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First Time To The Club

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Megan and Eric had recently celebrated ten years of marriage. They had a good sex life although like many people in todays busy world they rarely had time to indulge their sexuality. They had a long standing practice of spending their Friday evenings together. This allowed them a small opportunity to focus on one another even if only for a few hours each week.

One Friday after sharing a fabulous dinner they went home together. The house was dark and quiet. After walking into the foyer the two grabbed hands and Eric kissed Megan?s neck. She kissed him pulling him close to her hips. She whispered ?I want you so bad tonight?. They made their way to the bedroom where they slowly pulled their clothes off. Megan stood naked in front of the windows showing of her sexy shape and her large perfect tits. Eric thought tattoos on women were utterly sexy and she showed hers off to him knowing how it turned him on. Eric moved up to her wrapping his hands around her breast gently squeezing and kneading them. Megan wrapped her hand around his stiff dick and started pumping it with her hands. She could feel hot pre-cum seeping out of it already. Eric sighed and let his hands fall down her belly to her pussy. He brought his hands up her thigh and let his fingers slide over her opening until his fingers found her clit. She was dripping wet. His fingers worked her clit in small circular motions until she was moaning loudly.

She was still pumping his dick as he played with her pussy. He pulled her hands off of him. He was not at all ready to cum. He guided her up onto the bed on her hands and knees. He kneeled behind her as he squeezed her ass. He pulled her ass apart flicking his tongue over her pussy as she moaned again. He began licking her clit back and forth, up and down. ?Thats it, you eat my dirty pussy you naughty boy?, she exclaimed as his tongue darted over her clit. He let his tongue work her clit then in and out of her. He pulled her apart and licked her tight little ass. She immediately sighed, ?Ohhh fuck thats it, lick my ass you dirty fucker?. He flipped her over on the bed and she immediately opened her legs showing him her dripping wet pussy. She read his mind. He was ready to finish her. He grabbed her legs and buried his face in her pussy. Licking and eating her until she came. ?Fuck I?m cumming?, she moaned.

Megan loved fucking hard dick after she cums. She shoved Eric down on the bed and slid her pussy down over his dick very slowly. She reached for the remote control and turned on late night Playboy TV. The moment she saw a beautiful woman getting eaten out on the flat screen in front of her she started fucking him slowly. They both loved watching and seeing pussy getting eaten was their favorite. As she slowly fucked him and watched the screen she started taking dirty. ?Watch that pussy get eaton while I fuck you!?, as she pushed his head sideways forcing him to see. She lifted her hips up letting his dick slide out of her completely and then back down on it again. ?Fuck your pussy is good?, Eric said while he watched her wet pussy sliding down his shaft. ?I told you to watch her?, Megan said pushing his head sideways again. She knew how much he loved to be dominated and enjoyed it herself. ? Ohh that is so hot?, he said watching the woman approach orgasm. ?You like that?, Megan said starting to fuck him faster. ?Fuck yes?, he replied.

?I want us to watch people fucking up close?, she said her breaths faster from starting to fuck faster. ?You do?, Eric said as she started pulling his nipples knowing he was getting closer to cumming. ?Yes, I really want to watch?, her voice was drowned out by the sex sounds coming from the TV. ? You want watch up close you naughty bitch. Oh, shit I?m almost there?. ?Thats it give me that cum?, she yelled as she fucked him out of control. ?Fuuuuuck, I?m cummmming?, he said as she road him to climax.

She laid down beside him dragging her finger nails over his sensitive after sex skin. Eric pulled his fingers thru her hair. ? I love you baby?, he said. She looked at him and said ?I?m serious I really want to watch?. ?Really, I thought that was just your fuck talk?, Eric said giggling softly. ?Know really I want to watch someone else. How about that for next Friday??, she asked. ?Okay, babe thats sounds good. You know how crazy I am.?, he replied. ?Okay, I?ll set it up?, she said while Eric scratched her head. They slowly drifted off to sleep staying side by side all night.

The next morning Eric awoke to Megan holding her laptop above him on the bed. ?I found it?, she said. ?You found what??, he asked still half asleep. ?I found a swingers club close by and they?re having an Egyptian custom party this Friday?. ?Wow you are serious about this aren?t you?, Eric said still surprised they were having this conversation. ?You know I love Egypt. And its a great opportunity to watch like we always wanted to. We can hang out watch some other couples. Afterwards we can come home and make love while we talk about what we saw?, she responded. ?Okay, its a date?, he said cementing their plans. That Monday Megan made the calls and planned their crazy little evening out.

