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Guilt and Pleasure

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I have to share my story with someone. Since I am too scared to share it with people I know, I looked for and found the SLS web site, where I think it will be appreciated and I can remain anonymous. I am just too excited to keep it bottled up and my husband would die if he knew I told anyone.

My name is Maria. I have been married to a great guy for the past seven years named Jake. Jake recently took a better paying job in a new city and we moved. Even though I didnt have to work, I would have felt lost without doing so. I snagged a really good secretarial job which is where I meet Jennifer. She goes by Jen and she quickly became my ‘Go to’ gal pal. She and her husband Bob really made us feel welcome.

I feel so dirty and hot about what happened at our last get together. Hell of a mix -- guilt and pleasure. Bob and Jen invited us over for a barbeque, which was no different than usual. Things didnt get interesting until I recommended we go shoot pool. I had a pool table growing up, have always been pretty good and wanted to show off my skills. Bob knew of a nice pub about a mile down the road that had several tables, so we all piled into his Ford and headed down to the Muddy Waters Bar. The name makes sense if you knew the town we lived in.

We shot a few games and continue to drink more than a few beers. All of us were buzzed and if this story ever gets out, I am going to blame the booze.

Anyway I am leaning over the table for a shot and from the corner of my eye I see Bob checking out my ass. I am not conceited or anything but my butt is one of my best features. Years earlier Jake paid for some breast enhancements, which some might say was really for him, but I have always thought my ass was hot. I think marriage can reduce the vibes you send out, so even with plenty of self confidence a person can begin to wonder if they are still attractive to the opposite sex. When I saw Bob checking me out it made me feel good, so I gave my booty a little wiggle and stuck it out just a bit more than was necessary. When I stood up I felt Bobs hand slide up an ass cheek and give a squeeze. It surprised me and I involuntarily jumped a little, my heart skipped a beat and my face flushed for a second. Instantly I looked at Jake and Jen and realized they had seen what had happened and I expected some type of reaction. Jake was silent and expressionless and Jen knitted her eyebrows with concern. I figured Bob had done that in front of her before. The awkward moment passed and we continued to play.

Minutes later however, I see Jake stand right behind Jen and do to her what Bob had done to me. It was so like him to want to engage in tit for tat. He stood there and stared at Jens butt, then grabbed a piece when she finished her shot. I watched Bobs reaction, he was smiling. I took a really good look at Bob. He was taller than Jake and had more defined arms, but Jake had a flatter stomach. He had thinning hair but it did not detract from his rugged handsomeness. And Jen was the kind of girl guys throw themselves at, blond hair, blue eyes and petit.

When Jake grabbed Jens ass she had the same reaction I did, but she too let it slide. So it seemed a little harmless flirting was going on and everybody was Ok with it. I figured, what the hell, it has been a long time since I have openly flirted with a man.

The game changed when Jake decided to go to the bathroom and Jen followed. As soon as they were out of sight Bob grabbed my waist, pulled me into him and kissed me. His mouth was so smooth, with the perfect amount of pressure, without thinking I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed back. Then he pulled me into his raging hard on that was straining against his jeans. I ground against him for a second, stepped back, looked down and asked, is that for me? Why yes it is, he answered, then added he has been at attention for a while. We both laughed.

The flirting became more overt after Jake and Jen returned from the bathroom. For at least another hour the four of us engaged in anticipatory foreplay and it got me to thinking, would I really have sex with another man. The answer was standing next to the pool table, big chested, rugged and very different from Jake and his smooth exterior. It dawned on me like the proverbial light bulb, Bob had me turned on. So when Bob finally suggested it was time to leave nobody argued. I think we all were feeling sexually charged. I dont know if Jen or Jake were aware of where this was heading but I was and didnt think Id have a hard time talking Bob into it.

Jake went to close out the tab while the rest of us headed for the door. Jen lingered inside waiting on Jake while Bob and I stepped outside. As soon as the door closed he grabbed me by the arm and guided me to the end of the building. He playfully slammed me against the wall, pinned my right arm above my head and slid his left under my shirt. He kissed me again and his left hand went to work on my breast, which was responding mightily to his groping. My nipples were so hard. Just then Jake came thru the door followed closely by Jen. Husband, husband, I whispered, and Bob released me and stepped back. It was the next instant I realized how far this might go, because Jen grabbed Jakes arm, spun him around and planted a hot kiss on his lips while feeling his package. From Jens raised eyebrows I guessed she had found Jake hard.

Without an adverse word we left the bar. I was sitting up front with Bob and Jake and Jen in the back seat. Bob put his hand on my thigh and I slyly slid it up to my crotch, where I used his fingers to rub me through my jeans. I was so wet and horney. Bob smiled and moments later bumped my arm and hinted I should look in the rear seat. Jen and Jake were engaged in a deep passionate kiss. Bob and I looked at each other and he raised his eyebrows, questioning. I answered wordlessly with a smile and a nod. We smiled.

