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Guys Nite Out....and a tag along wife...

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Disclaimer: This is only a fantasy, not something I have done....yet ;) And if any of these characters remind you of anyone it is purely coincidental. K have phun!!

My hubby and I both have very creative minds. While his creativity is mostly directed towards his writing, I'm a stay at home mom so my creativity mostly goes to fantasies. I thought I had imagined every possible thing that could ever conceivably happen, boy was I wrong....

My husband and I had been married for 7 years. Most people will tell you that this is the toughest year itch and all that. But we have always had a healthy sex life, and seem to have only gotten better over the years....what's that line about fine wine?? Now, like I said I'm a stay at home mom. I really don't get out much other than PTA, little league, etc. Once in a blue moon I'll sneak off to kareoke, but that's about it. My hubby is almost as bad as me, but he has a couple of guys that he hangs with on Saturday nights. Neither of us have ever really been into the "club scene." Give me Cheers anyday.

I am 5'8" and he's 5'10" so while some people think we're on the short side, it actually works out very well. Everything just seems to line up if you know what I mean. After having two children (by c-section) my body was not what it used to be so, two days after Christmas I went under the knife. I got the usual touch-up...a little lypo here, an implant there. So when I came out my body was basically back to how I looked at 18, except that now instead of a 36B, I am a 36D. I still have the same unruly dark auburn hair, and the same chameleon blue eyes.

So flash forward to March....

After surgery you have to really let yourself heal--no strenuous activity (including sex) this stipulation and the fact that I despise cold weather kept me inside and bundled up until spring finally sprang. Well, after three months in relative (and cold) isolation I needed some human contact. You can only speak 3 year old for so long before it starts driving you batty! Cabin Fever...whatever...I needed to get out and it was finally warm enough to. Plus I really really wanted to see how people would react to the "new me." Not to mention that I really wanted B break in the "new me!"

I went to the mall on Friday and I went a little overboard. I found a really great outfit that I figured at the very least would drive my hubby mad!! White lacy bra and panties. A very short plaid skirt and a white shirt that tied just under my new tits. Okay, so I am not the most creative person when it comes to sue me! It made me feel sexy and that is something that I hadn't really felt in a while. I don't know about the rest of the wives out there, but I don't really heed the compliments my hubby gives...I always think he's biased. Or to put it bluntly that he's just full of shit! And since I had surgery in Dec. I couldn't wear anything but bulky sweaters and sweatsuits, so even he hadn't gotten to see how the touch-up turned out.

So anyways, I went shopping on Friday, in the hopes of surprising him on Saturday. I had a sitter lined up for the kids so we would be free the whole night...and part of the next morning. He came home from work and went straight to the shower. He didn't notice that the kids were already gone, nor did he notice my new outfit. So, here I am dressed to the nines and throbbing waiting for my not-so-observant hubby to get out of the damn shower when the doorbell rang. "SHIT!!" I mean, "JUST A MINUTE" I holler. I open the door right when Andy is reaching for the bell again. And for about 60 seconds he just stood there. One hand out for the bell with his jaw slack.

"Uh Andy, are you okay?"then it dawned on me "B didn't tell you I was getting a touch-up did he?"

He coughs and says "No, he didn't. Where is he anyway?"

"In the shower, I got a sitter, donned this rather goofy outfit, and he didn't even notice, now you show up, what's going on??"

"Huh?" he says, jerking his eyes up to meet mine."we uh have, pool, poker you know."

"Okay so what's the rush" Usually he just heads over there after dinner

"Well, Jake's in from Cali and he's got to get up early"


"I take it he didn't tell you his plans?"

"No, it's my fault. I wanted to surprise him, so I didn't say anything, oh well, I'll tell him you're here" with perfect timing the shower turns off just as I said it.

"Hey, why don't you come too? I know you like playing poker, and you're not too bad at pool...for a girl"

For a minute my temper flares, but then I realized I could use a night out any way I can get it so I said "sure, and thanks, I 've been in recoup for a long time, I really really need to get out"

"No big deal, it was going to be a pretty sparse poker game, with you there it will make four which is a much better number for cards and pool."

So I go to the bathroom door and tell B "hey Andy's here, and by the way, we are kid-free for the evening so Andy invited me to tag along with you guys"

"Okay hon, I'll be out in a minute."

So, Andy is sitting on the couch, and I'm in the kitchen trying to wrap my head around my bungled plans when B finally comes in.