After a long week of waiting Megan and Eric were excited about their evening out. They had been fortunate to find Egyptian costumes on short notice at an online costume supplier. Eric was ready to make love you Megan immediately after seeing her try on her costume. There was mystic about Egyptian culture and their clothing was no exception. That Friday after work they loaded their car with the costumes and set off their little adventure. The swingers club was close by and not a long drive. They arrived shortly after dark. Night carries a eroticism hard to duplicate during the day.

When they pulled into the parking lot they immediately surprised by the number of cars they saw. ?I can?t believe there are so many people into swinging. Maybe we shouldn?t go in?, Megan said. She was noticeably nervous and was unusually chatty on the drive. ?Do you really want to go home??, Eric asked? ?Why don?t we go in and check it out. If it looks lame we?ll make a break for it?, he said gently squeezing his wife?s hand. ?Okay, I guess this was my idea?. They headed for the door. As they walked in the door they were surprised not to see anything really crazy. People were mingling about carrying drinks and chatting. They were almost immediately greeted by an older but very attractive woman who identified herself as the owner. She said her name was Susan and asked if they were the couple from the email earlier in the week. Megan replied that they were. ?Have you ever been to a club before??, the woman asked. ?No this our first time. We not really swingers we just came to watch?, Megan was quick to add. ?Thats okay we get a lot of folks here to watch. Make yourselves comfortable, our changing rooms are in the back if you want to change when the part starts?, she said as she walked off saying hello to another couple who had just come in the door behind them.

?At least they?re friendly?, Eric said giggling feeling completely out of place. As they walked around they immediately discovered how the place worked. There was a large central room that felt similar to a rec room at hotel or lodge. Of the main room were more private rooms. Some with doors, but others with curtains or no door at all. As the perused the club they began noticing the wide variety of couple there. Young and old, tall and short, fat and skinny. ?Keep you eyed peeled for some one to watch later?, Megan said starting to feel somewhat at ease. ?Keeping my eyes peeled isn?t going to be much of a problem?, Eric said as they passed an open room with a couple inside undressing. Megan gave him a devious look in return, and smiled.

Just then a couple approached them. ?Looks like you guys are new here?, the man said speaking first. ?Ya, its our first time here?, Eric replied extending his hand. ?My name is Eric and this my wife Megan?. Megan immediately noticed the man. He was attractive, and in good shape. He seemed soft and unassuming and didn?t make her feel uncomfortable. The woman with him was attractive although older than him. She seemed normal and Megan could imagine seeing her at the mall. ?Good to meet you my name is Will and this my wife Liz?, the man said. ?Nice to meet you?, the woman by his side replied. ?You looked like you might be new. Are you here to watch or play?? Eric couldn?t help but notice the woman. She was attractive but real, the type of woman who seemed sexual even when she wasn?t trying. ?We?re not swingers we just came to watch?, Eric responded. ?Well your welcome to join us later when the party starts. I think we?re pretty fun to watch?, the said devilishly. ?Thanks?, Megan said as they headed off in a different direction.

As they walked towards the bar for a drink the pair started talking about the situation. ?Why do I feel like we?re starring at everyone?, Megan laughed. ?Thats because we are starring at everyone?, Eric said laughingly in return. They both ordered a Bacardi and Red Bull. Wanting to settle their nerves but not fall asleep. They two sat down at a table along the side of the bar and began sipping their drinks. ?What did you think of that last couple we talked to?, Eric asked. ?They were nice?, Megan said lifting her glass for another drink. ?I wouldn?t mind watching them?, she said. ?Really?, Eric responded. ?I wasn?t sure what type of couple you would be interested in. They seemed nice and attractive. And they did extend an invitation?.

After finishing their third drink they noticed that people were heading towards the dressing room. They couple separated to change into their costumes. After emerging they in awe at the what they saw. People every where dressed like Egyptians. The lights were dimmed now and it felt like they in an ancient egyptian palace. Megan emerged from the dressing room looking amazing. Her long hair flowing out of the elaborate head piece that came with her costume. They grabbed hands and walked slowly towards the rear of the room. ?Why did Egyptian men have to wear dresses??, Eric said looking down at his costume as they walked. ?Its not a dress its a tunic?, Megan said giggling. ?Besides it make your dick more accessible?, she said as she pulled him along.

