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Friends with perks

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Friends with perks

I'm a nineteen year old female. My name is Jessica. This is a story of a sexual encounter I experienced with a friend. My friends name is Steve. Steve and I are roomies and we also have casual sex. We talk about everything. One day after and encounter, we started discussing threesomes. I had never been involved in a threesome at the time and he had. He was talking about the experience, and well making me hot. I have fantasized about it and well was very interested in trying it although I didn't really want to know the other person that well. Steve had asked me if I had ever fantasized about sex with another woman and I replied honestly yes. I wondered what it would be like to lick a clit or tongue a hole. He just grinned and we finished our conversation.

A few days later I got a surprise. I was home alone taking it easy when all of the sudden there is a knock at the door. I go to the door and open it to see a very attractive woman standing in front of me. She had short red hair and a beautiful complexion. She was dressed in a short skirt and a tight fitting t-shirt and I could tell that, well she had a nice bosom.

I said "May I help you?"

She said "Yes. I was told by Steve to come by and keep you company until he gets home."

Well, I invited her in wondering why Steve would send a woman over to keep me company like this. She came in and sat down on the sofa. I asked if she would like something to drink. She said "yes please" .

I went to the kitchen and realized I hadn't done my shopping yet and yelled to ask if tea was ok. She answered yes. I had to make the tea so I took the kettle and filled it with water and placed it on the stove but before I could turn the eye on I felt this strange sensation behind me. I turned around quickly to see the beautiful red head standing face to face with me. I asked if everything was ok, and she placed her finger to my lips. Her beautiful blue eyes where enchanting and I quieted. She took me by the arm firmly and led me to the living room. As we approached the sofa she stopped and gave my arm a slight pull turning me back in front of her. I was shocked but very curious. I looked into her eyes again as she leaned in and kissed me firmly on the lips. I pulled away slightly but then gave in quickly. Her lips were so soft. Her tongue parted my lips and began to explore my mouth. I felt warmth all over my body. I closed my eyes as I felt her hands reach and embrace me pulling me into her. I felt our breast as they connected through our clothes and I had this feeling of loosing control. I put my arms around her feeling her firm body as she pulled away from my lips and whispered "just let go."

Her words were soft and gentle. I smiled. She leaned in once more and kissed me again, this time I seemed to relax. Our kiss released and I dropped my head to her shoulder and breathed in a deep breath smelling her sweet perfume as I felt her hands come around from my back with a soft open handed caress as she neared my chest I raised my head and felt her lightly brush across my bosom. I reared my head back and I gave a low moan, as she began to undo my blouse. I raised my head and looked back into her eyes and moved my hands so I could touch her bosom. With a soft movement I felt the roundness and the rising and falling of her breath.

Once she had completely unfastened my top she placed her hands under each side hands open to my body and caressing me as she brushed the top from my shoulders. It dropped to the floor. Her hands now on my shoulders she pushed me lightly backward. I took a couple of steps and finding the sofa behind me fell onto it. Now sitting I was looking up at her as she removed her top and I saw her full bosom still in her lace bra and her slightly muscular flat tummy. She placed her hands on the inside of each knee and pushed them apart. As she knelt down between them. She looked up at me and asked me to remove my bra as she began unfastening my jeans. I did as she asked. She then placed her hands in the top of my jeans at each hip and began to pull. I raised my hips slightly as she removed my jeans revealing my thong covered shaven pussy. Her hands reached up and began to massage my breast for a moment and then caressed down my tummy to my mound. I closed my eyes and felt as her hand pulled my thong away revealing my pussy to her. I opened my eyes and looked down to watch her as she leaned in and began kissing the outside. I could feel my clit burning with desire wanting to feel her wet tongue. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. As her other hand reached and opened my pussy showing her my clit. And then I felt her tongue as it slowly connected with my button. I could feel my wetness. I wanted this so badly.

Her tongue made perfect circles around my clit as I felt her finger find my hole. My hands now caressing her head. My eyes still closed slightly. As her finger made it way inside me, I moaned with pleasure. Her tongue then began to flick at my clit. My body now tense. My ass tightening. I felt her tongue as it licked up and down the center of my puss. Her finger now two fucking me. And then I feel her lips as they close around my clit and begin to softly suck teasing occasionally with her tongue just the tip. I?m moaning very loud now. My hands entangled in her soft hair. I feel my climax and so does she, I cream so hard she feels the spasm and the wetness that is now dripping down her fingers. I lay there for just a moment enjoying the sensation. She begins to lick the juices from her fingers that are still inside me.

