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Florida Tan

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I still find it hard to believe, but I was seduced by an older man in Florida while playing golf. My name is Chris, a married 51 year old straight male who had never thought about being with another man. I would be considered a nice looking guy that had no problems getting laid. My wife and I had been swinging for years, she being very bi me straight. So to get the picture I'm 5'10'' 180 pounds fit for my years white/grey hair 7-8 inches. I was a fill in for my friend Bill at a golf outing in Florida. Bill was taken sick and had asked me to fill in for him since the trip was already paid for. Bill was older than me 61 years old and very rich. I had at one time worked for him when I was younger. We had been friends for years, in fact he was my best man when I got married. Bill was about 5'7 210 with a huge cock, 8-9 inches I didn't know that then, but as you will see I learned later. Who would not say yes. Well I didn't, Sure I'll go. Good, he said, I think you'll like Ted he's been my golf partner for years, a real nice guy and very interesting. How do I describe Ted, he was around 68-70 years old about my height little overweight say 200-225 just a normal old guy that you think of living in Florida. Retired enjoying the good life. We met on the first tee, said are hello's and started the round of golf. We played and drank beer as we went thought the corse. On number 16 things changed. I'm not going to use the fact that drinking beer had anything to do with what happened. In looking back I guess it was written all over me.We were just sitting in the cart drinking beer when for some reason he placed his hand on my thigh, just below my crotch. I was wearing shorts so his hand was touching fabric and skin just inches from my cock. I thought for a second of pushing his hand away but felt something strange, I was mildly turned on. His hand being so close to touching my cock, no one could mistake what he was wanting of me. He didn't say a word, his hand just moved until it touched my semi hard cock.. I acted like nothing was wrong. I looked over at him and he was looking back at me I guess my look said ok because he slipped my cock from out of my briefs. I didn't move away I just let him fondle my now hard cock. He leaned into me his hand stroking my cock until his lips were right next to my ear. He spoke softly in my ear, Chris your straight right??? Yes, I said as his hand moved down to play with my ball sack. Hummm he said you got a nice cock, thanks I said, His lips and tongue nipping at my neck. You know he said your friend Bill and I have played golf for a lot of years and he said some day he would send me in his place. His tongue was slipping in and out of my ear now making me hard as hell,. Bill, I thought, was he bisexual? and had he thoughts of doing me as Ted did??? I was stunned and excited my cock twiching in Ted's hand. Then as soon as it started Ted pulled out his hand and said lets play some golf. I sat there wondering if it all had just happened. I watched Ted hit his ball, I had to wait a few minutes for my hard on to go down, but we finished the round without saying a word. Now that the hell had happened?? did I imagine it?? Well Ted acted as if nothing out of normal had gone on. So I went about putting my clubs away and headed to the bar for some drinks. After three or four dinks it was time to go, I had almost forgot the whole affair when Ted walks up to me while I was getting in my car. Hey Chris, he said Got a second, Sure what you need?? Just wanted to give you some info for tomorrow, Ok shoot. Ted leaned into my open car door and looked me right in the eye. 310 he said, 310 ? I said, Just 310 Chris, its my room number. Ted walked away. I got the picture right away he wanted me to come to his room. Having my cock played with in a golf cart, was one thing, but going to his room would mean I wanted more. Driving back to my hotel knowing that Ted's room was just a flight of steps away kept my mind racing with wild thoughts of what might be in store for me. Finally I was back in my room I needed to get undressed I was so horney I had a hard on just getting undressed. I stood naked in front of my mirror looking at my body my cock was hard my balls hung down and for some reason I was getting turned on by looking at my own cock and balls I began playing with my cock it felt good in my hand. Stroking it up and down I knew what I was going to do, I would go to Ted's room.Hummmm I was going to let another man have this cock and all that comes with it. I quickly showered taking special care to wash my cock and ball sack well so to be nice and clean for Ted. There it was 310 staring me in the face all I had to do was knock. Hell I thought I'm straight what could happen a blow job at the most. I knocked and waited. Ted opened the door with Well hello Chris what bring you here. Hunnn, I aaaaaaaaaa you gave me your room number. Did I,? he said. Well come on in and lets talk. I was dumb founded, had I make a mistake?? did I read him wrong?? but he had come on to me at the golf corse, he played with my cock. What was going on. Can I get you something to drink he asked, Ahh a beers ok, I said well sit down and I'll be right back. I sat on the couch wondering how I was going to get out of here, knowing I still had two days of golf with this guy I didn't want to piss him off but he had played with my cock?? what the hell was going on.Ted came back in the room and handed me my beer, Thanks, No problem Ted said. He did something then that made me think I hadn't made a mistake, he sat down right next to me. There were plenty of other seats in the room. So what ups Chris?? he asked. I er well you know this afternoon we aaaaa. We what?? he said. You know you well errr Oh you mean this, his hand was on my crotch, my cock was just out of his touch. Well yes we, uhh you, I was what?? Playing with your cock?. Yes. His hand now slipped up under my shorts and began rubbing up my thigh toward my stiffing cock. I looked over at him and down to where his hand was moving up my thigh. My cock was hard and I'm sure coating my briefs in pre-cum. I'd never been turned on so fast. I looked back at him his eyes looking right in mine. Lie back he said, his hand now pulling my cock out from under my briefs. Hummm you're hard already. His hand was softly stroking me I laid my head back on the couch. He took my face in his hand and began kissing my face his tounge licking its way