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First time in a public place (Bi Experience)

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It was last Aug. 07, we meet this couple on line and had talked a few times on the phone. Lynn and Gail mostly, they were talking about how much they enjoy eating pussy.

They must have spent two hours on the phone with each other.

We were to meet them later that night for dinner, we discussed this little hole in the wall place, that served the best Italian Food in the area. We showered and got ready to meet with Bob and Gail, Lynn wanted to play a liitle bit before we went to meet our new found friends. She came into the bathroom while I was in the shower, and while I was doing my hair I heard the shower door open, the next thing I new, My Cock was being sucked on. She took my manhood deep into her throat, and was sucking my balls right up through the head of my cock. As much as I wanted her to finish, and swallow my load, I had to stop her, it was only 45 minutes before we were to meet with Bob and Gail.

She stopped and agreed, we finished getting ready, and left for the restaurant. We arrived about 5 minutes early and got a table. Lynn said it's kinda slow in here, I assured her the food was good. She wanted a table in the back, a little private, so we could all talk about the lifestyle. We were seated, and the waiter brought us our drinks, Lynn was a little nervous, so she ordered a shot of Patron to calm her down. After she drank the shot, and had a little of her drink, she was relaxing a bit. She started to joke around and was all ready talking about eatting Gails Pussy. I guess you could say she was pre-heated.. After approxmately 10 minutes of this,, Bob and Gail arrived. Gail looked hotter then a 4 alarm fire, she was wearing a silk top and a great looking really short skirt. When she got to the table, I could see she wasn't wearng a bra. Her Nipple's were errect from rubbing against her top. They introduced themselves and sat down. It was a good meeting. we talked and laughed and made comments about how hot and sexy the girls were. Gail was feeling pretty good, she had a few shots of patron, and chased it down with beer. She was real relaxed, and feeling pretty horney. She told Lynn that she wasn't wearing an panties. So Lynn, reached Down and put her hand uder her skirt, when she made contact with Gails pussy, she found a clean shaved soaking wet pussy, she sighed as soon as she touched it. After stroaking it a few times, she placed her fingers in her mouth, and MMmmm, she said, that pussy is sweet! Mmmmmmm. They were both pretty hot, Lynn was wearing a loose fitting summer skirt, and a pair of "G" String panties. Gail reached under Lynns dress, and placed her hand on Lynn's Pussy. Gail told Bob (Her Husband) About how wet Lynn was. With that Bob and I both were really getting hot and Hard. I told Bob, I needed to use the restroom, he told me that he did too. We got up and headed to the restroom, we were there about ten minutes or so, when we returned to the table, Gail was sitting there with her head resting on the back cusion of the both we were in. AS we got closer, we heard her moaning, we got scared at first, but, soon realized that she wasn't in pain, she was getting close to cumming. After we left the table, the two girls started finger fucking each other, the place was slow for some reason, and a little on the dark side. The tables had these long red and white checkered table cloths on them, and they covered all most all the way to the floor. Lynn had gotten so turned on by Gails Finger sliding in and Out of her all ready soaking wet pussy, that she slid down under the table, and started sucking on Gails hard clit, and she was licking her pussy up and down, in and out, not wanting to loose one drop of Gails cum juice. We sat Down, and tried to get the girls back into their seats, we thought someone would see what was going on, and call the Police. But, Lynn was way to far gone. She was sucking so hard on Gails love hole, Gail started to let out these low pitched moans, and grunts as she was moving her hips violently meeting Lynns Tongue, as it plunged deep in her hot hole.

It was only a few minutes of this, Bob had a great view, all he had to do was lift up his end of the table cloth, and he had a clear view of my wife Eattig his wife's beautiful pussy. Bob said, Oh Shit! My Cock feels like it's going to explode, he had a ragging hard on, it looked like it was going to bust right through his slacks. Lynn Looked up as she was eatting Gails Pussy, she saw the buldge in Bob's pants, and she started to rub it. Bob started to let little gasps out of his mouth as Lynn rubbed on his manhood. Bob unzipped his pants to releave a little of the tension, Lynn grabbed his cock in her right hand, and she started to stroke it. About this time, the damn waitress walked up and asked Gail, would you like anythig else? Gail looked like she would pass out! She said, Know, I have more then I thought I would have , all ready here! I all most shit when she said that. The waitress walked away from the table, and as soon as she did, Lynn took Bob's Cock into her mouth, and Sucked his 7 inch cock right down her throat, she sucked on it like she was on fire. It wasn't even 5 minutes into it, and Bob let a big load of cum go, right down her waiting throat. She finished of Gail in short order as well. Afer which, we had a real fine Italian meal. After we finished, We went back to Gail and Bob's house, and had Sex filed night (the Desert)

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