As the two reached the rear of the building they heard someone say, ?Hey?. When they turned they saw Will the man they had meet earlier. ?We are in this room if you want to join us?, he said waving his hand. Megan and Eric slipped thru the curtain into the most sexual thing they had ever seen. The room was circular with a round bed in the middle and short sofas around the perimeter. On the middle sofa was a man they had not yet seen that evening kneeling with Will?s wife Liz sucking his dick. He was moaning as she grabbed his ass and took him into her mouth. They were so struck by what they were seeing that at first they didn?t even notice the other woman sitting on a sofa fucking her pussy with a dildo. Megan and Eric sat down watching Liz perform oral sex like a porn star. She worked the man until he was nearly screaming then pulled her mouth off and pumped his cock until he shot his cum out like a stream. Eric and Megan didn?t say a word. Not even to each other. They were captivated by what they had just seen. The unidentified couple quickly moved to another sofa at the other end of the room and the man took over the task of fucking his partners pussy with the dildo she had already been enjoying. Their silence was broken when Liz began to speak. ?So what were looking to see tonight?? Megan was still starring the man using the dildo on his partner and didn?t respond. ?Nothing in particular, just want to watch?, Eric said trying not to act as odd as he felt. ?Okay we?ll just wing it then?, Will said approaching his wife. The two laid down kissing passionately.

By this time Megan?s attention at changed to Will and Liz. As she watched she was surprised by the softness and care Will took with his wife. She had expected hard core sex and fucking but this took her by surprise. Megan and Eric watched as the two began making love. They began missionary style and he was thrusting deep into her. She obviously enjoyed it and eventually found her way on top. This gave Megan and Eric a clear view of her tits as her body pulsed on top of him. Eric Leaned over and whispered into his wife's ear, ?What do you think of this place? Glad we decided to come in?? ?Oh definitely?, she said as she reached into his costume and grabbed his cock. He had been hard almost since arriving and she had been eying his cock thru his costume ever since he came out of the dressing room. Eric grabbed her tits under her costume and squeezed them firmly. He kissed her tasting the rum on her lips. She pulled his hand down to her pussy put his hand right on her clit. He rubbed it softly as he pulled her close to him. He felt her heart pounding. She wanted him inside her. She was terrified and excited all together. She had always felt uncomfortable with public affection. But this seemed different, with so much sexuality around her it felt almost natural. She wasn?t wearing panties and she still had her husbands hard dick in her hand. In one motion she stood up and then sat down on his cock guiding it into her wetness with her hand. As she slid down on him she realized she had caught him off guard.

Eric couldn?t believe what had just happened. They had talked about just watching now they were fucking in a room with two other couples fifteen feet away. They were living out a fantasied that had talked about in the bedroom for years. Megan and Liz were now facing each other while they rode their husbands. Megan slid up and down as she watched the most erotic scene she had ever seen. She lifted up and laid down beside Eric. She immediately began stroking his dick slowly and tightly. ?Do you want to cum??, she said. ?Of course I do?, Eric said feeling the most excited he had ever been. He looked up at Megan and saw her eyes fixed on Will and Liz. They were walking towards them. ?Do you mind if we join you??, Liz asked. They clubs owner had explained the rules of the club in detail when they arrived. ?Don?t do anything you don?t want to?, she had said. Eric was prepared to rattle off the ?We?re just here to watch?, response he had already muttered several times. But before he could say anything Megan said something unexpected ?Sure?. That was the one four letter word he had not expected her to say tonight.