over my face down my neck. Hummm Chris you want your cock sucked don't you?? Yes. I said. I know you do I've always know. Bill has told me alot about you, he had thoughts of comming on to you but was afarid being you two were friends. I was confused and turned on by not only Ted playing with my cock but of Bill also wanting to suck my cock. I could'nt think, I was enjoying Ted's kisses and hand playing with my cock. Ted slowly eased his hand from my shorts and knelt down in front of me. Just so you know Chris I'm going to suck that virgin cock of yours till you explode. I lay on the couch watching this old guy unbuckling my belt and unzipping my shorts. Lift up Chris, I lifted my ass so he could pull off my shorts leaving my cock hanging out the side of my briefs. I noticed a wet spot had formed on them from all the per-cum leaking from my cocks tip. Ted hands now spread my legs wide apart leaving my cock throbbing under my briefs. Ted began sucking my cock and balls through my briefs. Ohh that nice I said Ted just kept sucking me getting my briefs soaking wet from all the per-cumm and his tongue juices. I continued looking down at Ted sucking me off though my briefs and playing with my balls. Please take off my briefs I moaned. Lift up, he said looking right at me again I did as he said. He pulled off my briefs exposing my cock and balls to him. He slowly began stroking my cock and balls all the time looking at me. You got a real nice cock here he said, I'm going to enjoy making it cummmm. I just lay there watching him, his tongue flick the head of my cock. It was unbelivable, I was in a world that I never knew. Laying back on the couch I tried to get into a position where I could both watch and enjoy. I felt like I was watching a movie, but it wasn't a movie it was real time and this old guy was sucking me off and I loved it. I was trying to cummm thinking all this pleasure was to much for me. My cock was being sucked my balls and ass were being touched like they had never had been before. Don't get me wrong I didn't want it to stop just I knew the end would have to cummm. I watched Ted, sucking my cock I almost forgot it was mine, It felt that good. Ahhhh laying naked except for socks and shirt watching another man please me how much better could it get?.Ok Ted said thats enought to start, lets go to my bedroom and get you naked. Ted pulled me from the couch and led me down the hall to his bedroom placing me in the middle of a huge over sized bed. I lay on my back and let Ted take off what little clothes I still had on. My socks went first followed by my shirt. I was now totally naked in Ted's bed. Ted stood up and went to the foot of the bed. He was still fully dressed. I watched as he unbuttoned his shirt and took off his pants. He stood at the foot of the bed an old guy in boxer shorts. I'm sorry but my cock was even harder watching him get undressed. Ted I said I want to see your cock. Chris you'll see it when I want you too. But for now it's all you. Relax, your going to fuck me. What!! I said, but before I could move he had pulled off his boxers and was straling my cock. His legs were spread wide over my cock. His cock was limp hanging down touching my cock. Ted's ass was just inches from my cock and he wanted me to fuck him. Ohhh no I said I'm only oral. Right Ted said. He reached for some hidden tube on the side of his bed. It was lube and he began to rub my cock with it and his. No No I'm stright!!! I can't fuck you. He looked down at me and said. Fuck me. with that he grabbed my cock and placed it just under his ass hole. I feft his hole at the tip of my cock all I had to to was thrust forward and my cock would be in his ass. Ted's hand was holding my cock firm under his ass. I was looking at him, he looking at me. Who would blink?. Fuck me he said and I made my cock as hard as I could letting his ass slide over my cock. Ohhh shit, I'm fucking nother man and It feels great. I moved my cock in long strokes driving it deep in his ass. I was going to fuck this old guy till he cried. We began to move in motion with each other my cock slipping deep in his ass. We were like an old couple who over the years had found that special place we were both enjoying, fucking and being fucked. We moved as one. My cock slipping into Ted's ass as his hands explored my body touching my nipples, kissing them, kissing my mouth, his tounge slipping in and out . After a while I wanted to fuck Ted like I did my wife so I had him slip off my cock and lay on his back. I spread Teds legs apart he was laying in front of me his cock now almost hard I had to taste it. I got a pillow and placed it so as his ass was up in the air I took my place and began fondling his cock and balls. Hummm Ted your cock is getting hard, I moved my head down and started sucking Teds cock. It was warm and wet. I licked the shaft up and down playing with his balls as I went. I was paying close attention to the head of his cock using my tounge to tease the slit where I tasted his pre-cum. Humm it tasted sweet and salty at the same time I hoped for more as I sucked my way down his shaft sucking his balls, One then the other moving down I spread his legs far apart and slid my tounge deep in his ass. Ahhhhhh shit he cried out that feels soo good. I kept licking his ass hole and balls all at the same time. I was really getting off sucking this old guys cock. The power I had over him didn't last long. He pulled up and away from me telling me to get down on the bed and spread my legs. I did laying spread eagle naked watching Ted kiss down my body to take my cock in his mouth and begain to suck it. Ohhhh man I was moving my hips off the bed as he sucked both my cock and balls taking one ball then the other, bitting them just enough to hurt but not to much just enough to drive me up the wall. I was naked spread eagle on anothers mans bed watching him suck my cock. It could'nt get and better. Ted was good at sucking cock he had me close to cummming and would back off. I was so turned by him and what he was doing to me. I lay there watching him, when he looks up at me licking the head of my cock and bitting the the ridge of my big mushroom head licking the slit and his hand playing with my balls. You like having your cock sucked he asked, Yes I said it feels so f'n good. your cock is one big beauty I love sucking you. Ohhh yes I said don't stop. Oh I'm not going to stop but I want you to turn over and get up on your knees so I can suck on your ass hole. I did as told.

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