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First Time for Angela

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Here I was , a 22 year old virgin but it was by choice . Almost all of my girlfriends had already sucked cock and been fucked by numerous guys and there was nothing they told me that made me want to go out and try it . I have always been an independant girl/woman and figured when I was ready I would know although at times I had to wonder if I was really misssing out on a good thing . It should come as no surprise that it was an older man or rather an older couple that finally got me to give it up .

I was at a wedding for a friend and was sitting next to a major hunk who happened to be with his wife , a beauty in her own right . I could feel both their eyes on me whenever I got up to dance as I was wearing a very short and sexy black miniskirt with a low cut white blouse and no bra I might add and was enjoying showing off off my body , tease that I am . The wife , Susan moved next to me when I sat and struck up a conversation . She made me feel so comfortable almost as if I was speaking to my mom . Her and Brent were in their early 50s but in such good shape even I was envying them although I am no slouch with a slim well endowed body . The drinks were flowing pretty freely and when Brent joined the conversation he was more than welcome . As the evening progressed I found myself first dancing with Susan (sometimes I think a woman can be so sexy that it intimidates guys so they are afraid to ask) to a couple of fast ones which was nice . Then a slow dance came up and we continued to dance together

and she held me closer than I was comfortable with but feeling a little randy I threw caution to the wind . Brent then asked me and he was so smooth like no one had ever danced with before . He also held me close and I must say , I was getting a little hot .

The evening began to wind down before I was ready to so when they asked me join them at a local establishment I said yes quite eagerly . We went to a place called The Chateau Club and when we walked in all I could think was CLASS . Brent ordered us a round of drinks as Susan and I got a table . Even before the waiter arrived with the drinks , Susan and I were dancing a slow one as I said I was feeling a bit loose . Now , here I am trying to figure why I was enjoying her touch so much and just loving the looks Brent and most of the men present were giving me when she whispers to me how beautiful and sexy I look . Coming from this gorgeous woman , it was exciting . She kissed me on the cheek and winked and smiled as Brent cut in . We danced a few and he held me just right and even through the haze I wondered if Susan might be getting a little jealous but saw no sign of it when I looked her way . I danced more with both of them never realizing that they weren't dancing with eachother , taking turns with me . Well , after quite a few drinks I was really getting tipsy and hot from dancing close with both of them not quite understanding why she was getting me even hotter than he was . She actually lightly kissed me on the lips at one point , meant in a friendly but I felt it all the way down to my pussy .

They offered me a ride home as it was getting late and I knew I shouldn't drive . I really didn't want the evening to end so when they mentioned stopping by their place for a minute , that was fine with me . They lived in an upscale community and when they invited me in to have a look , I didn' hesitate . When we entered , Brent flipped a switch and low level lighting came on along with some really good mood music . They offered me another drink and by this time I was so relaxed , I agreed . While he fixed us all drinks , Susan sat on the sofa , patting it in an invitation . Not quite sure where this was headed and being more than a little nervous I immediately asked her to dance with me again . Looking back , that was probably my mistake although to this day I feel nothing but gratitude . Susan held me close as before but unlike before she began rubbing my back and nudging my hair and ear with her lips . Oh my god I thought , this should not feel so good ! She next lightly placed her lips under my ear and neck then moved them forward to my lips . I knew then what was happening but her lips were so soft on mine I could do nothing but hold still and feel the wetness begin in my pussy . The sensation was incredible as I could feel her breasts against mine and those lips , oh those lips . What the hell I figured and began to move my lips against her ever so sligtly . Well , this was the reaction she was looking for and ever so gently slid her tongue into my mouth . I was still trying to understand what was happening and why so fast but the feelings coursing through my body said "go for it" . By now there was no turning back as I was a more than willing partner , just not the way I had envisioned . I guess it was the strangeness of it being another woman that finally got me to succumb and boy did I !

