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First time with a couple

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We had talke dof swinging, but it had always just been talk. Then we got some swinger mags for our area and looked through the ads. We wrote to a few but didn't get much response. One day while at the adult book store, there was a very beautiful girl at the counter paying for something as I walked up to pay for my swinger magazine. She was around mid thirties, about 5'3 and probably 115 lbs, with blonde hair and very nice tits and ass. She looked at the mag and then smiled as she looked at me. She paid and walked out, and then I paid and walked out. As I was walking to my truck I heard someone call out, excuse me. I turned and it was the beautiful girl from in the store. She said that she noticed that i was buying a swinger magazine. I said yes, then she asked if I was married. I again said yes. She asked if we were swingers. I told her that we had talked about it, but hadn't met anyone yet. She said that her and her husband were swingers and liked to meet new people. She gave me her number and said that we could call them.

I couldn't wait to get home and tell the wife about it. We talked it over and decided to give them a call. I talked with the husband and found out that they were Rick and Marcy. He said that they had been in the lifestyle for a couple of years and it had really enhanced their sex life. We talked some more and decided to meet the following night at a club and get acquainted over some drinks.

The next night we got dressed and My wife wore a short skirt and low cut top. She was 5' and 105 lbs. Not real big tits, but they were nice, about 34B. I wore slacks and a dress shirt. We were a little nervous, but off we went.

We got to the club and walked in . I looked around but didn't see Marcy and didn't know what rick looked like. We got a drink and sat at a table. In just a few minutes I saw Marcy and her hubby walking toward us. I got up and Marcy introduced us to Rick and I introduced them to my wife. We sat down and they ordered drinks. We talked a while about a little of everything and then we danced with our own partners. I asked the wife what she thought of them and she said they both seemed very nice. She said that she could see why, after seeing Marcy, that I was so interested in meeting them. But she also said that Rick was very attractive. We then changed partners as Rick danced with my wife, I danced with Marcy. She asked me what my wife thought about them and I told her that she liked both of them.

When we got back to the table we ordered more drinks. Rick and my wife went to dance a slow song. As they danced. Marcy asked me if I thought that my wife and I would like to go to their place and have a drink. I told her I would ask the wife. When they returned I asked her if she would like to to to their house for a drink. To my surprise, she fasly said sure. So we finished our drink and headed to the cars. We said that we would follow them.

It was only a 10 minute drive. My wife asked me how far we were gonna go tonight, and I said if it was ok, we would just go with our feelings. She said cool. I could tell that she really liked Rick.

As we drank, they told us about some of the things that they had done, and even brought out a photo album. We looked through the album and it had pics of both of them having all kinds of sex with opther people. I also noticed that Rick was really hung in the pics, and I could tell that my wife noticed too. Not that I am little, be he was quite a bit bigger than my 7" fairly thick cock. I think the drinks, the talk, and then the pics had me and the wife both hot. Rick then just asked if we wanted to play. I looked at my wife and she kinda shrugged and said, I do if you do. So I said we'll see how it goes.

Rick got up and said lets get more comfortable. He walked to the bedromm and Marcy me and my wife followed. When we got in the room, which had a large king bed, Rick turned on a porno that had 2 guys and 2 girls getting it on. Then he and Marcy started getting naked. I looked at my wife and started taking off my shirt. When she saw me doing that she got undressed and was naked before I was.

We all got on the bed and Marcy went straight for Ricks cock. She licked and stroked it as it got hard. I noticed that my wife was mesmorized watching it grow. I nudged her to bring her back and she looked at me and we both smiled. Then she got on her knees and got over me and started sucking my cock. I would watch her then watch Marcy sucking Rick. After a few minutes, Marcy moved over and started playing with my cock too. Then as my wife pulled her head up, Marcy took me into her mouth. I looked and my wife looked at me. I made a motion for her to move over to Rick. Marcy was sucking me good as I watched my wife take Ricks thick cock in her hand. She stroked it for a bit and then leaned over and licked the head. It looked even larger than before with her small hand and mouth working on it. Marcy was really working my cock good and I knew that I was gonna cum soon if she kept it going. I pulled her head up and she moved up on me and we kissed. I could taste myself on her mouth as we tongued. I rolled her on her back and went for her luscious tits. They must have been 36d's and were fairly firm with big nipples. I sucked each one and the nipples hardened in my mouth. I worked my way down her tummy and between her legs. i licked her from her clit to her asshole. She moaned as I did it. I then put a finger in her and moved my mouth up to her clit. She jumped a little as I licked and flicked it with my tongue. As I licked her I could see my wife still sucking on Ricks big cock. She was only taking half of it in her mouth, but was stroking it too. I licked Marcy and fingerd her pussy as I watched. then Rick turned the wife on her back and got between her legs. Marcy pulled me up and grabbed my rock hard cock and giuded it to her wet warm pussy. I pushed the head in and it was very wet. I pushed again and went all the way to my balls. I looked over as I heard the wife moaning and saw that Rick was working his cock into her pussy. Marcy put her legs around me and started to buck up into me. Her pussy was wet and hot and it felt good as we thrust into each other. It didn't take long before I was ready to cum. I told Marcy i was close to cumming and she said fuck me hard. I started fucking into her as hard and fast as I could She moaned and stiffened and I drove hard into her as I felt my nutsack pull up and I exploded into her. Ot felt like I was never gonna stop cumming. I hadn't cum like that in a long time. As it subsided, I could tell that the bed was still moving and looked over to see my wife on top of Rick riding his cock. She was going all the way to his balls. Me and Marcy watched as she rode him hard. It was such a site to see my petite wife, riding his big cock. I couldn't believe how hot it made me to see her fucking Rick like that. Then Rick turned her over without coming out of her. She was on her back with Ricks cock all the way in her. Then Rick kinda pulled her to him and he got on his knees and picked her up. Her back was to me and Marcy, and we could see her impaled on Rickes cock. Then Rick put his hans under her ass and raised her up until just the haed was in her. Then he let her go back down all the way. He kept this up and had a good rhythem going. He was actually fucking himself with her. Using her like a rag doll. She started moaning and was hugging him around the neck. Me and Marcy had a perfect view of his big cock going in and out of her wet pussy. She hugged him hard and started saying do me , do me. He picked up the pace and she let out a low moan that got louder and she started to shudder. Then Rick said he was gonna cum and we watched as he thrust up into her. We saw his nutsack draw up and cluld see his cock pulsing below his balls as he yelled and dumped his load into my wife. She had her armms around him and was tense as he emptied his big load. He moved her up and down a little and cum was oozing out around his cock. After a minute he lifted her off of him and her gaping p[ussy dumped cum all over his cock and balls. SHe just flopped on the bed. We all lay down for a bit and then the wife said we better get cleaned up and go. We did, then kissed them goodnight. They said call us when you want to try it again. Well, we did call them the next day, and made plans for that night too, but we'll tell that story next time.

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