Once we got back to Bob and Jens house the moment of truth had arrived. Bob asked us in for a night cap and I could tell Jake was about to decline. I grabbed Jakes hand and answered for him, sure, I said. As soon as we walked through the door, Bob took charge and grabbed my hand away from Jakes and led me to the master bedroom. I was a little taken aback at his boldness, yet strangely giddy about it too. I sat on the edge of their king size mattress and Bob stood in front of me. He was already reaching for his belt buckle when Jen and Jake came in the room. He stopped undoing his pants as Jen sat beside me and Jake stood next to him. I leaned over and whispered in Jens ear, you do mine and I’ll do yours. We giggled and lay back onto the bad at the same time, as if we were teenagers again. Then I told Jake to remove Jens pants.

Jake immediately started undoing Jens snap, but was shaking so badly he was unable to undo it. Bob quickly reached down and undid mine as Jake continued unsuccessfully on Jens. Bob started to kneel over me and was trying to push me farther onto the bed, but I wanted to make sure all of us were going to cross that forbidden line at the same time, so I pushed him back to his feet and leaned over to help Jake remove Jens pants and panties. As soon as they were on the floor, crumpled in a pile Jen returned the favor and helped remove mine. We smiled at each other and then peeled our tops off.

My face was at Bobs belt buckle height, so I reached for his jeans, unzipped him, at the same time Jen was doing the same to Jake. We pulled their pants down and were now faced with rock hard penises. I wrap my hand around Bobs and it throbbed. Jen, however was just sitting there, as if stuck on a verse in a song. She needed a little bump to keep it going. I released Bob, though that is the last thing I wanted to do. I wanted to have him shove that thing inside of me right that second. Instead I reached down to touch Jens pussy, knowing she must be as wet as I and whispered, Honey your as horney as I am lets make these boys happy. Then I guided her hand to Jakes dick wrapped her fingers around it. We were looking in each others eyes as we leaned forward and ran our tongues along each side of his shaft. His eyes bulged and he got that famous crooked grin on his face. I laughed as I recognized he was in his happy place. With their party started I went back to Bobs beautiful cock. I grabbed it more roughly this time and took him in my mouth. It was more round and fuller than Jakes and only slightly longer. Bob lightly placed his hands on my head and pulled. He slid to the back of my throat then pulled away. He never went farther than I could take and for the first time I knew what it was like to be fucked in the mouth. Usually I am in control of the blowjobs, but not that time. If I had resisted he could have easily clamped down and forced me to do exactly what he wanted.

I glanced over and Jen was bouncing on the tip of Jakes dick, working the most sensitive part. Jake, for his part had his hands on his hips as if he were Superman. Jen stopped long enough to watch my face being impaled on her husbands dick, then she lay back and spread her legs. Jake almost dove into her lap. I wondered how Bob might handle himself down there so I too lay back. He didn’t need any encouragement. He just knelt and started running his tongue inside of me. His tongue was strong and urgent and it made me gush. His face quickly became sloppy wet. I peeked at Jake and Jen and they were engrossed in Bobs actions on my pussy. I was so turned on, I didn’t care if they watched or not.

Before I knew what was happening, Bob stood up, knelt onto the bed, muscularly slid me farther onto the bed, spread my legs wide and shoved his dick inside of me. He slid into my wet hole, but his girth stretched me more than normal and my pussy resisted. He slowed for a second, then impaled me with force. I felt his balls slap my ass, as his dick slammed all the way to the hilt. The wave of fullness and Bobs hunger for me made my pussy shiver.

The next time I looked at our respective partners Jen was riding Jake like a bronco and holding on as he rose to meet her thrust. There doing just fine I thought.

Bob pulled back and rammed it home again, then again, then again. He was picking up the pace but also riding upward as he did so, which rubbed my clit with every stroke. I leaned my head back, squeezed my eyes shut and grabbed fist full of sheets. By then Bob was pounding my pussy and I could feel the building orgasm. The last thing I wanted him to do was stop but that’s exactly what he did. He pulled that perfect tool out of my box and ordered me to get on my knees. I was in such a rush I hardly noticed Jake and Jen had stopped screwing, repositioned themselves and now had the perfect view of what Bob was about to do. And I didn’t even care. I told Bob to Fuck me, Fuck me good.

Wow, did he ever. He grabbed my hips and slammed his dick home. It felt so good I stuck my ass upward to better expose my pussy. I leaned forward and buried my face in a pillow. I could feel his strong hands tightly holding my hips, forcing himself as deep as he wanted with each stroke. Uncontrollably my body began moving of its own accord. My thighs, stomach and hips began a rolling pumping action, as if I were trying to take him deeper with each thrust. I could feel the head of his penis throb and pulse, the veins of his tool as it slid through my pussy lips. I started to arch my back as the orgasm I had building moments earlier had returned with a vengeance and I was about to cum. But Bob slammed his elbow in the small of my back forcing me back into a position that allowed him to pound his dick deeper. My vaginal walls started contracting and my entire sexual existence exploded in ecstasy. Bob seized up and like a fire hose, blasted warm come deeper inside of me than I had ever felt. He just kept slamming his dick in, using every muscle of his being to make short powerful thrusts.

Just as I was regaining my hearing and senses I hard Jen tell Jake, she was about to cum. I looked at Jake and recognized that face anywhere, he was pouring his seed into her. The funny thing was neither of them were moving. They were just locked together, cumming.

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