Susan continued to kiss me ever so gently and I just melted kissing her in return . Of course by now she had to know she had me but she took it ever so slowly correctly sensing it was my first time . Good old Brent must have seen what was about to happen so kept a low profile . She led me into the bedroom and lit a candle then returned to my eager arms . We kissed again and again savoring the moment both knowing we needed more but it had to be her lead . She unbuttoned my blouse exposing my breasts and just stared at then in awe before reaching out and cupping both of them in her palms . It didn't take long for my nipples to come to attention before she leaned forward and sucked each in turn into her mouth swabbing them with her tongue . On and on she licked while I unbuttoned my skirt thinking how bold I am becoming with a chuckle . She picked up on that and slid it down until it's own weight sent it ot the floor . There I was in just the skimpiest panties I own , nothing else ! She led me to the bed and I sat down . She correctly sensed by this time that I wanted to see more of her so she undid her sweater lifting it over her head and the most beautiful and firmest breasts I had ever seen came into view . She stepped forward allowing me to grasp them and offered a nipple to my mouth . By this time it was all I could do not to lay back and rip my panties off as she had me so hot . I sucked each nipple in turn as she had done and placed my hands on her her hips . Taking the hint she reached back and unzipped her skirt allowing me to slide it down . Oh my god , no panties and a shaved cunt ! I almost passed out from the moment . I sucked and sucked her nipples not knowing where to go from there . She gently pushed me back on the bed reached down and removed my panties ever so slowly then swung my legs up on the bed . She lay down beside me whispering how beautiful I was and kissed me gently as before . My hands of their own volition started to caress her beautiful breasts causing her nipples to get hard . She asked me to suck them as it makes her so hot . No problem I thought as by this time I wanted it as much as she did . I knew by now what was coming but being my first ever I let her lead the way which she relished . She got on top of me tits to tits and rubbed her pussy on mine which got a moan out of me . She continued to rub while she kissed me and before long our mutual wetness began to lubricate the contact . I could feel it start deep within me , the feeling I had experienced only from masturbation . Not this way she said and slowly worked her way down my body stopping for a few minutes at my breasts . That was nice but by now I knew what I wanted and gently pushed on the top of her head . She looked up and smiled and began her journey south . When her tongue entered me it was like all the pent up emotion and frustrations of the past 10 years came out of me and I immediately orgasmed and orgasmed like never before . My body shook all over as she held her mouth to my cunt . When my final spasm was over she slid her lips up and enveloped my clit and began sucking and rubbing her tongue on it and it wasn't long before I started climbing the ladder again . In record time I was cumming all in her mouth crying out her name . She slid up and kissed me hard so I could taste and smell my own cunt . I thought oh my , I have so much to learn .

We lay there together in a bliss I have never experienced before . I knew I would do anything for this woman and looked forward to returning the favor in the same way she did for me . So , surprising myself with the boldness I asked her if I could do for her as she had done for me . Only if you wish she replied but there's something else I would like you to do for me first . Being putty in her hands I said anything . On cue , in walks Brent in his shorts with a bulge it turns out he got from watching us . I was a little taken aback but Susan assured me he would do absolutely nothing I didn't want him to do . She gently caressed my breasts arousing my nips again so I figured , what the hell , figuring it was time . I stated , I am a virgin so he must be careful and very gentle .

He lay next to me in his shorts and began kissing me as gentle as Susan had done and placed his hand on my breast while Susan continued kissing the other . He slid his shorts down and asked me to look at his cock assuring me all the while that he would do nothing to hurt me . It was a nice cock although I had limited experienced and I placed my hand around it . We kissed a while all getting hotter when he moved his hand down onto my pussy which was still pretty wet from before allowing a finger to penetrate easily . Ooooh , that feels good I said . He fingerfucked me for a while rubbing on my clit getting me even wetter . Susan asked me if I thought I was ready and I replied I think so . She suggested I get on top so as to better control his penetration and can slow down if it hurts . Ok , here goes I thought . I climbed above him and got the proper alignment while Susan held his cock at my portal . She rubbed it all around my cunt getting everything wet and slippery as by now I was soaked . And I was hot ! I lowered my pussy onto Brents cock feeling it slide in a little . Not bad I thought and pushed down a little harder . OUCH it's beginning to hurt and backed off a little then back down . That's better now and slid down some more and back again all the time hearing Brents sighs and Susans words of encouragement . Finally , with a little help from both of them and a little pain I was all the way impaled . I looked to Susan and she gave me the gentlest kiss ever . This is so beautiful she said . Then she said , now at your own pace slide up and down and let nature take it's course . That was the last words I heard for the feeling of being stuffed was soon replaced with the greatest of all sensations . I soon began fucking brents cock in earnest which sent him driving up into my cunt on my downstroke . We matched tempos and fucked like a we had been doing it forever . Oh fuck , oh fuck is all I could say over and over . Then I screamed , here I go oh fuck oh fuck and cum all over his cock just as he shot his cum way up into my cunt . We trembled for what seemed an eternity until finally , Susan said , okay , lesson three ...

To be continued

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