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First time swinging

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How to begin? First a little about us, married since 19 with three kids, we were each others first, and only. So as things turn out, we wonder, have we missed anything? Would it be different fucking someone else? As things turned out, it was by mistake really that it happened at all, we were not really looking for another but...By accident we were in Key West for Fantasy Fest, it is like Mardi Gras, but lots of nudity, flashing, and you can see people having sex in the bars and sometimes even the street. We ended up there on a whim and a few days off from work.

The first nite there was kind of funny, since we had no idea what to expect. The wife has a very nice set of tits,38d, very firm, and not tall, 5-3, and 125 lbs, has some curves to her in all the right places. Most people will notice her rack, then her great smile. she is one of those people who always makes friends. We were heading out to the bars when she gets dressed and asks how she looks. she is wearing a mini skirt and thin thin t shirt, her nipples very noticable. i tell her she looks great, but she is self concious because you can see a lot thru her shirt. I say "you look great, but if you are not comfortable put on something else" So she changes into something less revealling and we go out. The very first girl we see walking down the street is wearing short shorts and no top at all! She looks at this girl and says to me" I guess I should not have worried about that shirt after all!" We go out and see a lot of sights, girls in skimpy outfits, guys with their cocks hanging out, girls wearing nothing but a coat of paint and walking around the streets. After a nite out and too much to drink we head back to our room, where we fuck like mad!

Next nite is much the same, except this time she is wearing a very open gauze shirt, that really shows off her great tits. Now when asked she will flash for a set of beads, (this is just like Mardi Gras) and is really enjoying herself. I get a hardon seeing all these guys paying so much attention to her. Again, going back to our room we get naked and fuck till we fall asleep.

The next nite is the same, we go out, she is wearing a thin white gauze shirt, that is very open in front, it actually has no buttons just some ties to keep it closed (or not). she is drinking and enjoying herself, she collects a lot of beads flashing her 38D's. We end up in a local bar where we are sitting and haveing a beer. A man comes up and starts talking to us. He says his name is Mark and comes from England. All the wife can say at this point is " God save the Queen!" Mark asks her to dance and she says ok, so there they go on the dance floor. Before I can relize what is happening, they are kissing, and not just a peck, but its pretty obvious to everyone he is french kissing her. My heart is racing, not quite beliving what is happening. They continue to dance and I see his hand reach in and carres her tits. She has one pierced nipple, and this one gets a lot of attention. Mark is rubbing her nipple and they are both clearly enjoying it. Next he goes further, pulls her shirt open and starts sucking on her pierced nipple, all in the middle of a dance floor in this bar with everyone watching and dancing. I cant beleive it, the wife has always been some what of a prude, and now here she is dancing and getting her nipples sucked on, all with people watching. I could never get her to do that with me! Mark takes it a step further and has his hand in her pants. He is rubbing her pussy and she is clearly enjoying it. After that dance ends they come back to where I am sitting and Mark thanks her for the great dance. I come to my senses and say how about a pict of you two? So Mark just pulls open her shirt and starts to suk on her nipple ring. I take a shot and he says, you want to get out of here and go somewhere? The wife says sure and we leave the bar and go back to our room just a short walk away. We get back to our place and we both start to undress her. She is beutiful as we pull off her shirt, revealling those magnificent breasts, pull down her pants and reveal her soft round ass. Her pussy is shaved smooth, so soft and just begging for attention. She says "Bathroom Break first boys", so she goes in the bathroom, I follow her in and ask, you sure you want this? She says yes, more then anything. We both go out to where Mark is waiting for her. His Cock is at full attention, and she wastes no time going to him, kissing him and stroking his dick. She proceeds to lay on the bed on her back, Mark gets up on the bed and she grabs his cock and starts suking on it like there is no tomorrow. she is licking and suking his cock while she rubs his balls. He is enjoying every second of it. Seeing this my cock feels like it is going to explode. So I push my dick into her very wet pussy. watching her suck Mark off I am so turned on by it all that it takes about three thrusts and Iblow my cum into her. Mark is enjoying the great blow job he is getting buts wants some pussy too. She turns over on her hands and knees and Mark gets behind her and starts to fuck her doggy style. Meanwhile I have another hardon so she starts to suck on my cock. She is so turned on that she starts to shake with a massive orgasm. She stops suking on my cock and enjoys the feel of Mark fucking her from behind. Next she lays on her back and Mark mounts her again and is pounding on her pussy. She is moaning, I am suking on her nipple and Mark is fucking her pussy. He says he is going to come. He pulls his cock out of her and squirts a load on to her tits. I never thought he would quit, he had a massive load of cum, her nipple ring was covered in his juice. she then procceds to rub her tits, rubbing his cum into them.

She was so happy and content at that point that she fell fast asleep. I told Mark goodbye and thanks for the great evening it sure will be remebered for a long time. I have such a hardon still, that I wake her up by fucking her pussy like a mad man. I cum again inside her. before the nite is thru, we fuck one more time. Never had such a nite as that, the first time we tried swinging.

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