I sit up and with my hands embrace her face softly and kiss her passionately. As I then begin to undo her bra. I lean her back on the floor, and crawl down to her. My knees now between her open legs I lean down over her and began kissing her chest just above her breasts, working my way slowly to her nipples. As I reach her first nipple I stick out my tongue and slowly trace around it lightly. I see her breast as it tightens and rises to me. I then flick her nipple with my tongue, teasing. Her breathing is increasing, as I scatter kisses to the other nipple this time quicker. As I get to the nipple I place my mouth covering her entire nipple and begin to suck and tease it with my tongue. I could hear her moaning and feel her body as it squirms under me from my actions. I release my lips and move back up to her to feel her lips once more. Her eyes now telling me yes more. I press my lips to hers feeling the fullness of her lips to mine as I release the pressure her neck arches as I softly kiss her chin I move down her chin brushing her skin with my lips, my lips are slightly parted and she feels my breath as I move, down between the center of her bosom my hair dr*pes around my face brushing her body as I move. When I reach her belly button I move to her side slowly breathing heavier now I feel her body tense even tighter and see her tummy twitch as she squirms. After making my way back to the center of her tummy I continue my journey to the top of her skirt. I stop and lift it making sure that my hands caress the insides of her thighs. I raise my head as I remove her panties and then place my hands on the inside of each thigh spreading her legs farther apart I slide back and using my hands I spread the lips of her shaven pussy to reveal her clit. I lay down between her legs so my face is just over her pussy my lips open I breathe a warm breath as I kiss her clit. Her hips rise as I suck it for a moment. My tongue begins caressing it teasing it, and I hear her moan. Her hands now in my hair. I look up to her and see her tummy rising and falling with hard breaths her back now arched. I slide my tongue down the center of her puss finding her hole. I tease it for a moment tasting her sweet cream, licking circles around her hole before inserting my tongue. Her hands tighten on my head. My body now sensitive I feel my self creaming at the thought of satisfying her. I push my tongue in and out slowly I put my hands behind each knee and lift then raising her giving more access. I begin to tongue her quickly as she moans and caresses her breasts. I remove my tongue and begin licking her from hole to clit slowly at first and then faster. Her legs tighten in my hands and I realize she is at climax. I stick my tongue back in her hole as she squirts her rich cream into my mouth. I lap it up as her body convulses with pleasure. Just then I feel a hand on my back. Startled I turn to see Steve.

He is completely naked and leans in to kiss my shoulder and his hands wrap around finding my breasts and squeezing my nipples. I turn my head so he can kiss my lips and the woman sits up and begins kissing my neck. Her hands reach down and with her finger she finds my hole once more and puts it in. His kiss and her touch are so much pleasure at once. I moan my breathing now very shallow and quick. They lay me back on the floor and together spreading my legs as far apart as possible there tongues both find my puss. Hers teasing my clit as his teases my hole. I?m moaning and arching I can?t believe the pleasure. My eyes rolling I convulse as I cream for him he laps up my sweetness as she moves up my body with kisses. I sit up looking at him as he strokes his cock. I lean in removing his hand lick his shaft with my tongue. The woman moves in with me and as she begins to tease the head of his cock with her tongue I kiss his balls. Sucking on them one at a time, licking and then pulling them both into my mouth teasing with my tongue once they are all inside she begins sucking his cock in and out of her mouth. Steve?s back arches as he moans loudly and says "Yes. Oh my God. Yes!" His cock now so hard he pushes us away and moves me around so that I am on all fours, with my ass in front of him. I feel his cock as he rubs it against my puss wetting his cock. He asks "What do you want Jessica? Tell me exactly what you want."

My head forward I say quietly "You Steve."

He doesn?t hear me and says again "Tell me Jessica exactly what you want." I raise my head still feeling his hard cock rubbing against my wet clit and her hands now caressing my breasts and say "I want you to Fuck me Steve." He then taking his cock places the head to my hole and giving a little pressure he says "Beg for it Jessica."

Feeling the thick head of his cock and wanting every hard inch of him I began to beg "Please Steve. Please Fuck me. Plea......." before I could finish he rammed his whole rod inside I screamed with pleasure as he began pounding me hard and fast. The woman was now behind him kissing the cheeks of his ass as he fucked me harder and faster. I screamed and felt my body jerk as he moaned feeling my pussy tightened with orgasm. I then felt his cock inside me swelling as it was about to explode he pulled out wrapping his hand around cock stroking it.

The woman and I moved so that his load would be right there for our pleasure. His ass tightened as he stroked his head back holding his breath he shot hot juices all over our faces as used our tongues to tease the head of his cock.

Omg what a day to remember.

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