"Okay let's get going" he says and then when he sees me "Holy Shit Hon, you look wonderful"

"Oh, just give me a minute I've got to change"

"NO" they both say in unison

My whole face flushed and all I could manage was a mumbled "we'll let's go then"


So, here we are two hours later in Andy's den. Andy and Jake are playing pool, and I'm kinda spacing out on the can only watch so much pool...I'm already at least three sheets to the wind when my mind starts to wander. I've always kinda had a thing for Andy, he's 6ft, light hair, blue eyes, strong, But now I'm starting to realize that Jake's pretty hot too. He's the tallest one here, easily 6'3", not too thin, but not a line-backer. He looks like the ultimate surfer. Tan with blonde hair and brown eyes. It has been three months since I've gotten any and now I'm throbbing worse than ever. So, I run to the bathroom, splash some cold water on my face and tell myself to calm down.

"Hey Chris you okay in there"...Andy asks through the door

"be right out" I reply

So I come out and find that they have set up the poker game and are all waiting for me...that's nice and embarrasing...but they refilled my drink so I down it before sitting down. Mind you this marks the 6th rum and coke I've had in 2 hours!

I did pretty well for the first 30 mins or so, winning some, losing some, but staying in the game. I think they were going easy on me, but B kept my glass full and soon enough nature called. When I came back my glass was full again, and it was B's turn to deal. Now, I'm no genious at poker, but I know that a king high straight is pretty good so I really bet big. Of course it does absolutely no good when it turns out someone else has a full house. Damn Andy and his boat! So after that disaster I'm thinking "I better win this next hand or I'm out of the game..." Okay so now it's Jake's deal and I end up with trip 9's. Not bad, not great, but I'm hoping it's enough to keep me in. Boy was I wrong. The sarcasm meter would have been on overdrive when B showed us his trip 10's.

"Okay, guess I'm out" I said getting up from the table.

"Maybe not Hon" B says "let me buy your shirt for 10 blue chips"

"What?!" I blurt a bit panicked

"I'll buy your shirt for 10 blues, and you can stay in the game"

Before I was trying my best not to think about these guys, and now I'm just trying to not sound like a chicken shit so I say "I don't think that's allowed in the house rules, wouldn't be fair to let someone stay in once they are outta chips"

"Jake, do you mind if I buy her shirt" B says

"Um, I guess not" Jake says averting his eyes.

"What about you Andy?"

"Hey whatever let's just play" he replies

"okay hon, it's up to you, quit and have to watch the rest of us, or sell me your shirt"

Part of me wants to scream "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!" but the louder voice (the one that has been causing all the throbbing) says "what the hell" I start to unbutton my shirt and he says "no, I'm paying for it so I get to take it off of you"

He starts by untying the little knot then slowly unbuttons. Then he slips his hands under the shirt and pushes it over my shoulders and down my arms. I swear after three months I almost came just from that simple touch. I think the fact that Andy and Jake were watching only added to the excitement. But then it was off and the game was back on. I'm thinking "Where's a cold shower when you need one?"

After a few more hands we all were in need of a potty break and so we paused. The guys went first, and then me, I was last back to the table. Now we started playing again and I got down again. "Okay fine I admit it I suck at poker! You win" I say. At this point B only has about 20 blues to his name, Andy about 30 and Jake has the biggest pile....probably 50 or so. Jake pulls B to the side and whispers something, B nods and then they both turn to me.

B says "Hon I don't have enough chips to bail you out this time, but Jake here has a proposition...15 chips for your bra."

"Are you crazy or just drunk?" I blurt.

"Neither Hon, you bought that get up so you could show off your new body and now's your chance."

I knew he was right, but I just didn't have the nerve to admit it so I said, "fine, while you're concentraction is off I'm gonna beat all three of your asses." I reached behind me and of course B said "no way hon, same deal as before, the buyer gets to remove it"

So I walked over to Jake and turned my back to him. I swear his hands were shaking worse than me! Once again having hands on my bare skin just about killed me, but I calmed down and we started playing again.

I was doing pretty well, all three of them were down to about 15 blues each, when I had to pee again. So off I went. When I got back my drink was refilled and they were ready to play. "you boys sure you want to keep playing, I'm kicking you asses you know"

"we were going easy on you, now it's time to win our chips back" says Andy

And they do, boy do they ever. This time when I'm at zero it's Andy that has the big pile. I don't know what the hell is about to happen so I make a mad dash for the kitchen. My mind is in a whirlwind of confusion. My body is throbbing. I hear B say "hon are you coming?"

"God if they touch me I know I will be!!!" I'm thinking, but instead I just walked back to the table trying to look calm. All three of them are standing and looking at me as Andy asks the question we all knew was coming. "20 blues for your panties and I definately want to take them off of you."

I can't speak. I haven't been fucked in three months and here I am with three hot guys staring at my tits and melting me with the desire in their eyes. I look at my husband and see that lust isn't the only thing in his eyes. I can see the love he has for me burns just at hot. He says "hon, it's up to you, but you deserve it, you went under the knife so you could have this hot body, and you deserve to be worshipped as the Goddess I always knew you were"

I still can't speak, but I can finally move. I walk around and stand between Andy and the table. Then I put both hands on the table, closed my eyes and spread my legs.....

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