also. Joe moved and lost his balance, making a noise, which alerted the others, they were not alone. Debbie Joe’s wife stopped licking Linda’s beautiful ass long enough to open the sliding glass door to the living room as she motioned for us to join them in the spa.

Now remember the night started out to be dinner a few drinks and dancing, well we had the drinks and dancing, but no dinner I figured Sam and I would live for this evening enjoying the luscious desert being offered to the both of us in the spa. The night was still young and new experiences awaited Sam and I.

I had never seen Sam so insatiable, she could not get her fill, I watched Sam have her first experience with a woman her boss Linda, Linda placed Sam on the massage table then proceeded to get into a 69 position offering her pussy and ass for Sam to lick and tongue, and to my surprise Sam did so greedily. While my eyes were filled with Sam’s first taste of female ass and pussy Debbie Joe’s wife was sucking my hard cock, Debbie knew how to tease and please and soon I was shooting my first load of the evening deep into her throat Debbie swallowed every drop milking my cock for more. Joe and his brother Jim were watching the show and stroking their now hard cocks back to attention.

During the evening Sam sucked and swallowed the load of each man, she was DP by Joe and his brother while she sucked my cock making me hard once again, which I put to good use fucking Linda doggie style as she returned the licking she received earlier from Debbie, to Debbie’s ass and pussy.

As it turned out, it was a set up by Joe, Linda and Debbie to bring Sam into the fold; I guess I came along for the ride, and what a wonderful ride it was. Oh by the way Joe and Debbie were never in trouble, because there was no cheating, just swinging and sharing mutual pleasures between like minded adults. I was made an honorary member of the group and knew Sam and I would be enjoying sensual pleasures on a regular basis with our new friends.

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