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Our time started a while back. Back in those days they used to run sex ads in the tabloid papers for sale at the check stand. She used to pick em up for the stories and i would read them too. I remember reading the ads and we were both shocked as to their content. You have to relize that my wife was very neive and didnt even know what the ads werre refering to, I had to explain what they were talking about. The use of "Disgreet" was used to indicate that sex was wanted and they were cool about it. cpl seeking cpl, mfm, etc. Of Course she said she didnt believe that people did that. We were both young at the time and i made jokes about it to her and we laughed about it. It got to be wherre i looked foward to reading the neew ads.

and soon i started to imagine what a turnon it would be to see another man fucking my wife, and i would imagine a cock as is slid in and out of her sweet pussy. and my jokes drifted to that. I started making little subtle remarks about how exciting it might be if we were to write to one of these men and do a 3sum with them, then i would laugh as if a joke. I was trying to get her reaction at the time. She would say no and that she only wanted me.

Sometimes we would buy some beer and have a few. I started bringing the ads out then and would again start with the reading them to her at those times somewhere along the line while we had sex, i would whisper to her that it would be such a turnon to see her do it with another man, just for fun she would get so hot while i was talking about it She never said anything but she really started fucking me harder and her pussy would start grasping my cock spermatically. We would both have a hard organsim together and the subject would be dropped till the next time.

So far all it was was a fantasy of mine and i liked talking about it during sex with her. Everytime when we finished i didint even want to think about it. I guess I wanted to, yet i didnt...know what i mean? Once time i told her if she ever got the urge to go out on me to let me know first i was serous and she said ok.

I worked the graveyard shift then. One fri afternoon we got into a spif and as i was getting into my car she came running out and says to me "You told me if i ever wanted to go out to tell you". So there it was. The time had come. I said you wanna go out? She says what are you going too do about it? So i get out of the car and go back inside after a cpl mins i said to her lets go out to the L.A tonight (we lived in burbank Ca. at the time) I said we can go get some shrimp (this was later to be our signil) So i gulped and went to the store for a six pack of courage and brought it back and we started drinking soon darkness fell and she showered and started getting ready. I told her to wear her heels and red dress tonight She always wore a garter belt when she wore heels. I had told her earlier that we would go dancing. I had drank 4 beers to her two and was still nervouis she didnt know what i had planned and neither did i really, i knew the outcome but was lost to the how to part. I showred and got ready also and we are off to L.A.

On the way i stopped and got another six pack and soon i raised her dress up her thighs and started feeling her thighs.

I worked my hand to her panties and she protested saying that the trucker would see, i said so what let him watch we can give the poor guy something to jack off about. She took another big swallow of beer and opened up her legs and let me go then I was feeling no pain by now and wanted to explain to her my plan (which i was making up as i drove). As i was fingering her I said lets drive around towne a bit its fri and the towne was full of people both driving and walking. It was so full of life as it used to be. I still didnt know how to say it to her buti knew this was the night, if she wanted tto go out on me, then i would let her but i wanted to be there to proteck her and watch was my thinking. Soon i seen this guy that was good looking and drove around the block again my mind was racing. I was still had her dress hiked up and was up her dressmfinger her. She was streatched out enjoying it. I rolled down her window as it was summer and warm out. When i saw him again i pulled up to the curb and told her to ask him if he wanted a ride (my voice was low and she knew i was excited by the sound of it) i was finger fucking her pussy as i said it and she looked at me and i smiled and said its ok.nShe then leans out her window at him and smiles at him ( i can tell from her voice) then says "would you like a ride?" He comes over to get in the back and i say come in the front with us. She tries to pull down her dress to cover her legs up but i holdon to her dress. as he opens the door she slides over. I pull backout and turn at the corner back to a more secluded spot. I place my hand on her croutch and touch her softly squeezing trying to tellher to do that to the guy. She understands and reaches foe his cock then turns around and has this big smile and nods yes to me meaning he is hard was my guess then she unbuttons his fly and goes down on his cock. My cock was jumping in my pants like crazy. I drive to this quiet dark place and say lets go in the bac and we do.

He sits on the left side and She takes her position back to sucking his cock with her with me on her righ. I can hear her as she sucks his cock, the slurpingf sucking noice and i amm so hot, Ileft up her dress and take my cock out and slide it into her very wet pussy and start slowly fucking her, i try to make it last but it feel s good and she was so wet and warm inside, and watching her head bop up and down on his cock brings me over in no time. I coulodnt help it. I had such an expostion. After a min or so i say that was so good and asked if they wanted to go get a motel? She mumbles yes still sucking his cock damn im thinking he musta cum at least once already. So i get in the front and start driving again, they both still in the back every once in awhile i her her moaning and making the sucking noises.

I head back to burbank where I know where the motel are and rent us a room. He goes to the bed and i pull her aside in the hall and whisper to her to take her tit out and and holod them to us as she comes in the bed room and let us suck em.

Then i go to the rest room tolet out some beer. When i get out he is already sucking her she stands next to the bed ?(he islaying down with his head proped up so he can suck her tits. She has his cock in her hand and WOW .....what it a monster so hard and huge he had 10 inches of hard cock, biggest cock i ever seen before. I just stared at it in disbelive and wonde, and it was well porportioned thick too huge head. I wondered how my wife got it into her mouth. I was very excited thinking about it fucking her mouth and pussy. he asks her o get in bed beside him and to turn around so he could eat her pussy. She does this and i ask them to move over so i can get in. while he had his head between her leg tasting her juices I Got into position and spread her butt cheeks aoart and started in on licking and sucking and tonguing her ass hole.

I could feel her movment on the bed and knew she started sucking his cock again and i wanted to watch so i get up to look and she moves away again. This kept going on every time i got to look she would move ogg again. So i finslly got up off the bed and i ask her why shes not sucking him ? i did this very quietly so he doesnt hear. She answers me back "he's too big" Im thuinjinbg yeah right you been sucking him off all the way over here. But i say nothing but seeing that huge hard cock makes my own cock jump at the site of it and i get an idea and say he's not that big watch, and i lean over and take his cock in my mouth and i start to suck it. It was so hard and it jumped when i did. I was hoping he wouldnt cum and after a cpl mins she takes itg from me and opens up her mouth and takes it in looking at me all the time, i smile and nod thats it.

then i went back to her ass again but he was there sucking away at it.So i went back and wast stroking as i watched her enjoying her selfsucking his cock i did this till he was ready to fuck her. She turned around for him and he got between her legs, then she closed them and crossed them her feet around each other.his legs on each side of hers and he started fucking her good. i was standing and stroking as i watch them. He fucked her all night and i musta cum 4 times stroking. Finally I heard someone in the back ratting cans making ma racket and i was afraid of being discoverfed doing what we wre doing and I tried shaking her leg towake her. I did it a cpl times and got no responce from her. She was in a deep fuck me place. So i finally pincher her leg still no responce i pinched again harder....nothing then a third time this time really hard she finally comes out of it. I motion lets go. SO she pushes that guy off her and he gives her this dirty look, danm he had all night. And we a;; got dressed and took him to the bus stop. On the way over he tells us he is in the navy and was out looking to get his mcock sucked last night when we came along. Hed said he didnt think he could find a gal. She tells him with a cock that bnig he shouldnt have a problem and squeezes it again. he wanted out phone number but i said cant do that, we could take his trhats when he told us he's on a ship. So we never seen him again or seen another cock that big.

end of story,


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