The two sat up as the couple approached. Liz on Eric?s side, Will on Megan?s side. Megan starred at Will as he approached. Her mind raced as she thought about how her naked body would wrap around him if they were fucking. Megan unfastened his costume allowing it to fall to the floor. She ran her hands over him feeling his nice build. He had a tribal style tattoo around his leg and arm that made him seem even sexier. Eric?s dick was rock hard and standing up with no way to hide it. Before Eric could fully contemplate the decision Liz kneeled and took his cock out and placed it into her mouth. It felt amazing. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the way his dick felt in her mouth as she took him down to his balls. When he opened them he saw something that stirred a fire in him he had never before felt. Will was kneeling eating Megan?s pussy. Her hands were wrapped around his shaved head his cocking hanging beneath him. She was pulling him into her like a crazed slut. She had her legs opened completely allowing him full access to her pussy. He was so jealous that a murderous feeling began to overtake him. He wanted to kill that bastard. Just then Megan turned and looked at him and smiled. ?I love you?, Megan said as she looked into his eyes kissing him deeply. Seeing so much pleasure in his wife?s eyes, the feelings of jealously and rage left as quickly as they came. He loved her so much and loved seeing her having so much fun. As they kissed Eric could feel Megan?s cum already building. He could see her hip moving as Will worshiped her pussy. He tuned his attention back to Liz and couldn?t help but grab her hair as she sucked him. Her hair was black and he ran his fingers thru it as she worked him up and down with her mouth. He let his hands fall down her back and squeezed her ass. He slid his fingers into her pussy and felt her moaning on his dick. Eric and Megan were cheek to cheek while they both got head together for the first time. The couple had fantasied about this very thing together, it always got them of quickly. ?I?m going to cum on him?, she whispered in a soft moan while she sucked Eric?s ear, looking for approval. Eric placed his hand on the side of her face and nodded. She wasted no time. ?Thats it, I want you to finish me. I almost there, don?t stop?, she told him. His head moving about quickly on her pussy now. ?Thats it eat me out you dirty fuck?, she said. Eric began talking to Liz as well. ?You know your going to make me come if you keep that up?, he told here. She looked up at him her eyes painted like Cleopatra and replied ?Just let me have it?. Just then Megan told him she was cumming. He turned and kissed her as they looked into each others eyes. Eric felt his cum exploding into Liz?s mouth. She took every drop of his cum from his cock. Eric & Megan held each other as the waves of orgasm slowly left them almost unaware of the other couple at their feet.

The two couples moved to the round bed in the middle of the room. Megan couldn?t take her eyes off Will?s huge hard on. His was a taller man than Eric and his dick was huge. She had never had another dick and this one was to big to pass up. She quietly asked Eric if he could fuck her. He knew how much she loved cock after getting head. He looked at her for a moment, hesitated, and then agreed. She took off what was left her clothes and bent over the bed. Showing off her beautiful form and her back tattoos. Will looked at her told her how pretty she was and then immediately filled her pussy with his huge dick. Megan yelled out ?Fuck!? with the first stroke and then began taking it. Liz had followed Megan?s lead and had bent over the bed as well. Eric hadn?t noticed before but she had several tattoos covering her dark skin including a large dragon that wrapped around her side and ass. ?Are you going to take me??, she asked. Her voice was soft and sexy, but firm. He was already hard again and he grabbed her ass and slid his cock into her. He was so turned on by what was happening that he started fucking her like he?d never fucked before. She moaned as she took him. Liz and Megan were face to face. After watching each other for several minutes they began kissing as they watched each other taking their husbands dicks. Eric watched in amazement as Megan gave Liz her tongue. Will was now fucking Megan harder than ever. She kept looking at Eric loving what she was seeing. Seeing him fucking Liz was turning her on like never before. Her body was on fire and was craving more. The hard pounding she was getting was getting her ready to cum again. Will was approaching orgasm as he gave her a fucking she couldn?t believe. ?You gonna give me your cum??, she said. ?You want it?? ?Fuck, give it me??, she answered. Will began fucking her faster and harder. ?Ohhhh I?m cumming?, he said. Filling her with hot wet cream. Without words Megan turned over and opened her legs in front of Liz. Liz immediately began eating Megan pussy. Megan?s head fell back and her hair touched the bed as she again got her pussy eaten. Liz ate her out as Eric pounded her pussy from behind.

Each time his cock slammed into her she would lick Megan?s pussy hard. As much as she enjoyed Liz?s mouth Megan was wanted her husbands mouth again. She motioned him onto the bed on his back. She climbed onto of him and fed him her wet pussy. She then leaned forward allowing Will to slide his dick into her again. Slowly she ground her pussy back and forth on Eric?s face as Will fucked her from behind. Eating pussy always made Eric?s dick hard and Megan held it as Liz slid down on him for more. Megan had never been fucked and eaten. It was her ultimate fantasy. Eric could feel his wife?s pussy being filled with cock as he licked her. They were having a foursome and she loved it. In spit of already cumming more than once she came in no time. Again they came in almost perfect unison. They laid down together face to face. They listened to the strange Egyptian music playing from the speakers above them and basked in their after glow.

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